Saturday, November 25, 2023

Saturday and Apartment Cleaning

 I slept fairly well last night. I was up at 5:45AM, made my bed and dressed and got myself ready for the day. When I opened the front door, Blondie was waiting for his breakfast. So I fed him. I fixed myself some leftover coffeecake too. I put some additional food out there for the other cats too. They aren't out there yet.

I did catch "the weather on the 8's". Today is to be 50 degrees and PM rain, Sunday is to be 45 degrees and sunny, Monday is to be 49 degrees and  partly cloudy, Tuesday is to be 52 degrees and partly cloudy, Wednesday is to be 55 degrees and mostly sunny, Thursday is to be 56 degrees and PM showers, and Friday is to be 58 degrees and AM showers. It looks like a possible three days of rain this week...if it develops!...Saturday, Thursday and Friday.

More Later...

I got the apartment cleaned...all but the dusting. I am charging the vacuum cleaner now. I will dust tomorrow or later today. I cleaned the vacuum cleaner filter.

I called Sally and we went to lunch over at the Copan Restaurant. We had a cup of soup and a piece of German Chocolate pie. Then I took her home. I went to the Caney library and started a new book. I read for awhile and then I watched the Ohio State, Michigan football game, Michigan won by a touchdown.

Then I read the rest of the evening and took my bath at 6:30PM and put my pajamas on and read until bedtime.

Tomorrow for the church breakfast I will bake my coffee cake as usual.


Friday, November 24, 2023

Friday and Perhaps Apartment Cleaning Saturday

I slept well again last night, Of course I took a sleeping pill and that did it. I need to buy some more Melatonin today at Dollar General.. I took my last sleeping pill last night too. I was up about 6:00AM. As soon as I turned on the light and opened the door, Blondie was there for his breakfast. So I fed him. Soon the little grey cat was there for breakfast too. They will all eventually come for their breakfasts.

I also caught "the weather on the 8's".  Today is supposed to be 44 degrees and clouds and sun. Saturday is supposed to be 49 and PM rain, Sunday is supposed to be 47 degrees and partly cloudy, Monday is supposed to be 45 degrees and mostly sunny, Tuesday is supposed 53 degrees and sunny, Wednesday is supposed to be 56 degrees and mainly sunny, and Thursday is supposed to be 59 degrees and mostly cloudy.. That's the week and only one day of rain and that's tomorrow.

More Later...

I finally got into my laptop computer. I wrote down what I had to do to be able to do that. I hope it works next time I want to access this site on it.

We had a very nice Thanksgiving dinner yesterday between Alberta and Leslie. They had me bring nothing but myself. That was fine. I intended to do the pans and load the dishwasher but Jeromy, my grandson, beat me to it.

More Later... 

I went down to Copan Restaurant and had a cup of soup and a piece of their German Chocolate pie.  It was (as usual) delicious! I will fix my two sandwiches (one ham and one turkey) tomorrow and Sunday. That pie was just too good to pass up.

I also went to the market and bought a coffee cake mix and then I went to Dollar General and bought more things I needed that I couldn't get at the market.


Thursday, November 23, 2023

Thursday and Thanksgiving

I slept fairly well last night. The doorbell rang very early this morning and I got up to check it out...but there was no one there. That's happened a couple of times in the past but there was never anyone there by the time I got to the door. It's a mystery.

Both yellow cats and the grey one were there for their breakfast this morning.  So I went into the garage and filled three bowls and took them out front.

I also caught "the weather on the 8's" right as I turned on the TV.  Today's weather is to be 63 degrees and mostly sunny, Friday is to be 45 degrees and AM clouds and PM sun, Saturday is to be 46 degrees and PM showers, Sunday is to be 43 degrees and partly cloudy, Monday is to be 46 degrees and mostly sunny, Tuesday is to be 52 degrees and sunny, and Wednesday is to be 56 degrees and sunny. That's the week! One day of rain. Saturday...I hope we get it!

More Later..I go out to John and Leslie's for Thanksgiving dinner at 12:30PM. There are to be 10 of us..maybe 11.   

A nice group showed up and the meal was very good too.  Leslie sent me home with ham for a sandwich and turkey for another.

I got home at a good time and went back to my book. I read until 5:35PM and then came back to my blog.  I got a Happy Thanksgiving from Ginger, Scott's wife, and also a phone call from my son, Keith. I had a text from Esther, Keith's wife.

Wednesday, November 22, 2023

Wednesday and a Hairdo

Around 8:00AM, I plan to leave for Coffeyville where I will get my hair colored and cut. I slept pretty well last night after taking some Melatonin.

When I opened the front door, I found Blondie and his little blond friend waiting for their breakfast. So I fed them both. Now the little grey cat is out there eating. Soon the little black one and the snow white one will probably join them. They all take a turn at the cat food.

I also got "the weather on the 8's" . It is to be 55 degrees today and sunny, 62 degrees tomorrow and mostly sunny, 47 degrees Friday and partly cloudy, 45 degrees and Saturday and PM Rain, Sunday is to be 43 degrees and partly cloudy, Monday is to be  46 degrees and mostly sunny, and Tuesday is to be 50 degrees and sunny. Well maybe one day of rain on Saturday.

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and I am to be at Leslie's at 12:30 PM. She didn't want me to bring anything but I will do the dishes.

I fit the Christmas gifts I bought yesterday in Owasso into the shirt boxes I found at Dollar General here yesterday evening. One of these days, I will gift wrap the boxes. Before Christmas, I will also want to make my peanut clusters and put them in tins for my friends.

