Saturday, May 9, 2020

Saturday and a Cool Morning

I slept very well last night. I did have a small problem though at bedtime. When I took out my contacts yesterday, I discovered the left one was torn so I used my last left eye contact yesterday. When I went to take out the new one last night. It clung to my eye and I was afraid I was going to tear it to get it out. Finally after trying about ten times, I put some drops in my eye and was able to get it out in one piece. What a mess.

But I did sleep well and didn't wake up until nearly 6:00AM this morning. I dressed and had my breakfast and fed three of the cats. Mama cat was here for her breakfast later after I got the food set out for the two yellow cats. She was determined to come into the apartment and I was just as determined to keep her out. We had a war over it. Finally she gave up and went away and I was able to bring the food back in so the birds wouldn't eat it. Darn birds!!!

I put that sheet I covered the flowerbed with in the wash this morning. It was damp and a little dirty too where the plaques I had used to hold it in place had laid on it. I need to put it in the dryer now. It has finished washing.

More later....

I hope it came clean alright. It had been torn when Missy, my cat, was alive. She scratched it with her claws one time and it tore but I had mended it by hand and was using it from time to time.  It came in handy to protect the flowerbed from the frost last night. The plants look fine this morning and I watered them

I have watched TV and the news all morning between eating and cleaning the dishes up and feeding the cats. At 10:00AM "Lucky Dog" will be on CBS and that is just ten minutes away. I always like to watch that program on Saturday mornings and sometimes I just record it if I am not going to be home or am busy cleaning or something else.

I have hung the hanging plant back out in the sunshine out front and set the one without a hook now out on the glass topped table on the back brick patio and I watered both of them. They had been indoors all night for their protection from the frost.

More later....

I folded up the sheet I had washed and dried and put it away until the next time it's needed. It came clean. 

One of the yellow cats came to eat and after he/she left I put up the cat food again and I got my trimmers and went out to the Bradford Pear trees in my yard and cut away the suckers that were growing up around their bases. Then I cut the pieces up smaller and put them all in my black yard bag. For me that was a big job and I am tired now. All that bending....

For lunch, I think I will go out to Sonic and have the Wacky Pack chicken strip dinner again.I am tired of the frozen meals from my freezer. It's only 11:05AM so I have some time to think about it and wait until lunch time.

More later..

I did go out to get that Wacky Pack  chicken dinner with french fries with a tiny coke. Then late rin the afternoon I ate the chocolates that came with my flowers from Leslie and John for Mother's Day. I was wondering how long I had had my 2008 Honda Civic and so I looked it up on this computer. I bought it September 24th 2013. I didn't realize I had had it that many years. That is 7 years. And it was 5 years old when I bought it. Wow! I do need to clean the carpet again when it gets warmer.I generally clean it every spring.

It is 7:15PM now and I have only fed one cat this evening Now I want to take a bath though so I will put this computer away and go take my bath. I had better put the cat food away though or the birds will get it.

More later...

I took my bath at 7:30PM and got ready for bed. I will watch some TV for awhile and go to bed at 9:00PM. It's almost 8:00PM now.

Friday, May 8, 2020

Friday and Windy and Damp

I slept pretty well last night. My arm wasn't near bad as usual. I didn't even have to put it on a pillow. In the middle of the night the toes on my right foot began aching. First I took the sock off and later got up and took a couple of Hyland pills for  leg cramps and in a little while I was able to get back to sleep.

I got up shortly after 5:00AM. I had my breakfast of oatmeal and juice and of course, coffee. Then I opened the front door to scruffy cat waiting for his/her breakfast. I had to take it out through the garage to keep him/her out of the apartment. Then one of the yellow cats came too and both of them finished their breakfast in record time and left.

I had to put my last left contact in my left eye this morning. The one I took out last night was torn.  I will have to find another optometrist as soon as this mess is over.  The right contact is holding up o.k.

I will do some cleaning today. I never did get to it yesterday. I don't know whether Suzanne will come this morning or not. She had planned to until she invited me for lunch on Sunday. I will just wait and see. I will start my cleaning after awhile and if she comes, I will interrupt it. I want to get the bare floors done today at least.

I just got settled down when mama cat came wanting her breakfast. I had to take it out through the garage and even then she rubbed against my legs all the way to the front door. She kept wanting me to set down the bowls so she could eat and even made me spill the double dish. I just left the mess until she is finished and gone and then I will go out and clean it up. Then when I started back to the garage door she left her food and rubbed against my legs all the way to the garage door. She finally came back around to the front to eat.

