Saturday, June 8, 2013

Saturday and Home Again

I'm home again. We got back home about 4:00 this afternoon and Myra left almost immediately to pick up Jack, her Jack Russell, at the vets. We all had a real good time. Yesterday morning we walked all over Silver Dollar City and then went to eat at Olive Garden. We all rested awhile and then later went to see the Legions at Branson. It was a good show. This morning we ate at Panara Bread and then went out to Branson Landing. I bought a skirt on sale at Christopher and Banks for $18.00 and some fudge (at Silver Dollar City). Before we left Branson we ate a buffet at the same buffet we enjoyed the last time with Bobby and Karan.

Then we left to come back home. I drove from I-44 until home and then Bob and I went out to Denise and Terry's to get my car. They had washed it again and cleaned it up and filled it with gas. That was nice! If they need to, they can use it to look for another car. They got their insurance check.

The first photo is of Bob A. waiting for Myra and me while we shopped at Silver Dollar City.

The second one is of Bob and Myra watching a gospel music show at Silver Dollar City.

The third photo is of Myra looking at flowers at Silver Dollar City.

The fourth photo is of Myra shopping at Silver Dollar City.

All we bought was some candy at the candy factory and some earrings. But we all had a very good time.

Friday, June 7, 2013

Leaving For Branson

Myra came last evening about 7:00 just as she had thought. We stayed up until 10:00 visiting. I woke up about 4:25 and just got up. I was afraid I might oversleep if I didn't. Bob will be over at 6:00 to pick us up. We will stop at Joplin to eat breakfast...just for a break.

Myra didn't sleep well at all last night. I don't know whether it was the daybed or the first night away from home. Sometimes I don't sleep well the first night away from home myself. I took a Benadril last night. The little bug I found when I took my PJ's off last night evidently bit me. I have a red swollen place on my arm last night that itched. I slept pretty well. I woke up one time in the night to go to the bathroom.

More when I return tomorrow afternoon.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Thursday At last

Myra will be coming this evening. Bob and she and I will leave at 6:00 in the morning for Branson. The weather appears to be cooperating. It will be cloudy but there is no rain in the forecast.

I went over to Bobby and Karan's this morning and took them my leftover roast. They will eat it while we are gone. I will just fix hamburgers and french fries this noon. We will be able to clean all those up.

I have a hair appointment in Independence this morning. While there, I will wash my car and clean it up on the inside. Denise will use it to take Dee to go take her ACT test on Saturday while we are gone.

I went to the Dollar General store and bought a few things I need. While in Branson, I want to look for a pair of white Clark sandals. My old ones are shot. I will use them only for the yard work.

More later....

Dr, Cooper called this evening. Missy's abscess is still draining. It's a clearer liquid though. If it doesn't clear up by Monday, he's going to do surgery and cut out some damaged tissue. She is not eating either. I am concerned about her. She had lost some weight before this incident.

I took my car out to Denise's house this evening. Dee has to take the ACT test Saturday morning in order to get into college. Their car was wrecked last week and it was totaled. I hope they are extra careful with my little car. I also hope only Denise drives it. It's all I have for transportation.

We leave tomorrow at 6:00 AM.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

A Rainy Wednesday

As if we hadn't had enough rain, it's raining again today. It started early this morning. I got up in the night to complete a poster for Juneteenth that I need to get distributed this week. I just have today and tomorrow to get that done. The poster is ready to be duplicated. I am going to exercise class this morning and then out to church to duplicate that poster with it's ads. This afternoon, if the rain stops, I'll get the poster distributed.

Then tomorrow morning I'll work on getting it distributed again. It's nearly time for the exercise class so I will get back to this later.

Well, I went to the exercise class and then to the church to make my copies of the flyer. Then home to do dinner. The roast turned out alright although it was nothing to write home about. After lunch/dinner, I visited with Bob awhile and then went to the shopping center and down town to distribute the copies of the Juneteenth flyer I had duplicated out at church.

