Saturday, March 1, 2014

Saturday Breakfast

Bob and I met Bobby at Eggberts for breakfast this morning.  Afterward I went to Country Mart to get a few groceries. I also bought a Coffeyville Journal. I read that and took it over to Bob's apartment so he could read it too. I then cut up the Velveeta cheese for the casserole dish I am going to fix for lunch. .Bob will bring a salad. I still have lemon pudding fixed for dessert and will also fix a veggie.  I bought eggs for Tuesday's cakes. I also bought dishwasher detergent and another cake mix (Duncan Hines were on sale) and another covered cake pan.

I stripped my bed and did a load of colored laundry and then remade my bed. Missy was resting on the bed coverlet that I had piled on top of the cedar chest.  She had to get down so I could finish making the bed.  She was not happy about that. That cat amuses me. She is so expressive. I let her outside briefly this morning and then realized it was 34 degrees out there so tried to get her to come back in. She hissed and spit at me (her usual response to anything that is not her idea) and would not come in. In a couple of minutes (when it became her idea) she came back in the house. It was just too cold for her old bones. I think she has arthritis  because she sometimes cries out when she lies down and when she gets up. 

I will probably clean this morning and run the vacuum too. It's been a week since that has been done.  This evening I will just watch TV since the storm is supposed to move in at 6:00 or thereabouts.  I doubt we will have church if the storm hits. Our parking lot would be full of ice and snow and our congregation comes in from four different communities and many are elderly and will not want to chance the weather. Leslie will probably wait until morning to make that decision.  Then we will begin calling folks to cancel..

The picture changed this afternoon. After dinner  I made oatmeal chocolate chip cookies with walnuts. So I didn't clean but I did wash my sheets and a load of colored clothes.  I am still waiting for the storm to arrive.  It was supposed to have started by 6:00 PM tonight but it's 9:00 PM now and still no storm.

Bob came over this evening and we had a small glass of wine and some of the cookies. I sent him home with some of them. He left about 8:00 and I took a shower and washed my hair.  I missed my Friday hair appointment and cancelled it because of the freezing rain pellets forecast that never arrived.

Oh yes...they did cancel church.

Friday, February 28, 2014

Friday Again

We went to exercise class this morning and afterward I came home to later fix dinner. I also did some laundry.

We invited Bobby to come eat the goulash, veggies and coleslaw with us. Karan had gone to Kansas City to see her daughter.

Later we ate our dinner and then I rested and read my new Consumer Reports magazine while I did that.  Later I got up and cooked my chicken breasts for tomorrow's dinner.  I am going to make a new Mexican casserole with it for tomorrow.  Bob will bring a salad, we will have a veggie and some more lemon pudding.

I read in my other new book on my Kindle this afternoon.  It's the new book by Bishop Spong.

I read the paper when it came and Bob came over to watch The Big Bang Theory with me after 6:00.

We are forecast for freezing rain and snow tomorrow evening. We may not have church Sunday morning if we get that ice and snow.

We will have our usual breakfast in the morning at 7:00 AM at Eggberts.

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Busy Thursday

This morning after Bob gets back from his Lion's Club meeting we will go to Bartlesville so I can get the oil changed on my car. Afterward we will go eat at Dink's Bar B Q. It's been awhile since we've eaten there. We have eaten at McCalister's the past two times we've been in Bartlesville.

I may check over to the Christopher and Banks store to see if they have a top to match the jeans I have on. They are rust colored and a paisley shirt is all I have to wear with them.

Missy wants to go out this morning but it's 18 degrees out there and she would want to come right back in.  So I'm not going to open the door.

I slept fitfully last night. I don't know why. Nothing hurt any worse then usual and I can usually sleep right through it most nights. I have gotten used to the aches.

I finished my book yesterday. It was "History of the Conflict Between Religion and Science".  I found it very interesting although it took me a long time to get through it .  I am starting a new book today by John Shelby Spong. It is called "Eternal Life - A New Vision".  I have read several of Spong's books. This one was a birthday gift from a friend of mine. He has a Kindle too and can buy Kindle books for gifts for me and send them straight to my Kindle.

More later....

I got the oil changed on my car and the five point check up too and then Bob and I walked around the mall until time for lunch. Then we went to Dink's and ate lunch. We each brought food home for later. They serve so much!

