Saturday, October 9, 2010

It's Saturday!

I went out garage saleing this morning. I bought another bread maker. I had given mine to my daughter-in-law.I guess I should say my ex-daughter-in-law. I gave $10.00 for this one. It was just like the one I gave away. Then I made a loaf of whole wheat bread.

I ate my left over Chinese lemon chicken for lunch and then I had the heel of my bread maker bread with butter and jelly.

Then I went to the church and ran off the bulletins and set up the table for communion tomorrow.

I need to go get some cat food again too. With two cats to feed, I am really going through the cat food. I just bought some last Friday. At $4 a bag that adds up quickly.

My niece from Wisconsin is in town and I haven't seen her. She really wanted to see as much of her mother as possible so I may not see her. They will leave after the weekend. That's a long drive back to Wisconsin.

My daughter and my brother-in-law are going in with me for the ad and license for our garage sale that we are having next Saturday. We will go get the tables on Thursday and I will move my car into the car port. Then we can get stuff out and get it set on the tables for several days before Saturday. It will be open 7:00 until 2:00.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Friday at Last

Not that I'm looking forward to Friday but this is the first day this week that I have not had something going to dominate my day.

My brother-in-law called this morning and asked me to eat breakfast with him at Eggberts. That was nice. We talked about my hectic week and my sister (his wife) and her progress toward losing it all with Alzheimer's Disease. How I hate the disease that stole my sister's memory. Her older daughter from Wisconsin will be coming in late tonight. Diana wants to spend as much time with her as she can while her mother still remembers her. I will go see Phyllis this afternoon. My brother-in-law is going to see her this morning.

I don't know what the rest of the day will bring.

I worked until after 10:30 to try to fix my desktop computer. I have been having the Blue Screen of Death again constantly today. I thought I had it fixed. Right now I am running chkdsk to see if that will fix it. Next I will try chkdsk/f and then I will run Reg Cure. That's a reputable program. The last time this happened I ran into a free trial program that fixed it for several weeks. But now it is continually crashing. Computers!

Well, that didn't work. I give up for right now. Thank goodness I have my laptop.

Now I need to go see Phyllis.

She was pretty muddled. I stayed an hour. She has her urinary tract infection again. Hopefully they will be able to treat it in house because every time she goes to the hospital, she gets worse.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

A Very Busy Day!

This was one of those very busy days. First I stripped my bed and washed my towels. Then I cleaned the house thoroughly. It shines!

About 11:00 I went to the ministerial alliance meeting, did my minutes and came home and typed them up. During the meeting, Keith called. He was dealing with the young man who wanted to buy Bob's truck. He had taken it to a mechanic and the mechanic found about $1100 worth of stuff he said needed to be done to the truck. He wanted me to come off my price. I looked up the Blue Book price for the truck with 114,000 miles on it and even then it was worth $3920. I told him my bottom dollar was $3800. He wanted me to come down to $3200. I told him to go look for a Ford Ranger pickup that looked as good as mine that was 11 years old and if he could find one, he should buy it but I was going to get $3800 for mine. It is slick! Keith called back in ten minutes and said the young man would take it for $3800. I told him those things will not be needing to be done right away. They were upkeep. He would be doing them one at a time. He could not expect a brand new truck when mine was 11 years old. We had done all the upkeep needed while we owned it. He told Keith, "Your mom must be a car salesman". Keith told him I sold cars in 1995.

Then I made up a Ministerial Alliance book for a new member of the alliance. That took me a couple of hours.

I didn't take time to eat today and was eating a banana when Leslie called and asked me out to dinner. Jeff and Cyndi called and wanted to pick up the exercise bike they bought from me. Then they went to dinner with Leslie and me. That was really nice.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

A Mystery

You know, it's a mystery to me why we have so many trucks on the highways. They get about 5 miles to the gallon and also tear up the highways constantly. Trains, on the other hand, get 500 miles to the gallon. Why not bring back the trains?

I recall seeing an episode of History Detectives where they proved the oil companies and the auto companies conspired to force the interurbans out of business to sell more buses that would burn gasoline.

I wonder if the oil companies had anything to do with the demise of the freight trains. I have been told they went out of business mostly because of the unions.

Also,the semis are constantly causing major accidents. There was a wreck here just last winter that cost the lives of five people....three of them children. The truck driver was traveling way too fast and couldn't get stopped.

It's Wednesday

I went to Independence this morning to have my haircut. The only appointment she had was at 7:15 so I took it. Then I picked up Juanita for breakfast. After that I took her by the bank to cash a check. Then I went to their Wal Mart to get dog food for Slinky and the makings for a casserole dish for Sunday.

I am home now but it's time for Phyllis' lunch. I will try to get out there after 1:30. It is so hard to get time to see my only sister. What a mess. I have all afternoon though. I hate to go after noon because she is so confused by then and also seems to fall asleep.

Keith called. He has a bite on my truck. However, I had to come off my price $500. and they young man looking at it wants me to come off another $200. He says there's a problem with the rack and pinion steering. He wants to take it to a mechanic tomorrow morning and have it checked out. That's fair. If he doesn't buy it though, the price is going back up to $4300. It's an excellent truck 2000 Ford Ranger and the blue book says it's worth $4500 even as only "good". Keith will just drive it home in November at Thanksgiving. He had hoped to drive his Nissan back to show it to all of us.

