Saturday, July 15, 2017

Saturday and a Trip to Chanute

I slept well again last night and this morning I will pick up Bob and we will go to Eggberts for breakfast. Afterward, about 9:30, I will drive to Chanute to visit Gay and her family. First I will have to get gas again and some money from the bank.

When it gets light here, I will take Missy out for awhile. She loves to be outside.  I usually take her little "front of the door" rug outside and she lays on it.

I was going to do this blog on the desktop computer but it is still updating itself with the new Windows 10 update. It says it will reboot itself several times yet.  So I have this laptop in the living room now so I will just use it.

I have fed Missy already and she has had her treats. I will not eat yet this morning since I will be having breakfast out with Bob. I did have a cup of Chai. That's something to sort of warm up my body.

I combed Missy yesterday afternoon. She sheds so badly. I get a ton of cat hair in the apartment. That's why I vacuum so often.

So..more later...

I had breakfast with Bob and soon after went to Chanute to see the family of my friend, Gay. It had been years since I saw them. The only one not there was Steven and his family and they will be there tomorrow.  His wife had had knee replacement surgery on Wednesday and was really not ready to come. 

I had a great visit with Paul and Kathy and met all the rest. I really enjoyed my visit with Paul.  He has changed a lot. I probably would not have recognized him except he reminded me of a combination of Gay and his father, Hugh. He would be 61 and he is a registered nurse. He is trim and rides a bike a lot.  He wanted me to be sure to sure to tell Keith and the other two of my kids "hi" for him. He still lives in Colorado. Steven lives near Oklahoma City and Kathy lives in Virginia.

There must have been twenty five or thirty there though. Gay and Tony worked most of the morning getting everything ready for lunch. Their other friend, Janet, helped a did I. We had the table loaded with food of all kinds.  Then after everyone ate Janet and I cleaned up after it. We finished about 3:00 PM and I decided it was time for me to start home. I had almost an hour's drive home and was very tired.

Tony has now lost 70 pounds and is just a shadow of his former self.  I worry about him but he has a good attitude toward his three day a week dialysis. He has made several friends there.  

Missy was glad to see me and Bob had asked me to text him when I got in so I did but now he is coming over at 5:00.

I had a hard time getting my TV to turn on. It has been a problem lately. It could be the batteries in the remote.  I dread trying to change them and then trying to re-program the Bose remote.

I didn't get the first issue of my Coffeyville Journal. I subscribed yesterday and they told me I would get my first issue in the mail today. It didn't come. I am not surprised.

More later...

Friday, July 14, 2017

Friday and No Exercises Today

I did not sleep well last night. I awoke at 3:00 AM and never could get back to sleep. I kept thinking about the mess that came out of my sweeper when I changed the bag yesterday.  I don't know how to attach the bag so it doesn't come off right after I put it on. It just has a tiny hole to slip over the tube that it attaches to and that does not stay on. The minute I sat the sweeper back up, it slipped right off the tube. So if I use the sweeper that bag will not stay on and I'll have another huge mess to clean up. Disgusting! And I can't leave the apartment this morning as long as the UPS man is coming....sometime today....when, I don't know.

What a mess! At 4:00 AM, I just got up. No sense just lying there wide awake.

More later....

I have fed myself and Missy and we tried to go out on the carport. It was too scary for her. So we came back in. The rain lets up for awhile and then begins again.  I have watched the weather and the news and there's really no new news.

Same old...same old.. with dozens of stupid commercials. There are eight in every commercial break. I am constantly muting them. Most are very stupid. I don't know who their advertising agencies are but they are not very creative. Most of us who have worked in advertising know the best commercials are with animals or children or are funny.  Straight auto and furniture commercials are so boring most of us just mute them. The only time most people pay any attention to them is if they are in the market for a car or furniture.

More even later...

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Thursday and Laundry and Apartment Cleaning.

I slept well last night without any Zyrtec and woke up at 5:30. That is always a good thing.

I have washed both the bathroom and kitchen floors and will vacuum the carpets later.  I will go to the dinner with Bob at the senior center at noon and take Karan a box lunch of it.

