Saturday, April 25, 2020

Saturday and a Good Night's Sleep

I slept very well last night with very little pain in my right arm. I only woke up once and went to the bathroom then. I got up around 5:00AM and dressed and got myself ready for the day.

I had my oatmeal and coffee and even finished my Chai Latte.

I had the two yellow cats here for their breakfast. I haven't seen any of the gray cats. Big Yellow Tom was here and his young smaller yellow cat too. They ate all they wanted and have left now.

It's not raining here today.

I texted Bob and he has a sinus infection and wants to go to the urgent care if they are open today. I told him to call Karan and see if she knows if they are open. I gave him her number.

I may finally get my den and dining room vacuumed today. I spent most of yesterday on the phone with Cox Complete Care getting my printer fixed. But it is working now so it was worth it. At least it was working yesterday. I finally got Chris's letter printed off and in the mail. Cox Complete Care is the best $9.95 a month I have ever spent.

More later....

The scruffy gray cat finally came for breakfast. He/she ate all she/he wanted and now has left. They are trickling in, it seems. Their habits have really changed. I still have not seen mama cat. I hope he didn't kill her. She was the only affectionate one. When I took the food out through the garage, she would walk along with me rubbing up against my feet. I always had to be careful not to trip over her. The others always scatter when I open the door and come back only when I go back in.

I have some laundry today so maybe I had better get it started .

More later....

I took a letter out to the mailbox to leave for the mailman to pick up and when I got back to the house I saw a small gray cat coming very fast across my neighbor's yard. I quickly put the cat food back out. It was mama cat and I was so pleased she seemed to be alright although a bit thinner.  I am so happy she was not killed in that fight. I see she has lost a chunk of fur but that was just what I cleaned up after they ran off fighting on Wednesday.

More laundry needs to be put in the dryer.

I want to vacuum the dining room and den today too. I have put that off for several days.

Well, I got that done. Now the apartment should be pretty clean. That will do it until next Thursday.

I would like to plant my flowers but I don't know if it's too early or not. I usually wait until the last week of April and this is only the 25th but I just realized, tomorrow is the last week of April. Maybe I should go see if I can find some bedding plants today. Myrtle's Market had them locally here last year. I usually buy mine at Coffeyville at the nursery. But I would rather not make another trip out of town.

Image may contain: plant, flower, outdoor and nature

Got my flowerbed planted after all. Now I need some mulch but that will have to wait.

More later...I need to fold out my dried laundry.

I can't find either one of my two green water pitchers. I may have  put them in the attic.

Luckily I have a hose in the back so I was able to water the flowerbed with it.

It's a beautiful day. Lots of sunshine. I went out back and sat in my chair for awhile and got some sun.
More later...

While I was sitting out there, I noticed the edges of the yard needed to be trimmed so I went in the garage and got my trimmer and trimmed it. Then I got my blower out and blew out the garage and  the grass on the drive. Now I am pretty tired. I got an awful lot done today and it is 72 degrees out there.  I think I will just rest now. I downloaded anther book yesterday evening from Amazon and I guess I will read on that.

The Scruffy gray cat came around shortly after 4:00PM and was ready for his/her supper so I put out the three bowls and I believe he/she ate out of all three of them but there is some food in all three of them in case some of the others come later...I will try to keep the birds out of them.

Big Yellow Tom and his little yellow buddy came for supper at 8:00PM  I took the food out again. I didn't have to worry about the birds eating the cat food while both of them are eating. I had my bath at 7:00PM and plan to go to bed at  9:00PM as usual. I am watching "Highway to Hell" this evening on the weather channel. I think they are gone now. So I will have to watch for the birds now.

More later...

Friday, April 24, 2020

Friday and a Newsletter

I had another bad night's sleep. It wasn't just the right arm although that was a problem as usual. Now my right foot had developed cramps. I got up and took a couple of Hyland's pills that I usually take for leg cramps but they didn't do anything for it. I ended up taking a couple of Aleve's and that fixed it.

