Saturday, January 28, 2012

Busy Saturday

Scott and I met Bob A. for breakfast again...Scott bought breakfast. We had a nice discussion. I will go out to Windsor at 9:30 to see Phyllis and then Scott and I will go on to John and Leslie's. Becky didn't come with Scott yesterday. She sent him on ahead with one of her cars and he spent the afternoon with me. Instead of eating with John and Leslie, we went to the Tavern on the Plaza by ourselves. He stayed with me last night. After I see Phyllis, we will go on out to John and Leslie's to visit.

If and when Becky comes, we will have pizza and then they will leave for Bristoe to pick up Becky's horse. After that, they will go to Wichita where she gets her taxes done.

I got my W-2 from SER yesterday and now I think I have everything I need to file my taxes. I may take my laptop computer out to Leslie's and do that this afternoon. She can help me if I have questions.

More later....

Friday, January 27, 2012

Friday At Last

Another Friday! I'll work this morning and then come home. I have no idea when Becky and Scott will get here but there's always something to do here. I need to do some cleaning and also some laundry. In fact, I just started the laundry. I may as well do that while I keep Slinky company.

Speaking of Slinky, he only woke me once last 12:30. That was great. Unfortunately, my mind would not get back to sleep. After an hour of just lying there, I got up and took a sleeping pill. I do have to work this morning. All I could think of, (and couldn't shut down my mind) was all the "stuff" that still needs to be confirmed about the class reunion before I can send out the letter announcing it and asking for reservations. I need to know if the restaurant can accomodate an extra hundred people that Friday evening. I also need the list of classmates from the class of '52 if they're going to come too. So I need to contact their class locater. I need to see if John actually reserved the stadium room. We will need to repay his $300, if so. I will need to get Martha to give him $300 out of the class funds to repay him. I bought the stamps and got the letter of announcement ready to go out but before I actually send it out, I want to be sure all the i's are dotted and all the t's are crossed.

I went on to Independence to get my hair done. I forgot to eat until 3:30 when I warmed up the rest of the Mexican food from Monday evening.

I watched TV for awhile and about 9:00, I went to bed.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Quiet Thursday

It was a relatively quiet day. I worked a little later this morning because I wanted to finish a project.

Then I went to Independence to get my hair done. After that, I came home and got my mail. My Silver Dollar City season tickets had arrived and also a check from one of my clasmates. I went to the bank to cash the check and then by my brother-in-law's to deliver his Silver Dollar City ticket.

I fed Missy the cat her treats and read the mail. See, I told you it was a dull day.

If Becky and Scott come tomorrow afternoon we will go back to Independence to eat with John and Leslie at Turbo's. If they don't come, I will stay home. I'm not much on driving at night...especially with so many deer out and around. I'm always afraid I might run into one of them and I know that would be the end of my car. And I couldn't afford another.

I will pick up a Big Cheese pizza for Saturday noon and take it out there for lunch. Then after lunch Becky and Scott will need to leave for Wichita where she is having her taxes done. I won't see him again because he leaves the following Friday.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Back to Work on Wednesday

I won't mention the sleep I had constantly interrupted last night. That's an old story, I know.

We took the cakes in to Independence yesterday. Two of our members "forgot". I hope they had enough cakes for dinner last night. The "forgetting" is getting to be more and more common. After we finished we ate a mini pizza at Big Cheese. Then I picked up my bedspread at the Wash and Fluff and a sweater at the cleaners. Bob A. paid the tax on his vehicle. So we got quite a bit done while up there.

I came home and just rested and watched a movie on TV.

Slinky stayed out all day and until 9:00 last night when it began to get colder. He barked to get in and I let him in. He went right to bed.

So today I get back to work. I will file and also put out the rest of the letters for juriors. I also need to get my supervisor to sign my time sheet and send in my job search.

Scott just called to see what would be a good time to come back. He wants to see his sister and brother-in-law too. I suggested Friday afternoon and Saturday. They would stay at Leslie and John's because they have a lot more room and also are closer to their age. I would go out to their house on Saturday to visit...perhaps pick up a pizza for dinner.

I will check with Leslie about their Saturday schedule.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Cake Tuesday

This is the Tuesday I take the cakes to Independence and then Bob A. and I will eat at Big Cheese. They have the best mini pizza in the area.

Last night was a mixed blessing. Bob A. and I had gone to Caney to eat at the new Eggberts there. It was o.k. although we really prefer the one in Coffeyville. Their special was chicken and noodles and it was o.k. but we like the chicken fried steak mini dinner we get at our Eggberts.

