Saturday, April 30, 2022

Saturday and a Tornado Warning

I had a good night's sleep even with the tornado warning. 

At 12:30AM my phone went off with a tornado warning with an additional warning to take cover in an inside room without windows!  The only area I have in the apartment without windows is my coat closet in the hall so I pulled the sweeper out of there, scooted the coats over and climbed into the closet and sat on the floor.   The warning was supposed to be over at 1:00AM so I just sat there with my phone in my hand and waited. A lot of lightning and rain but no tornado so I went back to bed at shortly after 1:00AM. Better safe then sorry, I guess.

I am told by my phone that I have three voicemails but my voicemail is not set up on this new phone. It wants a pin number and a touch of the # key to do that but I have no idea what the pin number is so I will have to have help at US Cellular to set it up. I will do that Tuesday when I am at Bartlesville.

What do you know! I figured it out myself. I figured I would have used the year I was born for a pin number and evidently that was it! Amazing! I figured it out myself! :)

Now, back to my breakfast!

When it gets light outside, I will check on my flowerbeds and the new hanging plant with the geranium too and the hummingbird feeder hanging out back on a hook. With all that wind and rain they may be destroyed. 

It's 6:17AM now so I may as well turn on the TV and check the weather and the cat situation.

I haven't seen "the weather on the 8's" yet but both cats were out there for breakfast so I have fed them.

I also looked at the flowerbed out back and the flowers all appear to be fine. I haven't checked the front yet or the hanging basket. The cats are still out there eating.

They finished their breakfast and left and I brought the cat food back in the garage and covered it. Then I took the broom out and swept off the sidewalks and drives. It won't do any good as long as those seeds are falling but it looks better temporarily anyway. I also put out some fresh water for the cats.

The hanging basket and front flowerbed appear to be fine.

Leslie just called me to make sure I was alright considering last night's storm. That was good of her. 

Nancy had the receptionist down at the Assisted Living in Bartlesville call me to tell me not to come yesterday because of the storm. She didn't remember that I come on Tuesdays. ..not Fridays. I told the receptionist that and I am sure she understood Nancy's situation.

I finally did get "the weather on the 8's" and today is supposed to be sunny and 68 degrees,

More even later....Sunday is to be 77 degrees and partly cloudy, Monday is 70 degrees and thunderstorms, and Tuesday is forecast to be 68 degrees and partly cloudy, Wednesday is to be 69 degrees and thunderstorms, Thursday is to be 69 degrees and scattered thunderstorms, Friday is to be 70 degrees and partly cloudy. That's it for the next week.

I texted Stephen and Dee Anna where they would find their rent check. It's due tomorrow but I went ahead and wrote it today. I am not sure if either of them will be here tomorrow. I will be at church in the morning and Krystal will be mowing my yard tomorrow afternoon after she gets off work at the Pizza Hut. She works at the post office in Bartlesville weekdays and at the Pizza Hut here after work and on weekends. And she also mows my yard once a week. She is very industrious and does a good job.

So more even's 9:14AM now. I guess I will go read.

I have been reading and I was notified that the Kindle needed charging so now I have it on the charger. That took care of reading for awhile. 

It's 10:51AM now. so more later...

I went up to Gabby's and had lunch...chicken casadias. They were very good and only cost $6.02 with iced tea. It was a lot of food but it was very good.

Later I drove up to the kid's farm up by Independence to see if John and Leslie were gone or home. It appeared they were gone. John's garage door was partly up...probably so their male Corgi, Hoover, could get into the garage near their air conditioning system.

When they are gone, they often do that. When I decided they were gone, I went on up to the Dairy Queen at Independence and bought a small blizzard.

When I came back home, I noticed the Kindle was charged again so now I will read some more, I guess. It's 3:21PM now and there's absolutely nothing on TV I am interested in watching.I read until I finished the book I had been reading. 

Then I was going to download another book but I couldn't get the Kindle to work. It's very old and I have read hundreds of books on it during the pandemic. It may be broken after all it's been through.