I came on back in then.  Now she has finished and gone. Maybe I can get that mess cleaned up now.

She left but when I went out to clean up that mess, she rushed back. She was determined to come in but after I got the mess cleaned up, with her rubbing against me all the time, I finally got her distracted enough to get back in but I had to push her away with my foot or she would have come in. She's out there eating more now. As long as she is there the birds will stay away at least..

More later...

I removed the sleeve around the flowers as instructed. and added the box of candy that came with them. Yum!  Neat little card too. Leslie and John sent those yesterday.

 Image may contain: flower, plant and nature

Aren't they beautiful and spring like?? (that candy is awfully good too.)

As soon as the CBS news is off, I will begin my cleaning with the bare floors,

I got both bare floors cleaned and next I will run the vacuum cleaner in the bedroom, living room and den. I might get to the dining room as well.

Right now I want to finish watching the CBS news.

I watched the CBS news and then had my lunch.  I went to the post office to mail a birthday card to Ashley. Her birthday is the 10th.

Then I came on back home and did a load of laundry....mostly underwear and towels. It's in the dryer now.  I also watered my baskets of flowers. One hangs on the hook out front and the other sets on a glass topped table on the patio, I hope the wind doesn't damage them. I watered both of them morning and evening,

Now I am planning on vacuuming. So, more later...

I got the living room, bedroom and hall vacuumed and am very tired.  I will try to get to the dining room and den tomorrow.

I was printing off some Daily Bread devotionals for those of our congregation without online computers and ran out of black ink and envelopes. I had to go buy some ink cartridges and some more envelopes. Hopefully that will hold me for awhile. I emptied the dryer too and put away the clothes and towels in there.

More later...

I took an old sheet and covered my flowerbed. We are forecast for a frost and I just spent almost $35.00 on  those flowers for my flowerbed.

I watched TV until 7:00PM  when I took my bath. Then I read my kindle book until 9:00PM when I went on to bed.

Thursday, May 7, 2020

Thursday and Cleaning

I slept fairly well last night but when I woke up at 5:00AM, my arm was terribly sore. I got up and made the bed and got myself ready for the day. When I fixed my oatmeal and coffee I opened the front door to find two yellow cats...neither was Big Tom. I set out three bowls of food for them figuring one of the gray cats or Big Yellow Tom would come along but instead the birds started gathering. I will bring the food back in until another cat comes to eat..

I will need to get milk today. I barely had enough for my oatmeal.

I will try to vacuum today. It depends on how sore my arm is. I trimmed yesterday evening and I think that is what made it sore last night. Of course, I usually vacuum with my left arm and just hold the cord with my right arm.

I will play it by ear.

More later...

I have watered both plants and will need to water the flower bed unless the rain comes as predicted.  I am not too confident of the weather forecasts anymore. They seem to miss as often as they hit the forecast.

I think I have one more Kindle book to read. And then I am not sure what I will do. The library will open Monday but only for curbside service.  I always have to browse the shelves to learn what I want to read so I may just have to just continue ordering from Amazon for reading material.

As soon as Dollar General opens I will need to go buy some milk and cranberry grape juice.

I finally got my Montgomery County Chronicle  this morning. I had to remind them to send it though.

More later...

 Image may contain: plant, flower and indoor

I got this lovely bouquet from Leslie and John for Mother's Day.! Thank you kids for that beautiful bouquet! I am to leave that sleeve on it for 12 hours.

I had thought I might pick up an  Amish Pie and take it out to Leslie and John's Sunday for a dessert but she reminded me she is on call this weekend. I had forgotten.

Suzanne ,my landlady, is coming by tomorrow and we will go out to Sonic and have a drink and visit. I sent her a photo of the flowers Leslie and John sent me for Mother's Day. She asked me if I would be going to their place for dinner on Sunday and I told her Leslie was on call on Sunday so I just suggested I come out with a pie and we have dessert.  But when she is on call, she never knows when she will be called out. So that would not be possible. I told her I would be fine.

She called me back and asked me to join them for dinner on Sunday. I told her she would have her family and I would be fine. But she insisted. She even said she was going to Bartlesville to pick up ribs at 11:00AM and she would pick me up. I offered to bring a pie or two and she said I should just come myself. How sweet of her! She was so sincere that I finally agreed.

They found that little two year old boy.... finally..and alive. He had wandered off yesterday and was two miles away from his home. He was gone all night and dozens of police and people were looking for him...even a helicopter. Two men on horseback..a man and his son, found him wandering around two miles away from his home in some timber. He had nothing on but a diaper and was cold but otherwise just fine. That was some happy family!!