But it did give me the opportunity to run by the dentist office and pick up Keith's flag. Nancy F. had called me about a month ago and told me that when Keith got home from Iraq, they took his flag down from General Wark Park where it had been flying while he was in Iraq and they had it for him at the dentist office. So I went by to get it since he and Esther will be here in April and I can give it to him. I was surprised to find they had it mounted in one of those beautiful flag frames and also had a letter of appreciation in a plastic sleeve to go with it. He will be very pleased.

So I had a filling lunch and had not intended to eat anything but yogurt for dinner.
About 5:15, though, Becky called. She had picked Scott up at the Tulsa airport. They had decided to come to Coffeyville and wanted me to eat dinner with them. I was tickled to death, of course. Scott wanted to go El Puebelo for Mexican food. He cannot get Mexican food in Germany. All they offer is European food. So, about 7:00, I met them at the restaurant and we had a good filling dinner before they had to leave to go on to Fort Scott. It was so good to see them! They will be back again before he leaves to see me and Leslie and John too. I don't know exactly when.

Anyhow, when I got home I let Slinky in and he went right to bed. I had fed him before I left and left him on the patio. But before I got home, it turned cold and he needed to come in. I went on to bed too. It was around 9:00 and I was tired. Slinky awoke about 12:30 to go out to go pee and came right back in and back to bed. I, on the other hand, could not get back to sleep. My stomach was rolling. Mexican food... Finally after about an hour, I got up and took a couple of tums. Then I was able to get back to sleep. But it was not to happen. Missy woke me up next to get out. Then she disappeared and I couldn't find her to let her out. I went back to bed. Then she came back into the bedroom and woke me again. This time I picked her up and took her out. Then just as I got back to sleep again at 4:00, Slinky woke up to go out again. I let him out and back in and went back to bed again. At 5:00, his internal clock set in and he began barking for his breakfast. After he stopped barking, I put my contacts in and got up.

So I am wiped out this morning. After it warms up about 7:15, and he goes outside, I will wash my hair and get ready for the day.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Another Good Night's Sleep

Last night was another good night for Slinky. I didn't get home until 10:00 from my Living the Questions group. He heard that I was home and wanted into the house. It had begun to get cold outside on the patio. I let him in, took my bath and both of us went to bed. He awoke at 12:30 wanting out to pee and I let him out. Then he went right back to bed and so did I. He slept until 4:30 this morning this time and I let him out then. I went back to bed for thirty minutes more and finally got up and got ready for my day at 5:00 AM. It's 39 degrees out there now at 5:30. Not bad for the middle of winter.

I don't know what I will do today...maybe some housework. I do want to go see Phyllis and Gerry later on this morning. I didn't go Saturday because it turned cold and I didn't want to get out in it. Later this afternoon, I will bake my two cakes for the Christian Church's dinner tomorrow.

Scott called about 8:00 last evening when I was at Lively's for the meeting. He was on his way to Munich at 2:00 in the morning. He was so excited about his leave that he couldn't sleep anymore. I visited with him briefly and then told him where I was and he let me go. He should be in Tulsa about 5:15 this evening. Becky will pick him up. I probably won't see them for several days. They will come to see Leslie and John and me before he leaves to go back the first Friday in February.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Warm Sunday

Slinky slept in last night and didn't wake me until 4:00 this morning. When I went to let him out to pee, I noticed it was 49 degrees. What a winter! I'm not complaining. I do not like winter. He will be able to be outside when I go to church this morning and it won't be cold for him either.

We are having an ordination this morning. Our young doctor, Melissa, is being ordained a priest in our church. She has finished all her Temple School courses in preparation. She was formerly a deacon. Being a priest is more then just preaching and presiding, it is also home ministry. I hope she will be able to work that ministry into her busy schedule. It is a major part of her responsibiities as priest. In our church, we have deacons, teachers (councelors), priests and elders. Each have specific duties. I am hoping we can mentor our three younger priesthood members into more responsibiity so eventually they can take over more of the leadership of the congregation. I have been pastor for years and am really too old to continue to be re-elected. We elect the pastor from among the elders each year. We have several elders but they are already heavily burdened with responsibility. Sue also has diabetes. Karan does not want the responsibility, Leslie is our CFO, another awesome responsibility. And John has too many health problems.

So I am hopeful that Johnna, Melissa and Leslie can soon take over. Johnna might take CFO and that would free Leslie up to be pastor. She has been pastor before but it was awhile ago and she was not CFO at that time.

I would continue to help all I can perhaps continuing the newsletters I send out each Sunday afternoon. I could also continue to participate in Ministerial Alliance as our congregation's representative. I would even be willing to co-pastor. It's a thought.