Saturday, November 18, 2017

Saturday and Breakfast Out

I slept much better last night. I got up before midnight to go to the bathroom and take my thyroid med but got right back to sleep and slept until almost 4:00. I feel much more rested. It may have been that I ate that Utopiachino last evening. I think I will get some yogurt at Brahms today and see if eating something in the evening makes any difference in my sleep.

I will pick up Bob at 6:50 and we will have breakfast at Eggberts. I will not cook today. He has a group of his high school class that are meeting in Bartlesville for lunch today.  I will eat something light here at home later in the afternoon...maybe some cereal. I will need to go to the market this morning to get the ingredients for my green bean casserole for Sunday's dinner after church and I may as well get the ingredients for that Waldorf salad and the corn casserole for Thanksgiving too.  Then I will have some yogurt for a light supper before bedtime.

Maybe I will continue my new book on the kindle later today. Wednesday, I want to change my bed and do some light cleaning before the kids come. Missy and I will move onto the daybed trundle while they are here. It is very comfortable and she will not need something to jump onto to get on the bed. I will leave it low to the floor instead of raising it up.

More later... 

I went to the Walmart store here and spent some money. I got the things I will need for that Waldorf salad and corn casserole and even for my green bean casserole for church tomorrow. I will take a meatloaf tomorrow too. Then I stopped by Braum's and bought yogurt. I needed to get some breakfast stuff for Keith and Esther's breakfasts. When I got home, I warmed up my half sandwich from that I had saved from Thursday's lunch in Dink's at Bartlesville in the microwave and ate that. Missy begged me for a little and I gave her some. She really seemed to like it. I wasn't sure about barbecue.  But so far, so good!

I will go out to church now to leave those office supplies Rick gave us. I don't really have room for them in my car now. I will be picking up Phyllis F. and Bob A. in the morning.

Rick and Carmen have gone back to Alabama to have Thanksgiving with their boys and won't be at church tomorrow.  

So,.more later...

I read some of the afternoon and went to Walmart to buy my groceries too. I spent over $46.00 there. I stopped at Braum's and got my yogurt. Then I came home and organized my cookbooks so they would be handier to use. 

I lay down with Missy for awhile too. Then Bob came over and watched TV. he had been with his classmates some of the afternoon and appeared to be tired and left a little early. After he left, I took my bath and laid down with Missy and watched the weather channel until 9:00 when Missy and I went on to bed.  

Friday, November 17, 2017

Friday and Utopia and Cinnamon Roll Day

It was another night of little sleep. I awoke at 2:30, dozed off and on until 3:45 and finally just got up. It is almost 4:00 AM  now.  I began to think about the TV antenna Betty, my landlady, is planning to have installed for each of us in the fourplex. I don't know when she plans to have Curtis do that. She wanted me to be the test apartment. However,  I leave on November 29th for Florida and Ashley's college graduation.  Keith and Esther will be here on Wednesday the 22nd for Thanksgiving. They will be leaving on Saturday 25th for Wichita to catch their plane home.  So, Wednesday, the 29th, I leave for Florida. That's a small window of opportunity for that antenna to be installed.  She may have to wait until after December the 10th when I get home again. I'd better text her today about that.

I will go to exercise class today and then afterward, several of us will go to Utopia for cinnamon rolls and Utopiachinos.  First, I will need to go to the bank. I am nearly out of money.  I still have to buy the groceries for the Waldorf salad and corn casserole I take to Leslie's for Thanksgiving. I want to get some sausage or bacon for breakfast when Keith and Esther are here. I haven't cooked breakfast in ages...except for my oatmeal.

We will finish up the beef vegetable soup for lunch today. Bob bought some really good cheese that we eat with our crackers with that soup. I still have two cupcakes too for dessert.

We have a basket dinner at church on Sunday and an election of officers too. Vivian will be here for that. I will make a meatloaf for that dinner. I will need to put the frozen ground beef in the frig to thaw for that today too.  I will need stewed tomatoes for that meatloaf too. I will also take a green bean casserole so I will need a few more things... like those onion rings.  I think I have the cream of mushroom soup that goes in that casserole. I may forgo the coffeecake since I have to make up the meatloaf and the green bean casserole that morning.  I will need to check my recipes for anything else.

If we have any leftover meatloaf, we will have that for lunch on Monday with boiled potatoes and a veggie. Bob will bring a salad. I may make pudding for dessert.  We already have cookies to go with that.

More later....

Several of us did go to Utopia after exercises and I had a cinnamon roll and my Utopiachino. I brought the second one home and put it in the freezer for this evening.   We will have  a little later lunch.

At lunchtime, as usual, the soup was very good and I sent the one serving we had left home with Bob.

I spent the afternoon sweeping up leaves from the carport off and on. There's no keeping it clean as long as the leaves are falling.  But I am working at it. I do not want the mess tracked into the clean apartment.   I also started a new book on my kindle.

Bob came over to watch the news later in the day and we watched Brooks and Shields on PBS. We both enjoy their analysis of the weeks news. Bob left at 7:00. I took my bath and put my PJs on and watched TV with Missy and ate the Utopiachino while lying on the sofa. At 9:00 Missy and I went on to bed.

