Saturday, November 13, 2021

Saturday and Not Much Going On

I was up at my usual 5:00AM, dressed, made my bed and am having my breakfast now. I woke up once in the night and took my two meds. I don't have  a plan for today except to go over to Nancy's at 9:00AM and fix her some toast and give her her meds.

It's 6:05AM now and soon I will go turn on the TV and watch "the weather on the 8's" and check on the cats. I also want to check on my plants. I left them out overnight. It's 28 degrees now and they may be frostbitten. I'd better check.  I brought in the two from the back yard.They look pretty good right now but they may not survive that temperature.

I put the light on in the front and both cats were there waiting for their breakfasts so I took their food out. When I bring the food dishes in after they're finished eating, I will bring in the plant in front. I will need to water them all too.

I have all three plants in the house on plates now. I also watered them. I hope they are going to be alright. It is now 32 degrees outside.

It's 8:39AM now and in about 20 minutes, I will go over to Nancy's to see about her toast and meds.

I had a hard time waking Nancy up. She had been up and was asleep on the sofa. I tried the front and back doorbells but nothing woke her up until I called on the telephone. Then she opened the front door. I gave her two pieces of toast and her afternoon meds. Then I stayed and visited until 10:00AM. I told her I would be back in the evening usually around 6:00PM and I stay until 7:00PM.

More later...I will go read or lay out another puzzle..

I went out to Sonic after my lunch and bought a cherry limeade slush. Then I came back home to watch the Ohio State/Purdue football game. So far Ohio State 28 and Purdue 7. And this is just the end of the first quarter. Barely into the second quarter 35 to 7 now!! Ohio State!

Purdue finally got a second touchdown. It's 35 to 14 now! Ohio State! 

Ohio State just got another touchdown!!. It is now 42 to 14 Ohio State!! And it's not even half time yet.

Purdue settled for a field goal for 17 to 42. Ohio State. O a 4th down, Ohio State took a field goal. That makes the score 45 to 17...Ohio State. I believe that takes into half time.

Another touchdown..Ohio State 52 to17 Purdue. 

Purdue got another touchdown. The score now is 52 to 24..Ohio State!

Another Purdue touchdown..31 to 52 Ohio State

Ohio State got another touchdown so the score is 59 to 31. Ohio State...

I brought the flowers back in and will water them before I take my bath.

More later...

I went over to Nancy's and saw to her meds and stayed an hour and visited and then came home and took my bath, watered the flowers and am going to read awhile before going to bed. It's only 7:58PM now.


Friday, November 12, 2021

Friday and Dusting

I slept well last night and was up only once in the night. I've made my bed and dressed and am ready for the day. It's a little after 6:00AM now and I should go fix my breakfast and coffee. 

I have that done now.

I will dust the apartment this morning. I started it yesterday but stopped and went over to fix Nancy's meds. I never got back to it. So that's my chore for this morning.

I am anxious to see what the plants look like today. It's 45 degrees out there this morning. It's still dark outside so I can't tell yet. 

Nancy's hair appointment next week is at 1:00PM until 3:00PM when she gets her color and cut. My audiologist appointment in Bartlesville is at 3:00PM  that day so I will have to ask Sandy to take Nancy to her hair appointment. If that doesn't work out, I may have to ask Anissa to change the day.

I will go turn on "the weather on the 8's" and see what the forecast is for the week. In a little while I will also check on the cats.

It's nearly 9:00AM now and I have fed both cats and watched most of the CBS morning news. I really am not too impressed with that news.They tend to talk over one another...interrupting one another.

I guess I will go get a hoodie on and see if Nancy is up and around.

I went by Nancy's house and saw Dale's truck there so I just came back home. I texted him to tell him I had come to get her toast and meds done but had seen his truck and came back home. He is taking care of her toast and meds and she is being evaluated by Green Country Assisted Living at 9:15AM this morning. I hope she agrees to go this time. I know it's time. If he just assures her it's just for the winter months she may agree to that. She may then decide over the winter that it's for the best for her and for her health. We will see. Once she fell down those front steps and busted her lip, I became concerned that something even worse could falling down that staircase inside the house.

Now I will get my dusting done. 

Nancy has agreed to move to Green Country Assisted Living and will be moving on the 22nd of the month unless something opens up earlier. For her with her memory problems, it is the best solution. 

Once I got my dusting finished, I went down to Copan Truck Stop and had their small chef salad for my lunch.

Now I am full. I  believe I will read in my latest book until supper time when I will go back to Nancy's to fix her something for her supper and give her her meds.

So, even more later.... 

I went over to Nancy's at 6:00PM and she had had her dinner but had not taken her pills so I got those out for her and she took them.

