Saturday, July 14, 2012

Breakfast on Saturday

Bob and I (and perhaps Diana) will have breakfast at Eggberts this morning at 7:00. Diana is not an early riser like we are so she may not make it.

I may take off today and go to Bartlesville. I want to look for some white denim pants. I have two pair of white clam diggers. Both are too large now. I may just have them altered since I like the ones I am wearing this morning. The other pair is too flimsy a material. I like material with some body.

I got a good night's sleep last night. I woke up at 4:00 hearing a distant beep and after searching for 15 minutes found an old cell phone in my dresser drawer that was telling me it needed charging. I shut it down. I went back to bed but could not get back to sleep.

I promised Judy I would address some envelopes for her on my computer this evening. They are having their 50th wedding anniversary soon and she is sending out invitations to that festive occasion. She does not have Word on her computer and does not know how to use the substitute program to address envelopes. I did this for her once before.

We have our Living the Questions group at their house this Sunday evening. That's the same material I used at camp for our Temple School classes. We are nearly finished with it in our home study group. I believe we have two more sessions. Then I'm not sure what we will study. We have done the Saving Jesus DVD and perhaps First Light. I have Eclipsing Empire now and I don't believe we have done it.

My older son, Keith, called last evening before I went to bed and we had a nice visit.

After Bob's daughter left this afternoon he and I went to Bartlesville...our first time out of town in several weeks since Phyllis went back to Windsor from the hospital. We had a late lunch at Dink's and then walked the mall. We were both full and needed the exercise.

Then later this evening Judy brought me the envelopes and I got them addressed for her on my computer. She picked them up awhile ago. Now I am going to take my bath and go to bed. It's nearly 10:00.

Friday, July 13, 2012

Looking Better Friday

Things are looking better even though I didn't get much sleep again last night.

I have done my laundry, answered my mail and gone to the market besides getting my hair done. I always feel a lot better when my hair looks better. Camp is hard on my hair. The humidity just makes it uncontrollably curly.

My brother-in-law and I will get together sometime next week and begin sending out thank you notes. He and I are going over to Just Us for lunch today and his daughter is going too. I haven't had a good meal in several days so that will be good. I ate some yogurt last night before I went to bed. I had only had a bowl of oatmeal all day. I had no appetite for lunch and dinner was lost in the turmoil of getting everything back to "normal" whatever that is.

I later bought stamps today, bought gas, washed my car, and sent out two thank you notes. I also balanced my checkbook and paid some bills. Busy, busy, busy.

More later...

Hooray! We're getting some rain! We need it desperately. My weeping willow tree is losing all it's leaves.

Diana and Bob and I went to Cherryvale at lunchtime and had a great dinner at the buffet. Then I came home and in front of the TV, I took a nap. I feel more rested now.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Thursday At Last

Things look a little brighter this morning. The terrible problem that presented itself yesterday afternoon has been put in it's proper perspective this morning. It took two sleeping pills but I finally got some sleep last night. I feel better this morning. The terrible problem is not mine but I was trying to make it mine with my "fix it" mentality. I have had to learn that there are many problems in my world that I simply cannot "fix". I haven't the resources to fix everything.

I have my car packed and I am ready to go after the class this afternoon at 4:00. I am anxious to get home where a certain amount of sanity prevails. It has been a good camp overall. There has been a lot of good teamwork with all the chores. The services have been good and the adult class is excellent. I could have enjoyed it even more if Phyllis hadn't died just before I came and if the news of yesterday hadn't seemed so devastating.

It's only 6:30 AM now. I will add more as the day progresses.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Wednesday Morning

It's Wednesday morning and much has happened since I last wrote here on Saturday. Monday following morning devotions, I went home to do the graveside service for my sister. That went very well. Around forty people showed up to support my brother-in-law and his family. We will miss Phyllis but we have missed her for two years..since she got so bad we seldom saw "Phyllis" anymore. She is in a better place now and she is out of the misery of Alzheimer's Disease...that horrible destroyer of the person.

The services have been extraordinary here and the fellowship is rich. Last night we had homemade ice cream following the service. I presided over that service but the music director had changed it a couple of times and I didn't think it went as smoothly as it could have but the speaker did so well, that no one seemed to notice or care.

The morning class is also excellent. As usual I am really ready to go home to my own home and bed but I will wait until Thursday afternoon after the last Temple School to leave.

This afternoon has been exhausting. I had KP three times today and also had a disconcerting e-mail and phone call from a person that really upset me. I am helpless to do anything about it through so will just try to sleep tonight. I did remember to bring my sleeping pills and I may need them tonight. I still have the evening service to attend tonight. Tomorrow afternoon I will leave for home. I have a seven o'clock appointment on Friday in Independence.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Sunday Morning at Camp

I arrived at camp after lunch yesterday. I went into town first because I learned that registration didn't start until 2:00. I got my cabin assignment and moved all my stuff in. I don't believe I forgot anything. Madaleen will bring the Temple School material when she and Bill come over today.

There are to be about 125 at this camp and that will be good. I see a lot of people I have known for decades. They are all the salt of the earth. I get up about 5:00 AM and come to the dining hall for coffee with the coffee group. Then I got my laptop out and download my mail. Unfortunately I can't seem to answer any of it. The mail program won't work to send out mail. Later I will try web mail. That may work. I have had dozens of condolences about Phyllis.

It rained all during the service and we were delighted. It really cooled things down.

Yesterday was mostly orientation. My devotions start this morning at 7:30 and the Temple School class this afternoon at 2:00.

I will do the devotion in the morning and then leave to go home to do the service for Phyllis. Then I will come back to camp.

More later....

Hooray! The webmail worked fine. Unfortunately all I got was spam. But at least I know I can get my e-mail that way.

The devotion went fine this morning. Then we had a pretty good breakfast. Now I'm waiting until time for the worship service at 10:30. It's only nine now.

I will read the online news.

I am now finished with the Temple School for the day. I hope to get back by 2:00 tomorrow so I can continue the course.

The others are playing Bingo right now and I have been checking my webmail. In about 30 minutes we will have supper. I don't want to eat much. I had a pretty good sized lunch and breakfast.