Saturday, December 26, 2020

Saturday and Put Away Christmas

 I slept well last night and was up around 5:00AM. I made my bed and had my breakfast. I attached the class newsletter to e-mail and sent it out to those online. I also sent it to Hillary by attaching it to e-mail. I hope that works out o.k.for her. If not, I will take her a hard copy and she can duplicate it.

I found four cats looking for their breakfast this morning and took four bowls out to them. When they finished, I brought the bowls in and put them in the garage.

I have watched the news and there doesn't seem to be any new answers about the reason for the Nashville explosion. 

In a little while I will bring in the boxes to put away my Christmas decorations. I will need to get them into the attic sometime today.

I got everything put away. the boxes are labeled and in the attic.  I just had to be organized and careful. Most of my boxes had hand holds (file boxes) so they weren't all that hard to get up there .

So the place is back in order. That job is done for another year and it's only 9:45AM. Whew!!

I watched a Dateline show that I had recorded earlier while I ate my lunch. I warmed up some of yesterday's dinner. It was every bit as good as yesterday's.

Then I went over to Nancy's for awhile and visited. Dale came in while I was there and checked on her Like me, she was drowning in her own juices. Dale was having the same problem too. 

When I left I realized I was out of one of my meds and also needed bananas and eye drops and chai latte and coffee. So I made a quick trip to Independence for those things.

When I got back home I ate a banana for supper and put away the other things. 

Then I balanced my checkbook. It balanced.

I guess I will go watch the news. It is 4:36PM. Then I will read awhile.

I watched the news and then worked on bringing my classmates list up to date. When I got that finished I got my notebook and brought the blog up to date.

It's 6:23PM now and I will take my bath and get my pjs on and then read my Kindle book until bedtime at 9:00PM or so.


Friday, December 25, 2020

Friday and Christmas

I got up at 5:00AM this morning and dressed and had my breakfast. I had three cats waiting for theirs this morning. Scruffie wasn't there. She will probably be there later.

I have been watching the channel 6 news and am waiting for the CBS isn't scheduled at all this morning...probably because it's Christmas.

I found "Good Morning America" on ABC and "Today" on NBC. I guess if I want any national news, I will have to watch a different network.

I don't know whether Nancy will be coming with me to John and Leslie's for Christmas dinner or not. At 9:00AM I will try to call her. Sometimes I can call her multiple times and she doesn't wake up. I will do the best I can and try to find out. It's only 7:25AM right now. 

I called Nancy at 8:30AM and she had been up all night with vomiting as well as diarrhea. She was so counting on our Christmas dinner. I told her I would bring her some dinner later this afternoon after she gets to feeling better....hopefully! 

I left at10:30 AM to go out to John and Leslie's for the Christmas dinner. It was delicious! I took some of the leftovers for my suppers and some for Nancy too. 

After I got home, I left mine and took Nancy's over to her. I stayed an hour or so and visited. While I was there David, her son, called and she had a nice visit with him.  I was so glad he called.  She was too, of course.

I got home shortly after 4:00PM. I will turn on the news and see how things are going with the car bombing investigation in Nashville.

More later.. 

I watched the news and also read my book. I took my bath and went to bed at 8:00PM. I was very tired.

Thursday, December 24, 2020

Thursday and Christmas Eve.

I slept pretty well last night and was up at 5:00AM. I fed four cats as well as myself. They are full and gone now so I will bring in the bowls. 

This is Christmas Eve and after the news is over I will make my Waldorf salad for tomorrow's dinner at John and Leslie's.  

This afternoon I will go over to Tyro and get the Amish cherry pie I ordered. Then this afternoon I will make the Apple Brown Betty I am serving this evening to the local part of my family. They will be over at 6:00PM for refreshments and gift opening.

I got the Waldorf salad made and will leave in a little bit to go over to Tyro and pick up the cherry pie. Then sometime after lunch, I will make the Apple Brown Betty for tonight.  I want to finish the vacuuming first. I still have the dining room rug to do and then I need to empty the vacuum sweeper. I got all that done and put away the vacuum sweeper. I have washed the two filters and will let them dry overnight. More later... 

I have the cherry pie for tomorrow in the frig. I made the Apple Brown Betty this afternoon and it will be served with vanilla ice cream and is covered with foil now and on the counter. I also have some Christmas napkins and Suzanne's baked goods to serve and also the eggnog. After we have dessert, we will open gifts.

Everything turned out well. The girls ate well and got everything for Christmas that they wanted. After we ate they passed out gifts for everyone. About 7:30PM they all left and  I did the dishes and got everything put away. Then I took my bath and I will read until bedtime. 

