Saturday, October 10, 2020

Saturday and a Quiet Day

I slept well last night and was up at 5:00AM as usual. I have dressed and made my bed and had my breakfast. I just fed all five cats too. 

I have everything caught up except to bake my cake for Tuesday, I will bake that, ice it and freeze it today since I have nothing else that needs to be done. The apartment is so clean it sparkles. I even went over everything with cleaning wipes.

I checked my bank account this morning and balanced my checkbook.

I may read today. I have one of Amazon's free books that I have only started.

There is thick fog this morning just like Wednesday morning. It is 6:35AM and still pitch black out there.

More later...


537 cases and 125 active. And this is just Montgomery County Kansas.

I have my cake in the oven and it is nearly done. I will let it cool when I take it out and then ice it and freeze it for Tuesday. Tuesday will be pretty busy. I will go over to Coffeyville to pick up the other three cakes and take them to Independence to the First Christian Church. 

Then I will stop by their Walmart and buy the few things on my list and then come home to roll up that den rug and drag it into the living room. Then I will take the dining room chairs out and the decorative accessories that set on the floor and put them in the living room too. That will leave the table, server and roll top desk for them to move out.

They will be here early Wednesday and probably be here all day laying that flooring. Suzanne will be here to help. I will be in Coffeyville all morning that day and when I come home Suzanne wants me to go over to Nancy's instead of coming home until they finish.

More cake timer is beeping. I need to test it and get it out of the oven to cool on a rack.

O.K. It is out and cooling. In about 15 minutes it should be cool and I can ice it.  After that, I will put the clear cover on it and put it in the freezer.

So more even later...

I got the cake cooled and iced and in the freezer. One less chore to do. I also watched my regular Saturday morning CBS program, "Lucky Dog". I don't watch much TV unless it's something I have recorded like Dateline and 20/20. I do watch the CBS news..especially the evening news and the Saturday morning CBS news. Then I watch "Lucky Dog" on Saturday morning at 10:00.  The two programs on Sunday morning about vets. When "Bull" was on, I watched that. I don't know whether it made it to another season or not. Mostly I read.  I am not impressed with today's programming...too much violence.

More later...

I went by Nancy's and called and even rang the doorbell but I couldn't raise her. I don't know what her problem is unless she goes to sleep and sleeps too hard to hear the phone. I was going up to Walmart in Independence to get my frozen food and a couple of other things I needed and thought she might like to go along for the ride and it was a lovely day. So I went on by myself. I bought her some bananas because she said yesterday that she was out. But once again, I called and ran by but couldn't raise her.  So I bagged them up in one of the green frig bags with a paper towel in the bag and put a twistee on it. Then I put both hers and mine in my frig in the drawers.

I turned on the TV but nothing was on any of my channels except college football and I wasn't interested.

So I am in here blogging. and reading my e-mail.

More later.

I called Nancy again finally got her and I told her I had bought her some bananas. She wanted me to come over. She had been sick this morning and slept all morning and half the afternoon. So I took them over to her and stayed and visited until 6:30PM when I came home and took my bath.

When I got home I had three cats/kittens waiting for their supper so I fed them too. I had had a banana before I went over to Nancy's. I am still full from that.

I plan to go to bed at 9:00PM.

Friday, October 9, 2020

Friday and Finish Cleaning

 I slept very well last night. I still got up at 5:00AM, dressed and had my breakfast and even balanced my checkbook.

In a little while I will open the front door and see how many cats/kittens are out there waiting for their breakfast.

After I finish the news and during the commercials I will start cleaning the living room and dining room and dust. I plan to change my bed on Monday and wash my sheets. Sometime this weekend I will bake my cake for the First Christian Church and freeze it. I will be taking the cakes up on Tuesday and then coming right back home to get things ready for the new flooring on Wednesday.

More later..I'd better check out those cats/kittens...

There were four out there but I went ahead and put all the bowls out there because when the others see their friends eating, they all come. Both kittens are out there and Big Yellow Tom and Scruffie now.

CBS news comes on at 8:00AM so I may just wait until that starts to see what new news there is.

I should get ready to vacuum before the CBS news comes on.... I will wait for the commercials.

I got the vacuuming finished. Now all I need to do is the dusting. I will do that later tis morning after the CNS news which is starting almost immediately.

It's nearly 10:00AM now and I will get my dusting done and then the apartment should be clean until after the flooring is installed. I will wait until Dean leaves to clean again.

So, more later...

It's 10:45AM and the dusting is all finished. I will wait until after lunch to decide what to do next. So more even later...

