Saturday, October 16, 2021

Saturday and Work on The Sermon Again

I slept fitfully last night. I couldn't get comfortable and kept waking up. For one thing,my sinus were draining and stopping me up.I finally got p and took an allergy pill. That helped but still I kept waking up briefly. I finally stayed asleep until 6:00AM when I got up, dressed and made my bed. I am eating my breakfast now and it is 7:35AM. What a mess!!

I used my last left contact this morning. I thought I might have worn the one I was using too long because in order to read with the left contact in, I have had to use a pair of readers. Either my eye has become worse or Roger was just able to correct it better. He said  he just put a very strong contact in that lazy eye to force it to work. Who knows. 

I should go watch "the weather on the 8's" and check on the cats as late as it is.

Both cats came for their breakfast and I fed them both. 

I am having trouble with my TV picture again. It tears on every channel. I called Cox about it and when I finally got an agent, she had a thick accent and I couldn't understand a word she said. I finally hung up. I never had this trouble when I lived in Coffeyville. Caney evidently just has a weak signal, This has happened five or six times before. They can usually just increase the signal and that takes care of it but today that didn't happen. Disgusting! I pay good money for the few channels I watch and yet I can't get decent service. I finally just turned it off. 

It finally straightened up and I was able to watch the weather..

I worked on the sermon until I felt it was all right. Then I went over to Nancy's and visited with her awhile.

I came home to print off her meds and what they were used for. She has two to refill on Monday at the Caney Drug and I will take her up to pick them up.

I stayed with her until 5:30PM and then came back home to watch the news...except football is on and I am not interested in that so I will read my book until bath time. It's 5:50PM now so I have an hour before bath time. 

I plan to go to bed at 9:00PM.

Friday, October 15, 2021

Friday and a Three Dollar Meal

I slept fairly well last night. When I sleep on one side, my ear gets sore and wakes me up. Then I have to turn over.

I have made my bed, dressed and had my breakfast already. It is almost 7:00AM now. 

I got a flyer in the e-mail from the tour company, Gone For Awhile Tours  and the next tour is planned for Kansas City and The Arabia Steamboat Museum, a meal at Buca di Beppo Italian restaurant near the Plaza and a tour of the lights on the Plaza, Crown Center and Union Station. That means a late night tour and I am not sure I am up to that at this point. The cost is $115.00 but that's not the problem. When I was still attending John Whitmer Historical Association meetings at our church headquarters in Independence Missouri, (Community of Christ)  I took that tour of the Museum. Our church historian was one of the owners of it so we had a personal tour of it. That's been ten or fifteen years ago. But I have seen it. If Phyllis or Karan go, I may go again. It's not until December 9th. I will check with them and then let Sherry know if I am interested. By then Phyllis' hip may be fully healed. She broke it in September. And Karan's daughter lives in Kansas City so she may be familiar with all that too. Come to think of it, Phyllis's daughter lives in Overland Park so she may have done that too.

Well that's today's news anyhow.

I am going over to Coffeyville today for the dinner Asbury Village does for seniors every third Friday at 11:30AM. They charge $3.00 for it and then donate the money to the senior center. I will pick up a "to go" meal for Marilyn Rutledge too. She is shut in with a terrible back problem. I have been taking her my leftover treats from the game days. This time I will take her the Asbury Village meal.

I need to go check the weather and the cats. 

Both cats came for breakfast and luckily I had put both bowls out there just in case.

 May be an image of outdoors 

This is the plant Nancy bought for me after more buds opened. It looks like a different plant, doesn't it?

More later..

I read my book until 10:00AM and then took off for Coffeyville and the first place I went was the Woodshed where I filled up with gas. Then I went out to Walmart for a couple of things I can't get at our market. Then by that time it was time to go to the senior center for the $3.00 lunch Asbury Village makes for us the third Friday of each month. They then donate the money to the senior center. This Friday it was chili, cheese, crackers, iced tea and a cinnamon roll. I bought one to go for Marilyn. One to go is $4.00 but she's worth it. I dropped by Marilyn's and took her her food. She wanted to pay me for her lunch but I insisted I didn't want repayment. She is a little better. They gave her a steroid shot on Thursday and that helped one part of her back. She even managed to attend a board meeting at the senior center for the first time this year.

