Saturday, January 12, 2019

Saturday and More Packing.

I had another good night's sleep. I got up this morning at 4:45. I will get ready for the day and then if possible, I will go over to Steve's and see if he has some boxes. I would like to pack the books in the wall unit bookshelves.I also need to pack the closet in the dining room. If Steve has no boxes, I will have to get some more bank boxes from Walmart in Independence. I have the storage closet in the new apartment full now and will need to start using the shelving in the clothes closets. That would be just until the furniture was here and I could unpack things that go into it.

I also would like to start putting away the stuff that goes in the storage above where the washer and dryer goes. Nancy wants to start helping me with that.  I want to take my spring and summer clothes over there and put them in the spring/summer clothes closet. I will just lay those things across the back seat of the car.

Now I had better get myself ready for the day and get my breakfast. More later....

I have dressed and had my breakfast and watched the CBS news.  I have taken off all my decorative light plates and put the original ones back on. I am missing three double switch plates and two single plug in plates and two single switch plates so I will have to go out to our Ace hardware and get some replacements. It is snowing cats and dogs out there now so maybe I will just go over to Ace Hardware instead of trying to go clear out to our Walmart. I also need to stop at Steve's and see if he has any boxes. I would like to pack the books in the bookcase.

I have the entire kitchen and bathroom to pack yet. The kitchen will be a bear! I have a lot of stuff there!

I checked with Cyndi about the cost of her vacuuming the apartment here and wiping down the shelves after we move on the 24th. She will do it as a favor! How wonderful! I need to be over at the Caney apartment when they turn on the water on moving day. Before I can pack any more, I will need more boxes.

So more later...

I have been working all morning on packing. First I took the decorative wall switch covers off and put the old ones back on. Then I started packing books. I have two cardboard boxes so far. When I went up to Steve's, I learned he doesn't open until 9:00AM. So I got my two boxes at Ace Hardware.  After I finished that I have shredded a lot of old paperwork I no longer need from my church folders.  This is a good opportunity to clean some stuff out. I really need to get back up to Steve's now since I have filled the two small boxes I had with books. I need some more boxes.

I dread packing the kitchen. That will be toward the last. I have so many dishes, etc. in there I will need ten boxes just for the kitchen. The bathroom will be easier.  I will pack it as soon as I get the books boxed. Then there are the closets...especially that storage closet in the dining room. That will be a mess too. I will keep some of my banker's boxes to put Christmas decorations in because they have lids.  I will label them like I have all the moving boxes.

Well, I had better get in to Steve's and hope he has some boxes. . so more even later..

Twelve boxes of books and I still have the den to do. Obviously, Steve did have boxes and the are the right size too.  I still need more just for the books.

This is just the bookcase in the dining room.

I still have these to pack.And of course all these below.

This is in the den. I need even more boxes. And I have all those dishes, etc. in the kitchen. Thank goodness I have two weeks left.  Now the guys will have to lift these book boxes since they much too heavy for me. I hope they have a loading truck to help them.

More later...I am going to go in the kitchen and fix myself some lunch. More even later...

I've made three trips to Steve's for boxes and I have all the books packed now. It's a mess on this carport....water everywhere and my feet wet every time I get out of the car. the doormat out there is soaked. I will be so glad to have a garage. When this snow is gone I will have to clean the carpet in the car. It's three o'clock and the only time I have stopped since 7:00AM this morning is for a quick lunch. I microwaved a Walmart frozen dinner and ate that.  I am going to stop now.

I will make another trip back to Independence when the weather allows it and get some more banker boxes to pack the kitchen. I still have the dining room closet to do too. I will do it and the bathroom with Steve's boxes. And the next time I go over to Caney I will take my spring and summer clothing.  Both closets need to be moved too but I will take that stuff in my car. It's my luggage and a couple of quilts.