About 1:25PM, I went over to Nancy's and found her up and around. She wanted me to come in and visit awhile and I stayed until 4:00PM when I came home to watch the news.

I will have a banana for supper while I do that.

So more later...

I had my banana and also I fed the cats/kittens.

I am watching CBS news now and at 7:00PM, I will take my bath and at 9:00PM I plan to go to bed.

I was watching the CBS news and saw that they reported that there was a risk of cancer for type two diabetics that take Metformin. I texted John about it. He said if one thing doesn't kill you another will. He says there are risks just getting up in the morning. That's one way of looking at it I guess.. After watching my stepdad, Russell, die of cancer, I would rather not die in that kind of agony if I could do anything to prevent it . 

More later. Time for my bath. Then on to bed at 9:00PM

Thursday, October 8, 2020

Thursday and Cleaning Day

 I slept very well last night. It probably had something to do with staying up until 10:00PM and watching the Vice President debate. I got up at 5:00AM as usual. I have had my breakfast and after I finish this segment of my blog, I will feed the cats/kittens. I think Kamala did quite well and although Pense interrupted her constantly, he at least didn't try to shout her down.

It's five minutes until 6:00AM and I will be feeding the cats soon.

After awhile I will  start vacuuming during the commercials. That's the best time to do that. That way I don't have to deal with the commercials. I use that time productively.

More later...I imagine there are five cats/kittens out there and it is 6:00AM now.. 

There were four out there now and I am sure the others will come when they see those out there eating. I had to go out through the garage this time.The little yellow kitten would not get away from the front door. 

After an hour or so, I will start vacuuming. Maybe I will wait until the CBS news is over at 10:00.AM.

My Schwan's order should be coming sometime today. I had ordered chicken pot pies last week and they were evidently out of those last week and will be bringing them today. They are my favorite Schwan's meal. I will also get their ice cream bars. I should leave those alone. I have lost three pounds and would like to lose at least that much more.

More later...

I swept out the garage and put the leaf bag in the dumpster. It was only half full so I could manage it. I also mopped the bare floors in the house and vacuumed the bedroom, halls and den. Now my back hurts so I will save the living room and dining room until tomorrow or maybe this afternoon. It depends on how much energy I recover and how my back gets. I have nothing planned for this afternoon or tomorrow anyhow.  

I may try to raise Nancy this afternoon. She has a 1:30PM hair appointment so she should be out of bed have eaten lunch and dressed. I called twice yesterday and went by but could not raise her. I think she is sleeping her life away.

I got word today that we lost another classmate. Out of 291 classmates we have 113 left alive. 151 have died and I have lost 27 who did not stay in touch all these years.

More later....

I finally raised Nancy. I went over and rang the back doorbell. That got her up. I went out to my car and called again and she showed up at the door in her robe. I went in and visited for over an hour and got home about 5:30PM....just in the time for the CBS news.

The president has decided if the debate next Tuesday is going to be virtual he will not participate. Biden says he will attend anyway and explain his proposed plans for the country should he win. It appears Trump has lost even more support after this past week.

Four cats/kittens came for their supper. Only one, Big Yellow Tom is still out there.

At 7:00PM, I will take my bath and plan to go to bed at 9:00PM.

Wednesday, October 7, 2020

Wednesday and a Very Busy Day

 I slept terribly last night. For one thing, I had a hard time getting to sleep and then just when I finally had dozed off my phone started screaming about an Amber Alert. That woke me up again. Then it was nearly impossible to get back to sleep and the rest of the night was on again, off again. Terrible night's sleep.

I am just having some Chai Latte this morning, I will pick up Bob for breakfast  at 7:00AM.

After that, I will go get gas and at 9:00AM, I will have my hair done. After that, I will go to the doctor's office and get my flu shot....which reminds me, I had better put a short sleeved top on.

After that, I will go by the market there and buy a treat for Bunco at the senior center.  I would like to get a pedicure but it is the end of the pay period and I will need to watch my cash. I don't get my social security until the 14th.

I may get my car washed. I usually do that on Wednesdays too.

Mare later...

I had a nice breakfast with Bob and we caught up on all our news. Then I had my hair done and went out to the Woodshed and bought gas. I then went by Sonic and got a cherry limeade slush for my drink at Bunco. I sat in the car and read on my latest book. So far I am not impressed.

At 1:00PM, I went by the senior center and went in and had my temperature done and I wore my face mask during the games. Everyone else did too. I ended up "winning" the most losses. I will provide the gifts for next month's Bunco. Richard Akers has the virus and he had been attending the exercise classes. I got a sack of candy (Just what I needed) and $5.00 as my prizes.I will put the candy in my candy dishes. I will keep the $5.00 in my purse.