I was so afraid someone had seen him out there in just a diaper alone in his front yard and had picked him up and taken him... but he evidently just wandered off. He was otherwise fine.  That mother needs to keep an eye on her two year old.

More later..the news is on..

The little scruffy gray cat came for dinner...rain or no rain. I set the dish up next to the door out of the rain. He/she is eating now and staying dry. Little scruffy gray didn't like the thunder and ran off to find shelter but the small yellow cat is out there eating now.  It's really starting to rain now so she/he left to find shelter too.

It's time for CBS news now at 5:30PM so I will get back to this later...we are under storm warnings until 6:30PM.

Trump's personal valet has contacted the virus.  Trump may have to be guaranteed for awhile.

More later...

I went to take my bath at 7:00PM and afterward put my robe on and came in to watch "The Big Bang Theory" and there was mama cat wanting to be fed. As usual, when I opened the door she was about to come in so I opened the garage door instead. This time I didn't fool her though. I made it out the front door just as she came running back.I got the door closed just in time. Then when I was going to come back in, I had to go back through the garage. She walked me all the way to the garage before going back to eat. And she rubbed against my legs all the way to the garage. Now she ate and is gone and one of the yellow cats is eating from her bowl now.  I think it is Big Yellow Tom.

After this is over I will stay up and read until 9:00PM, when I will go on to bed.

Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Wednesday and No Particular Plan

I slept pretty well after I finally got to sleep. I woke up a couple of times with my right arm very sore. Finally in the middle of the night I took a couple of Aleve. Then after they took effect, I slept well until 4:35AM or so. I finally got up about 5:00AM, dressed and got myself ready for the day.

I fixed my oatmeal and coffee for breakfast and then opened the front door to see how many cats I had out there waiting for breakfast, It looks like three, one scruffy gray and two yellow cats.They dug right in. and I believe the are gone now. No, I was wrong. The Big Yellow Tom is still eating out there. He has a voracious appetite.

I texted my daughter, Leslie, last night to see if she was watching John Hamer's class on Exodus. She had worked all day staining their deck. She just came in to have some supper. That woman always has something going. She and John never seem to have a free moment. Between the cows and the dogs and his personal business, he too stays busy.

Suzanne texted me yesterday to see if I wanted her to pick up groceries for me today at the food pantry. I can use some fruit if they have that but I don't do much cooking anymore. Usually I just fix some cornbread and beans from time to time and freeze part of them. It's hard to cook for one. I will share anything I can't use with Pablo and Kylie, my next door neighbors. Last week I gave them potatoes, onions, plums, blueberries, tomatoes and  lettuce. I kept the bananas and some of the apples.

I see Montgomery County has 20 people with the virus now, six of them are from out of Montgomery County but only two have died still...those two are the original two. The woman had attended a conference of her church in Kansas City. She got the virus there and brought it home to her husband and they both died of it. That was months ago.

More later..I am going to watch the weather on the 8's and the news.

About 7:30AM I went out to weed the flower bed. When I came back in the living room I saw that mama cat was waiting by the front door for her food. She always crowds the door, like she wants to come in so I went out and opened the garage door. She ran around there to walk with me as I go to the front door to set the bowl down.  But I then went out the front door and tried to set down the bowl. She ran back around and crowded me and rubbed against my legs.

I had a time trying to set that cat bowl down and then when I tried to get back in the door I couldn't get back in the front door without her coming in too so I went back to the garage door . She walked around there with me, rubbing against my legs all the way. I had to be very careful not to step on her and also careful she didn't trip me. After I got to the garage and began to shut the door down, she finally went back to the front door and began to eat her food.  She's the only one that does that.

When I was out there weeding, I saw that Pablo had taken down that little tree that was growing into the foundation. He planned to pour poison into the roots so it wouldn't come back up again.

More later...

I went downtown and bought another hanging plant...not so large. The large one I had broke the hook/hanger. I had to just set it on a glass topped table in my backyard next to my yard chair.

I got a smaller one for the front yard hook.  Hopefully it won't break too. I have never had that happen before.

Here is the new plant hanging on the front yard hook.

 Image may contain: plant and flower

It is pretty and not so large and heavy.

Here is the photo of the one that broke the hook on the pot.

Image may contain: plant, flower, table, outdoor and nature

 I hope it will live if I water it twice a day. That's a lot of sun!

Watching Channel 6 News...Oklahoma has 4201 confirmed cases of the coronavirus and 253 deaths. Kansas has 5645 confirmed cases with 160 deaths.

More later....