I stayed and visited until 7:30PM and then came home to take my bath and read until 9:30PM or 10:00PM when I will go to bed. 

It's been a big day .

Thursday, November 11, 2021

Thursday and Apartment Cleaning Day

I slept well last night. In fact, it was well after 5:00AM when I woke up and got up. It's after 6:00AM now and I am just now eating my breakfast. I will need to get some more breakfast bars. I have had the last one. 

I will clean the apartment this morning while the commercials are on TV.  Commercials are boring to me.

It did rain last night. It rained and thundered and lightning while I was over to Nancy's and checked out her meds. In fact, I parked under her carport because light hail was forecast. Sandy had brought her a supper and seen to her meds so I just visited with her. I came home about 7:00PM in time to take my bath and read until a later bedtime. I had downloaded three more mysteries on my Kindle.  I started one of them and had to stop to charge the Kindle again.

I will go in and turn on the "weather on the 8's" and check on the cats in a few minutes. I always start my cleaning with mopping the bare floors.....the foyer tile, the kitchen and the tile around the area rug in the dining room as well as the bathroom. Then I begin vacuuming in my bedroom. When I find out what the weather is going to be like today, I will know whether to set the plants back outside. They would have drowned out there yesterday evening.

At 3:00PM this afternoon I will take Nancy to the beauty shop. Anissa gave her a 3:00PM appointment instead of 1:00PM.

More later..

I went over to Nancy's at 9:30AM and she was up and around. She was not dressed yet but she has until 2:30PM to get her bath and dress. I gave her some of her toast and then gave her her meds. Then we went in the den and visited for awhile. Her daughter-in-law had called last night and told her she was exhausted from taking care of David. Nancy thought she was wanting her to come help her with him. But that would be two people for the daughter-in-law  to take care of. I convinced her that would be a terrible mess for her and her daughter-in-law. The daughter-in-law would then have two people to care for...Nancy and David. I suggested she tell her daughter-in-law to put David in assisted living until he was a lot better. 

What a mess! Poor woman. I hope Dale can get Nancy into assisted living before she does something rash or falls downstairs and hurts herself. 

The apartment  is clean now and I will do the dusting tomorrow. Right now I may work on the puzzle awhile and then read. It's 11:09AM now.

This is my younger son, Scott, and his wife Ginger.  He is a veteran. My older son is too. They both served in Iraq and Afghanistan during the Bush war.

May be an image of 2 people, people standing and military uniform 

They are both a good looking couple. We are all going to Tennessee to their new home for Thanksgiving.

Another of Carol's 300 piece puzzles done!

 May be an image of indoor 

Soon I will start another one. First I will read though. Enough puzzle for now!

I went over to pick Nancy up for her appointment with Anissa and I went twenty minutes early just in case she hadn't got around and got dressed. That has happened before. But this time she was all ready to go. I took my Kindle to read while her hair was being done. When she was finished I drove around Caney and we looked at the mess the streets are in. They are replacing all the pipes in Caney. They were all put in when the town was built and need to be replaced in the worst way. Several have broken since I moved here two years ago. 

The streets are also in terrible repair. They have dug out the holes and put gravel in them. I called the city manager about it a few weeks ago. The gravel sticks in the tread of my tires and when I drive into the garage, it come out into my garage. Worse yet, the gravel will eventually penetrate the tires and they won't last as long as they should.   

I called the city manager about the problem and he said they are having a terrible time getting asphalt for the streets. The plant they usually use has closed since they lost their employees. They now have to get it in Dewey, Oklahoma, and that plant does not make asphalt every month. They only make it when they get a large enough order to  make it worth their while. Fred, the city manager, said for them to add the Caney order on to any large order they get and then they will pick it up when it's finished. Lord only knows how long it will be until they can get this mess fixed up. In the meantime, it's hard on my almost new tires to have gravel inbeded in the tread. 

Small towns make big  problems.

More later... 

I went over to Nancy's about 6:30PM  and got her meds out for her. She had already eaten her supper from the food Sandy had brought her yesterday. So all I had to do was get her meds out for her and give her the water to wash them down with.

I stayed until almost 8:00PM and visited with her. Then I came home to take my bath. I left my plants out this evening. I think they will be alright tonight. I will take my bath in a little while, put my p.j.s on and read until time to go to bed.

Wednesday, November 10, 2021

Wednesday and Hair Day

I went to bed about 10:00 last night after reading all evening after I got my bath over after I got home from Nancy's. I was up at my usual 5:00AM though. I am eating my breakfast now and it's almost 6:00AM. Soon I will go turn on "the weather on the 8's" because I think it's supposed to rain this evening unless the forecast has changed. Then a little later I will check on the cats to see if they are here for their breakfast. I have my regular hair appointment this morning at 9:00AM in Coffeyville. But that's all for today. Sandy will take care of Nancy's morning food and meds and I will get the evening ones. 