The den closet has my little file cabinet in it and the ironing board too but they will have to take both of those in the van. I will take the dishes over myself. I bought some foam to put between the plates and I will wrap the other glassware in soft paper towels. I will put all the fragile stuff in the back seat. The kitchen will probably take all ten of the next boxes.

More even later. I am going to take a break.

I took a break about 3:30PM or 4:00PM. I watched the news and then took my bath, ate my yogurt  and stayed up to watch "All the President's Men" for the third or fourth time over the years. It's 10:00PM now and I don't think I'll have any problem getting to sleep.

Friday, January 11, 2019

Friday and More Moving

I slept well this morning again. I was in bed by 8:30PM last night and woke up by 4:30AM this morning. I ate my oatmeal and drank my Chia and then after I watched the news I began packing again. I got five boxes finished and several brown boxes too by noon. Bob Avery dropped by this morning to tell me about his dental appointment and stayed until 8:45AM and then went to pick up Joanne for exercise class.

I finished the bedroom (except for the closet) and the living room too. I also put the sleeping bags in the car to take over. I got the desk in the wall unit packed.

About 11:30, I called Nancy to see if she was feeling any better and she was fine today. She asked me to come over and go to lunch. And I decided I may as well take these boxes over to the apartment.

We went to their Mexican Restaurant and had taco salad and visited. Eggberts was closed for some maintenance. Then we went over to the apartment and carried the boxes in and put them in the storage closet.

I did some measuring in the bathroom window and in the den window too.  I would still like to find a bamboo shade for that den window and I would put my brown living room valence up above it for color. I will put the den valence at my present apartment above the bathroom window.  I will also need to buy a shower curtain. There is only a plastic liner hanging there. I would also like to have curtain valences above the other windows too just for the color. They have mini blinds on all the windows but the den window and the bathroom window.

Suzanne and Steve did not paint today...probably because of the rain. After we did all that we did we went up to Caney City Hall and I made my deposit on the water bill and arranged to have the water turned on on the 24th.

Then we went over to Nancy's and visited. After John called to check on me and make sure I was alright, I became aware of the time, I told Nancy I needed to leave before it got dark. The rain was still coming down. So I drove back before 6:00PM and it did get dark before I got home.

It's been a big day but I am making headway. When it stops raining perhaps sometime tomorrow, I will go over to Steve's liquor store and get some boxes there to pack my books in. I used some of his boxes when I moved in here at the Coffeyville apartment.

Now I will eat my yogurt and watch TV until 7:00PM when I will take my bath.

I plan to go to bed early again this evening. It's been a big day. 

Thursday, January 10, 2019

Thursday and a Doctor's Appointment

I slept through the night last night without waking up once. I am very rested today.  I have dressed for the day and had my oatmeal and Chai so I am ready to start packing for the move again. I will record the 8:00AM  CBS news and watch it tonight.

I have a doctor's appointment in Bartlesville this afternoon at 1:00PM. It is my dermatologist and he will look me over for any sign of skin cancer.  He has found a few in the past. He found two on my face just starting and one on my right ear over the past few years. He froze all of those.  It appears he is now wanting me to come twice a year for a checkup. I used to come in once a year.  It's good to keep track of those things.

I will load up my car with more boxes that I have filled and leave them at the apartment in Caney.  If I have the time, I will unload them before the doctor's appointment. If not, I will leave them at the apartment after that appointment. I also want to take the two sleeping bags over.  I will put them in the back seat and transfer them to the shelf in the bedroom closest to the bathroom . I still have plenty of packing to do even though I have taken ten boxes over there already.

The first thing I want to do this morning, after Gary's Automotive opens, is have Gary take a look at my back tire on the rider's side. Going out of the drive last night, I got too close to the edge of the ditch out front and that tire fell slightly into the ditch briefly. I was able to get past it fine but now I notice the "tire" sign comes on briefly when I start the motor.  I don't know why and I need him to take a look at it.  Those are brand new tires and I don't want anything to happen to them.  I was just in a hurry to leave before Betty brought her prospective renter over to look at the place..and I was careless.