Then we came back home and I read awhile after watching my afternoon TV show.  Now I have attempted to work on this blog from my laptop only to find since I had changed the password on the desktop, the option to use the laptop is no longer open and there is no "sign in" option on the blog on the laptop either. Always something with computers. I did have the opportunity after making a comment on one other blog to sign in there and I did. Now I am back on the laptop computer.

Well the newspaper will be here shortly and I will read i and work the crossword puzzle and then take it over to Bob's house. .

More later...

Well, the paper came and I read it although there wasn't much in it.  Our two papers are just wasting away. The Coffeyville Journal comes out twice a week and the Independence Reporter is a five day a week paper. The Montgomery County Chronicle, a weekly, is the best paper. It has a lot more local news and local commentary.

Bob came over this evening and we watched the new Big Bang Theory at 7:00. I want to stay up until 9:00 if possible and it's only 8:00  right now. Bob just went home. I just took my bath, put my pjs on and put lotion on my feet.   Now I'm ready to go to bed when the time comes.

We are forecast for freezing rain after midnight. If it does that, I will cancel my hair appointment in the morning at 7:00 AM. I would have to leave here by 6:15 to be on time and it's still dark then. .

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Wednesday Exercise Class

We have our exercise class again today. Afterward I will fix our chicken tenders, mashed potatoes and gravy  and green beans for our lunch/dinner. Bob will bring his coleslaw again. I also have that lemon pudding in the frig for dessert.

Tomorrow I take my car down to Bartlesville to the Honda agency at 10:15 to have the oil changed, etc. I will be interested to see what they have to say about it. I printed off a $9.95 coupon from their site on the internet.  That beats the $34.00 I used to pay at Fast Lube.  Plus they will check it over carefully.  It is a 2008 Civic and only has 51,000 miles on it.  It is very clean and I try to keep it that way.  After the service on the car, Bob and I will eat lunch at Dink's Bar B Q.

I am due to have the Living the Questions group next. I think it will be March 9th at 7:00 PM. We will not eat dinner here. I simply do not have the room to feed ten people here in this small apartment.  I found three more DVD's on the Faith and Reason website yesterday. That gives me some access to some more material when we finish this one we're watching now.

More later... 

Bob came over this evening and we had a small glass of wine and watched several episodes of The Big Bang Theory. I was going to watch Nature and Nova on TV but I read the reviews of the programs and Nature was a new program but did not seem interesting to me. Nova was a rerun I had seen. So we just switched channels and watched more Big Bang Theory.  He went home about 8:00 and I took my bath and went to bed soon after.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Lunch With Daughter

Today I had my hair done and then afterwards I shopped at the Independence Wal Mart for my groceries. Then I met my daughter for lunch at Big Cheese. I didn't know if she would be free for lunch since she was the only case manager there today.  But she thought she might be able to get away and she did. We had a good visit.

I came home afterwards and got wine for tonight and also milk for dinner tomorrow. The dinner I was going to fix today will be tomorrow's dinner.  Bob was on his own today. He is gone now so I don't know what he did for dinner. He may have eaten out.

I rested some this afternoon after I got home from Independence.  I slept better last night.  I awoke several times but was able to get back to sleep.

More later....

Bob came over about 6:00 and we watched The Big Bang Theory until time for PBS's American Experience.  It was about the pedifile scandal of the Catholic Church. It was a very interesting investigation. 

He went home about 9:15 and just couldn't keep his eyes open to view the entire program.

Monday, February 24, 2014

Monday Again

How the weeks fly by!

I did not sleep well last night. I ate too much food at the Living the Questions group at Bobby and Karan's.

Everyone seemed to enjoy the new DVD "Painting the Stars". 

"Celebrating the communion of science and faith, Painting the Stars explores the promise of evolutionary Christian spirituality. Featuring over a dozen leading theologians and progressive thinkers, the seven-session program includes a downloadable/printable participant reader (written by evolutionary theologian Bruce Sanguin) and a facilitator guide with discussion questions. The basic format for each 1-1 1/2 hour session includes conversation around the readings, a 20-minute video presentation and guided discussion."
I am not used to eating in the evening.  Even though we just had a bowl of chili for lunch at Brahms, I still do not sleep well with a full stomach.

Anyhow, I got up at 4:55. I put my makeup on and got dressed. Missy flew by me to the frig to get her cat treats and also a fresh bowl of cat food. She had nearly eaten it all.

