Saturday, April 17, 2010

I'm Back!

Leslie and I came home from Conference Thursday evening. Most of the legislation was over. We legislated to accept baptisms from other Christian churches...a new step for us.

We also passes legislation to allow a process to begin to accept gay and lesbian members to be ordained, if called, and married, where legal.

I had a really great time. The folks we stayed with are wonderful folks. The conference was very civil even though there was some dissension with the legislation that was passed.

We decided to come home a day early because Leslie had flowers to plant that came the day before we left and I was uneasy with leaving Bob for so long.

We went to the doctor yesterday to have his blood test. His thyroid medicine had expired. While there, he made the decision to have the needle biopsy. He has been visiting a nurse practitioner with training in massage for lympedemia. It has not helped. As long as they do not know what they are dealing with, they cannot come up with a treatment. We have an appointment in Bartlesville for another ultrasound and needle biopsy on the 28th. If it is lymphoma, which she suspects it is, they will start radiation treatments.

His arm continues to swell and be very sore.