Saturday, September 12, 2015

Saturday and a Continuing Rummage Sale

Leslie will be out to the church at 7:00 this morning so this will be another long day. I will leave shortly to be there too. Karan brought the money to me after 3:30 yesterday afternoon.  We have over $330. so far by the time I subtracted the $82 we started with for our change.  Becky still owes $25. so that will be added in after today too.

I did not sleep well last night. I had another rash of those foot and leg cramps. They were excruciating. I finally got up and let two of those pills dissolve under my tongue. An hour later they began again so I got up to put two more under my tongue.  Finally I got back to sleep until 4:45. Then I got up. I was afraid I would oversleep if I lie there any longer.

Now I've had my biscuit for breakfast...with orange juice and my last banana.... and a cup of coffee.

Missy is waiting patiently to go out on the carport but I don't think I will have time to do that this morning if I want to be out to church at 7:00.  It's still dark out there and I don't take her out in the dark.

More later.....

I got out to the church shortly before 7:00 and Leslie came soon afterward.  It was almost 9:00 before people began coming though. We worked all day...Off and on folks would come but not as steady as yesterday. By 4:00 we had made as much as we did yesterday anyhow so we ended up with a little over $640.00 for the two days work. That will be a welcome addition to our fund to help the low income folks we work with.  We have learned of a 16 year old who has become pregnant and chooses to keep the baby. We will give her a baby shower in October since her baby is due in December and have our Samaritan Child shoe box party in November.  In December we will adopt a family through the Salvation Army and buy Christmas gifts for the children and provide the makings for Christmas dinner for the family.

When the sale was over there were six of us to pack everything up and get it taken to the Church of Christ where they have a storage building they keep unlocked so people can leave their donations. Then we met at Braums and had hamburgers and milkshakes We were all very hungry. I may sleep better tonight. I am really tired.

Friday, September 11, 2015

Friday and the Rummage Sale

Today, I will go out to church about 8:30.  We open the sale at 9:00 and it will be interesting to see how well this 100 miles rummage sale goes at the church.  It will be a lot of work if folks come. If they don't come, we will packing everything up to take to the Church of Christ where there is a big storage shed and people can just come pick up whatever they want. I hope there is room there.

I had a bad spell of diarrhea last evening. It started with a stomach ache and I took some Tums. Then very soon after that the problem began. It only happened twice but it was violent. I stayed up until 9:30 with Missy to try to watch "The Civil War"  on PBS. I couldn't make it until 10:00. I went on to bed. I slept well until 3:30 when I had leg cramps. I got up and went to the bathroom and then took a couple of those little pills you let dissolve under your tongue. That worked and I got back to bed and to sleep until 5:00. Then I got up and had my breakfast and coffee. I ate one of those toasted biscuits with jelly and a small banana.

Bob didn't come over last evening. He was very tired. He and I will go out to work at church until I have to come home at noon to go to work until 3:00. (This is my shorter day).

It's only 15 minutes after 6:00 right now and Missy is patiently waiting for daylight so we can go outside for awhile.

I imagine Katie will have me looking for books again this afternoon unless I have another six piles of DVDs. Yesterday just before I left, I was putting away the DVDs that had accumulated while I was searching for books. I heard a baby screaming with laughter. I looked in the teen room and four teens had a 14 month old baby and they were tossing him up in the air and catching him. I went in there and told them "Here's the thing, kids, if for some unforeseen reason, you drop the baby while doing that and he falls to the floor, it could kill him and the library would be held liable because it happened here. You simply cannot do that in here." That must have made sense because they saw my point and stopped.  Kids! They simply don't think about consequences!

More later....

We must have had quite a storm last night. I knew it rained but didn't know about the wind. There are leaves down everywhere out there. In fact, here are some photos I took this morning.

Here are some more.
As you can see, there's quite a mess covering the yard..which was left a mess after being mowed. :)

Bob just called. He wants to go to exercise class before he comes out to church. He will come out at 10:00. So it may be just Bobby and me until Sue and John get there.