Missy and I have been out before it got unbearably hot and I have watered everything. We stayed out about an hour and then it began to get too hot and we came back in. She caught a locus out there and ate it. I hope it stays down.

I did a load of white laundry this morning and have it in the dryer now. I also put Missy's afghans in the dryer earlier under "fresh air". They needed it. They get covered with cat hair. She sheds terribly all the time. I keep the hair rollers in business. I buy those rollers four at a time.

I found this on Scott's website and totally agree with it.

Image may contain: tree, sky, cloud, outdoor and nature

We have this present administration because people have stopped using their minds and begun using their emotions to vote. They believe anything Trump says regardless if it's true or not. After all the lies that the president has told, and all the unbelievable things he has said and done, the really unbelievable thing is that he was even elected. We will be paying for this election for decades to come.

I had a discussion with the wife of our Mission Center president two years ago and we discussed the coming political situation and I told her that I believed there was an element in America that was totally ignorant and chose to remain that way. I believed that element was about 70 - 75% of the population. She said she believed it was even more than that.

I have a friend who says she never watches the news or reads anything about politics because it tends to upset her.  I asked her if she intended to vote in the 2016 election. She said she would.  That's very scary! It's people like that who elected this president. It amazes me that with the popular vote was overwhelmingly for Clinton, yet Trump won the electoral vote.

Enough about politics. That upsets me.

More later...

 Well, I got my laundry all done and the entire house vacuumed. Then I cleaned out the vacuum cleaner.  The bag had come loose from the tube it fit over and I had a huge mess inside the sweeper to clean up. Lots of dust and cat hair were everywhere in there. It took me 15 minutes to get that mess cleaned up. That two year old Hoover $98.00 sweeper is worthless. It works fine but the bag will not stay on the tube it is supposed to fit on.

Bob picked me up at 11:30 and we went to the Medicalodge free dinner at the senior center. It was alright but the chicken was heavily crusted and had obviously been frozen since the area near the bone was black. I did take a box to Karan. I had told her I would.

More even later...

When I got home, I found that the UPS man had come to deliver my package and had missed me while I was at lunch. I didn't know he would be here or I would have stayed home. Maybe he will come back tomorrow so I will not go to exercise class. It would be good if they would call first so I would know when he was coming. I sure paid enough for the package and he had my number so you would have thought he would call to make sure someone was home before coming by. A $15.00 birth certificate cost me $46.25 with all the extra charges added on. .

I went by Stan's and paid off my hearing aid. He gave me a $50. box of batteries for paying it off two months early. That was a fine gift!

Bob came at 5:20 and Keith called about that same time.  We watched the news. After Bob left, I took my bath and put my PJs on and laid down with Missy on the sofa and watched TV. I finally just watched "This Old House" hour. My Bob just loved that program and we always watched it when he was living.

I got the bed ready for bed and came in here to check out the blog and finish it for today. I will go to bed in 15 minutes.  I hope I can sleep I did last night.

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Wednesday and Bingo

Sure enough...I awoke at 2:00 and have not been able to get back to sleep. I have too much on my mind. It's 3:00 now and I am wide awake. I just got up and decided to try to just stay up.

I keep thinking about that ground beef in the frig at church. It is in a zip lock bag and has been thawed. I don't know who put it there but I suspect Leeann did. She takes food from the food basket to some elderly folks who are raising their grandchildren. They live at the trailer court. That meat will go to waste if she doesn't get it today while it is still red and get it distributed. I don't know why it is thawed and then left in the zip lock bag down in the frig.

It also concerns me that Missy scratched me and ripped open the end of two of my fingers.  She is entirely too aggressive. I was just trying to get her claw out of the fabric on the back of the sofa.  I am afraid she is going to tear my sofa with those claws. Instead, she tore me.

I took a melatonin pill in hopes of getting back to sleep but that didn't happen.

I haven't done any housework yet this week. I was just too tired on Monday morning and then I went to Marilyn's to help her with her computer on Monday afternoon. Tuesday I was too busy all day with other stuff. hair, lunch at Great China, a nap in the afternoon and also checking on my car insurance.