Friday, April 29, 2022

Friday and Dusting

I slept well last night and was only up once. I was up at my 5:00AM as usual and dressed and made my bed. I am eating my breakfast now here in the den. It is 6:12AM now. Soon I will go check out the weather channel and the cats. I don't think it rained last night but I slept so soundly I am not sure. I will know when it gets light outside.

I will dust today. That's all I didn't get done yesterday and Wednesday. I do need to get some more wet swifters today out at Dollar General. I used the last one Wednesday when I mopped.

Both cats came and ate their fill and left. I took the food in and covered it.

Then I caught the weather channel's latest forecast. Today is to be 77 degrees and thunderstorms and wind and possible hail, Saturday is to be 76 degrees and sunny.  Sunday is to be 79 degrees and mostly sunny, Monday is forecast for 71 degrees and thunderstorms and wind, Tuesday's forecast is 70 and mostly sunny, Wednesday is to be 74 degrees and scattered thunderstorms and Thursday is to be 70 degrees and scattered thunderstorms.  Looks like a lot of rain next week. 

More later.... 

I have been watching the CBS news. I get more annoyed by it all the time. I have been switching to Good Morning America but today I didn't.  I should have.

It's almost 9:00AM now. I need to go get some water at the market this morning. I am out of it. I don't drink Caney's water. I get a report from the city every year that  they have two chemicals in their water that they don't get out of it so I buy water in bottles instead.

So more later...I want to go to the market before it begins raining. 

I went to the market and bought water. They still haven't hired a manager for that market. They have had two since they opened a year ago but have let both of them go for some reason. They say there is too much politics in the decision because several people have applied for the job.

I had Cox Complete Care look into the laptop  computer when I found this morning that I could no longer use it's e-mail or open any documents connected to "Office".

The office files on the laptop computer do not work anymore. I can still use the browser but no e-mail on this computer works now and no Word documents can be accessed.  

It's still running Windows 7 and that is no longer being updated. It's obsolete.

Luckily I still have the desktop computer.

I still wanted some of the files on the laptop My Documents so I saved them on a thumb least I thought I did... but now I don't know how to access them and put them in My Documents on the desktop computer.  I may just have to wait until Keith and Esther come Memorial weekend. I don't think they are saved on the thumb drive.

It's 3:31PM now.

It's 7:25PM now and I have been reading my latest book and now have taken my bath. I plan to go to bed at 9:00PM as usual.

We never did get any rain or least not yet. We did get wind though.

Thursday, April 28, 2022

Thursday and No Particular Plan

I slept fairly well last night and was up shortly before 5:00AM. I made my bed and got myself ready for the day. I don't have anything but dusting planned since I cleaned the apartment yesterday. I may get back to my latest book. And we were forecast for AM thunderstorms today. I wonder if those will develop.  Kansas weather is so unpredictable. 

I will go turn on "the weather on the 8's" and see if anything has changed. It's not quite 6:00AM yet. It may be too early for the cats to be out there. I will be back here after the weather comes on.

Well, I was wrong again! Both cats were there at 6:00AM so I took their food out to them and they ate their fill and left. I took the cat food back into the garage and covered it.

Now I am waiting for the weather forecast.

 So more even later... 

I just would have been my 68th anniversary if Bob had lived. We were married April 28th 3 minutes until midnight. He died May 24th 2010, the day before his 80th birthday.

Today's forecast is for 77 degrees and cloudy, Friday is forecast for 81 degrees and mostly cloudy and windy, Saturday is to be 77 degrees and  sunny, Sunday is to be 79 degrees and mostly sunny, Monday's forecast is for 75 degrees and scattered thunderstorms, Tuesday is 71 degrees and partly cloudy, and Wednesday's forecast is for 71 degrees and scattered thunderstorms.

Hooray! I just balanced my checkbook...and it balanced!! After the last time, I was interested if it would balance this time. :)

That's the next week...

