Saturday, October 22, 2016

A Brisk Saturday and Breakfast Out.

I slept well again last night. I got up as usual at 5:00 and made my bed and got ready for the day. I texted Bob about 6:30 to be sure he was up and around and he answered me that he was about ready to go to breakfast.  It was 45 degrees out when I looked at the weather. I have not had my furnace on much yet. I put it on one cool morning just to take the chill off but that's been a couple of weeks ago. 

I picked Bob up at 6:45 and we went to Eggbert's for breakfast. We have their Silver Dollar Special which is $4.95 plus .99 coffee and tax.  It's the most filling and cheapest thing on the breakfast menu. I took him home when we finished and went to Braum's to buy garlic bread. We may have a late light lunch of the rest of yesterday's goulash and that garlic bread.  I'm sure not hungry right now. That Silver Dollar Special is three small pancakes, one scrambled egg and two pieces of bacon. That and coffee are about all I can handle.

When I got home I warmed up the cup of Chai Latte I was about to drink when he told me he was ready to go to breakfast.

Missy has crawled up on the daybed behind me and is napping. 

More later...

About 1:00 Bob asked me to go with him to Big Cheese in Independence  for lunch. We did that and since he bought lunch yesterday, I bought it today. He had to donate a dollar because I was a little short.

Later we drove around Independence awhile and then he drove back to Coffeyville and let me out at the apartment.  Then he went home.

I read for awhile but then went out and raked leaves for a couple of hours...not that it'll do any good. The trees are still full of leaves yet to fall.

It's after 4:00 now and I think I'll get my frozen drink out for my dinner. I'm very tired after all that raking and bending to scoop the leaves up and dump them in the trash container Bob gave me when he moved over to Sycamore Landing. Maybe I will really sleep well tonight. I do need to wash my hair. We are having a dinner at church tomorrow and in the morning, I will fix my dessert and get my veggies ready to go too.

More even later...

Bob came over after 5:00 and stayed until nearly 7:00. When he left, I washed my hair and got ready for bed. I didn't go to bed until 9:30 though. What a big day! Tomorrow will be even bigger. 

Friday, October 21, 2016

Friday and Cinnamon Roll Day

I slept well last night.

I am dressed and ready for exercise class later this morning. Right now I need to go feed myself and also Missy. She is lying here beside me as I type this...patiently waiting for her breakfast.

I will go to exercise class this morning and afterward we will go to Utopia for a Utopiachina and a cinnamon roll. A Utopiachina is a drink made with coffee and crushed ice. It is thick and very good. They put whipped cream and caramel on the top. There is one large drink and then a smaller one I take home and put in the freezer to have later. Very good! (Pretty expensive too but it's one of my few luxuries)

Bob has suggested we go to Bartlesville this afternoon and walk around the mall and then later in the afternoon eat lunch at Dink's Bar B Q. We may do that.

More later...

We did go to Bartlesville on this beautiful day and we walked the mall and then went to Dink's Bar B Q about 2:00 and had lunch. Then we came back home. Bob dropped me off at the apartment and went on home himself. I gave him the other half of my sandwich. I simply could not eat it all.

Later he came over at 5:20 and watched TV with me. We always watch PBS and Brooks and Shields' commentary on the election.  We watched one old "Big Bang Theory" and then he went home at 7:00. I took my bath and sat with Missy in the recliner and watched TV until 9:00. Then we went to bed. 

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Thursday and Housecleaning Day

I am washing and drying my sheets and other laundry just now. I also am washing Missy's hairy afghans. I ran them through the dryer on "fresh air" first to get most of the cat hair off them.

I slept very well last night. I guess it was because I went to bed later.

I will clean after I have my breakfast and feed Missy. I clean every Thursday. That's one day I have no exercises and no trip to Independence.

Speaking of Missy, she is patiently waiting for her breakfast.  I will work on this later.

I've had my breakfast and Missy has had hers. We started to go outside but it was chilly and she wanted to come back in. So...we are back in the apartment.

I am still doing laundry but I have remade my bed and am now waiting for the two afghans to dry. I ran them through both the wash and the dryer. I will soon start my cleaning. It is 8:30 now.  I will clean the bathroom and kitchen first. Then I will vacuum the carpets and dust.

I think I will have goulash today for lunch. I have plenty of macaroni and am thawing the ground beef.  I still have some of Bob's salad from yesterday and will put some green beans on to cook. I still have two cupcakes too. That should be plenty. I also have some garlic toast.

More later...I'd better get with it!

I got the apartment cleaned and  all the laundry done.  I fed myself and Missy.

We had a good lunch.

I read all afternoon. I was thoroughly exhausted.

I have enough goulash to take to Sunday's dinner and also share with Marilyn..if she wants some.

Bob came over at 5:10 and stayed and watched TV with me until almost 7:00.  When he left I took my bath and sat with Missy in the recliner and watched TV until 8:30. By then I could no longer keep my eyes open and just went on to bed.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Wednesday and Exercises and Annother Huge Day

I will go to exercises this morning and afterward will warm up the ham and potato casserole we had on Monday for lunch. We will have a veggie and Bob's salad with it. I have some cupcakes for dessert.

This afternoon, after lunch...I will go out to Asbury Village to play bunco there at 2:00.  Later at 5:30, I will go to a PINCH meeting. Then I will come home and watch the last "debate". It's hardly a debate. Donald doesn't debate. He interrupts constantly and will not pay any attention to the moderator's attempts to keep the debate to the subject and keep Donald from trying to take it over. It's the last "debate" before the election and I don't expect any different behavior from him. All he can do is try to take it over.

