Saturday, July 30, 2016

Breakfast and a Trip to Chanute

Missy is waiting to go outside this morning. It's still dark out at 5:50 AM. When it gets light I will take her out for awhile.

I am to pick up Bob at 7:20 to go to Sirloin Stockade for our breakfast.  Then at about 10:00, we will leave for Chanute, stopping first at Cherryvale to pick up the meds for Gay's dogs. We have to be there before noon because the vets office closes at noon on Saturdays. I got an e-mail from Gay yesterday evening saying the highway to their house has a detour and she gave me instructions of how to find their place from the detour. I dread a detour. I haven't washed my car this week because of the off and on rain and it will really need it after a gravel road. But Gay is fixing us a light lunch because we will have a big breakfast this morning.

That's our big day for today. Tomorrow will be big too. I am fixing my coffeecake for the Church School crowd and then we will drive to Cherryvale to eat at "Just Us" after church. Then I will come home and do the newsletters and after that I will fix my apple brown betty for the Living the Questions group that meets her tomorrow evening at 7:00. Bob will come early and greet everyone and  I will go pick up Gary.

So I will be happy to see Monday come.

More's 6:00 and time to take Missy out.

We were able to stay out only an hour. For one thing, the stray cat was over on Marilyn's carport and I had to chase him away.  Then the mosquitoes got thick and I was having to swat at them. Finally at 7:00 I just asked Missy to just come back in.  I left the door open to the storm door so she could look out. She was pretty good about it.

More even later...

This is my younger son, Scott.

 He's a case! He's generous to a fault! In fact, all my kids are. They are very close.

I got the vacuuming done in the living room. That took some working around Missy.

I picked Bob up at 9:50 and we headed out for Chanute. We had a real good visit with Gay and Tony and even Gay's mother when she got up from her nap. Gay's chicken salad was very good.  We each had half a sandwich and some cantaloupe and tea. It was just what we needed after such a large breakfast. We got back to Coffeyville before 4:00 this afternoon. I did remember to stop at Cherryvale and pick up the meds for their dogs. 

More later....

Bob came over at 5:30 to watch the news and read the paper. When he left, I took my bath and got ready for bed and then Missy and I sat in the recliner and watched CNN's "The Seventies" about the Nixon Watergate scandal.

Missy and I went to bed at 9:00.

Friday, July 29, 2016

Friday and Exercise Class Again

I slept really well until 3:30 and when I awoke... then, I never was able to get back to sleep.  I kept thinking about my budget and could not figure out how to make it through to the 10th of August without hitting my savings least temporarily.  That kept me awake.

Anyhow, I got up at 4:15. I figured I might as well. I could get some things done that early. Of course as soon as Missy and I had our breakfasts she began wanting to go outside. It had rained last night (I did sleep right through that) and so I wasn't going to have quite as much to water out there in the flowerbeds.

I stayed up last evening to watch Hillary's speech. She did a good job.  She covered all her plans as well as straightened out Donald Trump.  She's not the orator the president is but she did fine. I hope she managed to build some trust. I believe a part of the problem  is something Hitler learned. If you repeat a lie about someone often enough, people will begin to believe it. That's what Trump has done about the conception that Hillary is not trustworthy. If there is anyone I would not trust to be president, it's Donald Trump....a fear monger.

Anyhow in a little while I need to go to the bank. I am down to one dollar in my billfold right now. :)
Next week is my color and cut and then the rent is due on the 1st. It's going to be tight until the 10th when my social security comes in. That extra payment on the hearing aid left me short this month.

We did go to exercise class. Bob drove and afterwards we followed Karan to Diamond Collision and we picked up her car. She had an accident last week and had to have it repaired. Then I drove her car to her home and she drove Bobby's truck back. 

More later...

My great granddaughter, Jamie, turns six tomorrow. I didn't have her new address since her folks bought a house. Her mother finally sent it to me today. So the card I sent will be late.

Lunch was fine and Bob has left to go home to take a nap.

I will vacuum the apartment this afternoon.  I got the kitchen and bath done yesterday but only got the dining room vacuumed. I still have four rooms to go and the hall.

I am also doing another load of laundry this afternoon. Missy missed the litter box again and wet on the mat I keep under it. So I am washing that and a pair of crops I got dirty yesterday. I am also washing the small mat I use on the carport for her to lie on.  It hasn't been in the laundry for awhile.

First though I need to sit down and rest a minute before I begin.

