Saturday, November 16, 2019

Saturday and Laundry Again

I had a problem with the size of my font and hope I have that fixed now. If not, I will have to call Cox Complete Care again. The font changed so small on my notebook that  I could barely read it. So I made it larger.  I notice it is still tiny in the Post Header though.  I may have to contact Cox Complete Care anyhow..

I slept fitfully last night. I had this font problem on my mind and couldn't recall how to change it back to a readable size. 

Anyhow, I got my bed changed today, That was the only thing I lacked after I cleaned the apartment on Thursday. 

I have fed  the cats and myself as well. In a little while I will start the laundry. I changed the sheets to my alternate set.

I have the laundry finished and put away. I have remade the bed too. I also went out to the local Dollar General store and finished buying things for the Christmas Child project box. Tomorrow I wil have to make some tiny sandwiches for finger foods. 

I warmed up my beans and cornbread for my lunch. I also ate the last ice cream bar for dessert.

It is nearly 1:00 PM now and is 57 degrees. The weather can't decide whether to be fall or winter. It's only the middle of November and we haven't had much fall that's for sure.

I went by Nancy's and rang the doorbell but she didn't answer. I taped the name and telephone number of the man at the Tyro store to her front door storm door glass. She wanted me to find out what that was while I was out last night so I went in there and the girl who helps him gave it to me. David and his wife plan to come for Thanksgiving and she wanted to get one of those wonderful pies from him to serve them. 

I don't know whether she will order one or not. 

When I couldn't raise her by telephone or in person,I called her cousin Dale, who looks after her some, and told him about the situation. He managed to contact her. He called me back and told me she was home.  She was either still in bed or ignoring the doorbell and phone. She is sick about half the time. Anyhow, that is up to her.

About 3:00PM, I went out and re-mowed the front and side yards and got a bunch of leaves mowed up. Then I used my leaf vacuum and vacuumed many of them up. It looks a lot better. It probably won't do a lot of good. Leaves are still falling.  But at least for awhile it will look better. This time I took some photos. It's 4:15PM now and I think I have everything done I had hoped to do.  And the exercise was good for me. 

One of the little gray kittens is out there now eating the cat food. He/she is looking around for the competition.  So far, he/she is by herself. 

At 6:00PM , I took my bath and later after I watched  "Bull",  I went on to bed at 9:00PM.

Friday, November 15, 2019

Friday and A Trip to Tulsa

Leslie got hold of me at bedtime last evening and asked me what I had on my calendar  I had done everything on my list on Thursday except stripping my bed.  I knew I could do that on Saturday. She wanted me to go with her to take the little puppy to the Tulsa airport and she could get him shipped to Colorado to his new owner.. I was delighted to go with her.. She needed me to hold the little critter while she drove. She came by shortly after 7:00AM  and let him out on the grass to let him pee iif he wanted to do so. He didn't want to so I picked him up and climbed into her SUV and we got on our way..

She had to have him there three hours ahead of time. He whimpered on the way until I turned him around so he could see Leslie and I pettted him and told him what a good dog he was. Finally he settled down and was fine. When we got to the airport, I took him out on a leash to try again. No response this rime either. Leslie got him loaded into his crate and then filled out all the needed paperwork and in time, he was on his way. We visited with a woman who was a breeder and she gave Leslie some tips on the faster way to get everything ready. She gave Leslie her business card. She had been a breeder since the 1960s so she seemed to know all the ropes.

After that, we did some shopping and then went to Olive Garden for lunch. Then we started for home.

He was a darling Corgi pup. They only have one left and they will take him to Hays on Monday after next. They will meet that new owner half way. They live in the Denver area.

John  is to have cataract surgery this Monday in Bartlesville.By the next Monday he should be back to normal and can go with her and she can hold the pup while he drives.

When I got home I had a message from Walgreens that my prescription was ready . So I made a trip to Independence and picked that up, went to their Walmart for a few things, bought some stamps at their post office, and stopped by the Dairy Queen for my weekly blizzard. Of course, that broke my heart! :)

More later....

Later I fed the cats their evening meal, watched the news and then took my bath. I watched and episode of "Murder She Wrote" and after that, I went to bed. at 9:00PM. It had been a big day 

Thursday, November 14, 2019

Thursday and House Cleaning Day

I got up pretty early this morning too. I slept very well but I had gone to bed early so I had my sleep out early. And I was concerned about what all I had saved on that auxiliary drive Keith gave me.  I had hoped I had remembered to save all the important stuff like last year's Classmate newsletter with the format of the newsletter and the Basic address list for the church newsletter. I also hoped I have the Journal's e-mail address on one of these two computers. I know it won't be on this notebook since it has been put away but it probably is on the laptop that I am using for my primary computer now.
I will need that to send in the Church Brief each week.