I have already fed Missy and myself and worked the crossword puzzle in the Reporter this morning. so I am ready for daylight when I can take Missy out for awhile. She is being very patient. She loves to go out on the carport in the mornings.

More later...

Sure was a very busy day. I did go to exercise class and afterward warmed up the casserole for lunch. Bob brought a nice salad and we had broccoli and cauliflower as a veggie.I had those cupcakes for dessert.

I went to Bunco at Asbury Village and after that to the PINCH meeting. Just as I was leaving Bob came. he had forgotten about my PINCH meeting. He said he would just stay and read the papers. It was late getting finished and when I got home Bob was gone.  

I watched the third and last debate. What a debacle!  Trump simply just called Hillary names and had no real substance to anything he said. Even when the moderator asked them to make a civil closing statement, he couldn't manage that.  She is now far ahead of him in the polls. Thanks goodness! He has no presidential demeanor.  He is crude and insulting. He wouldn't even say he would accept her as the new president if she won.

Then Missy and I went to bed. What a day!

Tuesday and Juanita

I slept well again last night.

This will be a big day. I will pick up Bob at 8:20 to take the cakes to Independence to the First Christian Church. Then I will take Bob to his sister's while I take Juanita to the clinic to get her blood work done. I  then took her home. She was exhausted. She also wanted me to make out her check for her car insurance. It took an hour for them to get to her at the clinic. After that Bob and I will go to Great China for lunch.

After we got back home I got my mail and read all afternoon.

Bob came over this evening and we watched the news and one The Big Bank Theory rerun.

I took my bath after he left and Missy and I watched PBS on past presidential elections. I will be so glad when this election is over. It has been an even bigger disaster than any in that past except the one between Gore and Bush where the supreme court decided for Bush.  Gore actually won the popular vote. Thanks to the supreme court and Florida's huge hanging chad mess, we got a war that could not be won...another Vietnam. 16 years a later...we're still throwing money at this one.

I went to bed at 9:00.

Monday, October 17, 2016

Monday and Exercises

This morning I will go to exercise class and then stop by Stan's to make the payment on my hearing aid. I wrote the check on Friday but he was closed on Friday and so I will need to get that done today. Then I have to plan something for lunch today.  It may be a casserole.

I also need to bake a cake for the First Christian Church in Independence for tomorrow and get it iced.  

Missy is waiting for her breakfast so I will get back to this later.

Well, we both had breakfast and then I picked up Bob for exercise class. When we got home I made a casserole from some ham I had frozen. It was a ham/potato casserole and turned out very well. I serves corn with it and Bob had some applesauce instead of a salad. I also had some mxed fruit that I served for dessert with a cookie.

He went home soon after lunch and I baked my cake and just finished icing it. Karan and Phyllis brought me theirs and all I lack now is Bob's.

I will take Bob to his sister Betty's after we deliver the cakes. He can visit her while I take Juanita to the clinic to get her blood work done.

I am reading my mail now and have been reading my book. I am making a grocery list since we will be having that basket dinner Sunday at church.

More later....

Bob called this evening. he is having some back trouble and is just staying at home this evening. He took some aspirin in hopes of getting some relief.

I watched TV until 7:45 with Missy on my lap but can't go to bed this early or I'll be up most of the night. I will just play some games. 

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Sunday and Coffeecake

I slept well again last night. Nothing hurt. I am hoping the arm problem is over. It's been over a week since it's hurt.

This morning I will make my coffeecake for the church school class. I forgot last week. It's probably a good thing since we had a very small class. I would have had quite a bit left over. Even my little great grandchildren were gone. My daughter and her husband went camping over at Roaring River and so the little girls went to Topeka for the weekend to see their other grandparents. They should be back in their classes by this week. Phyllis was also gone to her daughter's in Overland Park. After having a cast on her foot for six weeks and being unable to drive, she wanted to get up there to see them.

I woke up several times in the night to go to the bathroom but otherwise slept fine.

Missy is patiently waiting for me to get through with this and get her breakfast so I will work on it later....

I got her breakfast and my own as well. Then I made up the coffeecake for the class. Everyone seemed to enjoy it.

Bob came about 8:20 to read the papers before we left for church. We left about 9:00 and there was a pretty good class at church. We are finishing up the book "Living the Questions" and will consider "The Great Emergence" next. I have been rereading it myself at home and Bill brought it up as a possibility. I can make copies of the first lesson  and we can decide whether to order the books then.

After Melissa came, we decided to take our guest minister and her husband over to "Just Us' for lunch. They were packed! Luckily, I had called ahead and Kay saved us a table. Kay put "reserved" on it.  Lunch, as usual, was good.

I came home and did my newsletters and am now considering what to do with the rest of the afternoon.

More later...I need to go get stamps.

Next Sunday we will have a basket dinner following church.  Several women will be gone so we will really have to struggle to get a meal together. Not only are we having a guest minister but there are seven coming from Chanute.

I worked on the congregational newsletter and read this afternoon and then at 5:00 Bob came over to watch the news and 60 minutes. After he left I took my bath and watched TV with Missy until 9:00. It was 8:30 when Leslie contacted me about the basket dinner. Until then, we had not known about the seven coming from Chanute and had just intended to take the guest minister to lunch. So we quickly had to put together a meal plan.