Friday, October 14, 2011

Friday at Last!

After I left work I picked up my brother-in-law and we went to Cherryvale to "Just Us", the great covered buffet, to have lunch. We had a good visit. I came home and finished reading the Reader's Digest. I will take it to him in the morning when we meet for breakfast. About 10:00 I will go visit Phyllis at the nursing home. She seems to be getting worse and worse. She does very little interaction anymore. Most of the time she just sits and sleeps.

Later I want to mow. My lawn looks unkept. The leaves have begun falling and I want to try to keep them mulched. Last year I bagged 13 bags of leaves and then the trash people did not want to pick them up. They said they had a limit of three bags. Raking leaves is a terrible job. I will try to just mulch them this year.

I replaced the bulb in my front porch light this afternoon too. It went out a couple of nights ago and I like to have the front lighted at night. Slinky takes care of the back. He wouldn't hurt a fly and probably wouldn't even know anyone was out back he's so half blind and deaf. But he looks intimidating.

I am watching the political situation. Rick Perry looks like another Bachmann and like he's related to that idiot who ran for McCain's vice president. He's full of silly statements that don't make a bit of sense. He's floundering. Now the new front runner, Herman Cain, is touting a nine, nine, nine tax solution. That would raise the middle class taxes by 38%. They don't have a viable candidate yet. If they can't come up with someone I can vote for, I will vote for the president again.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Thursday Again

I had a productive morning. I found a two hundred dollar error in my checkbook. That was a relief needless to say. Luckily, I also keep my checkbook on Quicken on my laptop and that's where I noticed the discrepancy.

I got a good night's sleep last night. That's always great. Scott called this morning and talked to me for about twenty minutes. Keith called last night and talked about twenty minutes too. My boys are really regular about staying in touch. Leslie calls a couple of times a week too. She is closer, of course, and I see her every Sunday and sometimes in between too.

I will go to work in about thirty minutes. Standing on my feet for four hours is taking it's toll. My left knee is really sore and sometimes my back as well. The mileage is beginning to show.

After work, I will go to Independence and take Juanita to lunch. She wants to tell me all about her 90th birthday party which was last Saturday while I was at the I missed it.

More later...

Work was busy, busy, busy. After work, I went to Independence and took Juanita to lunch then we visited until 3:30. She had a lot to share. She's quite a 90 year old woman!

I then came home and read my mail and fed the animals. Tonight I will watch TV (if I can find anything decent to watch).

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Back to Work

Today is Wednesday and I go back to work. It's time. My director called yesterday to say I should send in next week's pay sheet this week. She will be gone to a conference next week and she wants all of us to be paid. So I will get my supervisor to sign my paysheet this week.

I still need to job search this week. I got a couple of resumes' out last week but still need seven more. Where on earth I will find seven more retail places or offices that I haven't already left my resume' is anybody's guess.

I go back to Independence tomorrow to take Juanita to lunch. I will call her this afternoon to be sure she's still up to it.

Good grief! It's starting to rain again. It rained Monday and kept me in and now it's starting again.

I didn't even bother to watch the debates last night. It's the same old same old.

Bachmann said, "There's a board called IPAB. It's made up of 15 political appointees. These 15 political appointees will make all the major health care decisions for over 300 million Americans." There is a board with 15 members, and most are appointed through a political process, though they must have expertise in health care. But the board is intended to recommend cost savings for the Medicare program. It would not "make all the major health care decisions for over 300 million Americans." rated her statement False.

You can't depend on any of them having the true facts. Check it out for yourself.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Tuesday Lunch

Yesterday I never found time to blog. First I did my laundry and caught up on my e-mail. Then I went to see my sister at Windsor. She was very unresponsive so I went to see Gerry first. Then I went back to see Phyllis. She was awake this time but still relatively unresponsive.

Then I went to the Dollar General store and picked up a few things I needed...among them cat food. The animals eat better then I do. Before I left for camp, I had bought dog food. I spent the rest of the morning reading my book until I finished it.

Then after lunch I went to Independence to see Delma in the nursing home there. That seems to be a nice nursing home as nursing homes go. There was no odor. Everything looked very clean. Delma looked good...and clean. The last time I saw her, before she moved into town into senior housing, she was unbathed enough to smell really bad. This time she was clean and her clothes were also clean. That is probably a good place for her. She is in her late eighties. She said the food was good and she had a roomate for company. At first she didn't know me but then I told her my name and she knew me. I still send her a letter every week to let her know what is going on at church.

I stopped at Classy Clippers before I came home and got my hair washed. It was driving me nuts. It was good to see Donna again. When we lived in Independence, she used to do my hair.

Then on my way back to Coffeyville, I called Bob A and asked him if he could meet me at the church and help me unload the copier. It was still in my trunk. He did that and also chnaged out the night light on the east side of the church. I don't know how long thaat light had been out but it may have contributed to the breakin of our sheds a few weeks back.

Anyhow, after I got home I checked my e-mail again and settled in to watch TV. I really could not find anything worth watching so I went to bed at 9:00 again.

Today, I will get around early and go to Bartlesville to meet Myra at the mall for lunch. I think I will go early and browse at Christopher and Banks. I don't need anything but I like to browse. That's all I have planned for today.

Slinky is in here in the kitchen lying on the rug next to me. He likes to come in the kitchen in the morning for the company. After it gets light I will take him for a walk. That will thrill him. He loves his walk and we weren't able to go yesterday. It was raining.

I may add more after I get home from Bartlesville.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Great Retreat!

Well, it was a great retreat! We all had a good time and learned a lot. Karan didn't get to go. She came down sick at the last minute. We saw a lot of people in our Mission Center we seldom get to see. There were 71 there and we usually have about 35.

When I got home and before I unpacked I went over to Windsor for the Alzheimers support group meeting for my sister. My brother-in-law was there and about eight or nine others, Just a good sized group.

When I got home, I fed the animals and did two loads of laundry, hung them up and folded them and put them away. While that was all going on, I checked my messages and the e-mail.

One of our members had fallen Friday and was in the Fredonia hospital when I left. I asked another couple to visit her. When I got home I learned she was now in a nursing home in Independence. I will go visit her tomorrow afternoon. I want to see my sister at 10:00 AM tomorrow.

Then I did my letters and got them ready for the mail before I realized tomorrow is Columbus Day and there will be no mail. Well, anyhow, I got them finished.

I am very tired and will soon take my bath. It's only 8:15 so I won't go to bed quite yet.