I have finished my oatmeal now so I will go check out the weather forecast.

I checked the weather and we are forecast for rain and small hail so I brought my plants in from the patio area and set them on dinner plates and watered them.

I also found Scruff waiting for me to bring her breakfast out so I did that while I brought the plant from the front in and set it it on a dinner plate. I watered it too. I know the rain water would be better for them but I don't want to take a chance on the hail. I hope it doesn't hail while I am getting my hair done this morning or on my way back from Coffeyville or even to Coffeyville.

It didn't hail or even rain yet. I got my hair done and came on back to Caney. I have been working on the latest puzzle for two hours and I am tired.

I had a text from Anissa and she has given Nancy an appointment for 3:00PM tomorrow afternoon. I hope I can convince her to get a bath and get dressed so she can get her hair done. It has been two weeks since she has her hair washed.. I will go over this evening since Sandy went over this morning while I was gone to my Coffeyville appointment.

I am going to read for awhile. I am tired of the puzzle now.

So more later...

I read until I finished my book and then went over to Nancy's to visit awhile.She was all dressed and bright. 

I came home close to 7:00PM to take my bath and get ready for bed and then went back to read until 10:00PM or so.

Tuesday, November 9, 2021

Tuesday and an Appointment with an Optomitrist.

I was up at 5:00AM again. I dressed and got myself ready for the day. I have had my breakfast too. I will go over to Coffeyville again today for my eye appointment this afternoon at 2:30PM. I also want to take my watch in to the jeweler there and get it turned back an hour since daylight savings time is over. He is only open Tuesday through Friday or I would have had it done yesterday while I was in Coffeyville for that funeral.

That's about all I have to do there today. I may eat lunch there at Eggbert's before my appointment. I didn't have much yesterday. I had my usual breakfast and no lunch and no supper. I just had a banana last evening. It had been a big day and I was not very hungry. The family had the funeral guests to the Pizza Hut for supper after the funeral but I was not in the mood for pizza so I just came on back home.

I did get the bulletins mailed out to those who were not at church on Sunday. I also loaned Nancy a book on the 1918 Pandemic but I don't know whether she will get it read or not. I hope she doesn't put it away somewhere and forget where she put it.

I will go try to watch "the weather on the 8's". The sound stutters on that channel so it's a toss up. At least the other channels are fine. It's just the weather channel. Then after awhile I will check on the cats too.

More later...

The weather channel has been straightened out and the sound appears to be fine now...thank goodness!! 

Both cats came for breakfast and I fed them. Blondie didn't eat much before he left. Scruff stayed longer but when she strayed away I took the food back into the garage.

The CBS news will be on in a little over ten minutes . I'm not particularly impressed with it...too much nonsense and not enough real national news.

I was bored with the news so I started a new puzzle. It's just 300 pieces instead of 500 pieces.

I went over early enough to get my watch adjusted  to no daylight savings time. The jeweler didn't charge me anything to do that. Then I went to Eggbert's and had lunch there. 

And then I went out to visit Marilyn Rutledge for awhile. After that I went on to my 2:30PM appointment with the optometrist. She decided to give my left eye a multi focal contact too since I got a lot better vision with that right eye with a multi focal contact.

She will call me in a week to see how it's going. If it's still so much better, she will give me new prescriptions for each eye. 

I then came on back home. 

I went over to Nancy's at 5:30PM and found Sandy there. Sandy had cooked her a hot meal and given her her shots. I stayed and visited until 7:00PM when I came on back home. Sandy will take care of Nancy's meal in the morning and her meds and I will come back tomorrow evening when Sandy is cooking for Jim, her boyfriend.

Now I will take my bath and read until bedtime.

Monday, November 8, 2021

Monday and a Classmate's Graveside Services

I slept well last night and was up closer to 6::00AM. I am dressed and ready for the day. I will leave about 11:30AM to meet Betty Hanson for our trip out to the cemetery for Charlotte's graveside service at 1:00PM.  I hope some others will come. I have not made a habit of attending my classmates funerals. There have been way too many. Out of 292, there are only 108 of us left....maybe not that many. Sometimes I learn of deaths when my class newsletter comes back . There are only 14 still living in Coffeyville. Then there is me in Caney.

More later...I want to go catch "the weather on the 8's" . The weather channel voices are still tearing but maybe I can see the weather forecast anyhow. It's 6:30AM now and the cats may also be out there for their breakfast. 

Only one cat. Scruff, was out there for breakfast although Blondie came later after I had taken the food back in. He has an owner and can eat at home so I didn't put it back out there. 