I stopped by the post office and bought stamps. I also washed my car, dried it and vacuumed it out again. It didn't rain yet today. I stopped by our Sonic when I got back home and bought a small mocha, crunch blizzard. That made me very full. I won't eat again today.

Then I started reading my latest book again. It's 4:37PM now and soon I will go watch the CBS evening news. It starts at 5:30PM.

More later...

Both cats came for supper and I fed them both. 

I watched the CBS news and then read until 7:00PM when I took my bath.

I went to bed at my usual 9:00PM

Thursday, October 14, 2021

Thursday and House Cleaning Day

I slept fitfully last night but was up at my usual 5:00AM. I feel alright this morning and am in the process of eating my breakfast.  It's almost 6:00AM now.

I took my floor mats from the car out last night and cleaned them. They were pretty dirty from getting in and out of the car in the rain. They look much better today.

When I start watching the news, I will begin my mopping while the commercials are on.  First I will check the weather and look to see if the cats are out there to be fed. And I believe we are  still forecast for rain today. However, this is Kansas and anything is possible.

My allergies are going nuts this morning. I have sneezed my head off and blown my nose over and over again. 

More later... 

Blondie and Scruff both came for breakfast...fist Scruff and then Blondie. They have ate their fill but I am leaving the food out there for awhile since they are both still out there.

I have got the mopping finished.Soon I will start the vacuuming.  It's 7:30AM now.

It's 8:15AM now and I just finished the vacuuming. I also cleaned up the sweeper. I washed the filters and have left them out to dry. Tomorrow morning I will dust.  I am still planning to take Nancy to her two hour hair appointment today at 12:45PM. I hope she is dressed and ready. 

I was cleaning up the driveways of leaves when Nancy called me and told me she was "sick" and couldn't make her two hour hair appointment. I no longer believe she is "sick" when she tells me she is.  I think it's a cop out to keep from getting dressed and ready for her day.  I told her to call Anissa and tell her and let her make the decision. Anissa put the fear in her and told her she had two hours set aside for her appointment and she had better make it. So Nancy called me back and said she would be ready at 12:45. That's what I thought.  

I went over at 12:30PM and picked up Nancy. Dale, her nephew, had taken her check book and debit card. We stopped at the bank and she withdrew some money for her hair. As it turned out, he stopped by the hairdresser's and wrote Anissa a check. So Nancy kept her money.  Neither of us had eaten all day so I drove down to the Copan Truck Stop and she bought our supper.  I left the tip. Afterward, I took her home. I wanted to mow.

May be an image of grass 

It's 5:25PM now and I just finished mowing the front yard. As you can see, it looks a lot better without the leaves.

It's time for the news now, so I will get back to this later...

Marilyn Rutledge called me this evening to see if tomorrow was the dinner Asbury Village cooks for us at the senior center. I checked my calendar and it is. I will bring her a box of the food after I finish with mine. She won't be back home until 12:30PM so that will work out for both of us.

I watched the news and then at 6:45PM, I took my bath and got ready for bed. Of course, I won't actually go to bed until 9:00PM. But at least I am ready. After mowing the front yard I am plenty tired.

Wednesday, October 13, 2021

Wednesday and Hairdo Day

I slept well last night and only woke up once. It's 5:37AM now and I am having my breakfast. My hair appointment this morning has been moved to 8:30AM and so I will be leaving at 8:00AM or shortly before. I will have to drop by the bank and get some money. I spent the last of my cash yesterday. I will also have to drop by Walmart there afterward and get a couple of things I can't get at our market.

I don't think it rained last night. They have a hard time  predicting our weather here in southeast Kansas. It's so unpredictable.  Maybe it will rain today. I keep my umbrella in the car...just in case.

I will go turn on "the weather on the 8's" and also see if the cats are out there waiting for their breakfast.

