Saturday, April 15, 2017

Breakfast Out on Saturday

This morning I will pick up Bob for breakfast out at Eggberts. I will give them another try at bringing a hot breakfast. Marilyn took a rain check on breakfast. 7:00 is too early for her.

I slept very well again last night and I had a cup of Chai before I went to bed. It evidently did not bother my sleep.

I may go out to Hain's Greenhouse later in the morning to get my geraniums and do my plants in the pots. It's supposed to rain tomorrow and a couple of days after that. I will need to buy Miracle Grow if I do that.  I always plant in Miracle Grow and they do very well.

If I get that done, I will take some photos of them and post them here.

As you can see I got my flowers potted and out front of my apartment.  I hope they will do alright. It's supposed to rain this evening. I wanted to get them done before that happened.

So, more later....

Bob came over this afternoon and told me his cell phone is no longer holding a charge. US Cellular said they no longer stock batteries because they are considered dangerous and might catch fire. They wanted to sell him another flip cell phone for $79.98 plus tax. I had paid 1 cent for that one he is using. They no longer do the 1 cent thing either. We went over to Karan's and asked her if we could have Bobby's since she was no longer needing it. Bob offered to pay for it too.  She just gave it to him. When we went to US Cellular to have them transfer the data from his to Bobby's, I asked if that battery would fit in the phone I had given him...and it did. He is charging it now.  Bobby's had been in a drawer for over a year now.

If he gets hungry this afternoon, I will warm up the leftover spaghetti and garlic bread. I am still full from breakfast.

Bob did come over while I went to wash my car. He was playing free cell when I came in. I warmed up the spaghetti and the garlic toast and made some pistachio pudding for dessert.

After he left to go home, I tried to get Missy to go out and sit with me but she did not like the wind.

It's almost 3:00 now so I will just mess with the computer. I should make cookies but may not get around to it. I am tired. All that planting wore me out.  I should go buy a tomato plant to plant in that big planter Leslie gave me last year.  I have plenty of Miracle Grow.

More later...

I wanted to buy some "Hen and Chicks" but the florist was closed this afternoon. I  did go out and water the new plants. I sure don't want to lose them. I found a place where squirrels must have been digging. The little devils! I don't want them destroying my flower beds.

Bob didn't come over this evening. He was too tired. I will take my bath in a few minutes and lay down with Missy again. I haven't found anything to watch on T.V. this evening.  I may read.

Friday, April 14, 2017

Friday and Eating Out

I slept well last night and got up about 5:15. I dressed and got ready for the day and fed Missy and myself. I watched the weather and news but get so tired of Tulsa news with all their violence.

I do want to watch the CBS news so when it comes on, I will take my blog to the laptop.

Bob and I are planning to drive to Copan and eat lunch at the Copan truck stop. It has been years since I have been there but the food was always good and the service excellent.  My Bob and I ate there occasionally when he was alive.

I would like to drive up to Dewey and buy some hamburger patties for our hamburgers. I will call first to make sure they are open. It is Good Friday.

More later...

Bob and I drove down to the Copan Cafe in Copan and ate lunch. It was a chicken fried steak but it was waaaay too much food.  Furthermore, I forgot to tell them to put the gravy on the side and it was smothered in gravy too. I left half of it.

Then we went back down to Peck's to get hamburger patties. They were closed for lunch so Bob went on into Bartlesville to buy gas at QT.  Then we went back up to Peck's and got the hamburger patties.

Then we drove home. I kept trying to reach Marilyn to ask her to come to breakfast with us on Saturday. Her line was busy for hours. Then I tried her cell phone. All I got was the answering machine. I left her a message twice.  She never got back to me and I starting getting worried about her. She is a frail little thing and I imagined she might have fallen down the stairs and couldn't get to a phone.   I went by her house but couldn't raise anyone. Charlie, her dog, just barked. I consulted with Bob and then with Karan. Karan said the same thing had happened to her earlier in the week.

I tried her cell several times and just as I was about to go by the house again, she called me back. She had been in the doctor's office and her cell had been in her purse and she hadn't heard it. Whew!

