Saturday, October 2, 2021

Saturday and Gay's Class Reunion

I slept well last night and was up shortly before 5:00AM.  I put fresh sheets on my bed because Gay will be sleeping in it tonight and I will sleep on the trundle to the daybed in the den. I always do that when I have a guest.

I am eating my breakfast now and just got the laundry in the dryer. I would like to mow my leaves this morning if it doesn't rain. The yard looks so messy with all those leaves all over it. It always looks nice and neat after I mow. And it will especially look nice with my two new hanging baskets that Leslie brought me yesterday. I wonder if Krystal would mow it for me today. I might text her and ask her later on this morning. I hate to get all hot and sweaty when we are going to attend her class reunion dinner this evening at the Coffeyville Country Club.

More later...I will turn on "the weather on the 8's"and check on the cats in 15 minutes.

It looks like the only day this week we will have rain is today. Darn it! And if it rains, Gay will be driving down here in the rain and maybe over to Coffeyville for the class reunion.

Scott, my younger son, called me this morning and we had a nice visit. He had an appointment this morning with an audiologist to check his hearing. Ginger thinks he has a hearing problem.  He said he would call me again on his way home.

We are planning to go to their new home for Thanksgiving. We are planning to leave here the day before Thanksgiving, I don't know how long we will stay. Leslie has the whole week off for vacation. I don't think we will stay that long though.

The only cat that came for breakfast was Scruff. She is out there eating now. Blondie may come later if he sees Scruff is eating. 

More later.... 

Blondie did come later but by then I was raking the back yard. Gay called and she will be at our Eggbert's at noon and wants to meet for lunch. I agreed. 

In the meantime, I raked the back yard and got it all raked and bagged before the rain started. It just now started to rain. I didn't get the front done though!

May be an image of grass

Scott called me back on his way home from the audiologist and we visited awhile longer. He can get free hearing aids from the VA and so he is getting them. They said he has a slight hearing loss but Ginger wants him to get them anyhow.

We are planning on leaving for Tennessee the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. We may leave on Friday or Saturday. Scott thinks Ginger has to work the weekend following Thanksgiving. None of us have seen their new house. That should be a great experience. I have seen photos of it. This time they have great neighbors too. In Florida they had terrible neighbors.

Here is a photo of their new home. They have some acreage too.

No photo description available.

More's 9:15AM now.

Friday, October 1, 2021

Friday and Apartment Cleaning

I got up shortly before 5:00AM this morning, I seemed to have my sleep out by then and was just lying there tossing and turning,  I was concerned about Nancy.  

Laura, her Thursday evening caregiver, texted me yesterday and asked if I had Nancy. She didn't appear to be home. I told her I was on a one day mystery tour and had been gone all day. She later texted me back and said she had found her in the upstairs... in her bed... and she had evidently gone back to bed after her morning caregiver had left at 1:00PM and had been sleeping all day too. She has told me on several occasions that she just wishes she would die.. She is so depressed she just tries to sleep all the time but usually it's just on the sofa in her den downstairs. I am very concerned about her. After I get the apartment cleaned this morning...after her morning caregiver leaves at 1:00, I wi1l  go over and check on her. I wonder if anyone took her to her hair appointment yesterday. Sometimes the caregiver does that and sometimes I do it.

I have had my breakfast and am dressed and ready for the day. In a little bit I will go turn on "the weather on the 8's" and also and check on the cats.

I will change my bed tomorrow after I get up.  Gay will be sleeping in it Saturday night after we get back here after her class reunion. I will sleep on the trundle in the den like I do whenever I have company.

Both cats came for breakfast and so I fed them and when they finished, I brought the food back in the garage.

So more later... 

It's 9:00AM now and I just finished the mopping and vacuuming. I am watching the CBS news now. Nothing new.. it doesn't seem. The same news is repeated day after day. I will dust in the morning since I just dusted last  Saturday. Gay plans to come in the afternoon tomorrow and we will attend her 60th class reunion that night at the Coffeyville Country Club. 

I need to go to the market and buy some bottled water. I will do that now. I will get back to this later. 

I got my bottled grape flavored  water and came back home. I also bought a frozen Healthy Choice meal for my lunch. I am not sure whether I want to eat out today or have the frozen meal. I have awhile to make up my mind. It's only 10:15AM now.

