Saturday, December 28, 2019

A Good Night's Sleep

I slept through the night without waking up until 4:00AM. Then I went to the bathroom, took my thyroid med and went back to bed. I slept until 5:30AM when I finally got up, dressed and got myself ready for the day and had my oatmeal and coffee. I am working on my Chai now. I fed the cats again. This time none tried to come in. There are three out there now. The yellow tom cat and the yellow half grown kitten and the gray mama cat. I have the cat dish and three plastic bowls out there.

I ran out of ink for my printer yesterday evening. That cartridge didn't last long. Maybe I'll go back to two cartridges again. I have just been using one color cartridge for ages. They usually last longer then this one did.

I don't know how long it will take Hillary to get those letters finished. She has her work for Four County Mental Health as her first priority. She will call me or Leslie when she is finished and I will go up to Independence to pick them up and pay for the job.

More later....

I picked up Nancy at 9:45AM and we went to Copan Restaurant for lunch. We brought home about half our lunch. I will have the rest of mine tomorrow or Monday. We went on the the Walmart at Bartlesville because I needed some ink cartridges for my printer. Nancy bought some bananas but after I got my ink cartridges, I also bought some coffeecake mixes and oatmeal and cat food.

Then we came back home to Caney. I went in and visited with her for awhile and Jess came and visited with her too. When I got home I put away my groceries and checked my mail. I had a package. Scott sent me the photo of him and me taken on the cruise we took a couple of years ago with Ginger and her family. It was nicely framed too so I put it on my dresser. That was so nice of him.

More later....I am going to try to find the Ohio State game on the computer.

I watched the Ohio State/ Clemson football game  until 11:00PM and Ohio State finally lost by one touchdown. They ran out of time.

I went to bed at 11:00PM

Friday, December 27, 2019

Friday and a Wild Cat in the Apartment

I had quite an experience this morning. I went out to feed the feral cats and one of them ran into the apartment. I spent the next twenty minutes trying to catch it. It went completely wild and knocked pictures off the wall ran across my printer, spilled my coffee on the server and broke the tail on my ceramic hen. I chased it to catch it and it gave me quite a scratch. Finally after closing off all the doors in the apartment...the bathroom and the second bedroom, I got it out from under my bed first with a mop. Then I closed that door. I finally took an afghan and caught it by one back leg and carried it that way to the front door and took it outside and turned it loose. I was exhausted by that time. I repaired the damage as best I could and hung the pictures back up again.

I have decided not to feed these wild cats anymore. I am going to look up "cat scratch fever" on the internet and I may go over to the clinic at Coffeyville for a shot or a prescription if that is going to be a problem.

More later...

I found that I could treat it myself with soap and water and an antibiotic ointment. I had some of that so I washed it real good with soap and running water and put that antibiotic ointment on it and a bandaid. I am going to go with that. What a morning!!

More later....

I went up to Independence KS (about 20 miles) and took my class newsletter up to the printing center at Four County Mental Health to be reproduced.  I need 64 copies (three pages on each side)  and they will also print the envelopes. I will fold each letter into threes and stuff them in the envelopes and add a stamp and send them off. This job done for another year when that is finished. This is my 22nd year doing that newsletter.

I read part of the evening and then watched some Amazon Prime  until bedtime. After my exciting morning, I was very tired. In fact, I took my bath at 7:00PM and went on to bed at 8:00PM.

Thursday, December 26, 2019

Thursday and Clean Sheets

I got up about 5:00AM this morning and got myself ready for the day. The first thing I did was strip my bed.
I got the sheets into the washer and then had my breakfast...oatmeal, as usual. I had my coffee and am now having my Chai. Oh yes, I also fed 5 cats that were waiting for me to feed them just outside my front door. I'm going to have to go to Dollar General this morning and buy cat food. I stopped in Country Mart, the only place open in Coffeyville yesterday, but they wanted $4.75 for a $3.95 bag of Meow Mix.  I had enough to get them through their breakfast so I wasn't going to give Country Mart that much more for cat food.  Not when I could get it at Dollar General this morning for $4.00.

I have the sheets in the dryer now. As soon as they are dry, I will re-make my bed.

More later..the dryer alarm just went off the sheets are dry...

It's 6:20AM  now and the bed is re-made. In fact the apartment is clean, I bought gas for my car yesterday, washed the car while I was at Coffeyville and ran it through their dryer and the laundry here is all caught up too. I don't have another plan for today.

Maybe I will try to visit Nancy. I wish I had known that Kay was going to have a large cancellation for her Christmas dinner yesterday. The last I heard she was all filled up. Instead she had a large family cancel and had 18 openings.  I would have taken Nancy over there for dinner.

More later....

