Saturday, September 8, 2012

A Wild Saturday Morning

This has been a busy morning. First Bob and I met for breakfast at Eggberts. He had some bills to pay and some clean-up to do and I had cleanup to do too. It took me an hour to drag those downed limbs into my carport. I notice my neighbor has a limb from my tree down and he is just leaving it there. His neighbor friend across the street told me recently that that young man was very lazy. He came over here a couple of months ago and wanted to take down a small tree that was growing in my fence. He said it was interfering with his mom's TV. She has dish. I gave him permission to cut it down but he never got around to it. Finally, I took Bob's hack saw (I couldn't find his tree saw) and cut it down myself.

Earlier he wanted me to have my front yard tree trimmed. He said he was afraid a limb would come down in their yard. I told him I intended to have the tree trimmed this fall, after it cooled down a bit. He is a very difficult young man. He is always complaining about something. His dad was a very nice man but he died of cancer five years ago. This young man, who is mildly mentally disabled, has been a trial.

His mother is very anti-social. I tried to make friends with her but she was very cold about it. After her husband died I tried to be helpful by cutting her yard. The son wanted to do it and charge his mother for it so he told me not to do it anymore. He seldom got around to it and when it is several inches tall, she hires someone to do it. They had an auction last fall and got rid of nearly everything they owned. They intended to sell the house and move to Georgia to be near her daughter. The house is a two bedroom/ one bath house in not too good a condition and they want $72,000 for it last I heard. No one has even looked at it to my knowledge and one realtor told me she couldn't sell it. I would love to have a friendly neighbor but I have tried and she simply isn't friendly. Maybe if I had to live with that son, I wouldn't be friendly either.

There are four houses in my neighborhood for sale. None of them has sold yet.

After dinner Bob and I are going over to Tyro this afternoon to a car show. We went last year and it was very interesting.

More later...

My next door neighbor called me during dinner and demanded to know what I was going to do about the tree limb in her yard. I told her it was her responsibility to have it removed. My insurance agent had told me it was an act of God and I was not responsible. She said she couldn't afford to have it removed and I told her I couldn't either. But I told her if she could get her son to drag it into the alley and out of her front yard, I would have it picked up on Wednesday when the limb belonging to my neighbor on the other side of me that fell into my yard will be picked up. She hung up on me.

I went over there later in the afternoon and was going to try to drag it into my yard. She had a man there mowing and he said he was going to cut it up and take it away tomorrow. I thanked him and came home. It was way too heavy for me to move.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Again, Friday At Last

I always look forward to Fridays. I don't work on Fridays. I will go to Independence this morning to get my hair done and then back to the dental office. I have to have my semi-annual cleaning and exam. Then I will come home to make the goulash for dinner.

I don't have anything on the schedule this afternoon except to get the 96 letters to my offline classmates in the mail. While I watched the president's speech last night, I printed off those 96 letters, stuffed them in envelopes and will stamp them this morning after my dental appointment.

Tomorrow, if it doesn't rain, we will go over to Tyro to the car show.

We may go on to Bartlesville after that. I haven't checked with Bob on that.

More later....

Well, the dental office had some bad news. I had worn a hole in my oldest crown. But the doctor, realizing my circumstances, patched it instead of asking me to replace it. Even that cleaning and exam and that patch cost $225. That sure wasn't in my budget.

We had some really good goulash for lunch and some hot bread. We will take the rest of it out to John and Leslie's for their dinner. They will then be able to get busy working on the their garden shed. It's supposed to rain tomorrow.

We will have hamburgers, french fries and baked beans tomorrow. I will have Bob pick up some soda for that or we will have iced tea again.

About 3:30 this afternoon we had a huge storm come through here in this area. It took down trees and did a lot of roof damage. All the damage I had was a tree limb off my neighbor's tree and a dozen small ones too. I drug the large one into my carport and the others can wait until the rains are finished. I got four inches during that storm this afternoon and the weather people said we had 80 mile an hour winds. It has really cooled down.

Bob had his red bud trees taken down. They were quite old and evidently brittle. One branch is laying across his neighbor's fence and his TV line is there too. He will have to call the cable company tomorrow.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Busy Thursday

Today will be a little different. At noon I will attend Coffeyville Ministerial Alliance meeting and Bob will go to a support meeting in Independence at lunchtime. So I will not be cooking today. I have plenty of leftovers for supper. Last night, just as I came into the house from work, he called and asked me to go eat a Braum's ice cream cone with him. He couldn't think of anything he wanted for supper and that sounded like a great idea to me.