More even later... My daughter, Leslie, brought me these beautiful mums this afternoon.

May be an image of flower and outdoors 

And she brought me these beautiful petunias too!

May be an image of flower, outdoors and brick wall 

Aren't they lovely? I had just discarded the flowers I bought this spring this morning. They were looking pretty ragged. 

Now I guess I will go see if Nancy is up and dressed. She was up but not dressed. I stayed an hour and a half and visited with her. Dale and Gina are coming on Wednesday to put her in assisted living in Bartlesville. They will move some of her furniture there too. I tried to tell her not to give in but I know she will. She will be going into that assisted living place in Bartlesville. It is called Green Country Retirement Village,

More later...

I have been watching the news. It is 6:35PM and I should take my bath and get ready for bed and read until bedtime. I plan to go to bed at 9:00PM. I am very tired.


Thursday, September 30, 2021

Thursday and a Mystery Tour

I was up extra early this morning...looking forward to my mystery tour today. I have to be in Independence at 7:00AM this morning to get ready for the bus trip to "somewhere"..only Sherry knows where. I will leave here about 6:30AM just to be sure I am not late. If the cats run late, they may not get their breakfast because I am not going to run late. We have to be fully vaccinated and wear a face mask too. I agree with that! It will be close quarters in a bus and we have the Delta variant to be concerned about and now the R1 variant too. We are forecast for rain so I will take my umbrella. It's 5:50AM now so I have awhile before I leave.

I have had my breakfast and coffee and am now drinking my Chai Latte.

I will go watch "the weather on the 8's" now and check on the cats.

I usually clean the apartment on Thursdays but I will do that tomorrow. It's 6:18AM and I haven't seen the cats yet this morning so they will have to eat somewhere else today. It's nearly time for me to leave for Independence. 

Scruff made it for breakfast just in time and ate her fill and I was able to get the dishes back in the garage before I had to leave.

 More later....

I left at 6:30AM and was gone all day. The mystery tour was to the Cosmosphere at Hutchinson, Kansas. It was a wonderful trip and we ate dinner at a special Amish place. It was a terrific meal...of course, all home cooked and served. Salad, chicken, stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy, green beans, hot rolls, and apple pie for dessert.  I was  stuffed! The Cosmosphere was very interesting! There was a film that went along with the personal guide that took us around through it and explained everything to us. 

I got home at 7:30PM. It was an exhausting day but very interesting. My ankles are swelled up.

Now it's 8:00PM and I will take my bath. Luckily I have nothing planned for tomorrow except to clean the apartment. I may read awhile before going to bed.

Wednesday, September 29, 2021

Wednesday and My Hairdo

I slept pretty well last night and was up at my usual 5:00AM. I am dressed and I have had my breakfast and am drinking my coffee. It is 6:10AM now and I just accidentally erased this morning's blog and am starting over.

I will go over to Coffeyville  this morning at 9:00AM and have my hair done. First I will go to the bank and get some money so I can pay for it. After I get my hair done I will go out to Walmart and get some Chai Latte. I am out. 

Then I will go out to our church and clean it. We are having church again Sunday after several months of being closed. I will take my swifter so I can mop the kitchen, hall and bathrooms. Most of us are vaccinated but we will still be wearing face masks to avoid the Delta variant and the new R 1 variant. I met a man at the senior center a couple of weeks ago at that dinner who said his wife was fully vaccinated and caught the Delta variant anyhow and after three weeks she died of it. We need a booster because after 6 to 8 months, the vaccination loses some of it's protection. My vaccination is the Madena vaccination and they do not have a booster yet. I had my second shot in February so I am probably not fully protected now.

I need to go check "the weather on the 8's" and see if the cats are out there ready to eat. I will get back to this later. I need to leave for my hair appointment at 8:15AM and it is 6:30AM now.

I went to the bank and got some money and when I got out of the beauty shop at 9:30AM I went to Sonic and bought a  cherry limeade slush and drank that on the way to the church.

After I got there I cleaned the church from 9:45AM until 1:45PM. There has been a leak in the ceiling in the baptistry area and a lot of white ceiling stuff is on the carpet back there. Then I came home very tired. I took the back packs over to the elementary school here and also the box of pencils and lined paper Karan donated.  They were delighted! It was very nice stuff. One of the teachers carried all that in for me. That was good! It would have taken me more then one trip up to the door with it. 