At 8:30AM  I went out to the Dollar General store to buy a few things I need....eggs, cat food, computer paper, some lipstick and some Twix ice cream bars. They had everything but the computer paper...which I needed worst of all so I made a quick trip down to Dewey to their Dollar General. I found it there.

I ate the rest of my cashew chicken from Sunday's trip to Great China for lunch today.

It appears all the classmates that are interested in contributing something about their lives for the class newsletter have done that. I haven't had anything new in several days. So I guess this weekend I will wrap it up and take it to Leslie on next Tuesday.

More later...

I finally went over to Nancy's and found that she had been sleeping on the sofa all day. Her den phone is not working right. I called twice today and it rang 6 times and then went to busy signal. It usually does that. I went over twice and rang the doorbell. She was sleeping very hard and did not hear the doorbell. The second time she did hear the doorbell and came to the door.

I took her some of that cashew chicken I had saved from Sunday, I ate the rest of it myself.

While I was there, Dale came to check on her. He hooked her up with facetime on his phone and she got to visit with her son, David, and see him at the same time. He and his family were in Seattle. David has arranged to hire a woman to come in on a regular basis and check on her...make sure she takes her meds and gets up and around... and eats. She has a lot of arthritis and hurts a lot.

I finished up the newsletter this evening and sent it off to the classmates that were online. I arranged with Leslie to check out the possibility of getting their printing center to print off 64 copies of the three page letter, printed on both sides. Also, I would like them to print the envelopes too this year. I sent the letter and the addresses on to the woman who will print them off. I don't know how long it will take her to do that but it is bound to be cheaper then me buying half a dozen print cartridges and doing it myself.

I have taken my bath and dressed my toe. I will go to bed shortly before 9:00PM.

Wednesday, December 25, 2019

Wednesday and Christmas Day

I slept pretty well and was up early and dressed and had my oatmeal and coffee and Chau. I watched the news for awhile and then went to Coffeyville early so I could get gas out at Woodshed in South Coffeyville. It was 2.17.9 there...quite a bit cheaper then at any other station. Then I drove around a bit and finally went out to Bob's where we were supposed to meet Joanne and pick up Bob and Joanne's daughter, Nancy. We got to "Just Us" just on time and had a fine dinner. I had pie with ice cream on it for dessert.

Then after dinner, Joanne took us back to Bob's apartment building in Coffeyville and I picked up my car and drove back to Caney. I vacuumed the apartment this afternoon and washed the bare floors. Tomorrow is my regular cleaning day but I had nothing going so I did it this afternoon.  I also did my one load of laundry earlier this morning.

I will wash my sheets tomorrow morning

Nothing else doing this afternoon. So I guess I will read. It is quarter past 3:00PM.

I read most of the afternoon and then watched some "Dateline" I had recorded on TV.

At 7:00PM I took my bath and went to bed at 8:00PM. I was very tired. 

Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Tuesday and Christmas Eve Afternoon at Brooks Home

I slept very well last night. I thought I would after all that climbing up the garage ladder to put away all the Christmas decorations. I must have done that 15 times.

Leslie just texted me to ask me to come out early at 9:30AM so I would be there to watch the girls in case she was called out. She is on call this Christmas time. John has a haircut appointment this morning in Coffeyville. I will leave here at 9:00AM so someone will be with the girls just in case. I have everything in my car now so I am ready to leave when it is time. It is only 7:20AM now so I still have plenty of time.

We will have our gift opening there at approximately 11:00AM. Jeromy and the girls will be there and me and John and Leslie.

More later...

I left at 9:00AM and when I got there Leslie had already been called out . John had a haircut appointment in Coffeyville so I stayed with the little girls until Jeromy arrived and soon after that, Leslie came back. When John got back from his haircut, we had all our treats and soon after that we opened out gifts.

After we cleaned up I loaded up some of what treats we had left including a large bag of smoked turkey Jeromy had been given by the refinery...where he works.  I had blueberry bread left and some peanut clusters and some apple cider.  When I got back home I divided everything I had brought home and took some over to Nancy. I had given her a tin of peanut clusters when I finished them on Monday.

Nancy will have no place to celebrate Christmas. Hopefully her son, David, will call her. I stayed a couple of hours and visited. She is very lonely.  She always asks me to stay and visit.

While I was there, her cousin Dale called and chatted with her. They had gone to one of their grandchildren's home for Christmas and would not be back home until tomorrow. That means she will be alone for Christmas. Kay is filled up over at "Just Us" or I would ask her to go with us to Cherryvale tomorrow. As it is, I am going over with Bob and Joanne and her daughter, Nancy.

I will go over to Coffeyville a little early to buy gas at Woodshed. I am supposed to be at Bob's at 11:30AM. From there we will pick up her Nancy and leave for Cherryvale to be there by noon. 

More later...