More later...I had better get that done now.

I got the Church Brief  sent in.  That address was in the notebook so I lucked out.

Later I  washed the bare floors and then at noontime I warmed up the beans and baked the cornbread, I fixed myself some iced tea too. I called Nancy to see if she wanted to join me but the phone rang four or five times and then went to "busy". I imagine she is sick again. to her stomach.. After I ate my lunch I fixed a bowl for her and took her some cornbread too when I finally reached her. Sure enough she was sick again. I took it over to her and stayed awhile and visited,

When I got home I vacuumed  the rest of the house.

I went out to Dollar General and bought a few groceries.

When I got back home I played some solitaire and read awhile.
came back to watch TV until bedtime.
Later this afternoon I watched some TV until bath time. After I had my bath and into my pjs, I will watch some "Murder She Wrote" and the  go to bed at 9:00PM

Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Wednesday and A Hair Day

This morning I will get my hair done. First I will pick up Bob for breakfast. at 7:00AM.  I slept well last night but got up a little earlier than usual. I will eat a small bit of oatmeal because it keeps my plumbing going.  I will also have my coffee and Chai even though I will pick up Bob at 7:00AM.

The cats have come for their breakfast too even though it is 21 degrees out there..

There are no games today so after breakfast with Bob and gas out at Woodshed and my hair appointment, I will   drop by Marilyn's with cookies and have coffee then come on back home. I don't think I even need any groceries today. I have my beans for lunch. I will bake my cornbread to have with it tomorrow.

More later....

I got home this afternoon and read my mail...such as it was.mostly advertising and three newspapers

Leslie was telling me we were having prime rib for Thanksgiving. I told her I was bringing her dad's fruit salad and two pies...a pumpkin and a pecan pie.  I am ordering them from the man at Tyro who gets an Amish woman to bake them for him. I will pick them up the Wednesday afternoon before Thanksgiving.

I went right over to Tyro and special ordered them.

I talked to Nancy and told her about it. She wants to do the same thing only she just wants one pie. Her son David and his wife are coming for Thanksgiving. They live on the east coast.

More later....

I watched some Amazon Prime before I took my bath then I watched the weather channel until bedtime. I had had my bath and about 8:30PM I went on to bed. I was exhausted!

Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Tuesday and a Dead Desktop Computer

I slept well last night even though it was very cold. I woke up only once during the night and then I got right back to bed and back to sleep.

I got up at 5:00AM as usual. I had my oatmeal and also the coffee and Chai and then went into the den to check the e-mail. The desktop computer was dead as a door nail. I had been having to reboot it several times a week because it was freezing up. Now it is completely dead. Luckily I still have the laptop Scott gave me and the notebook Keith bought me. I will have to get Cox Complete Care to hook up the laptop to the printer though. Otherwise I won't be able to .print anything off..I have much of everything backed up on the exterior back up Keith gave me that is attached to that desktop. I hope it is still saved. I will plug it in to the laptop's USB port in a little while and see if I can access it.on this laptop.

I fed the cats too. They ate as soon and as quickly as they could and then took off to look for some kind of shelter. Their water was frozen solid. I took some more out there but that is probably frozen now too. 

More later...

I am going to have to have Cox Complete Care set up the backup too. I didn't know what it was asking for when it asked "where" to back it up When I plugged it into the USB port on the desktop computer several years ago, it worked just fine and I don't recall having to do anything else like finding a location on the PC that could access it. And I may have to bring the printer in here in the dining room to hook it up to access the laptop so I can print from it.. I don't know what I will do with that dead desktop computer either unless I take it up to the attic to store it. You can't put electronics in the trash.

More later....

Big  Update! After I got that desk top computer taken apart and stored in the attic and in my spring/summer closet, I plugged in my shredder to shred some stuff and it would not work. I had no power in that den plug. So I contacted Suzanne when I couldn't figure out which switch it was in the breaker box and Steve remembered it was not in the breaker box at all. It was a little button just under the garage attic light switch.

So I went out to the garage and pushed that button and voila! I had power. Unfortunately I had already taken apart the desk top computer and put it away. It had been giving me a lot of problems anyhow. I was having to reboot it about three times a week to keep it from freezing up. I had hooked the printer up to the laptop Scott gave me when I couldn't find where I had put the notebook Keith bought me last year.