I am very tired. I couldn't get the men's stool in the bathroom clean. I finally put some stool cleaner in it and just left it to stand. I will try to remember to scrub it again on Sunday. I did get the entire church vacuumed and scrubbed. And I swept off the leaves that had fallen all over the front walk.

Tomorrow is my Mystery Tour. I have to be at the Independence parking lot at 7:00AM at the west campus of ICC in the building that used to be K Mart years ago. We leave at 7:20AM sharp and no one knows where we are going except Sherry, the guide. I am looking forward to it. It is 3:34PM now and I will read awhile. I am very tired.


Tuesday, September 28, 2021

Tuesday and An Oil Change

I woke up a couple of times in the night and finally got up shortly before 5:00AM, made my bed and dressed for the day. I have a 10:00AM appointment at the Honda agency in Bartlesville to have my oil changed. While in Bartlesville where gas is cheaper, I will buy gas. Then this afternoon at 1:00PM I will pick up Nancy to take her for a drive. She is supposed to be dressed and ready to go. We will see.

I have had my breakfast and am drinking my coffee now.

I heard from Pam Green this morning about her brother's condition. He has covid and is in pretty bad condition but so far is holding his own. He is at Kansas City Med Center...the only hospital in the area where they had a bed. There was nothing in Wichita or in that immediate area. He is on oxygen but so far not on a ventilator. We are having church on Sunday and I want to be able to report his condition to the congregation.

I will go turn on "the weather on the 8's" on TV and see if we have rain forecast for today.  Yesterday we were forecast for rain on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Wednesday, I get my hair done in Coffeyville and will go clean the church afterward  and Thursday is my "Mystery Tour" and Friday I have nothing scheduled but Saturday is Gay's class reunion at the Coffeyville Country Club that evening. She will stay overnight with me that night and drive back to Chanute the next day on Sunday morning. We have been forecast for rain every day this week except today and Friday. That may be a mess. I will hope for the best.

More later...It's 5:48AM now and too early to check on the cats. 

The cats both came for breakfast and when they finished I took the leftover food into the garage and covered it. 

I read until time to leave for my appointment at Honda in Bartlesville. When I got to the appointment , they told me they had a "special" was the ordinary oil change and a complete "going over" of the car for $101.00.  I told them I would not pay $101.00 for something I had always had done for a special of $19.95 in the past. I left and went to Tate Boys and had the same exact things done for  $52.00. Even that seemed a lot higher then the $38.00 I had paid one time in Coffeyville but it was half as much as the Honda dealer there in Bartlesville so I went ahead and had it done. I will check with Josh Elliott here in Caney the next time it needs to be done. I got back to Caney at 12:30 PM. In a little while I will go see if Nancy still wants to take a drive. 

More later... 

Nancy was "indisposed" and had been sleeping all morning. She said she ached all over. She was still in her nightgown and robe. I left and came home and read the rest of my book. 

It is 2:35PM now and I haven't eaten any lunch. I had breakfast about 6:30AM this morning. I may just fix myself a peanut and jelly sandwich. I should eat something and peanut butter has lots of protein in it.

...and that's what I had for lunch!

It's 4:35PM now and I just talked to me son. He and his wife are being transferred to Germany sometime in the next month or so. He says his wife can come back every month of so to se her daughter and grandchild. And they intend to come back once a year for three weeks and see our entire family.

They will rent their place out and  sell Esther's car and the job will send his Mercedes over there for transportation. They will get a huge raise. Rent in the nice places the department of defense provides is $5,000 a month. It is paid for by the department.

I went to the market just now and bought bananas and a frozen dinner. Tomorrow after I clean the church, I will stop at our Sonic and get a child's Wacky Pack dinner...2 chicken strips, fries and a small coke...for $2.18 with tax.

It's 6:20PM now and I will take my bath at 7:00PM.Then I will read some more.My Kindle is charging again so it will have to be something else to read. At 9:00PM I will go on to bed.

Monday, September 27, 2021

Monday and Laundry

I slept fairly well last night even though I got up once in the night I did have trouble getting back to sleep but finally did and slept until 6:00AM...late for me.