I got up about 5:30AM and fixed my oatmeal and coffee. Then I checked on the cats. Scruffy gray cat and both yellow cats were waiting for me to bring out the cat food.  I haven't seen mama cat since she got into that fight with Big Yellow Tom a couple of days ago. I hope she is alright but she took a terrible beating.

I see Big Yellow Tom is back for more food. I had refilled the bowls. But mama cat didn't come. Poor little thing. When I moved here she was the only cat I was feeding. Then she had that litter of kittens in the spring. Now they are mostly grown.

More later...I want to get my Chai Latte and a breakfast bar.

I started printing off a newsletter for those in our congregation that don't have computers for e-mail but before I finished I ran out of ink for my printer. I'll make a quick trip to Independence and stop at their Wal Mart and buy a set this morning..As it is, I will have to address the envelopes by hand if I want to get them in the morning mail here in Caney.

We are supposed to get rain again this afternoon. I am so glad the grass was mowed yesterday evening.

More later...I'd better get those envelopes addressed.

I put the envelopes in the mail here in Caney and went on to Independence to get my ink cartridges. I stopped at John's and gave him the little  toys I had collected for the little girls. Then I drove over to Alberta's and saw the barn John painted. It looked neat!!

I stopped at Scott Mills' and he straightened the dent in my fender. It wasn't really dented...more like it was pulled out and he tucked it back in.

Then I got back home before the rain started...just barely. I had grabbed a peanut butter and jelly sandwich before I left. I had been on the phone with Cox Complete Care for four hours but he did get my printer to work again. I printed off Chris' letter and put it in the mail before I left.

I got home just as the rain was starting. I called Cox again about the Hotspot they are wanting to give us so anyone can access the internet and their e-mail at my house without additional charges. I wanted to know if that was going to be any additional expense.

It's time for the news now. I'll get back to this later...

The hotspot will not cost any additional funds. So I guess I will let them put it on my computer. Also it will not impact my wifi.

I finished my latest book. Now, once again, I have nothing to read. I am listening to music on Alexa now.  The weather is taking over the TV right now. I guess I could go to Amazon Prime. I see they are offering some first run movies. There are so few movies anymore that I care anything about. The last one I saw was the latest Tom Hanks movie and I saw that at the theater. in Independence.It's 7:55PM now. If I can tough it out for another half hour, I will go on to bed.

I came back into the living room and told Alexa to cancel the music and opened the door and the young yellow cat was there waiting for his dinner so I put out all three bowls just in case one of the others comes to eat and I don't want any more fights between them if I can help it.

Thursday, April 23, 2020

Thursday and a Soaked Yard

I won't be having my yard mowed this afternoon. The yard is soaked from all that rain we had yesterday. I will need to text the mother of the girl who mows for me and reschedule.

I slept terribly last night. I tossed and turned most of the night. My right arm ached all night and nothing I did helped. Leslie called this morning and I told her about it and she suggested that I try a lymphadema sleeve over that arm to put some pressure on it.. I may talk to Dr. C's office and see if he will prescribe it for me so medicare will pay for it.

This morning Big Yellow Tom cat came back for breakfast. This time I took all three bowls out there. He ate and left but so far no more cats have come to eat.  I am curious how badly hurt the mama cat is. From all that gray fur last night it looked like he had really torn her up.

More later....

I will probably just read today unless my arm stops hurting. I never did get the rest of the floors done yesterday.

More later...

I got the bare floors done today and still have the dining room and den to vacuum.  I may get that done later...

I talked to Leslie this morning on her way to to work. She suggested a lymphademia compression sleeve might help my arm. I called the Medicine Shoppe and Prescription Shop in Coffeyville and Walgreens in Independence and Porter Drug in Neodesha and finally Bowen Drug in Parsons. None of them carried them but Bowen could order one after they had a chance to measure my arm. It would cost around $96.00. With no assurance it would even help I don't think I would order one. I wish I knew where I could find one to try. Medicare doesn't handle it

It's a little after 10:30AM now. I hope the mail man comes in an hour or so.