I had Avast One on my laptop computer and they wanted me to take the paid one. I wanted to get rid of it altogether. I am not paying for internet protection. There is a perfectly good Windows Defender program with Windows and even AVG would be better then Avast One. As far as I am concerned Avast One is a scam. I left it on the desktop computer because I didn't want to go through the mess of trying to get rid of it there. I had to call Cox Complete Care to get it off the laptop and he spent an hour trying to get it off...but he finally did!  

It's 10:42AM now 

I just went out to Eggbert's and had lunch. I couldn't think of anything I had in the freezer that I was interested in eating. I guess I could have gone to the Market's deli but I didn't think of that at the time.I just couldn't handle another frozen dinner and I wasn't interested in soup.

It's 2:25PM now. I guess I will go read in my latest book from Amazon.

More later...

One of my blog friends mentioned she had been reading my blog since before Bob died. I began that blog in 2008. After she said that, I did something pretty stupid, I went back to 2010 and read several pages of what we all went through while he was dying. It was traumatizing. 

We had well over 100 birthday cards for him that last week. Many of them from folks who read my blog. Then we had 40 some sympathy cards after he died. We put them all up on the walls of the all purpose room at church for his celebration of life service on June 6th of that year. I miss Bob so much. I don't think we ever get through the grief of losing someone we love and were married to for 56 years.

More even later... 

My friend, Suzanne ( and former landlady) came by just now and brought me some homemade chicken and noodles and some magazines. She is so good to me. She helps take care of her sister, Judy, who was involved in a terrible wreck a couple of years ago and had a head injury from it. 

Judy has problems with her memory now. I think she is 82 or 83. Suzanne and one brother and two cousins take turns checking on her. Up until lately, it was just Suzanne and her brother. The two cousins volunteered  several weeks ago and it has been a real blessing for Suzanne and her brother. Suzanne is very thoughtful. When she was my landlady, she often brought me food. Occasionally we would go to lunch too. But we were close friends when we worked together for Dr.Marsh. We were dental assistants. I was a chair side dental assistant but she was a lot more talented then I was. She could carve fillings like a good as Chester. 

Nowadays she is very busy with the care of her sister.

More later...I will have that chicken and noodles for my lunch tomorrow.

It's almost 9:00PM and I had my bath at 7:00PM so now I am ready to go to bed!

Wednesday, April 27, 2022

Wednesday and Another Hair Day

I slept fairly well last night and was up shortly before 5:00AM. I made my bed, dressed and got myself ready for the day. And, as usual, I am eating my breakfast here in the den.  It's only 5:28AM now.

I will drive over to Coffeyville this morning about 8:30AM for my 9:00AM hair appointment. 

I really don't have any other plans for the day. I don't need a thing from the market and have eaten out yesterday with Nancy. I may make some soup today. I have the makings for it in the cupboard. I have crackers and I think I have some unopened cheddar cheese too. 

Right now I will go check "the weather on the 8's" and see if anything has changed in the forecast. It's supposed to be 75 degrees and sunny and least that was the day's forecast yesterday for today. It's too early yet for any cats so that will wait for awhile.

More later... 

Well, I was wrong. Both cats were out there waiting impatiently for their breakfast so I took it out and they shared it. It's in that double bowl. Blondie was going to bully Scruff but I bawled him out and he backed off. His face looks like a dog might have got a hold of him. It's pitiful! A couple of days ago, I noticed his right eye appeared to be damaged too  but it's looking better now.

Anyhow,they both ate and left so I brought the food back into the garage and covered it. 

I still haven't seen today's forecast. 

Here it is! 

Today's forecast is a little different. It's for 76 degrees and mostly sunny and windy, Thursday's is for 75 degrees and AM thunderstorms, Friday's is for 80 degrees and scattered thunderstorms. Saturday's is 77 degrees and sunny, Sunday's is 79 degrees and mostly sunny, Monday's is 75 degrees and scattered thunderstorms, and Tuesday's is 75 degrees and partly cloudy. So it looks like thunderstorms, Thursday, Friday and Monday. .