It was a productive day.


Wednesday, December 23, 2020

Wednesday and Breakfast With Bob

 I was up early again this morning...around 5:00AM. I fed the cats but didn't feed myself since I was picking up Bob for breakfast. I left about 6:15AM for Coffeyville but first I brought in the cat's dishes.

I got him about ten minutes early and once again we went to Eggbert's for breakfast. We had a nice visit and just before I left, a small boy approached our table and gave me a gift from his grandmother...Shirley...the manager.. It was a very cute Christmas dishtowel. How sweet!

I took Bob back home about ten minutes early and went on to my hair appointment. I then took the newspapers I had collected to Karan's home.  She takes them to the animal shelter.

I washed my car at the car wash there in Coffeyville and vacuumed it out when I got back to Caney where the vacuum was only .75 .  It is $1.00 in Coffeyville.

I worked some on my class newsletter and it is up to 6 pages now. I may be about at the end of it.  We have lost so many now that we are all 85. There are only 166 of us left out of 291. I sent out a last e-mail asking those that have e-mail  to send me their contribution in the next week.

I think I will have lunch at Sonic today. They may still be offering the Wacky Pack for $2.18. You can't beat the price.!

More later...I may read all afternoon. I have another free book from Amazon on my Kindle.

I did read all afternoon and just had a banana for my supper.

I got another couple of e-mails from classmates and added  that news to the class newsletter.

At 7:00PM, I took my bath and at 9:30PM, I went on to bed.


Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Tuesday and a Trip to Bartlesville

I slept well again last night. I was up only one time in the night. Then I was up at 4:45AM, made my bed and got myself ready for the day. I have had my oatmeal and coffee and am ready to fix my Chai Latte. I haven't had "the weather on the 8s" on yet. That's my next move. I will get back to this after that.

I am watching the weather channel now and have just gone out to feed the four cats that gathered for their breakfast. They seem very happy with the new kitten/cat food. I won't buy any more Meow Mix as long as they will eat this.

I have my Chai now. They are forecasting wind for tomorrow.  I plan to see if Bob still wants to have breakfast tomorrow. Toni, my hairdresser, contacted me yesterday to see if I would come to my appointment a little earlier. I told her I take Bob home at 8:30AM and I would come right after that. I usually go get my gas after I take him home. If I get my hair done then, I will go out after gas after my hair appointment.

Leslie intends to leave at 10:00AM this morning to go to Bartlesville for her groceries. I will be ready. 

Suzanne intends to come in the afternoon. If I am still gone she will pick up my tin of peanut clusters and leave whatever she has for me on the roof of my car in the garage.

I just watched the "weather on the 8's". We will have no snow.. just wind I guess. 

More later... 

Leslie and I ate at Dink's after she had done her grocery shopping and it was excellent! They have redecorated the place and it really looks nice.  Of course, the food was excellent as usual!!

When I got home I texted Suzanne that I was home and then read for the rest of the afternoon. She came mid afternoon and brought me some wonderful looking holiday cakes and some other great gifts like soup mixes and special popcorn. I gave them some of my peanut clusters.   

Mid afternoon I realized I did not have my phone. I texted Leslie to se if I had left it in her car. I also has Alexa call it but I didn't hear it ringing anywhere. I searched and searched and was really confused about where it might be. I recalled texted Suzanne that I has home. Finally I checked in the cushion of the recliner but it wasn't there either. I turned the recliner over and there it was. I had put it on the armrest while I read and it slipped down into the seat cushion  and then  down to the floor. Whew!! I was really relieved!  Getting old is not for sissies!!

In the evening I checked for the cats and they were there waiting for their  suppers. I gave them more of that kitten/cat food and they ate like they had not eaten all day!

I didn't eat anything else the rest of the day. I was so full from Dinks!

I took my bath at 7:00PM and read until 10:00 and then went on to bed. 

Monday, December 21, 2020

Monday and No Lunch Out

I woke up pretty early this morning. I had gone to bed at 8:30PM. So I was up around 4:00AM this morning and stripped my bed to do laundry. I also washed my towels and underwear and PJs. Everything is in the dryer now. I remade the bed after I stripped it. I have had my oatmeal and am now working on my coffee. 

I also checked my e-mail. There was nothing more from classmates and I am up to five pages on it now. This may be a shorter newsletter than usual. I would like to get it off right after the first of the year. Last year was later then usual because I had Leslie's office print it off for me. The woman had priority work for Four County to do first. She is going to do it again this year.