I saw the Big Yellow Tom cat waiting for me to come home to feed him. I will wait awhile. It's only 4:00PM. I will wait closer to 5:00PM. The others should be out there by then.

More later...

Mu cousin Pat's widower called me while I was at the senior center playing Bunco. He had forgotten that I had moved to Caney and was going to come by with his youngest daughter to visit me. I missed their visit since I was gone all day. He will be back in May and I will get to see them then.  I asked him to give me a little more notice next time and I would be sure to be home.

The Woodshed charged me twice for my gas this morning. I called their main office in Edna and told them about it. They told me to watch my bank account tomorrow and if it didn't drop off to call them back. They don't think the second charge will go through. We will see!

More later....

I watched the Vice President debate tonight. It was tolerable although Mike Pense interrupted Kamala over and over again and the moderator couldn't get him to stop speaking when his two minute time was up, But at least he didn't try to scream her down. I am sure she won the debate. This is going to be a very interesting election.

I had taken my bath and fed the cats before the debate so when it was over and the commentary was over, I went on to bed.

Tuesday, October 6, 2020

Tuesday and Nothing New

 I slept very well last night and was up at 5:00AM as usual. The unusual thing is that I didn't wake up all night. 

I have had my oatmeal, breakfast bar and coffee. I am out of Chai Latte. It is on my grocery list for tomorrow in Coffeyville. along with four or five other things. I will wait to go to Walmart until I am ready to come back home..after Bunco. I need some frozen meals. I think I only have one left, I believe. Schwan's will be coming on Thursday with my chicken pot favorites.  

When I opened the front door this morning I had four cats/kittens waiting for their breakfast. One of them was Scruffie and she spit and boxed at one of the others to get them away from the dish she wanted.  Grouchy old thing! I believe there is just one left out there now.

I have nothing in particular on my schedule to do today. I did laundry yesterday and I will clean Thursday and Friday. Of course, tomorrow is Bunco at Coffeyville's senior center and first I will get my hair done and get my gas and perhaps wash my car.. I don't know whether Bob will want to meet me for breakfast or not. I would like to get a pedicure but I may have to wait until next week to do that..after I get my social security. I am running a little low on cash. Luckily I did not have to pay to have my yard mowed since it cooled down and the grass didn't grow much. And last week John mowed for me with his mower which was self propelled. If I hadn't had my eye appointment I would be in better shape financially. But I did need new contacts. I had been having to use readers to read.

More later...

I am waiting for the CBS news now. It is only 7:25AM and it comes on at 8:00AM.

Well, I watched the CBS news but I didn't learn anything I didn't already know. Trump was being foolhardy last evening telling everyone not to be afraid of the virus and not to let it rule their lives. Tell that to the survivors who have had a family member die alone... strangling on the water from their own body's response from their own immune systems....drowning in the results. I believe we should do anything possible to be careful around others..wear masks, stay at least 6 feet away from anyone else.  Certainly we should not walk into a room with several others there who are not wearing masks. 

The president has been foolhardy with his own health and certainly very foolhardy with the health of the 19 others he has come in contact with who are now testing positive. It just goes to show he is only concerned about his own self...and his political campaign. I wonder how his wife and family are doing...not a word about them..or any of the others he has infected. It's all about usual. he doesn't know the meaning of the word "compassion".

Oh well, you can't teach an old dog new tricks...

I called just before noon and learned that the doctor's office is giving flu shots this afternoon and tomorrow morning. I will get mine tomorrow mid morning after my hair appointment. I texted Bob about them and he seemed to already know. He already got his.

More later..

The top US General, General Mark Milley,  and several members of the Joint Chiefs of Staff   are quarantining after a top Coast Guard official tested positive for the coronavirus according the several US defense officials.

The vice commandant of the US Coast Guard, Admiral Charles Ray, tested positive on Monday.  

And so it spreads... 

I went up to Independence  this afternoon and bought some groceries. I was out of several vital things.

It is 4:00 PM now and I might go watch the local Tulsa news....not that I care how many murders they are up to now. They might touch on something interesting. 

More later... 


 Image may contain: plant, outdoor and nature

My flowerbed is looking kind of wild.  Next year I will be more careful what I plant.

At 7:00PM, I watched the Toronto church service which was an explanation of the 19th century mindset when the Book of Mormon came out. 

Soon after that was over, I took my bath and was in bed by 9:00PM.

Monday, October 5, 2020

Monday and Laundry

 I slept well last night and only woke up once in the night to go to the bathroom. I got up at my usual 5:00AM. I made my bed and got myself ready for the day. I had my coffee and oatmeal and a breakfast bar and am about ready for my Chai.