This morning after I get myself in gear, I need to start packing again. I have all the stuff under my computer in the storage area packed and the den is nearly empty except for the closet. I intend to take my summer clothing over before the move and put it in one of the the closets over there. I will just lay them in the back seat area with the seat folded down. I will do that one day next week.  I hadn't intended to go over today since Gay and I are going over tomorrow but now that I am going to this doctor's appointment in Bartlesville, I will be going right through Caney and I may as well take more boxes over.

I better get with it...daylight's burning.

The first thing this morning I went by Gary's and he look my tires over. They were fine. Then I  worked most of the morning loading up five more boxes and then went to the Journal to re-subscribe to the paper and also stopped at my insurance agent's office and renewed my car insurance and gave Heather a change of address. I also stopped at the health food store and bought pecans. I took some garments, mostly old PJs to the Presbyterian Church thrift shop.

Then I went on to my doctor's appointment in Bartlesville and he zapped another skin cancer on my ear. He shared that his twin boys (men) are both engaged and one is getting married in April. They are 32 now.

I went by Walmart store there to buy ten more banker's boxes but they were out. I guess Independence is the only Walmart store that has them right now.  I will need at least a package of ten more. I still have all those books to box and all my dishes and pots and pans. I have the den packed and the bedroom...all but the spring and summer clothing from the closet. I still have to wrap the stuff in the curio cabinets too. I think I will take my valences...the one over the living room window and the one over the den window. They would work in the Caney apartment. 

After that, I stopped and unloaded those boxes at the apartment and put both sleeping bags on the shelf in the closet near the bathroom.

I went to the Caney post office before I came home and filled out an address change form for January 24th. I also called Suzanne to check if it was alright to move in as early as the 24th. She said that was fine.

Then I came back home and put a frozen meal in the microwave. I had not eaten since 5:30AM this morning. I'll bet I sleep well again tonight.

More later..

Gay e-mailed me today to say she had changed her mind about coming tomorrow.  Chanute is forecast for snow. She will come next Friday. I have the bloodmobile to work next Thursday. from 11:30AM untill 3:00PM

While I ate, I watched the CBS news I had recorded this morning for this evening. I took my bath at 7:00PM and watched some Amazon Prime until 7:35PM. I think I will read my kindle. I bought a book on kindle for the Book Club but now I won't be here for the Book Club and I'm not driving back to Coffeyville at evening time to a Book Club meeting.

I may go back to Independence again to get more boxes tomorrow. I still have all those books to pack and the entire kitchen....china, stemware, etc, etc,  I also have to wrap and pack my figurines and the things in my china cabinets. Then I want to take my spring/summer wardrobe over and put that in the second closet too.  I also need to find some sort of blind for that window in the den room. It will have to be custom because it's a weird size. I would like to have a bamboo shade like I have in the living room here.

I will read until 9:00PM and then go on to bed.

Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Wednesday and a Change of Plan

I slept  better last night. But I have been busy all day. First I had my breakfast after I got dressed and ready for the day. I watched the news. Then I began packing again. I filled those three boxes I had left with the stuff from my server with tablecloths, place mats and napkins.  I labeled each box with what was in it.  Then I loaded it into my trunk and headed for Independence to get more covered file boxes. I bought ten more and some more labels and then started for Caney. Dr. Eslicker's office called to remind me of an appointment tomorrow. I had forgotten that in the excitement of trying to pack.
I called Gay and changed our date for lunch to Friday at 11:30AM and the we will go to Caney so she can see the apartment.

On my way into Caney, Leslie called. She had taken John to the doctor. He has developed a sinus infection from a cold he had. He got some meds to take care of that.She read this blog and learned I was being charged $750. to be moved. She said that was outrageous and that I should Google U Haul in Coffeyville and I did that and found one at Fast Lube.

