Saturday, April 23, 2011

Very Busy Saturday

My brother-in-law and I went to breakfast at Eggbert's this morning. It was a good breakfast. We always have a good visit too. Then I came home and read awhile. I really wanted to go to Bartlesville or Joplin but was afraid it would rain and perhaps even hail so I didn't go.

I did go to see my sister but she was sound asleep. She didn't wake up so I stayed about fifteen minutes and then left. I then went to see Gerry but she was not in her room. I left her newspapers. I called Bob A, my brother-in-law when I got home and asked if he had seen Phyllis today. He had and he had had a good visit with her so I guess she's alright...just tired.

About halfway through the afternoon, I figured it wasn't going to rain until tonight so I decided the thing to do was to mow and trim while I could. If it should rain until Wednesday like the forecast says, the lawn would really be a mess. I also trimmed well this time. Then I decided to weed the flowerbeds in the back and I got almost all that done. Now I need to get some mulch. I found half a bag in the shed so I used that in the peony bed.

I came in about 5:00 and cleaned my nails up and put my robe on. I put my filthy jeans, sweat shirt and underwear in the hamper.

My eldest son got married today in Sanoma. I haven't heard a word out of him but I didn't expect to. They were going to take a short honeymoon to San Francisco. That should be nice for them. I hope this marriage works out. He has had a time...that's for sure. At least he met this woman in church and not online.

In a little while I will take a shower and wash my hair. I preside at church tomorrow and it is Easter. I got out some nice clothing to wear. Generally I go pretty casual. My daughter called this morning to invite me to their house for Easter dinner. She also invited my brother-in-law. I will take dessert.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Good Friday

This is Good Friday and a day off work. It's supposed to storm today or I would go to Joplin just for something different to do. I guess I'll clean house instead. My yard needs mowing again after the rain yesterday but that isn't going to happen. It's supposed to rain until Wednesday. By then, I'll have to bale it.

I'd like to get my hanging baskets but they are $13.95 and up. Last year I got them on sale for $5.00 each and I bought five. I may not get any this year unless they have a sale.

The crape myrtle are greening up. They won't bloom until fall though. The rose of sharon are also greening up. When they bloom, they bloom all summer. The peonies are ready to burst open as soon as we get some sunshine. They will be lovely for a little while. And the clematis are also budded up. I can hardly wait until my flowers are in bloom. I want to scrub the patio later and re-paint it with concrete paint. It looks horrible. The roofers have agreed to power wash and paint my swing. The hailstorm really got it. It too looks horrible. I painted it last spring but you'd never know it now. I also need to re-paint the framework on the patio cover.

I can't do anything with the patio until they replace the cover. Only the patio cover will be replaced since the hailstorm got it too. Strange...the carport cover, which is also made of corrugated fiberglass, is fine. Of course the carport is a lot newer. Bob built it in 2003. Lord only knows how long the patio cover has been there...probably through many hailstorms.

So much to do and so little time. I am a morning person. If I don't get it done in the morning, it doesn't get done. But I am working mornings.

Next week, in order to take my brother-in-law to Bartlesville to the doctor for his colonoscopy, I will work an extra 45 minutes each day Monday through Thursday. Then I will take Friday off. He will need to come home with me until he has recovered enough to go home. The doctor told him he would need to be with someone for 24 hours but he thinks that's an extreme. They said they had had some bad experiences and so they have instituted this new protocol.

Well, enough of this rambling. I need to get to work on the cleaning. I guess I will start with the kitchen. Everything looks neat and clean but I know better. It's been a week.

I got the kitchen floor washed and waxed. It looks nice but will need twenty minutes to dry, I'm sure. So here I am blogging again. By the way, this is my new roof. I like the color. It is called slate.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Very Busy Thursday

I went to work this morning and just as I was getting out of the car, Scott called. I visited with him a minute or two then went on to work. It was another very busy day at work. When I got off, Bob A. called me just as I was going out of the door. His adjuster had called and came out early this morning. So he wanted to know if I wanted to go to Independence and eat at Big Cheese after all. I did want to go. Leslie met us there and I gave her Sunday's offering too.

After I got home I discovered the roofers were there. They were putting my new roof on and it looked like it could rain any moment. Sure enough after they had the back on and were only a quarter of the way through with the front, it started raining. They stopped and stayed in the garage for awile and then when it let up, they climbed back up there and finished the job. Then they cleaned up my yard and drive beautifully. They said if by some chance I should develop a ceiling stain from a leak, they would come back and paint the ceiling with Kilz and paint it too.

I watched them all afternoon. They were scared of Slinky so I brought him into the kitchen when they needed to get into the back yard. He wouldn't hurt a flea but just to play it safe, I brought him in. Of course, he was delighted.

I stayed home tonight. It's supposed to storm until next Wednesday. Just what I need. I hope it doesn't hail again. I will have my car out Monday and Tuesday when I have to work. I don't work tomorrow (Good Friday) and not again until Monday.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Busy Wednesday

This has been another wild day. I worked my three hours this morning mostly filing but also getting bills paid and put into envelopes and stamped and mailed. Once again I got a lot of paper cuts. Filing does that. Then met Gay for lunch with her class reunion committee. After that, I applied for another job at an office supply store.

