Saturday, May 4, 2013

The Big Rummage Sale

For a month now the congregation of our church has planned a big congregation wide rummage sale. It's raining today...wouldn't you know? I really didn't think this was a good idea to begin with because our church is in the country. The cross road it's located on is in the midst of being resurfaced and has been closed for a month to through traffic. It won't be reopened until June 1st...if then. The work is going slowly.

Then the same group has planned a breakfast tomorrow morning for the community. That means somehow we will have to clean up the all purpose room for that. There are tables all over the place....even the foyer....and all are loaded down with rummage.....some of it mine...from the move. I will be glad when the weekend is over.

Just before seven I will go out to church to be sure someone is there when the doors open at 8;00. It's still raining so I don't know what to expect.

Monday I will clean house. It has been a week now. Myra is coming to see me and the apartment on Tuesday and then we will have lunch. It's been awhile since I've seen her.

More later...

It's's finally over. I thought no one would show up but everyone showed up at the church. It rained and ours was inside and all the others were either in yards or garages and ours was warm. It was huge! It took us until 4:00 to get it cleaned up. Thursday we will take the boxes to the thrift stores and give them to them. We gave four county mental health all the shoes and clothing. We had several hundred dollars. I had three hundred forty five dollars in my cash box and I'm sure the others had that much in theirs too.

I'm exhausted though. One event down and the other one yet to go. Tomorrow is the breakfast. it's at 9:00 and we are serving sausage, pancakes, bacon, juice, and coffee. It's a free breakfast for our community.

Then over the Memorial Day holiday I have our class reunion this month. In June I have the Juneteenth celebration and in July I have the church reunion....that's a family camp. After that, I am free.

Friday, May 3, 2013

Another Better Night's Sleep

Again I slept better last night. I awoke at 11:30 and couldn't get back to sleep. I finally got up and took a melatonin. After about thirty minutes longer, I was finally able to sleep. I slept until quarter till five and then just got up and got around.

I have a hair appointment at 7:00 in Independence. Then I will pick up Bob at 11:00 or thereabouts and we will go to Chanute for lunch with Tony and Gay. It's been awhile since we've met them for lunch. The snow we got last night did not stick. That was strange for May 2nd.

I heard from Myra yesterday afternoon. It had been awhile. She had been to see her kids. They live in Montana and Iowa. She suggested we meet for lunch and I gave her some dates for next week. I haven't heard from her yet.

The doctor is supposed to call me back today about my blood tests. I don't believe he would have bothered if I hadn't called his office. Obviously, I am not impressed with him. But I have no idea who else I would to here and at my age I need a local doctor of some kind.

More later..

I went to exercise class this morning and just tried to avoid using my right arm. It's the one that hurts the worst most of the time.

Bob and I left for Chanute to have lunch with Gay and Tony and had a good visit. Later, on our way home, we heard a strange flapping noise and I pulled off the road onto the shoulder just in time. I had a flat. Luckily it didn't blow out. The entire inside of the tire came apart. I called for a tire repair and after about 45 minutes the man came to change the tire. He put the donut on but not before he noticed the trunk of my car had rusted out. The donut was rusted on and he had to force it off. He then followed me into town to the Dollar Tire store where I spent a little over $200 for a couple of new tires. The tire change itself probably cost me $100 so it was an expensive lunch. Not as expensive as it could have been though because I had been driving 69 miles per hour before hearing the noise.

I stopped by Gary's Automotive on the way home and learned I was almost ready for a brake job. I went ahead and scheduled it for the 20th of May. This will be an expensive month but not as expensive as work on the house would have been.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

A Better Night's Sleep

Last night was better as far as sleep is concerned. I took extra strength Tylenol before I went to bed and did better. I awoke at 11:30 and cleaned up Missy's litter box and let her out and then went back to sleep for a couple of hours before I let her back in. It was considerably colder so she was glad to get back in. I slept until nearly 6:00.

I will make hamburger pie today and have Bob over for lunch/dinner. I will need to get a salad. He is doing better now. I checked on him yesterday evening when I saw him sitting out in his porch swing. He didn't eat much yesterday except the rest of his oatmeal. He said he had no appetite.

I worked on the class reunion material yesterday. We have 36 registered thus far. I expect another twenty or so before the 10th, which is the deadline. Since we had that mini reunion last year, this may be a smaller one. We had over 100 last year.

More later as the day progresses.

That hamburger pie went over well. It was a new recipe and it was good. I served it with salad. Then we each had a couple of cookies for dessert. We were both too full. It was the first meal I had cooked in some time. We have been eating out.

It has been cold all day. I wrote a couple of letters so I got out to go to the post office to get stamps. Now I am back home and reading my book again in the warm house. The book is volume two of the history of our church.

We had another two registrations for the class reunion and are now up to 38. I expect several more before the 10th. That's the deadline.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Another Bad Night

I had another bad night last night. My right arm ached terribly. It still does. I awoke at 12:00 and was up in the recliner for an hour or so before going back to bed. I didn't have Tylenol, which the doctor wanted me to take with that anti-inflammatory so I took a couple of baby aspirins and that helped. At least eventually I got back to sleep and slept until after 6:00. I will get some Tylenol this morning. I would like to avoid the kind of nights I've had lately.