I took my three boxes in and put them in the shelf closet and did some measuring and then headed out for Coffeyville and found Fast Lube. She wanted to move on Thursday the 24th and I made a reservation for a truck that day and John and Jeromy and she will move me. Then I called Robert and cancelled the move with him. Then I called Cox and changed my TV and internet installation appointment to the Friday after that. They actually gave me a $75.00 discount on my installation.

Then I started putting the boxes together. I stopped for an hour and tried to balance my checkbook. That didn't work. I will just have to wait until everything clears to do that. Somewhere I have a glitch.

I even called Cox Complete Care and got my outlook mail program repaired. After they cancelled the Cox Complete Care the other day, it had a glitch and wouldn't print. 

More later..   Betty and a lady that wants to look at my apartment here will be here at 5:00PM and it is already 3:00PM.  I want to get the rest of those boxes assembled.

I'll get back to this later....

I got the boxes all assembled and went to Sonic for a light dinner of  s Wacky Pack. Betty wanted to show this apartment and I had volunteered to vacate it for 45 minutes. When I returned home they were gone. I did some more packing until Scott called to tell me he had finally really got that job he had interviewed for. They were doing some reorganization and had put his job offer on hold for a month. They interviewed him again today and hooray! He finally got the job! I was so happy for him! He starts as soon as he gets his Top Secret standing re-activated. He said he had a terrific interview.

And they got their loan for the house and the contractor will begin digging the foundation for the new home next week as soon as the survey is finished.

I still have some things to do before the move. I need to go to the post office and fill out a change of address form.  I also should notify social security of my change of address to the 24th. And Blue Cross/Blue Shield too. I am staying with my bank here in Coffeyville. I am satisfied with them. I will give them my change of address. I am also staying with my hairdresser. I will come over here on Tuesdays, perhaps have breakfast with Bob first and then go to my bank and get my week's money and then to my hair appointment. When we have cakes to bake for the First Christian Church in Independence, I will bring my cake to Bob on that Tuesday morning. Phyllis and Karan will take theirs to him and he will take them to Independence.   He can visit his sister, Betty, afterward.

Tomorrow I will pack until almost noon and then I will load those boxes into my trunk and I have a 1:00PM doctor's appointment with Dr. Eslicker in Bartlesville.  Either before or after that appointment, I will drop off the boxes at the Caney apartment.They called to remind me today of my appointment as I was driving to Caney from Independence. So I changed my lunch date with Gay to Friday at 11:30PM at Anna Mae's in Independence and then we will go on over to Caney. She wants to see my apartment. I want to take some photos of at least the outside tomorrow. I may take some of the inside too...especially the kitchen. But there is no furniture in the rest of the apartment there until after the 24th when the kids will move me. And I still have a lot of packing to do. I have delivered ten banker boxes of stuff already. I still have ten more to go and then I have to pack all those books too....all before the 24th. I will also load up my sleeping bags in the back seat of my car to take over there.

I am very tired after such a big day. I watched some TV that I had recorded but fell asleep in the middle of it. So I got up and took my bath. It's 9:45PM and I am going on to bed.

Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Tuesday and Hair Day

Today will be different. I may do some more packing but first I will get my hair done at 9:00AM this morning. Then I will take the cakes up to Independence. If I get them packed, I may load up my car with five more boxes and go on over to Caney from Independence and unload them. Suzanne gave me the garage door opener yesterday so I can go in through the garage to do that. We will see if I can get that done.

I will text Bob this morning and see if he wants to go to breakfast. I am interested in knowing what Joanne found out at the hospital at the hospital yesterday after all her tests last week. I would also bring him up to date about the news from yesterday.

We will see.

We did go to breakfast and had a good visit. Then after that, I went to the bank and then on to Independence to deliver the cakes. Then I went on to Caney to take those two boxes I had filled in and put them in that closet with the shelves.