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Thursday and Barbeque at Dinks in Bartlesville

I didn't sleep much better last night. I awoke at 2:30 and laid there an hour trying to go back to sleep and finally got up at 3:30 again.I still don't feel much worse for the wear.

I got up and worked on trying to understand my new smartphone...Leslie got it for me for my birthday.  My birthday isn't until the 2nd of December but I will be gone then so she got it for me early. It has a very elementary book with it. I downloaded the entire manual off the internet onto my desktop computer  and read through some of the 100 pages of manual

I will clean this morning and afterward I may just have to experiment with the smartphone it to learn how to use it. Leslie says I have 30 days to decide if I like it or not. I don't think that will be a problem. :)

I got the kitchen and bathroom floors washed and clean and vacuumed the dining room before Bob came at 10:15 to pick me up. He wants to buy my lunch in exchange for all the meals I fix. I will let him, I guess. I will do the tip though.

We got to Bartlesville earlier then we needed to so we stopped at Hobby Lobby and went through their new store. It is very nice! It is completely a completely redecorated building!

After we ate lunch, which was excellent, we came on back to Coffeyville. He has a doctor's appointment at 2:30.

More later...

I swept the leaves off the car port for the umpteenth time  and then read most of the afternoon.

Bob came over about 5:00 to watch the news. We are still trying to figure out the source of his terrible cough so I printed off all the side effects of his meds and sent them home with him. We still don't know for sure. He left at 6:30 or so and I took my bath and put my PJs on and will lie down with Missy for awhile and watch  TV. At 9:00, we will both go to bed.

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Wednesday and Exercises Again

Bob is going to pick me up for exercise class this morning. I drove on Monday. I will also go to Asbury Village this afternoon and play Bunco.

I will put the soup back in the slow cooker to warm it up this morning while we are at exercise class.  Bob is going to get some sharp cheddar cheese and also bring some crackers.

As I was reading yesterday afternoon, I got up out of my chair to stand up and did not realize my right foot was asleep. That foot collapsed and I fell on the floor and it took a moment to recover and see if I was hurt. The right foot aches slightly and did all night but it doesn't appear to be sprained. wasn't even tingling so I wasn't aware it was asleep.

I awoke at 1:30 this morning and lay in bed for an hour and a half to try to get back to sleep. It didn't happen. I got up at 3:00 again. It's quarter after 3:00 now and too late to take Zzzquil. The diphenhydramine found in all sleep aids breaks through the brain barrier and can cause memory problems and even dementia. So I hesitate to take it. I have enough trouble with my memory already.

My younger son has the same problem trying to sleep. We just can't seem to turn off our minds. They have the move to think about and I have the trip to Florida to think about and the decision about what to do about my bladder problem.  I still can't decide. Gay's sister says the pessary she wore to support her bladder bothered her. It has to be removed every month and washed in soap and water and then reinserted.  And that sounds like a mess to deal with each month.

More later...

I have the soup in the slow cooker to warm up. Before I leave for exercise class, I will turn it down to "warm".

More even later...

The soup was very good! We will have it again on Friday.  Tomorrow we will go down to Dinks in Bartlesville and have Bar BQ.

Leslie contacted me on my way home from town and told me to drop by US Cellular and look at a smartphone she wants to get me for my birthday. I did that but they were too busy to help my before Bunco so I told them I would come back later.   

I will go on to Bunco at Asbury Village and maybe I will sleep better tonight.

After Bunco, I stopped by the US Cellular store again and picked up the phone. It is just the right size! It still fits into the outside pocket of my purse! It will take awhile for me to decipher the programs.  I will have to work at it. I am thrilled with the gift though! She asked me if I wanted an Amazon Alexis or a smartphone and I decided on the smartphone. I would like to have an Alexis but I wanted the smartphone worse.

When I got home, Bob came to do a couple of loads off laundry and watch the news. I worked on the smartphone..trying to figure it out. And after he left, I took my bath and after I put my PJs on, I laid down with Missy to watch Dateline. At 9:00, Missy and I went on to bed.

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Tuesday and Hair Day

I did not sleep well last night. I did not take Zzzquil either. I read in my Consumer's Report Health Newsletter that any sleep aid is not good for us. I tried to sleep without it last night and woke up at 2:00 AM again. I lay there in bed until 3:30 and finally just got up. I could see sleep was not going to happen. I have too much on my mind...the decision about my bladder problem, and the exciting fact that Keith and Esther are coming for Thanksgiving.

I will deliver the four cakes I have to the First Christian Church in Independence and after I get my hair done, I want to get my official ID today if at all possible. Bob will be at Betty's. I now have everything I need to get the ID. I will need to drop off those four new boxes at the First Baptist Church in Independence too. And I also want to go to to their Walmart to see if I can find those soup veggies and get a few more things that are on my list. We are having a basket dinner at lunch after church on Sunday and I want to make a meatloaf for that. I will need stewed tomatoes. I need dryer fabric softeners too and a few other things. My list is in the car. I had taken it to Country Mart yesterday.