I called Bob this morning and he had not done well last night at all. He was unable to sleep so he took another pain pill at 4:00 with just a cracker. He has had the dry heaves ever since. I offered to make him some oatmeal to take with his next pill but he just wants to lie in the recliner and rest. He has had an exhausting night. His hand is sore but not terribly painful. I had that experience with my bunion surgeries. I was never able to take anything but aspirin. Pain medication made me terribly sick. He needed to eat something substantial like oatmeal when he took that medicine. A cracker just doesn't do it.

The rent is due today. I will get down to the landlord's later this morning. I already have my check made out.

More later....

I got my rent paid and paid Bob's too. He had made out the check before his surgery. I had some potato soup for lunch. Bob still had no appetite so I didn't make the hamburger pie. I will make it tomorrow.

I read my book yesterday and finished the first volume. I took it to Karan. She wanted to read it.

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Another Painful Tuesday

Last night was another bad night. I awoke at 12:00 with both arms hurting. Missy was also restless and started mewing for one reason or the other. First she wanted her litter box cleaned out. Then she wanted to go outside in the dark. Finally I let her out for a little while. Then when she came back in she began mewing for some unknown reason. I rested in the recliner for awhile and finally just went back to bed. I had to "shhh" Missy a few times before she finally climbed up on the bed and went to sleep on my feet.

I finally got back to sleep about 2:00 and slept until 5:30 this morning.

This morning is Bob's surgery on his hand. They will open the "tube" that feeds fluid into his middle finger so it will no longer "stick" and be painful. His surgery is at 10:45. I will make a quick trip to Independence for my hair appointment at 9:15 and come right back home to take him to the hospital for his surgery. I am supposed to take him home and stay with him for 12 hours for observation.

Tomorrow is rent day. I will need to transfer some money for my checking account.

More later...

Bob's surgery went well. His right hand is bandaged with an Ace bandage that is to stay on for a week and in two weeks they will take his stitches out. They gave him a prescription for Oxycontin for pain. I got him some ice cream to eat to take with his pain medicine. He is very right handed and may have a time getting dressed and undressed with his one left hand. I stayed there with him until 4:00 when he took his pain medicine and then came on home. He can call me if he needs help.

Monday, April 29, 2013

What A Monday!

I didn't sleep well at all last night. I awoke at 3:00 with both arms hurting. Then my neck began hurting. I took an Alive but it didn't help a lot. Old age is not for sissys. Later this morning I'll call and see if I can get in to the doctor. Of course I don't expect him to know anything about my forearms hurting. After all he called my erysipelas "slapped child syndrome". That isn't terribly intelligent. But surely he knows enough to treat my blood pressure. After all, he was once a pharmacist. It will be interesting to see what he thinks about my arms.

I will go back out to church this morning and try to finish pricing all that stuff. I am not going to exercise class. That may be aggravating my arms problem. I did get a 2:30 doctor's appointment. In the meanwhile, I'm going back out to church to finish pricing my stuff.

More later...

It took me three hours but I did get all my stuff priced. Now all I have to do is get to my doctor's appointment at 2:30. I picked up Bob for lunch at Arby's and Leslie called and met us there too. She happened to be in town taking a client here.

I'll get back here again after my doctor's appointment.

I went to the doctor but he barely listened to me. I think it was a waste of time. He took my blood pressure and it was 147/80, not as bad as in the mornings. He doubled the dosage of the blood pressure pill. Then I told him about my arm pain. He thinks it's in the muscle. Duh! Of course it is. That's what I told him. He gave me ten days of an anti-inflammatory and had me take some blood tests to see what kind of inflammation I have. He discounted Bobby's idea of bone cancer. I don't think it is that either but he made that observation BEFORE he even sees the tests. I obviously do not have much confidence in him. For one thing, he does not listen. He's too busy making a diagnosis before he even has the results of his tests. But..I don't know who else I would go to.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Terribly Busy Sunday

We got back from Branson yesterday afternoon but I was so tired I never got back to this blog. I did laundry and put stuff away and brought my checkbook up to date but never found time to blog.

Today we went to church and reported to the congregation about the results of the conference. Then after church we set up the tables for Saturday's rummage sale. We interrupted that to go eat lunch and then I came back home. I will go back to the church when the kids drop off their granddaughters and come by with my garden box. They will also have the trailer with all my stuff from the move on it. I will take my stickers and price my stuff. I want to donate the money for my stuff to the church.

The new mike and the screen and projector were installed too. Leslie used them today for the first time. I will do my letters after we finish at the church. A group of us went to Sirloin Stockade for lunch. Bob A. is home taking a nap. I will drive myself back out to church. He may not get back out there today.

I went back out to church at 3:15 and stayed and priced stuff until 6:15 then called Bob on the way home and asked him if he wanted to get an ice cream cone. He did so we stopped at Brahms and had one. I was exhausted and have to go back out tomorrow and finish pricing my stuff.

Bob has to have surgery on his hand on Tuesday so I will bring him home from the hospital and stay with him twelve hours until I am sure he is going to be o.k. It will be Wednesday before I can get back out there at church if I don't finish tomorrow.

My blood pressure has been up lately and my right forearm and left forearm both hurt a great deal of the time so I am going to call the doctor for an appointment tomorrow. I have been using Aleve to keep the pain down. Sometimes it wakes me up from sleep hurting. It feels like I have been punched in the shoulder and have a charley horse. Bobby M. thinks it could be bone cancer. His brother died of it and he said it acted just like that. I don't believe it is but it won't hurt to have it checked out. My blood pressure needs an adjustment, I know. It has been running 171/88 a good deal of the time.

I still have way too much on my plate, I know.