Thursday, September 24, 2009

Leaving at Noon

I will be leaving around noon for John Whitmer Historical Association meeting in Independence, Missouri. Bob will not be attending. His hearing is so bad that in a crowd he cannot make out what anyone is saying. His hearing aids amplify everything at once.

I will be gone until Sunday afternoon. I hope to get back in time for "Living the Questions" on Sunday evening. Anyone interested in knowing anything more about the association can go to and check it out.

I have not packed yet. I will do that shortly.

Last night there was some doubt I would get to go. I awoke at 1:30 feeling very nauseous. I got up and went into the bathroom..afraid I would throw up but nothing happened. I'm glad I didn't eat dinner. I might have been sick. After thirty minutes or so, I went back to bed and back to sleep. I woke up late...sometime after seven and was fine. I had thought I might have to try to get my registration back if I had to cancel because of illness.

Anyhow, I am going to attend.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Busy Wednesday

This has been a busy day. I went to Independence Kansas at 7:15 to get my hair done then went to Eggberts to meet Juanita for breakfast. We had a short stack and bacon. It was, as usual, very good. We also had a good visit. It had been two weeks since we had met for breakfast. After that, I went by the church and picked up the plastic tablecloths for Bob's PINCH banquet on Saturday.

When I got home Bob and I went to the market and bought a few things he will need while I am gone. Then we called Leslie and went back to Independence and took her to lunch. We ate at that small Mexican Restaurant up there. The food is excellent.

We then came home and I made the brownies I will serve at the planning meting this evening.

Bob ate the leftover hamburger steak we had last evening and I ate so much today that I am not hungry. I will have a brownie later though. :)

We will watch the news and read the newspapers before we leave for the church.

Scott called this evening. He wanted to be sure we would be home in October so he could bring his new girlfriend home to meet us. That is one of two free weekends so that will be a good time for that event. Scott has talked to both his son, Jerod, and his daughter, Ashley, this week. That is good. It had been five months since he'd heard from Jerod. Ashley calls regularly. Both of them hope to come for Thanksgiving. That will be fine. We have enough beds between Leslie and us to accommodate everyone. I'm not going to hold my breath though.

Keith, our older son, will be here for sure.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Boring Day

This has been a really boring day. It has rained part of the day and when it wasn't raining there was absolutely nothing to do. I have read some of the time, posted on my church's web board part of the time and basically just been bored. I did go over and stay with my sister while my brother-in-law went to his breakfast with his friends. Tomorrow, I will get my hair done and cut and have breakfast with Juanita.

I will begin dinner in a couple of hours. I may fix a meatloaf because I am thawing some ground beef. I will have a baked potato to divide with Bob.

I am reading an old book that I read so long ago that I have forgotten it. It is Elaine Pagels book, "The Gnostic Gospels". Very interesting.

I am waiting for two new books I bought from Amazon or through Amazon anyhow. They will probably come after I leave for my John Whitmer Historical Association meeting in Independence, Missouri on Thursday. I am going by myself this time. Last year I took a friend but that was a mistake. I would like to take someone with me but not too many people are vitally interested in the history of my church and the western movement.

I will be gone four days beginning Thursday afternoon and may not get anything posted until I get back.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Bob's Doctor

We went to Bartlesville this morning to see Bob's dermatologist. He froze a lot of stuff on his chest, his head and his back. We will see him again in four months.

Then we came home and it was raining. I brought Slinky in. It had blown over the patio and had him all wet. I toweled him off, washed his bedding and dried it and now he is over there in the utility area lying on it...perfectly content.

Tonight we will watch TV. There is so little we enjoy on TV. We do enjoy PBS though.

I have read the news on the computer most of the day. Tomorrow I will go sit with my sister and Wednesday get my hair done. One day this week, before I leave for Independence, Missouri, we will try to have lunch with Tony and Gay, if they can work it in.

We would like to take Leslie to lunch too before I leave but I don't know exactly when.

The rain keeps coming and going.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Big Sunday

I got up at 5:00 this morning and made the coffee as usual and then made my baked beans and dessert for the cook out following the Sunday service. Our speaker did well and the service was well planned.

One of our members brought her nice charcoaler and Leslie cooked the hamburgers and hot dogs out. Then we ate in the all purpose room to avoid the flies. The rest of us brought salads and desserts and veggies and everything worked out well.

I ate too much. I usually do at these church affairs. Doesn't everyone?

We had five guests and they stayed for both the services and the cook out. It was a lovely day. I got home about 2:00 and did my Sunday letters and got some cash together for my great granddaughter who is going to be 6 on Wednesday. I always give the greats a dollar for each year. I did the same thing for the grands. They love the cash and they can buy what they want with it or save it. I don't actually know if kids save money anymore.

Tonight we will have "Living the Questions" at Keith and Joyce's again. I dread it because Richard is going to lead the class and he does all the talking. That's not a discussion group to me. But we will suffer through it, I guess. He 's a nice guy, but like me, a know it all.