About 7:00PM, I took my bath and got ready for bed. It had been a huge day and I was very tired. I turned off the TV and read for awhile and about 8:30PM, I went on to bed.

Monday, December 23, 2019

Monday and a Hair Appointment

I slept well last night notwithstanding the concern about the attempted break in next door over the weekend. I am a little concerned because of the death of that woman about a block away a couple of weeks ago. They considered it unusual and suspected foul play but later labeled it a suicide. I was skeptical about a suicide then. No one who knew her thought that could be a suicide.

I have dressed and got myself ready for the day. I have had my oatmeal and fed the four cats that were waiting patiently for their breakfast this morning.  I had to put out another bowl to get them all four fed and keep them from quarreling among themselves..

It's supposed to be foggy again this morning. I have an 8:30AM hair appointment this morning and I need to leave plenty of time to get there because of the fog. It's 7:30AM now so I will leave before 8:00AM because of the fog.  It's getting light now so I think I will go ahead and start for Coffeyville. I need to be back by 11:30AM to meet Gay and Adele for lunch at Eggberts.

I went over to Nancy's and took her a piece of my leftover coffeecake. I stayed and visited with her awhile until Adele called to tell me they were 10 minutes away from the restaurant. Then I went up to Eggberts to meet her and Gay for lunch.

More later...when I get home I want to bake my blueberry bread.

I dropped by the library and dropped off the book I had finished and left the empty ink cartridges for them. I also went by the post office there and mailed off Sage's Christmas gift. It will be late but it arrived late here so that can't be helped.

I met Gay and Adele for lunch and we had a good lunch there at Eggberts. We also had a good visit. They went on a little early to the doctor's office because I knew they would have to fill out some paperwork before he would see her/them.

When I got home I put together my blueberry bread and got it in the oven. It is cooling now. I will take it out of the pan when that is finished and slice it.

More later....

I got that blueberry loaf done this afternoon and sliced it and tried it. It was pretty good!

And since I wasn't going to have anyone here tomorrow night, I spent the entire afternoon putting away all my Christmas decorations. They had been up for weeks anyhow. I put them in the attic and climbing up and down that ladder was exhausting. I'll bet I will sleep like a  log tonight.  It's after 5:00PM, I think I will go watch the news. Perhaps more later.

I stayed up until 10:00PM because I wanted to watch "Bull" and that starts at 9:00PM. I took my bath about 7:00PM and put my pjs on to watch the TV.

Sunday, December 22, 2019

Sunday and Coffeecake

I slept fairly well last night but got up earlier then usual. I got myself ready for the day and ate my oatmeal, as usual. I looked outside and three cats were waiting for their breakfast so I put out a couple of extra bowls so they would not fight over the food. The I filled their water bowl too

I had my coffee and am working on the Chai now. I was working on the class newsletter and almost forgot to bake the coffeecake. I have it in the oven now. The little girls will probably be at Sunday school and they always look forward to the coffeecake.

As I may have mentioned earlier, I had intended to have the family here for Christmas Eve but I later learned that Jeromy, my grandson, and his family plan to go to Topeka for their Christmas with Marlene's family. Leslie asked him when we would have our side of  the family's Christmas. He decided it would have to be at 11:00AM the day before Christmas and they would leave from John and Leslie's to go to Topeka.

So I am taking my gifts and the refreshments out to their house and John and Leslie will host the gift opening there. Yesterday I got the peanut clusters done and I will make the cranberry bread Tuesday morning before going out to John and Leslie's. I am also taking cider. She has eggnog from Braums! Yum!

Leslie is on call this Christmas.  She had Christmas off last year.

I am supposed to go out to Steve and Suzanne's after church this afternoon.  She will have to give me directions on how to find their place. They live in the country in rural Caney. 

Tomorrow I have an 8:30AM hair appointment in Coffeyville and I will drop off the second library book at the library there after that. Then I will come back to Caney to meet Gay and Adele for lunch at Eggberts here. I may make up that cranberry bread that afternoon after they go on to Bartlesville for their doctor's appointment.

Wednesday is just another day this year. I will celebrate Christmas by myself. I will go with Bob and Joanne and her daughter, Nancy, to "Just Us" in Cherryvale.  I will go over to Joanne's at 11:00AM on Wednesday and we will take her SUV to Cherryvale. Probably I will put away my Christmas decorations in the afternoon.

More later...

Pablo, next door, told me a little while ago that someone tried to break into his apartment last night and tore the screen off a window and threw it up on the roof of the duplex, I noticed a smear of blood on my door. but no damage.

He called the police to report it this morning and I called them too this evening. I wanted to be sure the police patrolled this area.

I went by Nancy's and took her some peanut clusters. She had been in bed all day . She aches all over. I stayed an hour or so. She wanted me to stay.

I watched some TV until 8:30PM and then just took my bath and went to bed.