I called Nancy and visited with her for awhile. I had not talked to her in a couple of weeks. I tried to call her few times but she did not answer the phone. Her den phone does not ring. I think it needs a battery. If she is in her bedroom or even the kitchen, those two phones work.

The mail came  about 11:40AM and then I prepared to go to Coffeyville after I had my lunch. I want to take all the food I could not use when Suzanne brought it by yesterday. I took the fruit but took the corn, tomatoes, onions and potatoes  over to Sycamore Landing, Then I went to the bank to cash the check I got from Shelter Insurance. I also went by the post office and mailed off my bills. I went to Walmart to pick up the dozen things I needed from them. Then I came back home. 

More even  later...I guess I will watch the 4:00PM news on CBS.

I see the scruffy gray cat is out there so I took three bowls of food out there this time. I am not going to take just one bowl out because they fight over that one bowl. I have not seen mama cat since she and the Big Yellow Tom had that huge fight last evening. She may be very hurt. There was an awful lot of fur on the doormat when they ran off still fighting.

After Scruffy Gray cat left, Big Yellow Tom came back and ate some too.  They are the only two I see. I went out and checked the grass. It appears to have dried after all and I have messaged Krystal about it.

I just heard from Krystal, the mother of the girl who mows for me. They will come over at  about 6:30PM and the daughter will mow.  I need to go gas up that mower and get the leaf bag out too.

More later....

It took that girl about 30 minutes to do the entire yard. Of course when it is completely dry, I will need to trim.but it doesn't look too bad. I will need to put the hose holder back next to the faucet and the bird bath back over there too and fill it with water..

I have had my bath and will read on my book awhile later and go to bed at 9:00PM. Hopefully I will sleep better tonight. Last night was a disaster.

Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Wednesday and More Cleaning

I slept fairly well although my arm hurt off and on all night. I got up shorty after 5:00AM. I have had breakfast of oatmeal, coffee and Chai Latte. Two cats came for breakfast  although at different times. Young Yellow was there shortly after I put the food out. He/she left after filling up but then Big Yellow Tom showed up and ate.None of the grays came yet this morning.

It is 6:50AM now and I just now heard from Bob. He asked what the weather is doing over here..

I will vacuum the dining room and the den today and swifter the kitchen and bathroom.  Nothing else in the plan.

My son in law paints but Hobby Lobby is closed and he can't get canvasses so he painted this picture on his barn.

 Image may contain: sky and outdoor
He is so resourceful! I wonder how many of his outbuildings he will put his paintings  on?

They have a potting shed and a kennel that he could paint and a separate shed and shop.  Those are lots of canvasses.

I see Big Yellow Tom is back having his breakfast out there.

More later....

After the mail came, I went out to Sonic and got the Child's lunch...two chicken strips, tater tots and a small coke.

Later I came home and watched the Dateline programs I had recorded. Then about 3:00PM Suzanne came and brought me some more groceries. I now have corn on the cob, tomatoes, onions, and  potatoes. I have too many to eat. I will take them over to Coffeyville to Sycamore Landing on Thursday morning or Friday.

This is my eldest son and his wife celebrating their ninth anniversary!

Image may contain: 2 people, including Keith Miller, people standing and indoor
They are both wonderful people!

It's 7:04PM now and I had better take my bath and get ready for the evening. It has rained all day and I don't know whether my yard can be mowed tomorrow afternoon or not. It depends on what kind of weather tomorrow brings , I guess.

More later....

I was about to go to bed and my friend, Gay, who lives in Chanute, called to visit. While we were visiting, the gray Mama cat came to eat. She sat right by my door waiting patiently for me to bring her bowl out. I opened the garage door and took it out that way. She would not move away from the front door and I was afraid she would try to come in and my hands were full of one of the little blue bowls and the phone. As I was walking  she kept rubbing against my legs anyhow. I got her food set down and went back into the apartment .