Then I came home and by that time it was time to go to my PINCH meeting. I got home about 6:30 and once again watched "When Harry Met Sally". I fixed some popcosrn and had yogurt for dinner. Last night I watched "The King's Speech" on On Demand. It was good even though it cost me $5.99 to see it. I couldn't find it at any nearby theatres so On Demand seemed the best resort.

It was windy and chilly today. In fact, I turned the furnace back on. I cancelled my hair appointment for tomorrow. My hair is so short now that I can wash and dry it myself and it will do o.k. That let me save the $11 it costs to have it done. I preside at church Sunday. Sunday, of course, is Easter.

Friday my eldest son is getting married. I know he will be very happy. He met Esther at church and they spent a lot of time together getting acquainted.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Another Busy Day

This has been another busy day. I went to work at 8:00 and worked until 11:00, got my time sheet turned in and my job search too. I asked my supervisor for time off the last Friday of the month to take Bob down to Bartlesville for his colonoscopy. She didn't have a problem with it. She said I could stay an extra 45 minutes each day four days next week to make up for Friday. We have this Friday off as it is for Good Friday.

After work, I went to Wal Mart and bought some groceries and a picture frame for Scott's photo of him and Becky and finally got that in the mail after going to two post offices. The one here in Coffeyville wanted it boxed and wrapped in three inches of bubble wrap. I took it to Dearing to get it sent off. Then I went to Braums for milk and ate a hamburger and french fries there with a small milk shake. That filled me up.

Then I went out to see Phyllis and Gerry. I saw Phyllis for a half hour or so and Gerry was not in her room. I left her newspapers though.

I then went by Bob's house and reported to him about the visit with Phyllis and came home to feed my animals. Now I'm trying to catch up my computer stuff.

Tomorrow I will finish moving old documents from one folder into the personnel folders of past employees. I have many paper cuts from doing that the past two days. My supervisor gave me some band-aids to cover them. I was getting blood on the folders. It's tedious but necessary work.

The above is my male cat, Inky.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Terribly Busy Monday

Today was very busy. I had a huge amount of filing to do at work. After work, I had a board meeting for the clinic in Independence. I got home about 1:00 and ate my leftover Chinese food from yesterday and wrote up the minutes and got them sent out to Susie. Then went out job hunting. I applied two more places today. That makes me five applications this month. When I got home I fed my animals and talked to son, Keith, awhile on the phone. He will be married on Friday in Sanoma, Arizona.

After that, I mowed my yard. I did not get it trimmed. I played out. I had the back gate open mowing and looked up to see Slinky across the alley sniffing around. I called to him but he's not only stone deaf but he also ignores anything he doesn't want to hear. He's stubborn. I turned off the mower and went to get his stake out. I clipped it on his collar and led him back to the patio. Then I finished mowing out at the alley and closed the gate after I put away the mower. Funny dog! The peonies are about ready to bloom. In the photo above you can see them all budded up.

We were to have Bible study Wednesday evening at Bobby and Karan's but I called her this afternoon and she is still sick. She has lost ten pounds with this terrible vomiting and diarrhea and she is very weak. But she was able to keep down some applesauce this afternoon and Bobby fixed her an egg this evening and she has kept that down too. So she may be on the mend. Anyhow, I cancelled the Bible study for this month.

Tomorrow, I will try to finish my filing at work. After that I have nothing else on the calendar. That should feel good for a change.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Sunday Evening

This has been a big day. In fact, it's been a big weekend. Leslie and I really enjoyed the symposium. We got there at suppertime Friday evening and ate at Applebee's. After that, we went to the symposium and Leslie got registered. The theme of the symposium was "A Women's Place". It explored all the problems women had had in our world just getting some equality.

Gail Mengel spoke Friday evening and gave the Wallace B. Smith Lecture. She did a wonderful job expanding on the theme. Afterward there was a reception. Saturday morning began with a plenary panel discussion on "Herstories in the Church". Herstories are women's histories. Then I heard a paper on "A Christological Case for GLBT Ordination in the Church".

Next was a second concurrent session called "Where All the Women were Strong." about pioneer women and their struggles.

The second plenary session was called "Homemaking Radicalism and Homemaking Realities" and featured four different stories about the different approaches to homemaking.

Then in the afternoon, I attended a concurrent session called "Getting Educated: How Attending a Church University (or not) Shapes Women's Experiences". Four women shared their experience as women in university.

The next concurrent session was entitled "The Church: From Exclusivity to Inclusivness." Several college students shared their present day experiences.

The wind up plenary session was "Initially Rejected: Pioneers Reflect on the Early Struggle for Women's Ordination in the Church."

The papers were mainly all really good. The fellowship was great!

We got home about 10:45 this afternoon and I made it to church at 11:00. After a good service, we went to eat out together at Hong Kong Delight. Bob A., Phyllis F. and me.

Then I came home and did my letters, met the roofer and went over his schedule and then at 7:00 Jack and Marilyn picked me up for Living the Questions group tonight.

They brought me Easter tulips. Wasn't that wonderful!