It's 8:19AM  and I am going on over to Coffeyville. My appointment is at 9:00AM but I want to stop at Sonic and get some change for Toni. So I am going over a little early. I also want to take that Peace plaque back to church. I got it cleaned up as well as I could with a real stiff brush. It was covered in mud and buried beside the front door area at the church on Sunday. I tried to wash it at church but it didn't even make a dent in all that mud. It looks fairly good now.

More later... 

I got about halfway to Coffeyville before I realized I had forgotten to pick up the plaque so I will just take it back to church on Sunday.

I got my hair done and it looks nice again ..thank goodness. The wind has played havoc with it this past week. 

Now I need to begin my cleaning ...I will begin with the usual..

Got  that finished and have only one more room to vacuum too.

Karan just texted me that this is game day at the senior center at 1:00PM so I will go back over to Coffeyville for that. She usually tells me the day before but she just texted me this morning.

I am almost finished with the vacuuming so I will go back over for the game day. I will need to get a treat for that at the market. It's 10:42AM now so I have plenty of time.

I stopped at our Sonic and I bought their kids meal of chicken and french fries for $2.18. It was all I needed for my lunch.

More even later... 

I went to our market and got a treat for game day at the senior center. Then I went back over to Coffeyville to attend game day.We played Skip Bo until 3:00PM and then put away the chairs and then I came on back to Caney.I gave Marilyn the rest of my treat to have with her coffee.

It's 4:32PM now. So more later...

I have read for awhile and then watched some Highway to Hell on the weather station.It's 8:04PM now and I have taken my bath and put my pajamas on and robe and will try to stay awake until 9:00PM and go to bed then.

Tuesday, April 26, 2022

Tuesday and A Very Busy Day

I didn't sleep as well last night as I did the night before.I guess I had too much on my mind. I will be taking the cookies up to Independence this morning at 9:00AM and then go down to Bartlesville to see Nancy afterward and take her to lunch. That's a pretty big day. I am also doing a bit of laundry this morning too. It's just underwear, my pajamas and towels. But I didn't get it done yesterday like I usually do on Mondays. I have it in the dryer now.

I was up a little earlier this morning...shortly before 5:00AM. I am in the process of eating my breakfast now as I blog.

It's just now 5:00AM. I will go check out "the weather on the 8's" and see if anything has changed. It's too early for any cats.

So more later...

I checked the weather again this morning and it looks like today will be 70 degrees and sunny, Wednesday will be 75 degrees and mostly sunny and windy, Thursday is to be 71 degrees and thunderstorms, Friday is to be 77 degrees and scattered thunderstorms and wind, Saturday is to be 79 degrees and sunny, Sunday is to be 79 degrees and partly cloudy, and Monday 74 degrees and scattered thunderstorms. Looks like a lot of rain and wind in the next week. I could sure do without the rain and especially the wind.

It's 6:32AM and both Blondie and Scruff are out there eating their breakfasts. That's the first time in a long time they both have come together.

It's 6:30AM and both Blondie and Scruff are out there eating their breakfasts. That's the first time in a long time they both have come together..

 More even later...

It's almost 8:00AM now and I have been watching the news. I have skipped from network to network to try to avoid a gillion commercials. It is so annoying to pay what I pay for cable and every other person who connects with Cox pays, and still have a gillion commercials to constantly interrupt programming. It's very aggravating! I finally just turned it off.

I will leave shortly since I need to stop in their Walmart in Independence and buy a couple of things I can't get at our market or our Dollar General here in Caney.

I got the cookies delivered at the Christian Church in Independence and then stopped at their Walmart and bought what I needed. 

Then I went on down to see Nancy at assisted living. We visited and then she got dressed so we could go out to eat. I took her my curling iron for her hair. Hers had died. We ate at Eggbert's in Bartlesville and had one of their senior meals. It was very good.