This afternoon I scanned the flyer and sent it out to the various members of the committee. If they can, they can print it off too. I will take the rest to the PINCH meeting next Wednesday.

Now I am ready to take a nap. I called and Missy is doing alright. Dr. Cooper wants to keep her until Monday so he can continue to administer antibiotics until her abscess begins to clear up this time.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Another Busy Tuesday

I have cakes to take to Independence this morning. I also have a hair appointment this morning in Independence. Bob has a haircut appointment too. After that I need to go to the Social Security office. I received a strange letter yesterday telling me my Social Security was going up because it was figured wrong. However, the total they quote is what I already receive. So the letter is a mystery and I will need to check it out. Always something...

After all the rain, my flowerbed bloomed. I am putting a couple of photos here to show you. This is the flowerbox my son-in-law built for my flowers.

You can barely see my apartment. It's on the left end of the fourplex.

More later...

Monday, June 3, 2013

Doctor Appointment Today

I awoke this morning at 4:00 AM very uncomfortable. My right arm and back between my shoulder blades ached horribly. I even considered whether to go to the emergency room. It was worse then it had ever been. Finally I got up and dressed and put my makeup on and made a pot of coffee. After a cup or two, I decided I felt better. I do have an appointment with Dr. Hsu at 4:45 this afternoon.

I will not go to exercise class this morning. I have a load of laundry in the dryer and have just put one away. I need to strip my bed and wash the sheets and I need to vacuum if I feel up to it this morning either later today or perhaps tomorrow. I don't know what to do about the trip to Branson. There is rain in the forecast here. I will log onto Branson weather in a little while and see if they are going to have rain. We may have to postpone our trip to the last weekend of the month. The next Saturday is Juneteenth and the following one is the church reunion planning meeting at the church reunion grounds south of Joplin.

I also have my two cakes to bake and ice for my trip to Independence tomorrow. I will get that done later this afternoon.

More later...

I got my two cakes baked and will ice them soon. I went to my doctor's appointment and learned there was no different damage to my spine then most women my age. I have a couple of nerve problems and three bulging discs but Dr. Hsu thinks my pain is osteoporosis and wants me to have a bone scan and a bone density test. He will set up the appointments. He also wants me to take hormone replacement therapy and perhaps Fozamax. I don't want to take either. I did not do well in the past with hormone replacement therapy. it. He says it has been improved. We will see.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

A Quiet Sunday

This should be a quiet Sunday. The weather is to be nice again. Yesterday was lovely. I went to bed too early last night (9:00) and awoke at 1:00 and had a hard time getting back to sleep. Finally around 3:00 I took a Melatonin and finally got back to sleep until 5:00..when I got up and dressed for church.

This afternoon I will do my letters and probably take a nap. Living the Questions group in out at Basham's in rural Cherryvale but I don't want to brave those country roads at night so I won't go.

Tomorrow I will clean house and do laundry. At 4:45 I will go to my doctor's appointment with Dr.Hsu. Myra is supposed to come on Thursday afternoon. And it's supposed to rain again this week. I only hope it dries up before Friday when we want to leave for Branson.

More later...

This evening, Marilyn called wanting a ride to Richard and Mona's for the Living the Questions group meeting and dinner. I told her Bob and I had decided not to attend. It's too far over there and the dear are out at night. They live on a country gravel road north of Cherryvale. I do not like to go out there. Marilyn said she always had a bad time taking Jack and was hoping Bob and I could help him. I hated it..but we had not planed to go.

Later Joyce called and said Marilyn was having the dinner and meeting and wanted me to ask Bob and come. Bobby and Karan are in Wichita and will not be there. Joyce said they always missed me when I did not come. I told Joyce I would talk to Bob. Then Marilyn called and wanted us to come. She also needed a DVD to play and discuss. I had one called "First Light" and told her I would bring it. I asked Bob if he would go too. So..we went. Neither of us was hungry and neither of us wanted to get out. But, for Jack and Marilyn, we decided we would. Later I was exhausted.