Saturday, July 28, 2012

Saturday Again

It's Saturday again and I have been busy. First I had breakfast with Bob and then I went to the church to take my food for the food basket and my school supplies out there. While there I cleaned the church. It was Leslie's turn but she had her grandchildren and I figured she had her hands full and I had the time.

Then I went on to Independence. I bought flea meds for the cats and checked on the 2 for $10 backpacks at Walgreens. That special was off last Saturday so I didn't buy any. I went on to Wal Mart's to see what they had. Those were really silly and were also $14,95. I wasn't going to spend that kind of money so I went on into town and bought my makeup base. Then I came back home. It's too hot to be out running around.

I'm not sure what I will do today with the rest of the day. So more later...

I watched TV the rest of the day. There was nothing else to do in this heat. Not that there was anything worth watching on TV.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor,

I am extremely disappointed in my party after reading about the changes in our Kansas tax laws. Kansas House Bill 5182, signed into law by Governor Brownback punishes low income Kansans by eliminating the food sales tax refund. That is something low income Kansans depend on every year. Yet it eliminates Kansas Income tax on business income for sole-proprietors, farmers, rental property owners- including farm rental income, royalties, partnership or limited liability company income, Sub-S corporate income, estate and trust income.

It also eliminates tax credits for child day care expenses and a host of other damaging losses for low income and middle income citizens while giving great tax advantages to corporations.

The only tax credits that remain for low income citizens are the Homestead property tax and the earned income tax credit. I wonder just how long they will remain...

It's obvious who the legislature and the governor favor. I hope low income and middle income citizens of Kansas will remember who did this when they vote in April and November.

Friday Again

It's Friday again and I worked this morning after having yesterday off. I dropped by Bob's after work and took him the latest issue of my Nutrition Newsletter. It had several good articles about the poor nutrition of fast food, restaurant food and frozen dinners. After reading the articles I did some figuring and decided to approach Bob about eating at my house for dinner at 11:30 and then having a light supper at home. I would begin cooking again and we would both provide the meat we wanted to eat. He has some great hamburger patties he bought from John and Leslie and I have a roast and some of their great ground meat. I will buy chicken and some other meat and he will too and I will do the cooking. Bob will also bring the salads and coleslaw. I will provide the veggies and potatoes. I think we will both be healthier. He was agreeable to the plan and we will start on Monday. I only hope we don't gain weight. :)

We went to El Pueblito's for lunch and he bought my lunch. We usually do dutch treat. We had a great luncheon special though.

They kept me busy this morning at work and the shredder did come.

This afternoon I will do some cleaning. I have put it off as long as I could. I changed my bed yesterday and did laundry but I should clean bathrooms today.

More later....

I cleaned the entire house this afternoon and did some more laundry...towels etc. Then I went to the market and bought food enough for Bob and me for at least a week. I had enough coupons for a backpack for school supplies and the school supplies were included. I will take those out to church later.

My cat, Missy, is gone again. She insisted on going outside this morning before I went to work and has not been back since. It's 101 degrees out there. I wonder how she's getting along. She is, after all, nine years old.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

A Different Week

This week will be a little different. I will not work today and instead will work in the morning when the shredders are there. I will have breakfast with Bob this morning at 7:00. The rest of the day is up for grabs. I stripped my bed this morning and now have the sheets and other small things in the dryer.

I notice we have a small chance for rain today. One source says 50%. We desperately need it. I am afraid I have lost my weeping willow tree and perhaps some shrubbery too. I'll know more if we do get a rain.

More later...

Bob and I had breakfast and then about 10:30 we went to Owasso. We ate at Olive Garden and walked around the shopping center for an hour or so and then headed back. We had a good time. He drove. He stopped at Kohl's and bought three shirts. Many of his shirts are very old. We both need to go through our closets and cull out stuff ten to twenty years old and take it to Goodwill in Bartlesville. Some of my stuff is too large now that I've lost weight. I've lost a total of fifteen pounds.

I will stay home tonight and watch TV if I can find anything on that's worth watching. I will work tomorrow morning from 8:00AM until noon.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Wednesday Again

I always like to see Wednesday come. That means I only work one more day. I always look forward to Friday when I do not work at all. I did not mow this week. The lawn is mostly yellow and dormant. I'm not sure the weeping willow tree is going to make it. It's lost nearly all its leaves. The newer Rose of Sharon bushes are wilting and may die too. Will this drought ever end? We have a small chance of rain on Thursday.

My supervisor thinks it will be sometime next week before the shredders come...maybe even later. They evidently mixed up their dates or thought shredding in the Independence office was all the shredding there was.

I forgot to pick up my prescription yesterday so I will have to remember to pick it up today. I called it in yesterday morning before they opened and left the message on their machine.