Afterward we took a drive to enjoy the sunshine. We had a good visit.

I got home about 3:00PM. I will read awhile now. I got my little bit of laundry done this morning.

I am really not into reading right now, I did read my Good Housekeeping  magazine but I am going to take that to the beauty shop tomorrow and donate it since I have read it.

I may go water my flowers again. It is still pretty out there. 

More later this afternoon...

Not only did I water the plants but I also trimmed the hedge and dug weeds out from under the hedge. It looks a lot better but I still need to dig the leaves from under that hedge. That will be a huge job.  It will be one for another day though. I am very tired now.

It's 6:08PM  and at 7:00PM I will take my bath and get myself ready for bed. It has been a big day in many ways.

Monday, April 25, 2022

Monday and a Good Night's Sleep

I had a very good night's sleep last night and was up at my usual 5:00AM, dressed and got myself ready for the day. I made my bed and fixed my breakfast and as usual, am eating it here in the den while I blog.

I don't have a plan for today and that's probably a good thing since tomorrow will be very busy. 

I got a bill from Dr. Christensen's office on Saturday for $122.00. So another expense for a semi annual checkup and blood work.  It's always something. I haven't made my $233. annual medicare deductible yet. So not even my supplement will help. Oh well, it's only money. I'll write a check and get it in today's mail.

Today's forecast is 67 degrees and mostly sunny. Tuesday 71 degrees and sunny, Wednesdays is 75 degrees and mostly sunny, Thursday's is 73 degrees  and thunderstorms, Friday's forecast is 80 degrees and thunderstorms and wind. Saturday's forecast is 76 degrees and thunderstorms, and Sunday's is 74 degrees and partly cloudy.

I will go watch "the weather on the 8's" and see if the forecast for today has changed.  

The forecast for today is 67 degrees and mostly sunny...thank goodness!

So the forecast for today is still 67 degrees and mostly sunny...

So more later...I just fed Scruff so I will wait until she is finished to put my bill and check in the mailbox and put the flag up for the mailman  to pick it up.

That was quick! She ate fast and left. 

More later....

I decided it was too pretty a day to just stay home..again. My car was dirty from all the rain so I decided to go down to Bartlesville and while there, have my car washed at Mr. Clean and then go to Lowe's and see what kind of hanging baskets they had.

 After I got my car washed, The man running the car wash said I needed to go right away and get some air in that rider's side front tire. It was nearly flat. So I went to Tate Boys and they looked carefully at it and the the young man said there was a small nail in the tire. I asked if he could fix it and he said it would be about an hour. I told him I would wait inside. About 40 minutes later they called out my name and I went up to the counter to pay him. He said they did not charge for fixing tires. So it was Free!!! How nice.

Then I went out to Lowe's and they had an entire rack of white hanging geranium plants with a sign above them that said "Hanging plants $9.98 each. They were white geraniums but the price was right. I chose one and went up to pay for it. The woman at the cash register said they were $15.95. I told her about the sign and she called the supervisor. It took awhile for the supervisor to come and I had been first in line. When she told me they were $15.95, I told her about the sign. I had to take her out there to show her and she said I could have one for $12.00. I told her their sign plainly said $9.98. So she decided  she would let me have that one for $9.98.

When I got back in line, there were about seven people before me. But I waited. After all I had to go through, I was going to take that plant.

When I got back home, I hung the white geranium on the front hook. Then I went to eat lunch at Eggbert's.

But just before I did I saw that Blondie finally came to eat. He was quite a bit slimmer than formerly. I put the cat food out for him. When he left, I took the cat food back in the garage.

I really need to mop that garage but I don't own a mop. I do my mopping with a swifter and I really need to buy some more wet swifter pads too.

I guess I will go read in my latest book. It's almost 4:00PM now. It's been quite a day so far.