More Later...

I went to Coffeyville to the Woodshed and also got my hair done.

Then I read this afternoon and finished the first book and took it back to the library and put it in the drop box there. 

About 2:00PM I got hungry and went up to Independence to the Dairy Queen and had their $7.00 chicken special and had a nice visit with the owner there. Then drove back home with the sun in my face. I had a book in the car and I shielded my face and eyes with that. Thank Goodness!

When I got home I started the second book. Then at 7:00PM, I took my bath and put my Pajamas on and read some more until bedtime.


Tuesday, November 21, 2023

Tuesday and a Trip to Tulsa.

I slept well last night after taking a sleeping pill.. I don't want to take them more then once or twice a week at most. Usually I just take some Melatonin. I got up early again this morning and read awhile and had a light breakfast.

I read until Leslie came to get me to take me to the hearing doctor in Tulsa. He gave me a lot of help and showed me how to adjust the rate I hear all by myself...using my phone.

That was wonderful. I now have something to  use to help me hear better on my phone..

Then we stopped at Owasso  and ate at Olive Garden...a great lunch. Then we went to Kohl's and I did some Christmas shopping. With Leslie's discount I saved a bunch of money. No I have Marlene's, Leslie's John's Jeromy's and the little girls gifts.  Now all I have to do is find boxes to put them in to gift wrap.

She stopped in Bartlesville and bought gas. Then she brought me home and helped me by putting the garland and decorations on top of my bookcases. I have most of my decorations done now. I now just have to wrap gifts. I also need to find a tree skirt for my Christmas tree so I can decorate the bottom of the tree. 

After she finished that, she went on home. It had been a big day! 

More Later...

Monday, November 20, 2023

Monday and A Better Night's Sleep

 I slept much better last night. Of course, I took three Melatonin  and that helped a lot. I was up, made my bed and had my Chai Latte and a breakfast bar and dressed at 5:00AM. I checked on the cats but it's only 5:24AM and none of them were out least not yet. I believe it's raining though. That may be the reason. That will probably cancel my morning walk too.

I did catch "the weather on the 8's" though. Today is to be 51 degrees and rain, tomorrow is to be 52 degrees and clouds AM and sun PM, Wednesday is to be 54 degrees and sunny, Thursday is to be 58 degrees and mostly sunny, Friday is to be 49 degrees and mostly cloudy, Saturday is to be 44 degrees and partly cloudy, Sunday is to be 50 degrees and mostly sunny. That's the week. We did get some rain over the weekend....although not a lot! We should get some more today.

More Later..

I went to the Walmart store in Independence  and looked for gifts for the little girls for Christmas. I didn't see anything appropriate for a 13 year old and an 11 year old. I did buy Marlene's and Leslie's though at . I will check with Jeromy about something appropriate for the girls.

I went to the Copan Restaurant and had a bowl of their beef vegetable soup and a piece of German chocolate pie. Then I came back home and went to the library and checked out two books to read this next week. I started one of them. The library will be closed Thursday and Friday. They will be open on Saturday.

It has rained a little all afternoon and quite a bit more this evening. Blondie and one or two of the other cats came for supper. The white one was here as well as the little black and white cat.  They finally all three got their fill and left.

I took my bath at 6:33PM and put my pajamas on. I will read awhile more until 10:00PM at least.

That's when I went to bed.


Sunday, November 19, 2023

Sunday and Church

 I slept much better last night but then I took a sleeping pill so I expected to sleep better. I was up at 5:00AM as usual. I watched the news and when I opened the front door both blond cats were there waiting for their breakfast. I took it out to them and then two more came. The black and white one and the grey one. I haven't seen all of them but all but the all black and the all white one. They may come around later.

I doubt I will take my walk this morning we are forecast for rain today and tomorrow. But I am not complaining! We desperately need the rain. 

For instance, Today is to be 60 degrees and rain, Monday is to be 49 degrees and rain, Tuesday is to be 51 degrees and partly cloudy, Wednesday is to be 53 degrees and sunny, Thursday is to be 57 degrees and mostly sunny, Friday is to be 51 degrees and cloudy, and Saturday is to be 46 degrees and partly cloudy. That's two days forecast for rain. today and tomorrow. Even though I just washed my car a day ago, I will be happy for any rain we can get.

I just got the coffeecake out of the oven and it is cooling. After 8:00AM, I want to go to Dollar General and get some powdered sugar for my glaze. I didn't get that on my grocery list, so, of course, I am out of it now.

More Later...I went out to Dollar General  to get hearing aide batteries and powdered sugar. It was starting to rain! Hooray!

It rained some on the way to church this morning...nothing really big but at least some moisture! 

More Later today! 

I took my Coffeyville library book back this morning while I was in Coffeyville after lunch with Phyllis Fredensborg. 

I did some more Christmas decorating after I got back home. Leslie is going to help me with the tops of the bookcases after we get back from Tulsa and my hearing aid test on Tuesday.

I put all the empty boxes from the Christmas decorating in the garage and stacked them in next to the tank closet. After Christmas I will label the boxes again and ask Jeromy to put them back in the attic for me.  

I want to go to Independence and get Marlene's gift and perhaps Leslie's too. They still have some neat shops up there.

I don't know what to get as gifts for my family.They have everything they want. I will also go look around in Bartlesville one day. They have a lot more to choose from there too.