Bob came over to watch the news and Brooks and Shields on PBS. We always enjoy that.
When he left, I took my bath and lay with Missy on the sofa and watched TV until 9:00 when we went to bed.  

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Thursday and Beginning Flowerbeds

This morning I slept in until 7:00. Amazing! I never do that.

Then I got around and watched the news and finally went out to Walmart again. This time I bought some stones and some flowers there. I never do that. I always get my flowers at a nursery. But I was impatient wanting some flowers in my flowerbed. I just bought salvia and petunias at this time. I got most of them planted before time to  begin lunch. I came in about 10:50 and started lunch...tuna cakes, fried potatoes from leftover boiled potatoes, salad and corn. I had nothing for dessert.

After he left, I went back out and planted the rest of the flowers. I will take some photos just to show my readers what I did. I still need to get some more red mulch to put in the flowerbeds. I may do that first.

I ran the vacuum in the den. But then I put away the vacuum sweeper. I still need to do the bedroom and the dining room. I can do them tomorrow.

More later.

 This is the flowerbed I made up a couple of years ago. The pansies made it through the winter.  I re-mulched it today though and added a new border on the end. I'll show that next.

Two of these little doodads were brought from the Catalina house. The white one was given to me today by Maureen, my neighbor. The other round one and the turtle were given to me by Bob when he moved to Sycamore Landing.

This is the above the ground flowerbed John, my son in law made for me when I moved here.  I planted the lilies one of my kids gave me, the daffodils that one of my kids gave me and the yellow rose bush one of them gave this bed. Today I added the flowers and the red mulch.

I planted some red salvia and some petunias in that one too. I have to have flowers. I have yet to get a tomato plant for the pot Leslie gave me last year.  I will keep it on the patio on the east side.

I also have yet to do my potted plants that I put in front of the apartment.  I do red geraniums and white salvia in those. It's a little early yet though.

More later...

Bob came over to watch the news and when he left I took my bath and lay down with Missy for awhile.

I will probably go to bed at 9:00 this evening. I am very tired after working on the flowerbeds off and on all day.

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Wednesday and Exercises and Bingo Day

I slept very well last night. I went to bed later and that may be a part of the answer but I also took a Zyrtec tablet and that kept my sinus' from draining all night and waking me up. I had turned the furnace/air conditioning off altogether. It was 50 degrees in the apartment when I woke up.

Today I will pick up Bob for exercises and afterward come back home to fix lunch. We will have spaghetti and garlic bread, a salad, a veggie and then a fruit cup for dessert. After lunch, I will go to the senior center for Bingo. Asbury Village retirement center plays that with us and provides the prizes.

Then, if I have the time, I will drop by Gary's Jewelry and check on the ring mounting.

So, more later...

I did drop by Gary's after the bingo party but he had no mountings at all but just a catalog. I told Leslie about that. Then she told me about a local jeweler who is a master jeweler. I went by and talked to him and if she is not busy tomorrow at work, she is going to go by the Independence store location and talk to him.

Later I came home and  rested and later Bob came over to watch the news.

After he left I took my bath and watched "The great war" on PBS. I fell sleep in the middle of it  so didn't get to finish it. I went to bed at 10:00.

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Tuesday and Hair Day and Joplin Trip

I knew it was too much to hope! I did not sleep well at all last night! I woke up at 1:00 AM after going to bed at 9:00. I never did get back to a decent sleep but was just in and out of sleep from then on. I ended up just getting up at 4:30. I may be exhausted this evening.

I will go to Independence this morning to get my hair done and then come back home so Leslie can pick me up for our trip to Joplin.

I got myself and Missy fed this morning.  She wants to go outside but it's only 42 degrees out there right now. It's supposed to get up to 69 today but I will be gone to Joplin with Leslie. I did take her out for over an hour yesterday afternoon. 

Right now she is lying on the little rug in front of the door.....hoping I will take her out. It's not going to happen this morning.

More later...