I then got hold of Cox Complete Care and one of their techs downloaded a new driver for printer and the Dell laptop and got it working. Unfortunately I have that laptop and the printer in my dining room now, While I was getting the desktop computer unhooked, I accidentally broke the USB Wireless Adapter for the den computer  Leslie had installed that for me when the Cox router signal couldn't get to the den.(two rooms away) and I had no signal for that computer.after I moved in here.

After I got the desktop computer put away I went back to searching for that notebook Keith bought me last year, I finally found the notebook. .It was on a shelf in my fall/winter closet..If I can get it hooked up and working again, I will use it for my laptop. I already have the auxiliary drive hooked up to the Dell laptop as well as the printer. It will be much easier to use the notebook for my laptop computer.

What a day!  I hope it doesn't get any more complicated.

This has been an horrendous day. I have been on  Cox Complete Care nearly all day, I haven't eaten all day since breakfast. First they helped me get the printer set up on the laptop computer and had to download a new driver to do that. Then I set up the notebook to use for a laptop computer.  The mail wouldn't work so I contacted them again and they got that working. Then I couldn't get into this blog on this notebook. I managed to resolve that by myself. I couldn't even get into it on the laptop. They wanted my password. I have had this blog for decades. I didn't have a clue what the password was after all these years. I finally found a password update place and they texted me a number to prove who I was. That finally worked. What a mess though!

I will watch an episode of "Murder She Wrote" after I take my bath. It's 6:55PM now. By then it may be my bedtime. I need to re-bandage my toe again. I took the bandaid off my finger. It's just too hard to do anything with a forefinger that is bandaged.

Hopefully tomorrow will be better. I will pick up Bob in the morning for breakfast. Then I will get gas at Woodshed and then go to get my hair done. After that, I will come back home. There is no game day tomorrow.

More in the morning...


Monday, November 11, 2019

Monday and a Cold Wind

It didn't snow last night but there is a real cold wind this morning. I think Alexa said it was 37 degrees but with that wind it feels a lot colder.

I slept well again last night. There's something about the two afghans over my legs that helps. The forefinger on my right hand where the nail tore did not hurt last night either.

I have dressed and had my breakfast already. When I opened the front door at 5:40AM, the gray mama cat was there waiting for her breakfast. So I filled three bowls, anticipating the other cat and the kittens would soon be there too.

I don't have a plan for today except to go out to Dollar General again after 8:00AM and buy some more cat food. These are very expensive cats, considering how little company they are. They go through a bag of cat food about every day and  a half. I just feed them morning and evening but they still hang around hoping for more. Kylia told me yesterday that they opened the door to go out one day and the little yellow kitten/cat raced into their apartment. They had to catch it and put it out.  This winter it will be very cold and all they have for shelter is either under the vacant house catty cornered across the street from here on State or the laundry room directly across the street to the north. That laundry door is off the hinges. Their garage door also hangs askew so they can go in there too.

I had a text from Leslie this morning saying that my nine year old great granddaughter, Maia, had a program at the elementary school here this evening at 7:00PM. Depending on the weather, I may attend.  Shes sent me a brochure Saturday to sell me some magazine subscriptions and I bought two. That is supposed to allow her to win a t-shirt she wanted.  I didn't know what size to designate though. Both little girls are small for their age. Maybe I can find out a size this evening. The order is in the mailbox but there is no mail delivery today since it's Veteran's Day so I could steam open the envelope and designate a size.

More later...

Well, yesterday's mowing was a waste of time! The neighbor across the street's tree has blown all it's leaves over on my yard after I mowed up all of them yesterday evening and bagged them up.  He has none on his yard. The wind just scattered all those leaves on mine. How disgusting!  Well, I have learned something about trying to keep my front yard looking good in the fall.  It's impossible!

Bob says they got a little snow over at Coffeyville, I looked out here and we have none.

More even later....

Later in the morning a light mist began so I went on out to Dollar General and bought some groceries just in case I get socked in here.  I put some beans on to cook and bought some cornbread mix and I plan those things for tomorrow. I also bought cat food and a few other things I thought I might need.

Then I came home and warmed up the cashew chicken I brought home from Great China yesterday and had that and some iced tea for lunch. I also bought some trail mix and ate some of that too. It was a good lunch. Tomorrow I will stay in and have my cornbread and beans for lunch..

I read all afternoon. The weather got colder and colder and the wind blew viciously.