I am washing my underwear and towels this morning. I need to go fix my breakfast now and turn on the TV for "the weather on the 8's" and check on the cats.It's almost 7:00AM now.

So more later... 

It's 8:35AM  now and I have watered the front yard plants and will water the back yard flowerbed after awhile. There are a lot of leaves on the back yard again. I may do some raking this morning. The front yard also has a lot. It's fall and we have to expect it I guess.

Both cats came for breakfast and ate their fill of the dry cat food and I put what was left of it away in the garage.  

I folded out the laundry and put it away this morning.

More later... 

My friend, Gay, just called to confirm my choice of meat for the Saturday night 60th reunion her class is having. It was either steak or chicken and I told her "chicken". She will come here Saturday afternoon, visit with me and then we will attend her reunion at the Coffeyville Country Club that evening and afterward she will come home with me to stay overnight and leave Sunday in the morning to go home to Chanute.

I cleaned up some leaves in the front yard but there are still a lot out there. The ones in the back yard come from my south neighbor's trees. The ones from the neighbor to the north go into my front yard.There are a lot to still drop before they are all gone from the trees.

I have read most of the morning and just had one of my pot pies for my lunch with some more of the fruit punch I made up to drink. It is 1:45PM now.

I went over to Nancy's and visited  her for a couple of hours at 3:30PM. We will go for a ride tomorrow after 1:00PM when her caregiver leaves. That will get her out of the house for awhile. I got home about 5:15PM and read for awhile. 

The cats both came back for supper and I gave them a couple of bowls of dry food. When they finished with it, I took it back into the garage and covered it. 

At 7:00PM, I took my bath and will read until  9:00PM, my regular bedtime.

Tomorrow at 10:00AM, I have an appointment to have my oil changed at the Honda agency in Bartlesville. When I get home I will pick up Nancy for our drive at 1:00PM. While I am in Bartlesville, I will buy gas.

Sunday, September 26, 2021

Sunday and Church Online Again

I was up very early this morning after realizing I had agreed to do the invocation for the evening church service we hold on Zoom and the Mission Center president was supposed to have sent me the bulletin by e-mail and he had forgotten to do that..I didn't even know what the theme for the service was to be. So I got up and looked online at the world church's site and found the theme at least It was "Act Boldly". That at least gave me the direction to go for the invocation. I e-mailed Leslie to see if she had the bulletin. Of course, she is not up yet so I can't expect an answer at this point. It's not quite 6:00AM yet.

I will watch "Beyond the Walls" at 11:00AM this morning. That's the service from Toronto, Canada. Since the pandemic has shut down our churches world wide we are having to have church by Zoom. It's not the same but it's better than no church at all..I miss the fellowship. But I certainly don't want the Delta variant or another variant. 

And I understand the vaccinations wear down about 6 to 8 months after they are given and we will need a booster. So far the Modena..the one I got, has no booster. I got the first one in January and the second one in February. That's almost eight months.

I slept pretty well last night outside of waking up with the realization I didn't have the bulletin for tonight's service and didn't even know the theme until I looked that up on the church's website. It's "Act Boldly" (like Esther did in the scriptures). So at least I can wing it without a bulletin if need be.

I guess I will go turn on "the  weather on the  8's" and in a little while, after it gets light, I will check on the cats too. It's 6:20AM now.

So, more later...

Two cats came for breakfast. It was Scruff and Blondie. They ate their fill and left. I brought in the food they they left.

They weren't showing "the weather on the 8's" yet on the weather station. I will catch it later.

It's 7:15AM now..More later... 

I am going to try once again this afternoon at 2:00PM to go see Phyllis and this time and since they didn't even call me back yesterday I will just show up with the documentation that I have about being vaccinated and a face mask on. She is in room 51 at Home in Sight at Windsor.

I got in to see Phyllis at 2:00PM and stayed until 4:00PM and visited. She has a real nice room and likes everyone that takes care of her. She does her physical therapy at least twice a day and while I was there an aide brought us a couple of cups of ice cream.

I got home at 5:22PM and will watch the Mission Center worship service at 6:00PM.

So more later...

After the Mission Center Worship service, I took my bath and read on my Kindle the rest of the evening. At 9:00PM, I went on to bed.