Suzanne and Steve were there again. Steve had painted in the bathroom with the wrong paint and they will spend Friday re-painting the bathroom with the right paint. After I put the boxes away in the shelves, I went on back home and printed off a coupon for an oil change at Honda of Bartlesville.

My oil change light had come on and it was down to 15%. Then I went back to Bartlesville and ate lunch at the restaurant there in front of the mall, McCallister's. After that I went on to my Honda oil change appointment. The service manager said it had been 30,000 miles since I had changed the transmission oil so I bit the bullet and had them do that. I don't believe any other mechanic has ever suggested I have the transmission fluid drained and replaced. The thing about getting their cheap oil changes...they always want to sell you something else. He had several other suggestions. I am going to have to just ignore some of his suggestions. He wanted to rotate my tires and I told him those were new tires and they had been rotated and even balanced and aligned. I told him Tate Boys had just put them on three months ago and they shouldn't need anything. Besides, Tate Boys will do it for free since I bought the tires there. He didn't seem too happy about that.

Robert, the mover, came after I got home and gave me his quote for moving me to Caney on the 26th (Saturday). He looked everything over and made note of what all he would be moving. He wants $750. to do that. He has to pay a helper, hire a truck, and pay for liability insurance. He talked to Dustin, his brother that moved me here to this apartment, and told him what all I was having moved and that was what Dustin said he should charge. So, I guess I'm stuck with it. Dustin said it would take all day to move me and set up everything in the new apartment. I will probably have to call Bose to set up the sound system again after they come on Monday. Cox is not coming until the following Monday to put the cable in the den room and hook up a box for the cable in the living room.  I will get $600.from Betty for my appliances and Dean gave me $400. so I will use that money.

Leslie and John are looking for an inexpensive washer and dryer for me. They really don't want me to use the laundromat.  Keith doesn't think it's all that safe. Obviously I have great kids.

This evening my bandwidth is way down and I couldn't watch Amazon Prime. Also Alexa can't turn off the light either. I rebooted the modem and the router and pulled the plug on Alexa and plugged it back in and that usually fixes it but that didn't help with anything but the desktop computer. It had even shut down. After I rebooted the modem and the router, the computer worked but Alexa still can't turn off the lamp. I am probably going to have to buy a new router and modem since the router in the new apartment will be a ways from the computer in the living room where the TV will be found. The router and modem will be in the den. It seems it's always something.

Gay is coming on Thursday to meet me and have lunch in Independence at 11:30 at Anna Mae's and then we will drive on to Caney because she wants to see the apartment. Thursday, I want to take some photos of the new apartment.

I have had my bath and am ready for bed so I will go on in there and try to get some sleep.

Monday, January 7, 2019

Monday and Beginning Packing

I slept fitfully last night. I had so much running through my mind about this move. I did work up a budget using the figures for the utilities that the neighbor on the other side of the duplex gave Suzanne as her charges. After I talked to Keith and heard his concerns, I worked up a budget and sent it to him to show him I probably had plenty of income for the move if I was careful. And I will be careful!

I got up even earlier then usual and after I ate breakfast and got myself ready for the day,  I packed two boxes of older sheets and towels, keeping just what I would need for this last three weeks here. I also started a bag of stuff to give to the Presbyterian Church for their thrift shop.

I watched the news and then went over to the Dollar General store to buy a cake mix. I had a pan and I had icing too. I have my cake for tomorrow to take to the First Christian Church in Independence. I will take them up these next three weeks and then Bob will begin taking them up. He can visit with his sister, Betty, while he's up there. I will bring mine over when I go to the beauty shop on Tuesdays  and Bob and I may move our breakfast day to Tuesday from Thursday just to catch up on the news. I will also go to the bank while I am in Coffeyville.

I did a load of laundry this morning while I have a washer and dryer. When I make my move I will go to the laundromat over there at Caney.  I only do laundry two times a week anyhow.

I'd better go check my cake. More later..

O.K. the cake is out of the oven and cooling. I will ice it after it cools.