I got my trimmer out and began  my trimming and the battery went down so I have it on the charger now. I may have to trim tomorrow. It depends on how long it takes it to recharge .

I had a letter to mail so I walked the five blocks up to the post office and back. I need to do that more often.  Twice a week would be better then not at all.

It's 2:20PM now and I finished my latest book, "All That's Wrong With the Bible". Very interesting. The author goes through the Bible and points out all the contradictions found in it. I don't have a problem with that because I do not believe it is inerrant.  It has lots of problems but they are the problems of men..either the ones who recorded the events initially or the ones who spent centuries copying it before the printing press was invented. Nothing written in the New Testament was written for at least 60 years after Jesus was crucified.  Those accounts came from the oral accounts of those who knew someone who knew someone who told them the story.

Anyone who has ever played the game gossip  knows how reliable that is.

And there are no original manuscripts...just thousands of copies...some just scraps and none of which are exactly alike.

It's nearly 3:00PM now and I guess I will go sit in the sunshine awhile..while we have sunshine. I can use the vitamin C . I will come back in in time for the news.

I came back in for the news. I watched a couple of programs I had recorded before taking my bath and then at 9:00PM, I went on to bed.

Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Tuesday and No Storm

The weather forecasters are having a terrible time forecasting our weather. We were supposed to get a terrible storm yesterday complete with hail.  It went north, south, and east of us and we never even had any rain...let alone hail. It was a beautiful day here!

When I opened the door this morning I had four cats waiting for their breakfast There were three yellow cats and one scruffy gray cat. I took out three bowls   initially but later added another one. They all ate quickly and left.

I had my oatmeal and coffee and will soon fix my Chai Latte.

Scott called this morning on his way to work. They had a terrible storm in Gallatin..near Nashville...where they live. They even lost their electricity thanks to a neighbor's tree that fell on the road, blocking it, and also across the power lines. They had to use another elderly neighbor's pasture road to get out to go to work. Ginger is teaching a reality class now and has to go in to the college. Scott is supervisor over security and has to go in too.

I will putter today and get the dusting done and finally vacuum the dining room. Krystal's daughter will mow tomorrow afternoon. I will need to get some money to pay for the mowing.

My next door neighbor here in the duplex took down a tree in his back yard yesterday. It was full of web worms and the branches were too low to mow under.  He and a friend worked all afternoon on that project. My neighbor to the south is putting new siding on his house and that is a vast improvement. I wish my neighbor across the street to the north would do something with his. It's a mess.

More later....

Mama cat showed up for food and tried to come in the apartment as I tried to go out with the food. I had to really push her away to keep her outside. She was very excited to have two bowls of of them the double sided dish. She couldn't decide which to eat from. She ran from one to the other. She always eats facing the street, tail against the door, so she can see if any other cat is going to challenge her for the food. She is eating as though she hasn't eaten in days.

 No photo description available.

Mama cat would like to come in.

More later...

Image may contain: cat

She is determined to come in. It won't happen.

I went to the bank to get some cash and while I was out, I washed my car.It needed it. There were lots of bugs on it.. I went by Dollar General and bought more cat food too.

Suzanne called. She will pick up produce for me tomorrow between 3:00PM and 6:00PM. I will keep what I can use and offer the rest to Pablo, my neighbor.

I pulled the mower out and gassed it up and swept it off and also put the clipping bag out on the drive and the trash container too. This week I will have to trim. I didn't trim last week. It didn't need it. It does this week.

More later...

One of the girls came and mowed this afternoon  and she did a good job. Her mom came with her. I changed the mowing day to today since it had not rained last night. 

Some of the cats came for an early dinner this evening Two yellows and one gray.

I read the rest of the afternoon until the news came on It's 8:10PM now and I just finished watching John Hamer's study of Exodus. He did a good job. John is pastor of the Toronto Canada Community of Christ congregation. He and Michael were the financial officers of the Restoration Studies Workshops I used to attend in Independence Missouri several years back..

Now I will go watch some TV until 9:00PM when I will go to bed. I had my bath earlier.

Monday, May 4, 2020

Monday and Laundry

I got involved in my latest book last night and stayed up until after 11:00PM to finish it. It was called "The End of October". It too was about an influenza pandemic. One thing I have learned from these two well researched books is that these influenza pandemics almost always have a second run after the first ones clear up. Sometimes there is even a third.

But I slept very well and only woke up once in the night. I have had my oatmeal and both my coffee and Chai Latte. I ate ice cream last evening. I got a pint of it at Dollar General.

I stripped my bed this morning and remade it with clean sheets and have my dirty sheets and towels in the laundry. I need to put that laundry in the dryer now.