I went out to Sonic and bought a medium cherry limeade slush and brought it home to drink it. Then I noticed the hummingbird feeder was nearly empty so I mixed up the last of the nectar and filled it again.I haven't seen  hummingbirds drinking from it but then I haven't been home much today either. Anyhow I filled it again and hung it on the hook out back..  

I got my daughter Leslie's gifts for her birthday and got them wrapped. I am ready in plenty of time. Her birthday is July 1st but she intends to retire June 30th. She has been counting down the days for months. 

I charged my watch again yesterday evening. That has to be done every week but I just plug it into the USB port on my desktop computer. That does the job.

I pry the watch band off with a letter opener instead of bending it at a 45% angle like the instructions say to do. That what broke the original one Ginger gave me. The plug broke off in the bracelet. She replaced that one. I don't intend to bend this one like that. I just pull the bracelet slightly open and then put the letter opener in the crack and ease it off.  So far that is working fine.

It's time for the CBS evening news and I will go watch it now and get back to this later....

It's 6:00PM now and I am finished with the CBS news for the evening. 

In about an hour I will take my bath and put my Pajamas on. Then I will read until 9:00PM when I plan to go to bed.

Sunday, April 24, 2022

Sunday and Church

It's supposed to rain today and I kind of dread driving through a pouring rain over to Crossroads for church but I am the speaker today so I have to do it. I have to do it anyway because I will be picking up everyone's cookies for the First Christian Church's dinner on Tuesday evening. I will take the cookies up there on Tuesday morning before I go to Bartlesville to visit Nancy and take her to lunch. 

For some reason I didn't sleep as well last night. I was up before 5:00AM, dressed, made my bed, and got myself ready for the day. For one thing, my nose ran all allergies really hate the Spring. I am allergic to Bermuda grass for one thing, house dust for another and two other things I can usually avoid...cigarette smoke and milk. Luckily not everyone smokes any more.  My mother and stepfather were chain smokers and so was Bob until Leslie was born. That's when he decided to quit...65 years ago. But that didn't cure my allergies. I took allergy shots for a couple of years but they didn't help  so I quit taking them after that couple of years.

.I will check out the weather now. 

It's pretty much the  same as yesterday's. Today is to be 64 degrees and thunderstorms, Monday's forecast is 66 degrees and sunny, Tuesdays is to be 69 degrees and sunny, Wednesday 74 degrees and mostly sunny, Thursday is to have 77 degrees and thunderstorms, Friday 79 degrees and isolated thunderstorms, and Saturday 78 degrees and partly cloudy.

I have been going over my notes for today's remarks.  It has been raining but not terribly hard.  Thank goodness! It's a little after 7:00AM now. I will go over to church to be there at 10:00AM. That will give me time to empty the trash and to be sure the church is clean before the 11:00AM service. What the weather is like after church is what will determine whether I go over to Just Us for lunch. I notice it's 52 degrees right now at 7:12AM. 

I went over to Coffeyville a little earlier and went by the bank to get some more money. Then I went out to Crossroads and did some cleaning. The foyer was dirty and the carpet in the office was too.  I got the vacuum cleaner out and vacuumed. Then I swept off the walks outside.  I brought the "Peace" plaque home from the church's front door to try to clean it. It was next to the front sidewalk next to the door and was covered in mud. I had to dig it out of the mud. I tried  to clean it at the church but even with a cleaner, I couldn't get it clean so I brought it home to try to use a brush on it. If I can get it cleaned up, I will take it back to the church next week.I tried to get it clean with Barkeepers Friend and a brush but I guess it needs a wire brush. It was buried in mud. Lord only knows how long it had been there.

More later....

It's 7:18PM and I just had my bath. I hope to stay up until 9:00PM and then go on to bed.

I see the laptop computer is not online. I am having to use the desktop computer now. It wasn't online either when I first put the password in it and I had to refresh twice before it connected. I have so much trouble with the Cox signal. It does this every once in awhile.

The sermon went alright this morning but I sure wasn't comfortable with it. But I had some nice comments so I guess it was better then I thought it was going to be.