I went to the Caney market and bought a few things I needed.   It's 8:20AM now and I will go over to Nancy's around 9:00AM.  I hope to miss Dale. He intends to go over to Nancy's this morning and encourage her to try the assisted living for a few months...actually just this winter. I talked to her about that possibility last night again. I told her about my texts to Dale and his back to me. I told her I didn't want him to think I was trying to do something behind his back. Of course, if she decides to give it a try, he will have to pay the bill out of her money each month. I am glad he is going to speak to Nancy again. He has ignored her for a month or more. He is a cousin and the only relative around here. Her only son lives in North Carolina.

More later... 

I went over to Coffeyville about  10:30AM. I went to the post office and bought stamps and then bought gas at Woodshed and then went out to Ellis and Carolyn Roberson's to visit. I really enjoyed that! They were old friends of Bob and mine. 

Afterward I went out to the cemetery to look up my folk's graves. Then I saw them putting up a tent structure for Charlotte's services. I was so glad to see that six of us class members showed up for the service. There was Barbara Barnes Babboni who had contacted Betty Hanson about Charlotte's death and the time for the service, Patricia Easton Robertson, Peggy Kiddoo Clabough, and of course, me.  I thought there was one more but I will have to ask Betty who that was.

I got home about 3:00PM and paid some bills that came in the mail. Now I guess I will go over to Nancy's and see how her visit with Dale went.

More later... 

I asked her how her visit with Dale went and she said he didn't come. That was strange.I had told her when I left to be sure to dress and brush her hair before he came. She was still in her nightclothes.

When I got home I texted him and asked him how his visit went and he said she had agreed to go to the assisted living place in Bartlesville for just the winter months and see how she liked it. That was odd. She said he didn't come at all. Sandy was there when I went back to check on her and see if she was eating so she could take her meds. She had a nice lunch that Sandy made her so she just had some applesauce and a piece of raisin bread. I gave her her meds afterward.

I am going to read awhile. I had my bath at 7:00PM or so and fed the two cats that were waiting for their supper.  I plan to go to bed after I relax a little while.

Sunday, November 7, 2021

Sunday and Church

 I didn't realize daylight savings time ended today and I need to take my watch to the jeweler to have it set back an hour. I am going over to Coffeyville tomorrow for Charlotte's services and will drop it off then. I will be going back over for my eye appointment on Tuesday so perhaps I can pick it up then...or  Wednesday when I get my hair done. It will be a busy week.

I tried to reset the microwave clock this morning but it wouldn't let me do that. I followed the directions but it just wouldn't reset. Luckily I have the stove time reset.

I am going over to Nancy's at 9:00AM this morning to try to convince her to go into assisted living. She really can't take care of herself anymore. Her house hasn't been vacuumed in months...probably years. She hasn't been out of her night clothes in weeks and she hasn't done any laundry in weeks...probably months. She hasn't changed her bed and washed her sheets either. I have asked her repeatedly not to lock the storm door and yet she still does. If anything happened to her and the EMTs need to get in to her, they would have to break a window to get in. She really does need to be in assisted living. Joanne Gordon, another Caney woman, is there in assisted living so she would know her. 

The visiting angels were supposed to help with her housework but none of them did anything Gina had down for them to do. They just watched her TV and when she was tired of them doing that, she just let them leave...early. She was paying them $200 a day to do nothing but getting her some lunch and seeing to her pills.

I will be gone 5 days to Tennessee for Thanksgiving and will have to get Sandy to come take care of her meds morning and evening and see that she eats something first. Then Sandy will be gone two months when she goes to see her mother this winter. So, it's time. Convincing her will be another challenge.

Dale and Gina haven't been back since she refused to go to assisted living two months ago. They have another life too.

So, more later...

I went over and explained to her how her sleeping all day and all night, seldom  getting dressed, missing her hair appointments and not even combing her hair was not normal at all. She agreed .I told her about Joanne Gordon being there too and she was from Caney and she knew Joanne. I told her Leslie had told me that if anything unforeseen happened to her, I would blame myself. I denied that but Leslie said she knew me better.

Anyhow I told her all that and she promised to think about it and I said I would see her this evening to give her her meds and I wanted her to give it some serious consideration but I would not press her about it for a few days..perhaps a week. But  if she fell down her stairs like she fell down those in the porch when she busted her lip, she could do some serious damage to herself...perhaps break a hip or worse.

I did the the bulletins ready to send out in the morning. 

I will go over there about 6:00 PM and give her something to eat and give her her meds.

I just had a text from Dale, her cousin, and he is going over there in the morning to try to convince her to do that again.

I was up very early this morning since my watch was not reset for the end of daylight saving time so I will be ready for sleep fairly later then 9:00PM