I went on to Independence and got my hair done then went out to the Walmart Superstore there in Independence fora couple of things I needed...kitty litter and wet Swifter cloths. Then I came on back home to meet Leslie for our trip to Joplin. I texted her that I was leaving Independence and when I got home she was just pulling up too. Sher noticed I was not wearing my one caret diamond ring so she asked me to go back in the apartment and get it. She wanted Hertzberg's to tell her what it would cost to reset it for her. I have always told her the ring was hers when I was gone.  The stone had been set in a man's ring for my father-in-law.  My Bob had had it resent for me and gave it to me when Keith was born. Then we left immediately for Joplin.

The first thing we did was stop at Olive Garden and have a salad for lunch. My daughter is on a very strict diet to lose weight and she has done very well. I believe she has lost 40 pounds and wants to lose 10 more....but she's stuck. When you are trying to lose weight, you get to a plateau where you can't seem to break through. That's where she is now.

She picked three mountings that she liked. The one I liked best was $3,360 and the one she liked best was $6,300. One was eliminated because the mounting was too small for the stone. They all had a lot of extra diamonds in them and that's why they were so expensive. She decided against doing it right now. They have to pay their income tax this week. But she got an idea of what  those fancy mountings would cost.  I am going to check with Gary here in Coffeyville this afternoon. He may have some pretty mountings that don't cost a fortune.

We got home about 3:45 and the first thing I did was take Missy outside. It was a beautiful day and she had been dying to go out. We stayed out until 4:30 and by then she was ready to come back in the apartment. I read the newspaper and she crawled back up on the sofa and had a nap. Bob came over about 5:15 and stayed until 7:00. When he left I took my bath and put my PJs on to watch TV with Missy.  I went to bed at 10:00 after watching a PBS documentary on the First World War..

Monday, April 10, 2017

Monday and Exercise Class Again

I will try to get the newsletters done before exercise class. I have an hour and a half to get that done. I would like to clean the bare floors too but may not have time. I slept well again last night. I awoke once and took my thyroid pill but got right back to sleep. I got up at 5:30. Taking a Zyrtec allergy pill before bedtime  sure helps my sleep and also helps me sleep though the night.

I cleaned the area in front of the chair Bob uses when he is here. I also need to clean in front of my own. I will do that this afternoon. I also want to do the bare floors today. 

I will finish this after I get the newsletters done.

O.K. The newsletters are finished. I only need to get stamps at Country Mart and put them out on the mailbox for the mailman to pick up. I had better get those stamps now...before Bob comes to pick me up for exercise class.

More later...

I have been to exercise class and am home now. I thought before I began lunch I would get the bathroom and kitchen floors mopped so I did. The kitchen was especially dirty.  I guess I should mop it at least three times a week. It gets so much traffic.

I got the carpet in front of my chair cleaned too. When they are both dry, I will vacuum them since that's what the Resolve carpet cleaner bottle said to do. It evidently leaves a residue and that needs to be vacuumed up. Both areas will  probably be dry after lunch.

More even later...

I ran the vacuum on the living room carpet after lunch. Then I lay down with Missy and watched TV and also took a short nap.

Bob came over about 5:15 and watched the news. He left about 6:30 and I took my bath and watched TV for awhile. I will stay up until 9:00 or so if I can find something interesting on TV. That will be  challenge with today's TV.   

Sunday, April 9, 2017

Sunday and Church

I slept well last night and was up at 5:30. I dressed and got ready for church. I got the newspaper and read it and did the crossword puzzle.  I also made my coffeecake and iced it. 

Then it became time to go pick up Bob. I got him and got to church early enough to run off the bulletins and insert the inserts.

Leslie came later and messed with the sound system until she figured out what was wrong with it. The phantom had been turned off and so there was no sound. She turned it on and voila! We had a mike! So she will cancel the service call for Tuesday.

I had the sermon and it went all right. Afterward, seven of us went over to "Just Us" at Cherryvale to eat. 

After that I came home and took some coffeecake to Marilyn.  We visited awhile and then I came home.

I still have not done the newsletters yet. I will do them later today or in the morning.

Bob will be over after while to watch the news and 60 Minutes.

So more later...

I will do the newsletters tomorrow morning before exercise class. 

The Masters gold tournament was on so we had to watch a different channel for the news and 60 Minutes wasn't on until 7:00. Bob went home to watch it. He was very sleepy.

When he left I took my bath and Missy and I watched  TV until 9:30, when we went to bed.