O.K. That's done now. It will be a while until they get dry since it was a large load.

I had four cats here for their breakfast this morning. I had to dig out another bowl for number four.  There were three yellow cats and gray mama cat. They are all full and gone now. I should bring in the bowls or the birds will be into what is left in those bowls.  Some of the other gray cats may show up before the storm starts so I will be prepared to put some of it back out.

Those cats really cleaned up those three smaller bowls and made a dent in the double bowl too.

The daughter of Krystal just mowed on Wednesday and already the yard could use mowing again. But we have those big storms forecast for today. I will wait until the "Weather on the 8's" on the weather channel to find out when I can get her to mow again. It looks like another Wednesday. will be the best chance. I just texted Krystal so maybe I can schedule it on the calendar sometime this morning as soon as I hear from her.

More later...

Krystal  texted me back and said her daughter would mow for me on Wednesday. I will put that on my calendar. It's supposed to rain and storm this afternoon but tomorrow is supposed to be o.k. and hopefully the yard will be dry enough to mow by Wednesday.

I watched the CBS news until it went off and then changed to the weather channel again.

I folded out the sheets and stuff in the dryer and put most of it away. Some is just damp and I left that on top of the dryer until it completely dries.

I spent the afternoon watching programs I had recorded.  It's 4:20PM now. At 5:30PM, I will watch the CBS news. In the meantime, I will put away the dry clothes I left on the dryer to dry.

At 7:00PM I will take my bath and probably stay up until 10:00PM so I can watch  "Bull" which is on at 9:00PM.

Sunday, May 3, 2020

Sunday and Online Church

I slept fairly well last night. When I went to bed it was 80 degrees in the apartment. So I turned on the air conditioning and turned it down to 72 degrees  That cooled it right down and I slept well after that. My arm ached but I laid it on a pillow and held it with my left hand where the pain was and that seemed to help.

I took a shower this morning and washed my hair. I then blew it dry. It feels and looks a lot better now.  It was itchy and needed washing. It has been years since I have washed it myself. It is so short that it worked out o.k though.

I had three cats waiting for their breakfast this morning. There were two yellow ones and one gray one. I took out all three bowls and they ate like it had been a long time since they had eaten.

I never did get the dining room vacuumed yesterday. I trimmed my hedge instead and then I had a large mess to sweep up and bag up. I was very tired when I finished that. I did get the den vacuumed. Today I also need to dust. Tomorrow I will strip my bed and wash my sheets and towels.

This morning at 11:00AM I will watch the Toronto, Canada, online service.  My daughter is going to do the "Call to Worship" for that Zoom. It's amazing what technology can do anymore. Today, as the first Sunday of the month, it is the day we take communion. I will put out my grape juice and bread for that.

Then this evening at 7:00PM, I will watch the service provided by Zoom of our own Mission Center out of Springfield, Missouri.  I still don't have my mic and camera yet that I ordered from Amazon. It is supposed to be here by the middle of May. The camera I have is old and the image is blurry. I tried to polish it with a Q Tip but that didn't do anything to help.

More later...I need to get my Chai Latte.

Mama cat is here now and also scruffy gray cat is also here. I took two bowls out for them. Scruffy ate fast and left but mama cat is still eating. She eats with her back against the door so she can see if some other cat is going to come and challenge her for the food in the double dish. All the other cats eat with their backs toward the street. Also, when I open the door she tries to come in and the others always scatter a bit when I take the food out. From these characteristics I can tell her from the other gray cats. She is still eating. She hasn't been around here for awhile...ever since that terrible fight she got into with Big Yellow Tom some weeks ago.

The wind is coming up and we are under a severe thunderstorm warning.  Finally mama cat left. I should get the food back in the apartment before the birds start on it.

I got that done and even swept off  the little porch area and front walk. We're still under a severe thunderstorm warning but so far there's not much going on...not even rain.....just a light breeze.

More later...

It appears, looking at the map, that today's storm has gone north of us.  I hope it stays there. I understand we have another coming tomorow.

My beautician texted me this afternoon to change my appointment until the 20th of May at 9:00AM. It seems the rules on such things have changed again.

Two different yellow cats came for supper and the gray mama cat also showed up. I fed them all before the service this evening.

Then I read until time to watch the evening service of our Mission Center at 7:00PM. It was alright. The best part of it, though, was Bill Garwood's sermon although it was also good to see on Zoom those of our Mission Center that we haven't been able to see since all this mess with the coronavirus began.

Now it's time for my bath and for me to get ready to go to bed in an hour from now at 9:00PM.