Scruff was the only cat that came for  breakfast and she was so desperate to eat she caused me to spill a little of her food. I cleaned that up and set the square bowl out too...just in case Blondie comes later. I missed the weather forecast while doing that. I did see we are supposed to get rain all day today though. I will definitely need that umbrella.

And sure enough I saw Scruff was gone already and the rain had started. It's thundering and raining hard. I hope we don't get hail.

So, more even later... 

It rained for awhile and then finally stopped. I got my hair done and my errands done as well. 

I came back home and worked on the puzzle again and also read and finished my latest book. It's 3:35PM now.

I went over to Nancy's and visited her for a few hours. I left about 6:30PM and came home to take my bath. I will pick her up at 12:45PM to take her to the beauty shop tomorrow.

I cleaned the carpet in my car this evening since it rained and I got it dirty getting in and out of the car. I generally have the car washed when I go to Coffeyville but it rained the entire time I was there so I couldn't wash it.

Then I cleaned up the leaves in my back yard again put them in the trash and will read until 9:00PM when I usually go to bed. 


Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Tuesday and Lunch With Nancy

I was up late this morning. I was up two hours in the night in the bathroom with stomach pain. But I feel fine this morning but a little drained. I was up at 6:00AM, dressed and got myself ready for the day and am having my breakfast now. Nancy wanted to have lunch at Eggbert's this morning at noon. I hope she's up to it. She has felt puny lately but a lot of that is psychological. If I had her problems I would be sick a lot of the time too. 

I have finished my breakfast and am drinking my coffee now.  I will go turn on "the weather on the 8's". I don't believe we got any rain last night. I also need to check on the cats. It's later for them. It's 7:30AM now.

It's 8:25AM now And I have been watching the CBS news. We are to get rain the rest of the week. ..including tomorrow, Thursday and Friday...perhaps Saturday and Sunday too. We will have to wait and see.

I checked the plants and they appear to be plenty wet. Maybe it did rain last night.

Only Scruff came for breakfast and after she ate, I took in the cat food. 

The trash men came and dumped my trash (mostly leaves) in their  big dumpster. I put away my small dumpster.

Then I went out and raked the leaves out of the hedge in front. It looks a lot neater now! There's no wind yet this morning so everything is staying pretty neat.  That's good.

It's 10:37AM now and I have been reading and I just called Nancy to see if she was dressed and ready to go to lunch at 11:45AM this morning. She said she was dressed and ready to eat something. She appears to have nothing left to eat in the house. I will ask her if she wants to go to the market after lunch and buy some food.

More even later...

After lunch we drove and went looking around Caney. We stopped by Myrtle's Market and while I was browsing she bought me this mum plant!

No photo description available.

 It was a surprise! It's 3:00PM now and I will read awhile longer.

I did read awhile and  then worked on the puzzle too. It's 5:09PM now and I will wait to see the news next. That's anther 20 minutes I think.

I watched the CBS evening news and now it's after 6:00PM. I will read until 7:00PM  and then take my bath and read some more until 9:00PM, my bedtime.

Monday, October 11, 2021

Monday and Working on My Sermon

Ted, our church's South Central States Mission Center president, sent me a link to the church site that has been hacked and is supposed to be a security risk so I got the material notes for my sermon next Sunday. I was up at 6:00AM this morning and had my breakfast and worked up my sermon and printed off a bulletin. So I have been too busy to do anything but eat my breakfast! I like to have that sermon finished a week ahead of time. Then I heard from Leslie too and she took the risk as well and also sent me the material. So I am ahead of the game again. I sent her the bulletin I put together so she could plan the music. We use an electronic way of doing the music any more. I miss the pianist but this is the new way of doing things. Besides, our only pianist is laid up recuperating from a broken hip surgery now.

I will go check the "weather on the 8's" now and also see if any cats have come for breakfast. I see it's not raining now but I think it rained most of the night. At least I heard it and it kept me sleeping later.

So more later... 

It was wet out and neither of the cats  came for breakfast. I watched the weather and read until lunch time and then I baked one of my mini pizzas for my lunch.  I had to charge my Kindle again so I worked on one of the puzzles Carol sent me. They are certainly challenging but I am making a little progress.  It's not raining yet so I set the solar kitty out to catch some rays.