More later...

The first day we sold almost $400. in sales and tomorrow should be even larger since folks will be off work. I will work all day tomorrow.

I spent the afternoon at work searching for books that are not supposed to be in the system but are still on the shelves.  I also put away DVDs usual.  I found about a dozen books though.  I gave them an extra thirty minutes.

Karan just brought by the cash box. She stayed and had a coke with me. She was very tired.  I generally don't drink much Coke but it seemed like just the thing to have for a "pick me up" for both of us.

Bob will be over later and we will walk over to Braums and have an ice cream cone.

More even later.....

Instead of an ice cream cone, Bob and I had a small hamburger and a small milk shake.  Then he came over until 7:00 and after he left I took my bath and watched "The Civil War" until I couldn't keepmy eyes open any longer.

I went to bed around 9:00.

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Thursday and Breakfast

I slept better last night. This morning I noticed that I do have a large bruise on my right hip. It's also swollen. It isn't hurting unless I touch it though. My elbow seems to be alright.

I got up about 4:45 and will have my breakfast with Joyce and Karan at 9:00. Marilyn called last night to say she has a 9:30 Dr. appointment and cannot come.

Bob and I will have hamburger pie and a salad for lunch and we will take some of it to Marilyn R, who lives across the way. Bob has an 11:00 appointment at Sycamore Landing with Rhonda and may be late. I will wait until 11:45 to eat and if he isn't here by then, I will leave his dinner in the oven to stay warm.

It's 7:00 and Missy is ready to go out on the carport. She came out briefly and then got frightened of something and wanted back in the house.  She is back out now wandering around the carport.  It's hazy out here this morning.

A huge Great Dane pup just ran by loose and Missy wanted back in so that's where she is now. 

I prepared a notice to put in the County Chronicle to advertise our church.  Leslie has answered me already but I don't know if I should wait to hear from the other two before calling it in. I will wait for her suggestion.

I need to get the bulletin ready for Sunday since I am presiding so I'd better go in too.

So I'll get back to this later. ....

I met Karan for breakfast at 9:00. Bob had attended his Lion's Club meeting. Marilyn had a doctor's appointment and Joyce called just before breakfast to say she had just got up and her allergies were driving her crazy and she had not slept well. She begged off breakfast this morning.

Our hamburger  pie turned out well and we had salad with it. I took some to Marilyn R and also called Bobby to see if he wanted the rest, He came to get it and will eat it. We will be eating out at church tomorrow and  Saturday I don't know what we will do for lunch...maybe the Dearing Drive In. Sunday, we always eat out somewhere.  I didn't want to keep it until Monday.

Afterward I went on to work and put away a couple of baskets of DVDs and reorganized the cases again to make room for more.  Then Katie came in with another list of books to try to find. They were supposed to be removed from the system after they were put out for the book sale but she needed to know for sure. I found a couple of dozen of them and she was really surprised. Anyhow then I put away the DVDs that had come in while I was looking for books and then came on home at 4:45. I went to work at 12:45 so I had put in my four hours and was very tired.

The mower was mowing when I got home from work.  This is the first time since this couple bought the fourplex that I haven't had to call them to get it mowed.  He does a very sloppy job of it since he only mows twice a month. It's always a mess when he finishes. But it's also a mess before he does it.

Here are some photos of my yard. You'll see what I mean.
See the tracks he makes in the yard?
This is the front right off the carport.
This is the flowerbed on the east side. It really went wild this year with all the rain.
These are the flower pots in front of my part of the fourplex. I plant them every year and water them every morning.
This is another view of the flowerbed. My son-in-law built that for me after I moved in here. The yard used to be a parking lot and it had gravel under the grass.