So, more even later...

I got both bedrooms and the hall vacuumed but Missy was sleeping in the living room so I'll do it tomorrow.

Bob came for lunch and we ate the goulash again with green beans and his salad. I had fruit for dessert.

After lunch Karan came over and picked up the rest of the goulash for her lunch. I also had some garlic toast to give her. She seemed delighted.

Marilyn called this afternoon and I went to her apartment and fixed her background and the colors for her fonts. It is now black.  Keith told me how to do it. She was sure happy about it. She doesn't have "Word" so she will use the notepad she has there.  I forget what it's called.

I went to the bank and took out $100 for my hair on Tuesday and the week's spending money.  I also sent $6.00 to Jamie for her birthday. I put it in her birthday card. She's six and will probably get a bang out of that.

Bob came back this evening to watch the CBS news and Brooks and Shields on PBS.

When he left, I took my bath and put my P.J.'s on for bed. Then I finished the crossword puzzle.

At 9:00 I will go to bed.

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Thursday and a Slow Dayl

I am ready for a slow day after this week. I will have to go see Stan after he opens. The hearing aid does not seem to be working today. I put a fresh battery in it but still no sound. It's not alarming me that the battery is down either. It has a chime when that happens. I tried cleaning it out like Stan told me but still no sound.  So after he opens this morning, I will go see him. He will have to check it out.

I slept very well last night.  I got up shortly before 5:00 and made my bed and dressed and then made up my face and that's when I noticed the hearing aid was not working.

I ate by breakfast and fed Missy before we came out. It's cooler this morning so I trimmed the dead branches off the tomato plant and watered it. I also picked up some leaves from my flowerbed. I dread fall because we will have lots of leaves. There are many trees around here. I notice the landlord next door on the east has cut down a few trees. I hate that. There will be stumps now on the east side. He will not have the stumps ground down either.

He's a doctor but he spends next to nothing on the apartments next door and is waiting for his regular tenants to move out or die off so he can rent those apartments furnished to construction crews working on the streets and also the refinery when they have their turnarounds. He will get top dollar when that happens. They pay $400 a week for rent.

Today we will have goulash for lunch with chopped broccoli. Bob will bring  his coleslaw. I still have pudding for dessert. I sent the rest of the brownies I took to game day home with Karan and Marilyn. Bob does not like brownies and I sure don't need them.

Bob is at Lion's Club this morning. He will be over closer to lunch time with his salad and garlic bread.

More later....

Bob dropped by after he left Lion's Club and visited until  I left for Stan's office. Then I went to see Stan. He unplugged the hearing aid. It did have a plug of ear wax in it.  That fixed it and he put a new end in it. He said the reason I have so much trouble putting the hearing aid in is that I have a small ear canal. It also goes forward and then up. It's  very different configuration.

I went over to Maureen's after I left Stan's office. She has been in the hospital and did not want visitors.  She felt wretched and did not want to have to try to have a conversation. She's home now though. She was waiting for her daughter to come take her to Bartlesville to the doctor. She is having the laser surgery on another eye.  That's the surgery my friend, Juanita,will be having in September with the same doctor.  I hope it works as well for her.  

More later....

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Wednesday and Exercises Again

I will go to exercise class this morning. Bob will pick me up at 8:45. Afterward I plan to come home and start lunch.

I need everything from the market. I have let my cupboard become nearly bare. We will have chicken and noodles again. I have frozen noodles. We also will have a veggie of some kind and Bob is bringing a coleslaw. I have Marilyn's pudding for dessert. She brought me some pistachio pudding on Monday and we didn't use it because Karan brought key lime pie for dessert. Otherwise, it should be a quiet day. That's good! I need a quiet day this week. Maybe I can read.

Missy is quietly waiting for me to get her breakfast and I need to get mine too.  I only had some Greek yogurt for my supper last night.

More later....

I took Missy out for about an hour and a half and then brought her back in because Bob came to pick me up for exercise class. She was not a happy kitty. She spit and hissed at me all the way. Spoiled rotten cat!

I've asked Karan to come to dinner. It's her birthday! She is coming.  Also, at 1:00 we will go to game day at the senior center. It will be from 1:00 until 3:00. Beverly told me at exercise class. Marilyn was supposed to have called me. She probably slept late.

More even later..

Karan and I went to game day at the senior center  after lunch and had a good time.