Leslie is evidently on her way to Nebraska to deliver the last puppy all by herself. I hope she took Cyndi with her. John is still sick.

While the cake cools, I will do some more packing.

I got the cake iced and Phyllis brought over her cake. I asked her if she would like to go with me to Caney to take some boxes over and she could see my new apartment.  She wanted to go. I told her we would leave at 11:30AM and I picked her up then. I had five boxes packed.

When we got over there, Steve and Suzanne were there and Steve was doing a small patching job in the bathroom. Suzanne showed Phyllis the apartment again and Phyllis was impressed. After we brought in the boxes and put them in that closet with shelves in the bedroom, we went out to Eggberts and had a good lunch. Then we came back to Coffeyville and I took Phyllis home.  I spent the afternoon on the phone getting the Westar Energy set up and the Atmos Energy too. I ran into a glitch with Cox. There is only one cable connection and it is in the living room so I will have to have them put a connection in the den so I can put my computer in there and the modem and router. I finally got that arranged.

Then Jeromy called and asked me to pick up my great grandchildren at Karate class at 6:30. He wanted me to keep them until after his pool tournament was over and then he would pick them up. I agreed and I got out my Wahoo game and the marbles for it. After I get the little girls, I will teach them Wahoo and play with them.

In the meantime, I texted Karan and asked her about her cake for the First Christian Church tomorrow. She had been raking leaves and had 13 bags raked up. But she stopped and cleaned up and went in to back her cake. She brought it over before I went to get the girls. Now I only need Bob's cake.

I watched Maia with her karate and then she and Cheyenne and I went out to Brahms and had ice cream before coming back to the apartment.  I taught them the game and we had a good time. Then they wanted to watch TV and I turned on Amazon Prime and we found a kid's movie and they watched that.

Jeromy came to pick them up at 9:30PM and I took my bath and went on to bed by 9:30PM. Before I went to sleep I texted Bob about his cake and he had it finished and was going to ice it the morning. It was an exhausting day! 

Sunday, January 6, 2019

Sunday and Church and Coffeecake

I slept well last night which surprised me since I had such a huge day yesterday.  But maybe that's why I slept so well.

I will go to church this morning and I plan to drive.  I will make up the coffeecake after I have dressed and had breakfast. After church we will eat somewhere and then I will come home and do my newsletters and get them ready for the mail and then pack the bathroom as far as possible. 

This evening at 5:30, Karan will pick me up to go to Independence to the group meeting at Richard and Mona's home.  We will have soup and salad. We may not watch the DVD because there will only be the four of us. Howard and Judy are still in California visiting their daughter and Joyce is sick.

More later....

Well, I found out why I could no longer get Dustin to call me back. He has moved to Omaha Nebraska. I called his Uncle Fred and he gave me the number of a guy in Parsons who moves folks but when I tried to call him, his number had been disconnected and was no longer in service.

I'm stuck! I haven't any idea how to find anyone to move me. I may have to back out of the move. What a mess!


I spent a couple of hours looking for a mover and finally found one in Bartlesville. They had the 28th of January free and so I booked it at 9:00AM. They have an A + rating with the BBB. That's good!

I told Leslie about it and she asked me if I had told the boys. I told her I hadn't mentioned it until I found a mover. I would not have been able to move without a mover. So now I e-mailed the boys. I have not heard back from either of them but they may not check their e-mail on a regular basis.

Keith called and I explained everything to him that is going on in my life. If they read this blog they will have the same information as the e-mail I sent out to them. 

I had better get the newsletters done now. So more later....

I got the newsletters finished and even revised and then Karan came and picked me up to drive to Independence to Richard and Mona's home for supper and a great visit.. We got home at 9:30 PM and I was still up at 10:20 revising the congregational newsletter.

So I took my bath and soon went on to bed. I will watch tonight's 60 Minutes show in the morning on Amazon Prime.