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Wednesday Again

I didn't sleep too well last night. My right hip hurt some and so did my right elbow. Finally at 2:30, I took an Aleve. Then I slept until 5:30.  I did a load of laundry and fixed my breakfast and fed Missy. Later we went out on the car port and sat for awhile. While I was rebooting the desktop computer, the Fed X man came with the box I'm supposed to send the Cox mini cable box back in.  I finally got it repacked and then I had to call Fed X for a pickup. I talked to someone who could speak clear English and I had a time trying to understand him. First I was cut off three times.  This guy told me they would pick up between 8:00 AM and 8:00 PM. I told him I work afternoons but he said he could guarantee any times.  I put it outside my door for pickup. If he won't take it, I'll go to plan 2.

What a mess! Bob and I had chicken and pea casserole over biscuits for lunch and pudding and cookies for dessert. He also brought a good salad.  I took leftovers to Marilyn across the way here in the fourplex.

More later....time to leave for work.

It was another huge afternoon. I put away four baskets double stacked, re-did the revolving case that holds the DVDs, reorganized the bookcase for new fiction and put away the new fiction. I bundled the old Kansas City Star and sorted out the Independence Reporters and the national papers for Raye.  She will use them for one of her classes at school. 

Then Katie came and brought me another huge project. She has six pages of books some of which are still in the library but not always in the system.  I began looking for them at 4:30 and found about a dozen of them and took them to Katie to remove and put in the book sale going on now in the foyer.  That's just the fiction. She will also have many lists for the non fiction and the children's department. I asked her how it had happened and she said the previous director did not know how to do the new system and just continued with the old one even after they had applied the bar codes. The librarians  did not get all the  books into the system. This will be another huge job. I left at 5:15.

When I got home I had some hot chocolate and a couple of cookies with my yogurt. Bob came over to read the paper and left at 7:00. I took my bath and did my usual routine and finally went to bed at 9:30 after watching most of "The Civil War"on PBS.   

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Tuesday and Cake Day

This will be a busy day. I baked my cake last night and iced it. I have loaded my trunk with the cakes we take up to Independence to the First Christian Church. I will need to get Bob's and him and also stop at the church and take Sue's out of the freezer.  She brought it from Neodesha on Sunday and froze it.

I did not sleep well last night. I took my first night's sleep on new pillows and they were not as flat as my old ones. So I woke up three times in the night and had a hard time getting back to sleep. I had not eaten anything last evening so I could not take Benedryl.   So I just toughed it out until 5:00. Then I got up and checked my e-mail and fed Missy and fixed my cereal and orange juice for breakfast.  Now we are out on the carport since it's after 7:00. She does really well out here when I bring out her white bathmat. She likes to lie on it. She doesn't want to wander quite so much.

I will get my hair done at 9:00 and then Bob and I will walk around Wal Mart and Sayers Ace Hardware until 11:00 when Big Cheese opens. We will have their mini pizza for our lunch today. Then this afternoon I will go back to work.  Ugh! There will undoubtedly be 200 or 300 DVDs to put away and shelf. Over a holiday weekend like this, parents like to let each child take 5 DVDs each and they sit them down in front of the TV and let them watch movies all weekend. That's disgusting to me.  The children need to be outside running around and playing with friends so they will get exercise and not get fat.   Obesity is a major problem in America.

More later....

We stopped by the church after I picked up Bob for my trip to Independence. It was still kind of dark in there and as I was going into the kitchen to pick up Sue's cake, I tripped over the rail to a bunk bed someone had brought. They left the rail laying across the kitchen doorway. I took a hard fall and hit my elbow and my hip on the rail.  Bob came running and turned on the light. By then, I was getting up. I was sore for an hour but then everything cleared up. I think it is fine now. But that was a scare. I could have broken something...perhaps even my elbow or a hip.

More even later...

It poured down rain all afternoon.  I didn't finish putting away the DVDs until 4:40.  What a mess. There are 29 in each level and four baskets had two levels so that's 58 in each basket or over 200 just to begin. They just kept coming in all afternoon so I lost track   of just how many I dealt with. Four boys got very noisy in the teen room and I went in there four times to quiet them down. Finally Adrian shouted at them to either be still...lower their voices... and stop the rough housing... or he would make them leave. They finally quieted down. Adrian is very tall and trim. He could take them all out.