Ok..I am rambling now....more later... 

I went up to the Driver's License Bureau after delivering the boxes and the cakes to get my official ID. I found that I had lost my social security card so wasn't able to get the ID. I did stop by the social security office and apply for a replacement though. I should have it in about five days.

We had a good lunch and afterward we went out to Walmart for me to get my groceries. The soup is on and after it cooks the twenty minutes after boiling for three minutes, I will put it in a Corning Ware dish and refrigerate it. I will warm it up in the morning for lunch. I already have the table set.

We will go to Dink's in Bartlesville on Thursday for barbecue.  Then we will have the soup again on Friday. I will ask Bob to bring crackers to go with it. I have cupcakes for dessert.

More even later...

I read the rest of the afternoon. Bob came over at 4:00  to watch the news. He left at 6:15 and I took my bath soon after and lay down with Missy on the sofa to watch TV. I was utterly exhausted and Missy and I went to bed at 8:00.

Monday, November 13, 2017

Monday and Exercises Again

This morning I will pick up Bob for exercise class.

Afterward I will drop by the post office and mail the little package I put together for Ginger's grandchild then come home and read until time to warm up our lunch. I don't have a plan for the afternoon.

I do need a few things from Walmart so I may do my shopping then or I may wait until tomorrow and do it in Independence. They have a Superstore and a lot more to choose from.

I ordered John's Christmas gift from QVC last night. It's a great tool and I hope he will be pleased. You never know about John.  I now have five of my Christmas gifts bought and when John's comes I will wrap it. The others are all wrapped. I still need to get Sage's and give it to Leslie to put in with her package for Sage. I will be home long before Christmas from my trip to Florida. I leave for Florida on the 29th and get home on December 10th. That's the Sunday the congregation has our Christmas dinner planned.   

Karan took a photo of our Samaritan Child project yesterday at church.

 Image may contain: 1 person, shoes and indoor
That's a lot of boxes for children in third world countries.

More later...

I baked and iced my cake after lunch. Then I went to get gas in my car. I also went to Country Mart hoping to find the frozen veggies for my soup...but they were out. Perhaps I will find them in Independence's Walmart tomorrow.

Rick came by after I had my bath and had my PJs on. I clicked open my car. He had another box for the Samaritan Child project. That kid is so nice! He and Carmen have done four boxes now. That gives us a total of 64. For a small congregation, that's a lot!

Missy and I laid down together on the sofa and watched Antique Roadshow TV until I fell asleep. I missed the entire first hour of the show. I watched the second hour and then we went to bed at 9:00. 

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Sunday and Church

I went to bed last night at 8:00 because I was simply exhausted.

I woke up at 11:00 and went to the bathroom and took my thyroid pill and then came back to bed. I simply cold not get back to sleep and  so I got back up and took some Zzzquil. That got me back to sleep until 5:00. Then I got myself ready for the day and fed Missy and myself.

I notice Missy has learned to jump up onto my office chair and then onto the daybed. She has begun to get pretty fragile. She sleeps even more then she used to when she was younger. She also misses the litter box and wets on the bathroom bathmat I put under her litter box. I had washed both the mats and just set the litter box on the bare floor and she wet on the floor. So I had to wash the floor this time. Both the mats were in the dryer. She had wet on both of them yesterday and overnight.

I have left a note on the windshield of the Simmons' car again inviting them to church this morning.  Rick says he collects those and keeps them. :) They have only missed church twice since they began coming over two months ago. Once Rick was sick and the second time, they threw a birthday party for one of Rick's truckers.  They are really nice kids.

More later...

I have done some laundry this morning and also dusted the apartment and hung some photos on the bedroom wall. I have a wall of photos of my kinds and their children.

Bob will be by to pick me up in about 40 minutes for church. Phyllis and I and Bob take turns driving. It's about ten miles out to church and then another 16 miles to "Just Us" restaurant at Cherryvale.

When I get home from church I will do the newsletters  and then I am not sure what I will do.

More even later...

Rick and Carmen came to church again and when they learned that we had done the Samaritan Child project last Wednesday evening, they wanted to add to it. We already had 60 boxes but they packed four more and I will drop them by the First Baptist  Church in Independence tomorrow after I get my hair done. For a small congregation, I think we did very well.

When we went to lunch, we decided to go to Great China instead of "Just Us". It was, as usual, very good.  I brought some home and will eat it later.

We will have our leftover roast beef tomorrow for lunch. I have potatoes and carrots in there too. Bob will bring a salad.

I did my newsletter and sent it off and sent one to Billie Jo by snail mail.

I read all afternoon and finished my book. Later, about 5:00, Bob came over to watch the news and 60 Minutes. Howard called and invited me to return to the Living the Questions group but I declined. I have gone 14 years and we were just repeating old material. I need to move on.

After Bob left, I laid down with Missy on the sofa and promptly fell asleep. Then when I woke up she and I both went to bed. 

Missy and I went to bed at 9:00.