I forgot to get my time sheet signed yesterday and it needs to be faxed this morning. So I will drop into the office this morning and get that done. Yesterday I was very busy at work...just as I like it. Then I need to go to the bank and get some cash. I am very low. In fact, until the social security hits my account on next Wednesday, I will be operating on short funds. Blue Cross Blue Shield takes their $202+ on the 5th whether I have anything left in there or not. Luckily I got my small wage check at the same time. This one was especially small for some reason.

I may be a little late this afternoon since I am attending the CMA meeting but I am usually there early every afternoon. So that shouldn't be a problem. I will stay a few minutes this morning and finish the labels on five folders that I didn't get finished last evening before 5:00. That should make up for any lateness this afternoon.

Tonight the president will speak at the convention. I will watch his speech. Clinton, last night, answered every charge the Republicans made against him last week. He spoke for almost 50 minutes but he was not only informative but also entertaining. The American people apparently have forgiven his transgressions and according to pollsters, he is more popular then the president....or Romney.

And furthermore, rates nearly everything he said as true. Check it out for yourself. It has a link on this blog.

More later....

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Wednesday Again

Today I will work again. I will have a lot of scanning to catch up on after the system was down a couple of hours yesterday. I will need to get my time sheet signed because tomorrow is payday.

But before I go to work, I will fix dinner at noon. I have changed my mind about the menu. I am in the mood for mashed potatoes and gravy again. We've had casseroles long enough. I have some chicken fried steaks and I will cook those.

Tomorrow I will attend ministerial alliance at noon so I sent some of last night's dinner home with Bob so he would have something already prepared for his dinner.

On Friday I have a hair appointment as well as a dental appointment. It's just a cleaning and exam but it needs to be done.

Tonight I will watch the Democratic Convention again. I want to hear what Clinton has to say.

More later....

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Tuesday Work Again

I had a busy day today. My appointment was at 8:00 this morning. I got there a little early and got out at 8:10 when I went out to Quality Body Shop to pick up Leslie and take her home. Then I went to the post office at Dearing and sent off the book I sold on Amazon over the weekend. Then I stopped at Braum's and bought milk. Then I came home and started dinner. Bob came over before lunch and stayed awhile and visited after we finished eating.

Then I went to work and stayed fairly busy. About 3:30 we lost our internet and didn't get things going again until about 4:20. Then I did some more scanning before we left at 5:00.

Tonight I am watching the Democratic Convention.

More later...

Michelle Obama did a fantastic job of telling the story of the struggles of the middle class and her husbands background. She never directly mentioned Romney. I think that's the way to go. I think he should just tell about his vision for America and leave the Romney bashing to others like she did.

The Republicans spent their convention bashing Obama instead of sharing their plan for recovery. I read the book "The Real Romney" and learned more about his business plan then I learned watching the convention.

Monday, September 3, 2012

Holiday Monday

I didn't do a lot today. It's Labor Day Holiday. I began cooking my barbeque in the slow cooker early this morning and put the potatoes on before 11:00. Bob came over about 10:40 and we visited while I finished getting dinner together. We visited afterward until after 1:00. The meal turned out fine. I didn't have a dessert because he brought an orange maraschino orange salad and we used it as a dessert. It was very good.

I did go to the market after Bob left. I was going to bake my two cakes for tomorrow's dinner at the First Christian Church but I didn't have the foil pans I needed so I went up to the market and bought two.

I got the fourth quarter schedule finished for church and sent it out. I will mow this evening after it cools down some. I finally have a yard alive again. I miss the mail although the trash pickup did run.

I may send out the other letter for my class reunion next month. I need to send 101 by snail mail. The other 89 still living are online.

About 5:00, I went on out and mowed. I didn't get the trimming done because it was still 102 at that time. If it doesn't rain tonight or tomorrow morning, I'll try to get the trimming done after I get back from Independence....maybe after work.

More later...

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Another Busy Sunday

Today I will go to Church School and Church and afterward a group of us will eat out together as is our custom. After that I will come home and work on my weekly newsletter. Following that I will watch Sixty Minutes and see what they have on their plate...possibly a rerun.

It should be a rather quiet day. I do preside at today's communion service. I have the bread ready already and the wine is at church. I also have the Church School material ready and the bulletin. I will need to print off the bulletin when I get there and fix the communion trays. I have also brought some groceries for our food basket there in the foyer.

More later...

About politics:

I fear 99% of Mormons will vote for Romney and he may become president. That's a fearful thought.

Have you read the Republican platform?