 I will need to vacuum sometime this week and I should change my bed too.  But today is exercises and Bingo and I will probably just do that.

I wanted to pay off my hearing aid this month but my car and apartment insurance is due the 17th this month so I will probably wait until next month and just make a regular $100 payment this month.  I can pay it completely off next month.

I did go back to bed at 3:30 and did get back to sleep. I slept until 5:30. I will be able to get some rest later today.

More later...

Karan called at 8:45 to say her ride had not arrived and she needed to get to her physical therapy. I told her I would be right over.  I took her and then went on to exercises. When I picked her up, she asked me to take her to the bank to cash a check and also to the City of Coffeyville offices to pay her utility bills. I did that and then took her home, went to the market for her and also picked up her mail. She had a bad day at physical therapy. Her movement is not as good as it should be and she is hurting more. The knee is still badly swollen. It has been three weeks and two days since her surgery.

Then I went home and fixed the barbecue brisket.  It was good and I took the rest of it to Marilyn R. and Karan. Then I went on to Bingo. When I got home, I took a nap with Missy.

Bob came over at 5:15 and watched the news with me. Diana had sent him his birthday gift so I gave him mine and the card too.  Denise called to wish him a happy birthday.

I took my bath when he left and watched TV with Missy until I went to bed at 9:00.

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Tuesday and Hairdo Day

I slept well again last night thanks to the Zyrtec. I am up and dressed and ready for the day. Missy is patiently waiting for her breakfast and I will get mine ready too. I will need to water the flowers and that awful tomato plant before I go to pick Bob up. I will take him to visit his sister, Betty, and then I will get my hair done. We will eat at Great China at noon.

Right now I'd better get our breakfasts. More later...

I got the front flowers watered and did not get the ones on the east side done.  So I'd better get out there and do that. It will be 98 degrees today. 

Scott, my younger son, just called and talked to me for quite awhile. fact, about 45 minutes.  He and I always have a lot to talk about. He misses the reunion experience. He worked for our church for three years and was a terrific preacher.

In about thirty minutes I will pick up Bob for our trip to Independence.  But right now, I'd better water those flowers.  More later...

O.K. It's done now.  Everything is watered now.

I am watching the CBS news right now. 

This story about collusion with the Trump administration and the Russians is growing every day. There is an e-mail that mentions that connection.

More even later...

I went to pick up Bob after spending five minutes trying to turn off the TV. It would not turn off. It could be that the batteries in the Bose system remote are getting weak. I have been having some problems with it lately.

I took him to his sister Betty's and went to the beauty shop to get my hair colored and cut. Afterward I dropped by the Merle Norman store and bought some Moisture Emulsion. Then I vacuumed out my car and went to pick up Bob at his sister's home. We went to Walmart where I bought some Q Tips and he bought some deodorant.   Then we went to Great China for lunch. After lunch we stopped by the church to check the mouse traps. They were empty but the bait was all gone. I refilled all three with bait.  I took the sign off the door about the services last week being at the campgrounds. 

Then I took him on home and came home myself. Maybe I will get a nap this afternoon. Missy seems to be waiting for me to do that.

More later....

I did take a nap and afterwards I went up to Shelter Insurance and priced my car insurance without Collision coverage. My car is ten years old and since I no longer owe anything on it, I will not carry collision. I would not get much of anything for it if it got wrecked. I changed my comprehensive to $1,000 deductible too. I also added UMPD (uninsured motorist property damage) for $4.50 and that will take care of my car in the event that someone hits me and has no liability insurance.

I went up to the Coffeyville Journal office to subscribe but the office was closed. It was only 3:50 but they were closed.  Needless to say, they do not sell many subscriptions that way. They only publish twice a week...on Wednesdays and Saturdays. Pitiful!

Bob came over at 5:20 and watched the news. I gave him his birthday card and also his gift. He left at 6:30 and I took my bath and got myself ready for bed.