I fixed myself a cup of warmed up coffee and a bowl of oatmeal. Now I need to take my blood pressure med.  I forgot it. One med I take on an empty stomach and the other after breakfast.  I can't keep track of this stuff. I'm not used to taking any meds. I lived over 75 years without meds.

Today we will take in the exercise class and then I will fix goulash and green beans for lunch/dinner. Bob will bring coleslaw. I will fix some more pudding for dessert.  We are out of cookies. Sometime this week I need to bake cookies.

Thursday I take my car in to the Honda agency in Bartlesville for an oil change...the first since I bought it.   Bob will go with me and we will eat at Dink's Bar B Q afterward. It's been awhile since we've been to Dink's.

I preside at church on Sunday and I need to go out to church sometime this week and get the communion table set up and also set up a worship center.

If it would just warm up I would rake again and finish bagging up another eight or ten bags of leaves. It will be interesting to see what Merrill has to say when he sees the fourteen bags out there now.  He should have mowed and mulched them like his dad did before he had to give up the mowing.

But this is supposed to be another cold week.  The warm week was last week but the only calm day was Friday. . Otherwise the wind blew furiously. In fact, on Saturday I had to fetch five of  the bags from the neighbor's yards.  The wind blew them down there ...twice.

I finally got my bathroom and kitchen floors cleaned and washed! I've put that off for two weeks. I've cleaned them but hadn't washed them. Now they are cleaner.

After lunch I helped Bob bag up another two bags of leaves. Then I came in to rest before going back out to finish my own job.  At 2:00, when I went back out, it had turned cold and I couldn't do it.

I looked out the window a bit ago and my landlord's son, Merrill, was out there finishing the job between our apartments where Bob and I worked after lunch. I hope he finishes mine on the east side of my apartment too. The leaves have piled up two feet deep around my air conditioning unit. If he doesn't get that mess out of there, I will not be able to turn on my air conditioner. If he doesn't get those leaves hauled off, the next warm day, I will have to finish the job myself.

Well, he left those I will have to  bag them up myself as soon as the warm weather returns. Bah Humbug!

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Sunday Again

By the way, this photo is one I took at Cheyenne's second birthday party at Big Cheese week before last . That funny woman is my daughter, Leslie. Cheyenne sits next to her and John, my son-in-law is on the other side of Cheyenne.  You can just barely see Maia across from John.  These are some of my great granddaughters. I have two more in Houston, Texas from granddaughter, Sara, and her husband Kevin, two from granddaughter, Christina, and Kyle, her husband  in Washington. These are two of Jeromy's daughters and he has another, Sage, who lives in Manhattan, Kansas.  Sage is the one that goes to church camp with Leslie and me in July.  So I have seven great granddaughters in all. (no boys)

It's another Sunday and I will be going to church school and church this morning.  Bill, our discussion facilitator, had knee surgery last week so he will not be there and I will facilitate the class in his absence.

Next Sunday, for our communion service, I will preside. I already have the bulletin ready to be printed.  I like to be prepared early.

Remember, those fourteen bags of leaves I raked and bagged yesterday?  They have blown all the way down to Maureen's apartment. They were strewed everywhere and it's 31 degrees out there.  I went out and rounded them up and brought them back to the back of my apartment but with a twenty five mile an hour wind, they may not stay there. I may be retrieving them again after church. What a mess. Thank goodness the tops were tied. The leaves are still in the bags.

I slept well last night. I woke up at 2:00 AM but got right back to sleep.  I finally got up at 5:30 AM. That bed was so warm and nice and Missy was curled up right next to me too.

Today Bob and I will eat a bowl of chili at Brahms. We have a heavy meal this evening at Bobby and Karan's before the "Living the Questions" group meeting. She is serving homemade chicken and noodles and a dessert.  We are not supposed to take anything.

After church I will do my Sunday newsletters. I was going to help Bob rake his leaves but not if it is as cold as it is now. The wind will probably be 25 miles an hour then too.  He should have got it done yesterday. :)

More later....

I got my letters finished and took a two hour nap too. Then Bob came and we went to our Living the Questions group meeting.  We had nine there. Richard and Mona and their son did not show.  Becky brought her husband though. Everyone seemed to enjoy the DVD and a good discussion ensued afterward.