After I got out of game day I went to Walmart and bought over sixty dollars worth of groceries.
Wow! I was out of everything.  I'm stocked up now!

Bob did some laundry here after Karan and I left for game day. Later this evening he came back until about 6:30. He was very tired and went home.

Later, I tried to watch TV but just gave up and Missy and I went to bed at 8:45.

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Tuesday and Another Trip to Bartlesville

This will be a huge day! First I will drop by the Sunshine Shop and get gas for my car. Then I am picking Bob up at 8:20 to go to Independence to get my hair done. After that, he will drop me off at Juanita's so I can balance her checkbook and when I get that finished, we will eat lunch at Big Cheese. Then I will take Bob home to Coffeyville and go to Bartlesville to have the airbags replaced in my car. I had the recall notice on Monday and I will have to wait for them to install them. My appointment is at 2:00.

So hopefully, I will sleep well tonight.

Missy is waiting for her breakfast and so am I. I really need to go to the market but I am running short this month and will need to wait until after the first if at all possible. My Blue Cross/Blue Shield comes out on the 28th and that is nearly $300. This has been a rough month what with the car insurance and the apartment insurance and the first hearing aid payment. All that was an extra $500.

Next month I will have the taxes and tag for my car....another extra $140. not included in my regular budget. My electric bill this month was $105 and next month, it will be a lot worse. I will borrow from my savings again. I miss my part time job at these times.  This fall after it cools off, I will repay these loans.  Just musing....

Back to this later...

Well I took Missy out at 6:30 but after an hour I had to bring her back in. She was determined to go around to the east side of my apartment. Then I went to get gas for my car.

I mentioned that I watched the convention last night. Here's my feeling. I'm going to trust Hillary.

 To me, it's what we want our children to admire. We made one terrible mistake in letting the Supreme Court elect Bush/Cheney and just look where that got us...into a guerilla war...much like Vietnam. Trump has no attributes I can admire and I certainly wouldn't want my great grandchildren to emulate egomaniac....... and that's the kindest thing I can say about him. I watched the interview of Clinton on 60 Minutes Sunday evening...and I'm going to trust her. If you've ever read her books, (and I have read them all) you can see what a smart and caring person she really is. It does take a village and she knows that. I also admire the way she was able to forgive Bill and stay in the marriage. 

More even later... 

I picked up Bob at 8:20 after getting my car gassed up. I took him to his sisters and went to my hair appointment. After that, I went to Juanita's to balance her checkbook. First I helped her fill out five pages of medical history for the eye doctor who is going to try a laser surgery to try to restore a part of her eyesight.  That ran me later so I was late picking up Bob for lunch but we got it done anyhow. Then I took him back to Coffeyville and picked up Karan and we went to Bartlesville to get the passenger side airbag replaced. It was on recall. After that, we went to the mall and she did quite a bit of shopping.  I bought four 40% off sale tops. I had put quite a few of my tops in the rummage bag for the Presbyterian Church sale. They are the ones that are now too large. 

We got home about 5:00 and I took Karan home. Bob came soon after that to watch the news and one episode of the rerun "Big Bang Theory" episodes. He left at 7:00 and I took my bath and Missy and I watched the Democratic Convention. 

The best part was Bill Clinton's speech. I stayed up for that. Hillary had the nomination.  Bernie graciously nominated her by acclamation. 

Then Missy and I went to bed.

Monday, July 25, 2016

Monday and Exercise Class

Missy is wanting to go out on the carport but it's still dark and I will make her wait until the morning begins.  I don't like her to go out in the dark. There's still that stray who is marked like her. He is younger and aggressive.  I don't want him over here and I always chase him off.

We've had our breakfast..Missy and me. I had one cup of coffee and I will have a cup of Chai in a little bit.

Bob will drive to exercise class this morning. There's a 65% chance of rain today too. We may miss it. We live in the lowest part of the state of Kansas and often the weather goes around us.

I vacuumed the apartment on Saturday and dusted the living room yesterday. I may do some more dusting later today. I want to dust my bedroom and the den.

We are having large hamburger patties fixed like swiss steak today. We will have boiled or baked potatoes with it and a veggie. Bob will bring a salad. I think I have some fruit. If not, I probably have some pudding for dessert. I am nearly out of cookies so later I may make up some peanut butter cookies.

More later...

Missy and I are out on the carport now. We came out a little before 6:15. It took awhile to get light because it's overcast. It's thundering now so we may get some rain.  Missy sure doesn't like it, She would like to go back in the apartment but I'd like to sit out until the rain begins anyway. We could use some rain!  There's a slight breeze now and that feels good.