My lower hip is pretty tender this evening. My right elbow is also sore. I will take some Aleve before I go to bed.

Monday, September 7, 2015

Monday Labor Day

I awoke at 4:00 AM again this morning but stayed in bed until almost 5:00 AM. This morning I will meet Leslie at the church at 9:00 AM to set up tables and price my rummage. Bob Avery may go. He's not too interested in going.

I ate my cereal breakfast this morning with orange juice and coffee and ate that small piece of coffee cake I brought home from church.  I'm not sure what we will do for lunch. I may cook if we get through at the church in time. If I do, I will make that chicken casserole that includes peas. Bob will bring a salad.

Missy is waiting for daylight so she can go out on the carport.  It will be light in another thirty minutes and I will take her out after I check under the cars for that stray cat.  We were supposed to have had rain after 1:00 AM this morning, but as usual, it missed us. Maybe we will get it tomorrow.

More later....I may take some photos at the church.

We went out at 8:45 and started moving tables and chairs as soon as we got there. Just as I suspected, my daughter and son in law were the only ones there to help. We worked for an hour and a half and got everything done as far as we could. Just before Bob and I left, Leeann came and brought her stuff and some racks.  None of it was priced so I left with Bob as we had planned leaving Leslie and John there with Leslie helping Leeann price her stuff. The rule was to be, if nothing was priced it would be free. I got all mine moved and Karan's moved onto tables. I priced mine. Karan had already priced hers.

I forgot to take photos.

Bob wanted to go to Arby's for lunch and I certainly wasn't going to argue with him. I was exhausted.  So that's what we did.  He came home with me and did his laundry and took a nap on my sofa.

When I took him home I went to get gas and it had gone up to $2.29.9 so I went out to South Coffeyville (two miles south) and it was still $195.9 there. I filled up. 

I read all afternoon and finished two magazines. Later Bob came over to watch the news. Later, after he left, I tried my best to watch the 25th anniversary of "The Civil War" by Ken Burns. It had been redone in high definition. I stayed with it until 9:00 but just couldn't stay up any longer and went to bed.    

Sunday, September 6, 2015

Sunday and Church

I got around early this morning.I got up a little after 4:00 AM. I got Bob's coffeecake baked and then took Missy out on the carport where we sat about thirty minutes.  Bob came over for awhile.  Then we took my car and went to church. Bobby had given me a grocery sack of grape juice, bread for the communion and Karan's notes for Melissa. When we got to church and I took the sack out, the grape juice had had a loose lid and the grape juice had leaked out and was pooled in the back seat of my car. I was sick. I had been very careful to keep my car clean and neat. Every time I wash it...once a week, I always took a vacuum cleaner and vacuumed it out.

I left the doors open and went into the church  and brought out two wet terry cloth dishtowels. I scrubbed on the mess after I first sopped up the grape juice. The more I cleaned... the cleaner the seat became. I went on into church for church school and left the doors open to dry the seat and decided when I got home after lunch, I would take some upholstery cleaner and give it a good cleaning and then scotch guard it. When church was over, I went out and checked the seat. There was no sign of a stain. The seat must have been scotch guarded.'s clean. Amazing!

We went to Great China for lunch. And Leslie, who had been called out just before church began, joined us there.  (She was on call this weekend). When I got home I did my letters and then went out to Wal Mart to buy some groceries. I stopped at Braums for yogurt and milk. I also stopped at the Dollar General store for magnetic notepads for my grocery lists. When I turned into the Dollar General I saw Bob heading for my apartment. He wanted to check his e-mail.  When I got home, he was already checking it out.

I put away my groceries and fed Missy and we watched 60 Minutes re-runs.

He left at 7:00 and I started bringing this blog up to date.  I think I'll take a photo of that seat....otherwise no one will ever believe me.


See...not a sign of a stain!