I did go see Phyllis this afternoon and she was quite subdued and so we had a nice visit. I stayed about 45 minutes and then she began falling asleep.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Busy, Busy Tuesday

I left this morning about 9:15 to go to Caney to attend the funeral of the husband of a friend. After that, I went to Independence and picked up Juanita and took her to Bartlesville to her doctor's appointment. He found no new lesions. That was good news.

This was also the first time he had seen me since Bob died in May and expressed his condolences and gave me a couple of hugs. He is a very nice doctor. He said he was terribly shocked. Bob had just seen him the first part of May and he sent us to Dr. Raburn for the ultrasound and the needle biopsy and then in two weeks, he was dead. Marilyn told him about Bob's death and then he called and left a message on my answering machine.

Juanita and I stopped at Dink's Bar B Q and had a sandwich. It was very good. I also bought gasoline because my fuel light was on.

Later tomorrow morning after I get home from Independence, I must get out to see Phyllis. It was last Friday when I last saw her.

A Great and Marvelous Work - God's Kingdom

When we want to be a part of the Great and Marvelous Work that is about to come forth, we need to deal with the little things. We are a small movement. We cannot solve the huge problems of the world. But we can solve the little ones…and they add up. If everyone of our church members would pick a project…like my husband Bob did, for example, we could together make a huge difference.

Four years ago, after an enormous flood here in our hometown, he helped form an organization called PINCH (people for institutional and community harmony) to help the black community integrate into the rest of the community. This had been a very prejudiced community before the civil rights act was passed and the black folk in this community really didn’t want to deal with trying to overcome the deep seated prejudice found here. So they kept to themselves.

The flood changed all that. Since the flood waters were covered with oil and then raw sewage from another small flooded community just north of us, FEMA and the refinery bought out that end of town and tore down 245 badly polluted homes. That forced long overdue integration. Bob had lived next door to black folks as a child and had no built in prejudices. He said it was hard to distrust or dislike someone that you ate dinner with. So he instituted a community wide pot luck dinner. The first one brought 109 people together and from there it has grown. Several black friends came to Bob’s Celebration of Life in June after he died of a very aggressive cancer. They spoke of his interest in the ENTIRE community and what a fine man he was. I was very pleased to see those fine folk there to help our family celebrate Bob’s life.

We can all do something. We don’t have to move mountains..there are plenty of hills that we can tackle.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Busy Monday

This has already been a busy day. I took Slinky for his walk, did my memo for a reminder for the ministers about Thursday's meeting. Copied the minutes and other forms for the meeting. Then I went to the market and bought some groceries. I hadn't done that for awhile. I also went to the bank.

I had every intention of going to visit Phyllis at Windsor Place but it is already noon and they will be eating lunch.

Maybe I can get out there this afternoon after her lunch. I still have to mow and trim the yard. And I want to get the congregational letters out this afternoon too.

Tomorrow I will attend a funeral at 10:00. The husband of a friend of mine died over the weekend. He had had surgery for esophageal cancer. They took part of his stomach as well. Then he got a antibiotic resistant staph infection. He just couldn't conquer all those things in his weakened state. Poor Nancy. This is the second husband she will have buried.

Then after the funeral, I am to go to Independence and take Juanita to the doctor in Bartlesville. That will take up part of the afternoon.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Sunday Afternoon.

The retreat was really special. There were two other new widows there and we managed to connect really well. The others were terrifically supportive. I got more hugs than I can count. Many of the people had read my story of Bob's passing either in The Herald or on the church's blog.

We had two guest ministers. One was a minister of reconciliation and another was a psychologist. Both were women. The men cooked for us and I'm afraid to get on the scale. It was a lovely weekend...a little on the cool side....but beautiful. I slept well. I just bundled up in a sleeping bag and slept great!

In the night last night the smoke alarm in my cabin went off. I took the battery out but it was hot wired in and although the alarm stopped, the beeping didn't. I finally got up and took my sleeping bag and pillow over to Leslie and Karan's cabin and took one of their empty bunks. Then I got back to sleep, using a meditation technique we were taught on Saturday. It worked!

We had several great lectures and even some fun games to try to teach us to be better listeners.

Leslie planned the communion this morning. She set up tables and brought over benches (pews) to sit next to the tables. She projected the music on the wall.

Then they passed out small loaves of bread and small goblets of grape juice and then we sat and ate the bread and drank the grape juice after she read the prayers over them. It was very impressive and more like a holy meal then the regular communion. Everyone was very impressed.

All in all, it was probably one of the most impressive women's retreats I have ever attended. Lots of prayer and testimony too.

The two women together are the director of the retreat on the right and the woman on the left is one of the other new widows. Her husband died five weeks ago.

The lone woman at the top is Jeannie, the psychologist and the one at the bottom is the church's reconciliation minister, Sandy.

Check out this link for the story found in our Herald magazine about our struggle with Bob's death.

You may have to copy and paste it into your browser. .