Finally I texted Leslie and begged off of getting out in the weather. She was fine with it. She knew it was brutal out there.

I watched some Amazon Prime and then  watched Bull and after that I went on to bed at 9:00PM. I was very tired...

Sunday, November 10, 2019

Sunday and A Busy Morning

I slept well again last night but got up at 5:00AM. I not only have my coffeecake to bake and ice but also a cake for the First Christian Church in Independence. The coffeecake is finished and iced but the cake is still cooling. And the the can of icing has been in the frig the past two weeks and is pretty stiff. I have it setting in the warm oven with the door ajar hoping to soften it up so I can ice the cake when it cools. If that doesn't work I will have to open another can of icing to ice it.

I got up about 5:00AM because I knew I had a lot to do this morning. I want to leave here at 8:30AM and I hope to have the cake iced by then. It's only 7:30AM now so I have an hour to soften that icing and ice that cake. When I get it to church I will put it in the freezer there. Bob can pick it up on Tuesday when he takes the other cakes to Independence.

The cats were (as usual) hungry this morning. I filled all three bowls. I have found if I don't have enough separate bowls they growl at one another and menace one another to protect what they are eating,  I have opened quite a can of beans feeding these 2 cats and 5 kittens. And I am afraid mama cat may be pregnant again....either that or she has gotten fat. I fear she may have another litter of kittens this fall or winter. Caney doesn't have a shelter so the only way I can stop feeding them is just to stop feeding them and let them starve. I just can't do that.

At church this morning, we will have a report from Kelly on the costs of a new central air conditioning unit for the all purpose, classrooms, and kitchen area this morning at a short business meeting before the worship service. We need to start saving money for that before next summer. The unit is over 20 years old and just stopped working this fall. It is beyond repair this time. I believe it is the compressor.  We have another unit that serves the sanctuary, foyer and bathrooms. I hope that one holds up longer or we will have another major expense on top of this one.

We were to have a budget business meeting this morning but Leslie, who is our CFO has not had time to work out the budget. She has been so busy at work. All of our ministers are self sustaining. We will reschedule the budget meeting but at least with Kelly's report, we will have an idea of what we need to save before next summer.

More later...I need to check on the condition of that icing.

Putting that icing in the warm oven with the door ajar and the lid off worked beautifully. I got the cake cooled and iced and even labeled on the top of the plastic lid that it is a yellow cake with chocolate fudge icing. It's only 7:54AM so I have plenty of time. I will leave at 8:30AM to drive over to our church. It takes about 25 - 30 minutes.  I will freeze the cake when I get to church. Bob says Karan is going to do the same thing.  That will save him having to pick hers up. He will just have his and Phyllis' to bring on Tuesday and he will stop at our church (right on the way) and pick up mine and Karan's from the freezer there.

More later...

I left at 8:20AM for church. I took the cakes and put the big one in the freezer there. All but one piece of the coffeecake was eaten by the church school class. I was glad. I brought that one piece back home for Nancy. She loves it.

Kelly didn't have any figures..None of the air conditioning people would even give him a ballpark figure without actually seeing the area. So he will have to give that report at another day.

After church, Phyllis and I went to Great China  for lunch. We brought some of it back home for tomorrow.

When I got home I did the newsletters. They won't go out until Tuesday but I put them in the mailbox and put the flag up anyhow..

Kylie, my next door neighbor, came by and picked up her package. It came yesterday and I had picked it up for her so it would be safe. She had Suzanne call me to tell me she wanted me to do that. She came over to ask me herself on Thursday but that's when I went back to Coffeyville to meet with Bill Webb.

Later in the afternoon, while it was still nice, I mowed the front yard. It looks much better now. The tree across the street sheds it's leaves earlier then mine and those leaves blow across the street onto my yard. I tried to mow them last week but I was just too tired to get it done. I had more energy this afternoon.

But while pulling on the cord starting the mower, I tore a corner of my right forefinger nail off. It bled awhile but then when I finished the mowing I got out my nail clippers and trimmed it back so it wouldn't catch on something while it grows back. It was pretty sore until I did that. After I have my bath at 7:00PM,  I will put some antibiotic ointment on it and a bandaid. That should hold it while it grows back. Always something! First a bandage on my right toenail and now a bandaid on my right forefinger nail. Growing old is not for sissys!

It is 5:45PM right now. We are forecast for some snow tonight.. I don't expect that snow to happen though.

After 60 Minutes, I will take my bath. At 9:00PM I will go to bed.