While she was eating the Big Yellow Tom cat came tried to get her out of the way so he could eat from that bowl. Finally he attacked her and chased her away and ran after her tearing at her all the way. After they were both gone I went out and picked up a handful of gray fur. Neither of them came back so I brought in the food.

After Gay and I finished  our conversation, I went on to bed. It was 10:00PM by then.

Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Tuesday and Reading and Cleaning

I slept fairly well last night. I woke up several times and went to the bathroom. I had been reading most of the evening and then watching "Bull" before I went on to bed. It was a rerun.

When I got up and dressed and came in to make my oatmeal , I had two cats waiting for me...both yellow cats. Luckily I put the food out earlier. They ate their fill and have left now.

The scruffy gray cat is out there now eating and having a drink of water.  That's only three of them that have eaten. Young yellow cat is back now

I have had my oatmeal and coffee and am now ready to make my Chai Latte. Here is the scruffy gray cat  I feed.
Image may contain: outdoor

I put new filters in my two filter  pitchers. Now for three pitchers full I am supposed to use that water just to water my flowers. For three pitchers, they will have carbon in them. In the meantime, I will use bottled to drink..

I think I will see if the Vanatta girl can mow for me on Thursday. I will text her mother after awhile. She mowed last Thursday.

More later...It's 10:48AM  right now. I should probably run the sweeper in the bedroom and living room. Then tomorrow I will run it in the dining room and den and do the bare floors in the kitchen and bathroom. This afternoon I will read again.

So, more later...

 It's 46 degrees this morning. I would like to get my flowers planted but I think it may be too early. I usually wait unto the last week of April...usually the 28th....that was my wedding anniversary.

Image may contain: plant and flower

I bought my hanging basket before then. I went out to that  "rooster" place out on the highway 75. It  is still open. They have never closed during this "shelter in" period.  That's where I went to buy this basket. It is so pretty!

I did get the living room, hall and bedroom vacuumed. I will do the dining room and den tomorrow. That will give me something productive to do.

More later...

I am listening to an audio book Alexa is reading  to me. It's called "Break Shot" and it's the autobiography of James Taylor, the musician. He is reading the book through Alexa.

I went to get gas today. I was down the half a tank and it cost me $9.25 to fill my tank.  I have used very little gas the past few weeks.  I also needed to get some money. My hairdresser called this afternoon to say she would cut my hair on May 5th. I hope we will be free to visit a hairdresser by then. I will really need a haircut. She cut it extra close last time I had an appointment...what, .about three weeks ago? But she knew I would be doing it myself. That's why she did that.

It's 5:00PM now and time for the news. The CBS news is not on until 5:30PM. Right now it is Tulsa's news. They have a chance of severe storms tonight...a 90% chance of storms. Thursday is suppose dto be fine. I hope to get my yard cut on Thursday.

I heard on NPR today that the Oklahoma governor wants to use a lot of that money for small businesses  as scholarships for private schools in Oklahoma. That is not going to set well...especially" since the last  "small business" billions ended up going to large Republican backed businesses in just two weeks. Very little actually went to small businesses. The house is going to watch carefully this time to be sure that doesn't happen again.

More later...

Monday, April 20, 2020

Monday and Laundry

I woke up early but had slept pretty well for me. I have discovered when I am trying to get to sleep and the arm is hurting, if I put my left hand over that area and squeeze, eventually it stops hurting and I can get to sleep. Weird!

I see both yellow cats are out there eating. I got it out there before they came ..especially mama cat. She usually tries to get in to the apartment...why, I don't know. That one time she got in she was very frightened and ran from room to room crying. If you recall, I had to throw an afghan over her and take her back out to get her out. I have been very careful not to let her in even if I have to go out through the garage.