Then I laid on the sofa with Missy and watched TV for awhile. She caught her claw in the sofa back and I attempted to help her pull it out. She caught me with her claw on my index finger of my right hand and on the middle finger of my left hand. That laid them both open.  Both bled like mad. I had blood everywhere while trying to get to the bathroom for a couple of band-aids.  I only had two band-aids.  The fingers both really hurt but they are better now. I will need to get some more band-aids at the Dollar General store in the morning.

What a mess!

I will go to bed now that it's 9:00. I hope I can sleep. .

Monday, July 10, 2017

Monday and Exercises

I slept really well last night. Again, before I went to bed, I took Zyrtec and that kept my sinus' from draining and I slept well.

I got up at 5:30 and got myself ready for the day and fed Missy and myself. As soon as I see the "Weather on the Eights", the local weather,  I will take Missy outside while it's still relatively cool. I will need to water all my flowers too.  It's supposed to be up in the 90's today.

We will have the spaghetti again today with garlic toast, green beans and a salad.

More later...

Well, I got the flowers watered, took Missy out for awhile and went to Brahms and bought some garlic toast. I picked up Bob at 8:40 and we went to exercise class. Afterward I dropped him off at his home, I came on back to my apartment.  I am feeling worn out today so will not do much. I could wash the bathroom floor. That's a small area. But I don't feel up to much of anything else. I don't know why I am so tired. I suppose it could be the Zyrtec.

More later...

After lunch I laid down with Missy and took a short nap and then felt somewhat better. Afterward I went over to Marilyn's and printed off an item she wanted to give to me.  She has a new laptop computer that she is not familiar with. I tried to explain the way to use it but I am not sure she got it.  After that I had a cup of tea with her and some chocolate pie.

After I got home I went to the courthouse to see if  I could get a certified copy of my birth certificate.  Bonnie wasn't there but Lynn told me I would need to contact Topeka and get that done so she gave me a form with the telephone number and the web site and when I got home I called. The copy itself cost $15.00 but handling is $18.00 and there was extra funding for UPS adding up to a total of $46.25....all for a certified copy of my birth certificate. What a racket! But I have to have it to get a passport for next June's cruise to Alaska.

Then I got finished just in time for Bob to come over to watch the news. He left at 6:30 and I took my bath and laid down with Missy to watch TV. I went to bed at 9:00.

Sunday, July 9, 2017

Sunday and a Trip to the Campgrounds

I will go to the church's campgrounds this morning. Sue called last evening and she and John want to ride with me. Neither of them is up to driving it. It will be good to have the company. Bob will not go.

I slept very well last night. I took a Zyrtec so that may some of the reason why. I didn't want another night like the night before.

I will get to see my eldest great granddaughter today. Sage will be with John and Leslie for a month. Leslie flew her back for a visit and to go to church reunion (camp).  Leslie is the financial manager again this year. She says this will be the last year she does that. She just wants to enjoy the camp and dealing with this year's camp director has been a major headache. She had to deal with her last year too. The woman is completely unorganized. Leslie is very organized.

We will leave about 9:00 this morning and stay until after lunch some time.

I have fed Missy and myself and taken my meds. I even took Missy outside for awhile. I need to water my flowers. Maybe she will come out with me again.

More later....

I got all my flowers watered and dead headed. I have an hour before I leave for the campgrounds. John and Sue need to get here first. They are to leave Neodesha at 8:00 to get here by 9:00.

They came early so we left early. We had a good visit with everyone.  There were some we had not seen for least three years....the last time I directed the reunion.

This is Sage, my eldest great granddaughter.  She is 13 and the one with the word "Anthony" on her shirt. They are reading the offertory statement at the campgrounds.

They couldn't get enough servers so I volunteered to help serve. Then we ran out of food before the servers got to eat.  They had 127 registered but there were 227 there for the Sunday dinner. So they had a hundred extras to serve.

I got back about 3:00 and saw Sue and John off for Neodesha. Bob will be over after awhile. He wanted me to let him know when I was back.

I texted him that I was going to lay down with Missy and he said he would come over at 5:30 instead.
When he came, we watched 60 Minutes and after he left at 7:00, I watched "The Nineties" on CNN.  At 9:30, I finally just gave up and went to bed.