I went to Sonic after lunch and bought one of their new mocha crunch blasts. They are pretty good although I'll bet they are full of calories. I better not have them too often or I will gain weight.

I called Nancy to see if she wanted to take a ride while the sun is shining. She said she was having trouble with diarrhea again and was spending too much time in the bathroom today and had not dressed again. She plans to dress tomorrow and we are to go to lunch tomorrow at Eggbert's. I told her it was forecast for rain the rest of the week.  She said she would dress tomorrow by quarter till 12:00AM. If she still wants to go to eat out, she will have to.:)

Toni texted me this afternoon and moved my appointment on Wednesday to 8:30AM. I told her that would be fine. I can make it that early just fine. I will need to stop by the bank and get some cash though. I bought some groceries again this morning and paid cash and am down to $10.00. I get $50.00 a week from the bank. That holds me for a week or two.

I think I will go rake awhile since I am charging my Kindle. That gives me some good exercise. It's 3:45PM now.

More later...

I raked and bagged the back yard again. Now that my Kindle is charged I will go read and rest and drink some water. It is 4:40PM now and I am tired.

 So more even later...

May be an image of tree and grass 

I mowed the front yard this evening. I was afraid we were going to get rain again the next three days.

May be an image of tree and grass 

It's nearly 7:00PM now and I will take my bath and read some more then go on to bed at 9:00PM.

Sunday, October 10, 2021

Sunday and Church

I plan to go to church this morning. I will go a little early to be sure the church is still clean. After church I plan to eat lunch at "Just Us" in Cherryvale unless a different offer comes up.

I was up very early this morning. I was planning to check if the church's website was back up and it wasn't. The site says it's a security issue. I checked the lectionary themes on another site. I am to speak at church on the 17th. I needed to know where to begin with a theme. I found some appropriate scriptures on a Methodist site. Maybe the church's site will soon be back up. I hope so.

Now it's 5:00AM so I will go make my bed and get dressed.

It's 5:39AM now and I am dressed and ready to have my breakfast. Soon I will turn on the TV and try to see "the weather on the 8's". Sometimes it's awhile before they do that. Also in a little while I will check on the cats too.

I don't think it rained last night. At least I didn't hear any on the roof. 

 So, more even later...

I watched the weather and the news and read awhile and then it became time to leave for church especially if I intended to get there early enough to do some cleaning...if it needed it. 

As it turned out, Leslie had done what cleaning that needed to be done. I ran the vacuum in the sanctuary what little it needed.

We had a little better attendance today We had 13. We should have twice that many. Going to church is a habit we get into and when we break that habit for a year or two, it may be hard for some to get back to it. Not me. I have always gone to church. I am a 4th generation at my church. My great grandparents were the first to join. 

The two sermons of our guest ministers ran over almost 30 Minutes. Then after the service was over, Rick and Carmen and I went over to "Just Us" for lunch. It was, as usual, excellent food, and I ate too much. When I went to pay my bill, Rick had paid it. Bless his heart!

When I got home I did the best I could without a theme from the church to put together a sermon for next week.  The World Church site has a security problem right now and they will have to solve that before anyone can access their web site.

Nancy called awhile ago at 3:45PM and wanted to know if I would like to go to lunch with her on Tuesday. I would drive and she would buy lunch. She won't have it any other way. I told her I would be glad to do that. We will go to Eggbert's.

In about 30 Minutes, I will log onto the Mission Center Zoom to watch the worship service there. 

I went out and picked up leaves in the back yard. It's very good exercise. I didn't get quite all of them but I got most of them.

More much later...

I had a terrible time getting logged on to the Zoom site. I think it was my internet connection. I have been having problems with it from time to time. Anyhow, after the fifth try, I finally connected and watched the sermon. Vivian preached. She did a good job.

Then I went in to watch 60 Minutes which I had recorded..I thought I had recorded it but I lost the last of it because the football game ran onto the 60 Minutes time. That was disgusting!

So instead I read. Scruff came for supper and I fed her. At 7:00PM I took my bath and read until 8:30PM when I finally gave up and went to bed.