I see both yellow cats are gone now. None of the gray ones have come yet.
There are at least three of them.

I get produce this afternoon between 3:00PM and 6:00PM. Depending on what I get, I may take part of it..the part I can't use...over to Sycamore Landing. I don't want to waste any of it. The folks at Sycamore Landing always use it.

One of the bowls was nearly empty so I went out and put some more food in it. I took the bag back to the kitchen and when I came back in to sit down here, another yellow cat was eating on it. Nothing gets by these little critters!

I had stripped my bed this morning and remade it but just now started the washer.

More later...

I got the laundry finished and folded and put away. I also had another breakfast bar and even an ice cream bar.  I can't seem to get filled up. Today I think I will go out to Sonic at noon and get a children's lunch.  I am tired of frozen meals.

So more even later...

I did go out to the Sonic and got a kids sized  hamburger and tater tots and a small coke for lunch. That was something different and  for $2.18 I can hardly beat that.

About 3:00PMI went to the produce market and got a lot of produce...a lot more than I could use. They put a #1 on my windshield but still my trunk was filled. I kept what I could use and took the rest over to Sycamore Landing to their "free table". I know none of that will go to waste.

I watered the flowers my neighbors had put out in front of their apartment.  The wind was knocking them over and they were very dry from the wind. I set them in the alcove in front of their door so the wind wouldn't knock them over.

I have set the cat food out. It's a little early but sometimes they come early and then it's hard to get the food out there without having to open the garage door and go out that way.

More later....

Pablo came home. He is my neighbor, and I went over to explain to him that I had moved some of their flowers into the alcove around their front door because the wind was blowing them over and had dried them out, After I moved the ones that were too light for the wind, I watered them too.

About 7:00PM I will take my bath. Closer to 10:00PM I will go to bed. "Bull" is on tonight and I always enjoy that program. That puts me in bed later then usual.

I have been reading a new book on my Kindle. It is by Erhman, a New Testament PHD scholar. It is about Heaven and Hell and the history of the development of that belief.  The Old Testament had no mention of heaven or hell. It was a belief dreamed up by the very early Christian Church.

Sunday, April 19, 2020

Sunday and Online Church

I slept fairly well last night although I did have some pain in my right arm and woke up twice.  I did sleep until 6:00AM though. I just put my robe on, made the bed and will take a shower later and wash my hair and then dress.

I have had my oatmeal and coffee. It rained last night but has stopped now. When I opened the door this morning I had three cats waiting for their breakfast. It was scruffy gray, mama cat and Big Yellow Tom. They are finished and have left and now the smaller yellow cat is eating out there.

All the cats are gone now. I will leave the food out there  just in case some of the others come later.

I have forgotten which online church service Vivian invited us to watch. I looked on my phone but didn't see the announcement.

More later....

At 10:15AM I took a shower and washed my hair. It worked out o,k,  Toni cut it very short and that helped a lot.

In about thirty minutes I will see which church services are being streamed. Right now I am watching Face the Nation. The nation is in a quandary about whether to keep all of us at home and not open businesses.
Everyone seems to be concerned that the death toll will rise again in a second surge.

More even later...

Leslie got a hold of me shortly after the church online began.. to be sure I had logged on. I had lost track of time and was sure glad she did.It was a very good service!

I ate some grapes and a banana for supper and then shortly after that, I began to get nausea and diarrhea.  I had this once before last week and took some Pepto Bismo and it passed. I hope I don't have to do that again.

A little while ago Big Yellow Tom cat dropped by to eat some supper. He ate and then he left. The food is still out there. I don't know whether any of the others will be coming or not.

It's only 7:00PM and since I had a shower mid morning, I don't intend to take another bath this evening. I will just wash my face and get the makeup off. But first I want to feel better.

I went on to bed a little before 9:00PM,  I was feeling  a little better and I never took anything. I just wore it out.