I noticed this morning that I have lost three pounds in the past three or four weeks. If I can lose three or four more I will be happy. I don't want to lose too much or it will come right off my face instead of my waist.

Of course, when I opened the front door I have five cats/kittens waiting for their breakfast. So I took out the double dish for the kittens and two blue bowls and one square one for the older cats. This morning they let me out without having to go out through the garage. They moved away from the front door...I guess because they wanted to get their breakfast faster.

I need to do some laundry this morning. I am out of underwear and I need to wash my towels too.

I talked to Suzanne yesterday and she will come let the flooring people in the apartment if they want to come that Wednesday morning on the 14th. I have two appointments on that Wednesday morning so she will need to do that unless they come in the afternoon. I will be home in the afternoon. Suzanne needs to let the plumber in too because they will need to take up the commode so they can lay the flooring under it in the bathroom. The plumber may need to turn off the water for the washer too so they can move the washer and dryer out to install the flooring in that space as well. I told her I would like to have the rug in the den put in the dining room so I will roll it up and put it in the living room. I have formal dining room furniture and would rather have a rug under that then linoleum.  I still have another week and a half until I need to be concerned about that. I will move anything small that I can move and the flooring people will move all the appliances and the dining room furniture.

More later...

I have put the laundry in the dryer. I have fed the cats a couple of times and they continue coming back to check if there is food available. I have brought all the bowls in anyhow. They can wait until evening for a supper.

It's 9:12AM and I have no plans for the day after the news is over.  Many seem to be aware that the public is not getting the full story on Trump's condition. They are still concerned about where so many got infected. They suspect it was when he announced his choice for the Supreme Court. Several people there at that occasion have developed the virus. Not only were they outside without face masks but there was also an inside reception afterward.

The laundry is finished, folded and put away. That's the size of the work I will do here. Now I will either read or rake. I doubt I will rake since that seems pretty futile. I have done it twice and both times the neighbor's leaves blew back over that yard again.

The more I looked at those leaves the more I wanted to try to mow them to get rid of least the front yard... which is the worst. I put some gas in the mower and started to mow. I made two rounds around the front yard and was winded so I put away the mower and I guess I will just have to live with the way it looks. Disgusting! Last year I could have done it but all this sitting around this year has taken it's toll....on me.  

Today I got the bill for the eye exam from last week. It was $35.00. That was for my part of the initial exam (total of $100) and the set of new contacts she fitted me with. I wrote her a check for that $35.00 part, After she orders the new monthly contacts, I will owe more. I don't know what she will charge for those. Roger, I am sure, gave me a break..

I watched the helicopter bring Trump back to the White House. He came off the helicopter  with his face mask on but when he got on the balcony for a photo opt he took it off. Then after several minutes, he turned and walked into the White House.without the face mask on and met with several people in that foyer. This man has an active case of Coronavirus and does not have the most basic protection on in the presence of others. He never stops amazing me with his utter disregard for others in the most dangerous circumstances, He just keeps doing these things..

More later.... 

It's 6:30PM and I am going to go take my bath. After that, I will read or watch Amazon Prime programming and go to bed at 9:00PM.

Sunday, October 4, 2020

Sunday and Online Church Again

 I slept well last night but was still up at 5:00AM. I dressed and got myself ready for the day. I had my breakfast of oatmeal, coffee and Chai as well as a breakfast bar.

I have even fed the cats/kittens. When I opened the front door there they were. I took out all of the bowls and they all ate their fill. The two kittens are still there looking in the door and playing together.  

I am watching ABC this morning watching "Good Morning America". I see America is nearing 7 1/2 million who have had it or have it now.

More later...


I see Montgomery County Kansas has 426 cases at this time with 116 active. The numbers just keep going up and this was as of September 30th. This is October 4th.Who knows what the numbers are now

I watched the Ontario Canada church's worship service online this morning at 11:00AM  and it was excellent. It was a communion service and I fixed my own communion and took it as instructed. I miss my church's services and the fellowship but this is at least a service of my church.

After it was finished I had a Healthy Choice lunch with some Crystal Light punch and then went out to Dollar General to get some more cat food. The five little critters are eating me out of house and home. :)

I simply cannot let them starve.

This afternoon, I will read in my latest book. 

I got the boxes I needed down from the attic and put all the stuff in the roll top desk in them and put the boxes in the den.  That's one thing I have not put off until the last minute. The flooring people will not be here until the 14th.

At 7:00PM, I logged on to Zoom and watched the Springfield worship service. After that, I took my bath and at 8:45PM I went on to bed.