I told Nancy on Friday that if she was up to it we would go out for lunch today. It will depend on how she feels and if she's ready by noon. You never know with Nancy.

I guess I will go watch "the weather on the 8s" and the news when it comes on and drink my Chai Latte. 

So more will be interesting to see if those cats are hungry enough to eat that kitten/cat food I opened last evening. I had forgotten to ask Leslie which cat food she had bought for me.

So, more later...

Sure enough I had all four cats out there waiting for me to feed them. They seem to be fine with the kitten/cat food I bought.  That's two blond cats, Inky, the black one, and Scruffie who  is grey with some white mixed in. I had to go out with a paper towel and remove a slug from the rim of the water dish. Ugh! 

The dryer just went off so I will go fold and put away the laundry if it's dry. 

Everything was not quite dry yet so I put all of it back in except the bottom sheet and started the dryer again. I folded it and put it away. Putting the towels in with the sheets makes drying everything harder.

I have been watching the CBS news and finally got hold of the pharmacies that are supposed to be giving   the Covid19 vaccinations.  I called both Walgreens and CVS Pharmacies and both told me that even though I was 85 years old they were only giving the vaccinations to those in nursing homes. They told me the general public cannot get them for 40 to 90 days. So much for the CBS and NBC news. 

Also I called Nancy's and got Gina. Nancy was supposed to go to lunch with me today but Gina says she is not feeling well..she hurts all over. That must be her arthritis. So...that plan is off.

More later ....

I tried to call Nancy but she never answered so I went over to Nancy's and tried to call her but she still didn't answer so I just went out to Dollar General and bought some Silk. I was nearly out. This should hold me for awhile.

I had some Amy's  soup and crackers and cheese with punch for my lunch. Then I read all afternoon until I finished my book. I am charging my Kindle now and when it is charged, I will download another book.

That's what I did too.

I began the new book and read most of the afternoon.

At 4:30PM I turned on the news and then played some solitaire for awhile. At 6:45PM, I took my bath and at 8:30PM,I got ready for bed. 

I did go out to see the "Christmas Star"in the north west sky. It has been 800 years since the Mars and Venus have lined up that way to cause a very bright "star".

Just after then, Leslie contacted me and asked me to go to Bartlesville with her tomorrow  to buy groceries for Christmas dinner.

She also told me to invite Nancy for Christmas dinner. Dale and Gina may be gone to their grandchildren's for dinner and there will only be the three of us for Leslie's Christmas dinner. Evidently Jeromy, Marlene and the girls will be gone to Topeka for Christmas. I am having them over for Christmas Eve and we will open gifts then.

Then I contacted Suzanne and told her I would leave their gift in the small mailbox. She said it would be afternoon before she got by and she would leave something for me on the roof of my car. She has the landlord's garage door opener.

Then I went on to bed.


Sunday, December 20, 2020

Sunday and Church Online Again

 I woke up and got up shortly before 5:00AM. I slept well and got myself ready for the day and had my breakfast. 

After I ate I checked the front door and sure enough there were four very cold cats out there waiting for their breakfast. They didn't get supper last night because I didn't get to it. I put the new food in their dishes and put a little Meow Mix just on top. They ate well and only the siblings are still out there. Scruffie and the others are gone now....all with full a tummy.

It's almost 7:30AM now and I will watch the service from Ontario Canada at 11:00AM, That's a while though.

I got a lot done while waiting for the worship service from Toronto.

Leslie called me and we discussed Cyndi's situation. She is still in the hospital in Bartlesville recuperating from her colon surgery. She probably will be for awhile. She had to have a colonoscopy and will have to have a reattachment when her incision heals enough. That's awhile though.

It's still about another five or six minutes until the worship service begins.

That was an excellent  Christmas service the morning.

I had some Amy's tomato soup for my lunch with crackers and sharp cheddar cheese and some of my punch.

Now I am watching the San Fransisco/ Dallas Cowboys football game.  I am rooting for San Fransisco. It's 1:25PM now.  

Well, San Fransisco lost at the last minute..too many turnovers.

I had made a quick trip to Wal Mart's in Independence to buy several things I needed as well as a print cartridge for my printer.  Then I got home in time to watch that evening church service at Springfield Missouri at 6:00PM. 

I read the rest of the evening. I fed the cats one more time. I had bought some kitten/cat food at Orchelons last week and I opened that after I fed them the last of the food Leslie brought me.

I watched the recorded session of 60 Minutes and then took my bath, read some more and went on to bed at 8:30PM. I was very tired.