Saturday, July 13, 2013

Busy Saturday

I was so busy yesterday I didn't find time to post. I brought my great granddaughter, Sage, home with me from camp. She stayed the night and her dad came to get her this morning. The child is very well behaved and was a joy to have here with me.

We got home from camp about noon or shortly afterward. I had stopped at Oswego at a Sonic to buy her some tater tots and a drink. Later I fixed her some veggies for the rest of her lunch. Then later last evening we went to Braum's for ice cream. She later took a bath and I took a shower and washed my hair. Then we went to bed.

This morning she went with Bob and me to Eggberts for breakfast. We all three had waffles. Later this morning then her dad came to pick her up.

After she was gone I ran the sweeper and did the laundry. Bob came over this evening and we watched Invictus. It was a very good movie.

After he left I took my bath and then watched TV. They broke into regular programming to announce Zimmerman the killer was acquitted. Such is American justice.

Tomorrow I will go to church and after lunch will do my letters and then I must get my dessert ready for Sunday evening's Living the Questions group.

I bought twenty dollars worth of groceries too. I will try to keep my tickets because when I get ten of them, I can get a book bag. We are collecting book bags for children for school.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

The Last Full Day

Today is the last full day of camp. Tomorrow we will have a dedication service and clean the camp. Then we head home. It's been a fine camp. There have been some issues but the worst was the fall Bill took last Tuesday. There have been some other minor issues but they are just a part of dealing with 115 people almost half of which are small children with water colors and who think the table tops are a board for their art work.

We had our hymn sing last night and it was a grand success. We moved it into the lodge because it was 98 degrees out there and felt like 106. Unfortunately, I was very busy prior to that event and didn't get any photos of it.

But I did get some photos during recreation. I will post them here.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Hump Day at Camp

This is Wednesday and we are over the hump on camp. We will be leaving after we have a baptismal service and clean the camp on Friday. Tomorrow night is the children's program and "talent" night. Tonight we will have our hymn sing. I will try to get some more photos to post for the benefit of those who might be interested.

I'll be back. It's time for morning devotions.

After morning devotions, we had breakfast and then a worship service and after that a very good class. The man that fell yesterday evening had surgery this morning in Joplin.

This afternoon after supper, we will move the tables out of the fireplace area and set up chairs in the lodge for the evening hymn festival. It is way too hot to be outside. It's 96 degrees right now and getting hotter as the day progresses.

More's shoes off time.

Back again to read blogs.

Kevin just came in to say the man that had broken his hip here yesterday will need open heart surgery before they can set his broken hip. Talk about a tragedy. That man is 87 years old.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Tuesday at Camp

I had another good night's sleep last night. I awoke at 4:15 for the usual reasons but I got back to sleep for another hour. This morning we will have morning devotions around the new flagpole. I will ask Karan to come up with a service for that. Breakfast will be at 8:00. Ray had a very good sermon last night and Karin will be preaching this evening again. She also has the adult class this morning after the Sharing in Community service. She is an excellent teacher. But we moved her into the lodge from now on because she is affected by the heat outside in the tabernacle.

We had our homemade ice cream last night after the evening services. There were a lot of choices on flavors. Everyone seemed to enjoy it and I certainly ate my fill. The children had a trough of ice cream outside and made sundaes out of that. They always love to do that. The camp is full of children. Last I heard there were 108 both adults and children registered.

Before I can take any more photos, I will have to get some double A batteries. Mine died yesterday.

More later...

We had breakfast and a worship service today and afterward we had our snack and went to our classes. Then we had lunch. I spent an hour helping clean up after lunch. Then we had a worship service to celebrate our new flag pole. Karan planned it and it went off beautifully. Now we are having rest time.

At 2:30 when we get up we will have swimming and canteen. Then we will have our special event. That will be a carnival for the kids. At 5:00 they will serve supper. Then evening worship begins at 6:45. The canteen opens again after the service. Then at 8:30 following that service, we will have watermelon. Lights out is at 10:30. That's our day's activities. So far it is going well. There are no huge problems.

I spoke too soon. An elderly man and his wife came on the grounds about 4:00 and he fell and broke his hip. It took awhile but the ambulance finally came and took him away to the hospital. Thank goodness my co-director, Melissa, is a doctor.

Here are some more photos from camp.

The captions are as order.

Debbie Junior and Senior High teacher

Kevin the camp caretaker

Bob, head deacon

Dale, Arlene, and Steve cooks

nail painting at the children's carnival

kids carnival

Elizabeth who was in charge of getting evening worship presiders

Helen who does puppets

Jenna who made my ankle bracelet

Ken in charge of dining hall

Nolan and Rusty at kids carnival

Nolan making balloon animals

Dr Melissa, my co-director

Monday, July 8, 2013

At Camp

It's been a very busy weekend. I got here Friday afternoon and we started the registration shortly after that. Most people were already registered but we did have a few late comers. We ended up with 107 thus far. Saturday evening we had "Let's get acquainted" time and chose the teams to do the KP work.

Sunday morning (yesterday) was the biggest day yet. We had a camp full of visitors too. The morning service was wonderful! The preacher was a woman seventy named Karin and she had a terrific sermon. We also served everyone the communion. Everything went off like clockwork. Bob came over for the service. We had a huge lunch and there was a campground business meeting in the afternoon just before Bingo. Bob left before that. Then I took a thirty minute nap. I was exhausted. That evening another person preached and that was another good service. Then there was supper. It was fried chicken and all the trimmings. I didn't eat supper because I had had a large lunch. I walked around straightening everything up and wiping down tables until 9:15 and then realized I was exhausted and went to the showers and went to bed. I slept like a baby.

Today will be a prayer meeting and class work. Then this evening, after supper, another preaching service. After that we will have homemade ice cream.

I left my desktop computer mail program open at home so my mail is not coming here at camp. Anyone wanting to communicate with me will have to post on the blog. I may get Bob to shut the one down at home if I think about it. He will be going over to check on Missy, the cat.

More later....when I have time.

Photos from top to bottom.

The view looking toward the tabernacle.

Founders Hall

The pond

Leslie's Cabin

The pool area

The dining hall

The pool

Jody, a dear friend

I'll get some more photos tomorrow.