More even later...

I went to exercise class and after I got home I fixed lunch. I invited Karan over too and we all three enjoyed it.  Both she and Bob have left now and I am going to post the latest photo my son has posted of the construction of the swimming pool. I really don't know what this photo is.


It looks like whatever it is is located right below their balcony back of their house. This is the front yard The other must be the back. It's looking even prettier now that the lawn is in.


I went over to Marilyn's after lunch and after Bob and Karan left and worked on her computer for an hour or so. She has a completely white background and no color in her e-mail at all. She had the background color removed because the type font was blue and she could not read it.

I am still trying to discover why she does not have a black font in her e-mail. It's completely bland and has no personality at all.  I have asked Keith how to fix that and hope he will be back to  me on it.

I will go watch the news in a little bit. It's 4.47 right now and the CBS news is on right after Dr. Phil. I do not like Dr. Phil so I have the TV muted right now.

And this is the sunset over their back yard!

How about that view?

I watched the news and Bob came in to watch it too. He left after one rerun of "The Big Bang Theory"  and I stayed up to watch the Democrat Convention. What began as a disappointment as Bernie's people booed everyone who spoke of her to begin with, ended in a triumph with the  First Lady reminding everyone that this election is about the vision of our children and grandchildren and Bernie following suit.

Then I went to bed. 

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Sunday and Church

This morning I got up after 4:00. I slept well but when I awoke at 4:00, I was never able to get back to sleep. Finally at 4:30, I just got up and dressed and made up my face and got ready for church. My next sermon is September 4th and I have been working on it for a week on and off. That's a long ways off. Anyhow, it was going through my mind.

Also, my neighbor came over last evening...the one on the east. He is concerned about a group of men, one of whom lives across the street in the little house Bob first  moved into after he sold his house. He says they roam around after dark among his apartments (he is the maintenance man there) ...sometimes until midnight. He thinks they may be up to no good. He said he had his front door open and when they were roaming around one of them took a photo of his open doorway. I am long asleep at that hour so I know nothing about it.  I wonder why he didn't call the police if he is so concerned. I told him I would keep my car locked but that, and keeping my doors locked, are all I am going to do. I think his prejudice is showing myself. 

Missy is patiently waiting for her breakfast and I only had a bowl of ice cream yesterday evening so I am hungry too. 

I will work on this some more after Missy and I have our breakfasts.

Well, we've had our breakfasts and I have baked the coffeecake for the Church School class.  It is cooling now and soon I will put a light icing on it.

Missy and I have been out on the carport since 6:00, when it got light.  She has tried to roam twice but come right back to the mat when I insist.

I have watered the plants on the front and will soon water the tomato plant and flowers on the east side.

I have also worked the crossword puzzle in the newspaper.

I will pick up Bob at 9:00 or shortly before 9:00. I am driving this time since he drove last week.

More later....

Karan texted me and said her daughter and son would be at church this morning too and would go with us to Cherryvale to "Just Us" to eat lunch.  We can make it in one car of Becky doesn't come to church. If she comes, someone else will have to take a car too. She said that would not be a problem.  her daughter will take her vehicle over and go from there back to Kansas City.  Ron and Karan would need a ride back home.

The cake is ready to go and so am I. Missy was not too happy about having to come in but she was out from 6:00 until 8:30. Before I got ready to leave, I watered the plants and tomato plant at the east side.

More even later...

Church went well and we had a good attendance. Seven of us went over to "Just Us" in Cherryvale afterward for lunch.

Becky did come to church but she took her own car over to "Just Us". She needed to be back by twenty till 2:00. It was good, as usual. We got back about 1:30 and I took Phyllis back to the church where she had left her car and picked up the meat John had brought to me. Then I took Bob home and came home and began working on my newsletters. I sent out three. The others went out in e-mail.  It's quarter to three now and I probably need to go get gas and buy some stamps. I am trying to put off buying any groceries until after my Blue Cross/Blue Shield and Prudential life insurance payments come out some time before the 29th.  My social security won't be in until the 10th of August. My rent is due on the 1st.

More even later...

I read the rest of the afternoon.

Bob came over about 5:30 and watched the news with me and then 60 Minutes. I fixed some popcorn. He left about 8:00 and I took my bath and sat in the recliner with Missy until went to bed at 9:00.