Saturday, March 6, 2010

Busy Saturday

Today, Leslie and I have to drive two hours to Carthage for a meeting that is scheduled to last one and a half hours. Then we will drive back another two hours. That's what I don't like about Mission Centers. Everything is from two to five hours away. This meeting is in preparation for World Conference in April. We will discuss the issues.

Later Bob and I may eat out.

Tomorrow we have the Mission Center Cluster team coming and they will be in charge of the services and we will have a dinner afterward.

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Friday, March 5, 2010

Quiet Friday

We have nothing on the calendar for today so it should be a quiet day.

Tomorrow Leslie and I will have a meeting in Carthage, Missouri. Then Sunday our Mission Center team will be in charge of our services at church and we will have a basket dinner afterward.

Monday, Bob has a doctor's appointment in Bartlesville with his skin doctor. Tuesday, I have my MC3 board meeting. Wednesday we will have either our Lenten Luncheon here in Coffeyville or the Ministerial Association meeting in Independence. I think we will probably go to the Lenten Luncheon here. We have nothing planned yet for Thursday or Friday.

Bob is still secretly looking for an old pickup. I told him we had no money for an old money pit like that but he is determined to find one. I'll fight that battle if and when he finds one. Keith will be bringing his back in November but he can't wait.


Thursday, March 4, 2010

Another Thursday

Today, Bob and I will go to Ministerial Alliance here in Coffeyville. I stopped by the church yesterday on my way back from Independence and made copies of the agenda and the February minutes. Afterward I will come home and do the minutes and send them out.

The First Christian Church provided the salad luncheon for the Lenten Luncheons yesterday. There were some wonderful salads there. I don't know what Windsor Place will be serving today. We will go at 11:30 so I can get the agendas and minutes distributed.

The rest of the day should be quiet. We have had enough excitement this week with the plumbing problems.

Keith called a couple of times yesterday. He is looking at cars. He can't buy one until he finishes paying for his ex-wife's pickup in six months. It amazes me that she was the one with the boyfriend but he is paying for everything and she is getting all their tax return money and even the deposit on the house they were renting.

There's nothing fair about divorce.

More later:

We went to the alliance meeting and later I worked on the minutes. That is done now. We had a tiny supper because we had a large lunch.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Better Wednesday

I hope this will be a better Wednesday. This has been an unbelievably stressful week. Not only have we had plumbing problems but now Bob is after me to let him buy an old pickup he saw on Perl's back lot. John quoted him a price of $1,000 but we saw Paul yesterday and he said they were going to have to pull the head and see what it needed. If it needed too much, they would just salvage it out. He quoted $300 as is. To me, it would be a money pit. The front seat has been destroyed by either a dog or someone that weighed 400 pounds. And we have no money. Bob says it would give him something to do to fix it up. He doesn't seem to realize we have very little left in our IRA to last us the rest of our lives. I have told him but he just turns off what he doesn't want to hear.

Keith is bringing his pickup back in November but he wants that old pickup on Perl's lot. I am going to have to put my foot down and that will mean a fight. As though we didn't have enough going on in our lives right now.

Today, if the plumber gets here and gets the stool fixed before 11:30, we will go to the Lenten Luncheon. If not, I will stay here and Bob can go on. I will leave in an hour to get my hair done and take Juanita to breakfast. I will be back before 10:00.

Bob put one new bolt in the stool yesterday afternoon but left one nut out. I think that's what has the stool so crooked that water is leaking between the tank and the stool. He needs to change out the second bolt too but would have to cut it out too because it is rusted solid. We will just let the plumber do it.

The plumber has come and gone and the tank is fixed. Now the next question is: "How much is the bill?"

We attended the first Lenten Luncheon today and had a fine salad luncheon and a good sermon from Mark Wilson (Church of God) who pitch hitted for Diane who had chest pains and had to cancel.

Plus, we had our discussion about the old pickup and I think that is a dead issue now. I put my foot down.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The Plumber

The plumber came back and tightened the connection in the bathroom but before we went to bed we noticed it was seeping again so Bob turned it off at the shut off valve and we went to bed.

He will need to call the plumber again this morning. If that guy doesn't get this fixed soon we will have a horrendous plumbing bill.

I will leave in a little while to go to my sister's for a couple of hours. Then I will come home and at 10:00 will try to join a webinar online. I've never done that before so it will be quite an experiment. It's for the Montgomery County Community Clinic.

Otherwise, we have no plans today...just want to get that faucet fixed so we can relax. We may go to Independence and take Leslie to lunch if John doesn't do that. Monday is one of his two days off. Tuesday is the other one.

Tonight we will watch Frontline on TV.

The plumber can't come until tomorrow. Bob tried to put a new bolt in the tank to replace one that was leaking and now the tank is leaking all down the back. So, we have the plumber coming for sure. We had to cut the bolt out because they are both rusted completely and could not be taken loose. What a mess!

Monday, March 1, 2010

An Eventful Morning

This has been an eventful morning. I was cleaning a late start and then As I had mentioned, Bob decided yesterday evening to tighten up the connection for our shut off valve for the stool in the bathroom. Scott, with advice from my brother-in-law, Bob, installed new insides to the tank Saturday. Bob began to turn and the handle came off and water began to shoot everywhere. The walls were wet and the floor was soaked. I ran in and dammed up the doorway so it wouldn't get in on the bedroom carpet. He ran out and turned off the water at the curb. I spent the next half hour mopping down the walls and the floor in there. At bedtime, I put a fan on the carpet where it got a little wet. That was yesterday.

He got it tightened up alright and then today he decided to put a new flexible line on it and a new handle. He began to try to loosen it and the water started shooting out again. The entire handle had broken. Back to the curb he went and I got my towels out again and started mopping. We called a plumber this time. The plumber came right away and got everything installed and tightened down but then after he left we noticed it's still seeping around the wall. So he will be coming back after awhile when he can work us in. $$$$$

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Busy Sunday

We had a small congregation for some reason this morning. But it was a good study and sermon. After church, we went with Sue and John to eat Chinese. That was o.k. I prefer American. I think Chinese is loaded with fat and salt..and probably sugar too.

I spent the afternoon doing my letters and getting them out on the mailbox.

This evening Bob decided to tighten up the line from the toilet to the shut off valve. But he did it without turning off the water at the main line. So the line slipped out and water sprayed all over the floor and walls (including the wallpaper. The wall paper may come off as it dries. If so, I will pull it off and paint in there.

Anyhow, I ran in there and took a rug to dam up the water so it would not go under the bedroom carpet. Then I got the sponge mop and towels and began mopping up the mess. He ran out and turned off the water at the curb until we could get to the shut off valve. What a mess! He will get a flexible hose for the shut off valve tomorrow and change it out.

I am exhausted. I took my bath an hour ago and will watch TV in my PJs. I have the towels and my robe in the dryer now.

Slinky came in the kitchen to sleep. For some reason, even though it's not particularly cold out this evening, he wants to sleep in. Oh well, it will get cold when the sun goes down.