I had a smoothy for supper last night. I really wasn't hungry. The heat tends to kill my appetite. But I slept well. I have a coupon for the new Arby's turkey asiago and I may use it today for lunch. It's available as a wrap for $3.99 and I don't want a lot of bread so a wrap may be the way to go.

More later....

I just had another smoothy for supper tonight. Then I had some popcorn. I ran short of time at noon and ran by the Sonic and bought the child's chicken strips with a small order of french fries and a small coke. Not a healthy meal but fast.

My supervisor will be gone on Friday and she wants me to work Friday morning. The shredders are coming then. I am to keep them from taking the plastic cases with the traffic tickets and shredding them too. I will not work tomorrow. I will need to move my Friday doctor's appointment to another day. I will have my blood work done Monday morning. I am having breakfast with Bob in the morning.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Half Day Tuesday

Yesterday I had plenty to keep me busy at work. That was good. The time flew. Today I will go to Independence and then go to eat a mini pizza at Big Cheese. Bob is going to go with me. He too loves Big Cheese pizzas.

Last night I worked on my sermon for August 5th. I have it pretty well finished now but it is still in draft form.

The shredders still have not come. My supervisor's supervisor will be back from her mini vacation today and perhaps we will learn more about what happened to their schedule.

Scott is back in Germany and is attempting to get his orders for Hawaii rescinded so he can retire next year. He should know this week if that is possible.

Keith called last night and we had a good visit. The boys stay in touch very well. Leslie and John are still on their vacation.

More later....

Bob and I went to Independence for my hair appointment and afterward we went to eat at Big Cheese. Then we went back to the cemetery to see if they had got the headstone carved with the date of Phyllis' death. They hadn't. Bob was going to call and see what was holding them up.

Keith called again this morning. We had a nice visit. Scott also called. There is a chance he will get Fort Riley, Kansas if he can cancel Hawaii. That would be wonderful!

I worked this afternoon and again, they kept me busy. I got home from work about 5:15.

Monday, July 23, 2012

Another Really Hot Monday

It's another hot day. It's supposed to reach 101 today. Yesterday it exceeded the forecast and reached 102.

I will work this afternoon unless my supervisor calls and has me come in this morning. The shredders never came last week. Surely they will come this week. If they come in a morning I may be called in in a morning instead of just an afternoon.

Yesterday I stayed in most of the afternoon. It was just too hot to be out. I ran over to the dollar store and bought some chocolate covered peanuts. I had a craving for chocolate. But I took a nap watching a detective TV story. When I woke up, I noticed I had lost my wedding ring. I have lost some more weight and it slipped off my finger. I searched for about 30 minutes and even called Bob to see if it may have come off in his car after church. Finally I recalled having a hard time getting my billfold back in my purse when I paid for my lunch. I had already emptied my purse looking for it but it seemed like the logical place to find it. I went back to the purse and emptied it again. There in the bottom, I found it. Great! I will probably never use it again but I didn't want to lose it.

Scott called when he reached Chicago on one of the legs of his trip back to Germany. Keith had scolded him for not coming to visit me. I hate that because Scott and Becky did come to see me. I was delighted. Scott's feelings were hurt. He idolizes his older brother and that scolding (something very unlike Keith) hurt his feelings. I assured Scott that Keith had not known that he and Becky did come to see me. I finally went to bed about 9:30 and slept well but awoke with a backache. After I had been up awhile, that cleared up.

More later....

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Another Hot Sunday

This is going to be another scorcher of a day. It's only 71 right now but it will get hotter...much the day proceeds. It's supposed to get up to 100 degrees today....again.

Bobby and Karan dropped by last night to bring me their snacks for the backpacks we are filling at church. They stayed awhile. When they left I picked up my cellphone but then I noticed it was just a little different. It was Bobby's. He had picked up mine from the end table (they are very similar) and his had fallen out of his pocket into the recliner.

We will have an even a smaller congregation this morning. John and Leslie are on vacation, John and Sue have company, Bobby and Karan are staying at Trinity to attend Howard and Judy's 50th wedding anniversary reception. It is to be held at 10:40....just before our church services start at 11:00. So the congregation will be even smaller. Melissa is speaking this morning and I am presiding.

Anyhow, to continue my story about the cellphones...I called my cellphone and startled Bobby. He answered it and said it had had a strange ring. I told him that was because he had mine and he had left his. I told him I would bring his right over. I dropped by and they invited me to stay and have ice cream sundaes with them. So I stayed until 10:00 and visited some more. We had quite a visit.

I need to remind the congregation that we need to start buying our school supplies. School here will be starting in late August. We buy school supplies for children whose parents don't have the funds to buy their children school supplies. We take them to the Caney school. They have no one to help their children with school supplies. The schools in Independence and Coffeyville have several organizations that help them. The lists should be out soon at Wal Mart.