Saturday, September 24, 2011

Big Saturday!

We left for Springfield on Friday afternoon and got there about four hours later. We stopped at Joplin for lunch and ate at Olive Garden. That was good!

After we checked in, Leslie and I watched a little TV at the motel and then went to bed. I didn't sleep very well. I never do away from home.

Today's Conference was very long. I enjoyed parts of it but the afternoon session got very tedious. At 3:30, the conference supposed to be finished and they still had the Sending Forth to do. I went up to Leslie and said, "Can we leave?" Bob and I were both very tired. She we left. She had a two and a half hour drive back home. I preside at church in the morning and she speaks so we have a big Sunday ahead of us too. I guess I am getting too old for these things.

I fed the animals. They were all hungry since they are used to eating between 4:30 and 5:00. It was so good of Cyndi to come over and feed them this morning.

I haven't even unpacked yet. I will take my bath after a while and try to stay up awhile before going to bed. It's only 7:00 now.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Very Busy Day

I was swamped at work this morning. Not only did I catch up the filing but I started entering cases into the computer. Those things kept me busy all morning. In fact I worked over twenty minutes just to finish.

Then I came home to find word from Cyndi that she would feed the animals for me. Good for her! She's a jewel.

I fixed myself a grilled cheese sandwich. I had forgotten eat breakfast and needed fuel.

Later I wrote to Scott about a development on his investments. Then I noticed Leslie had sold another book on Amazon. That's five this week. I went over to the Dearing post office and got the book in the mail.

I am packed and ready to go whenever Leslie can get off. It may be after 5:00. She has been very busy this week. We won't be back until tomorrow evening sometime.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Friday..Coming Up

Friday I will work in the morning and then late afternoon Leslie is going to pick me up and later Bob Avery and we are going to Springfield for Mission Center Conference. It's 2 1/2 to 3 hours over there and Leslie was really hoping we could go over Friday evening and just stay overnight in a motel where the church had reserved a block of rooms. Leslie reserved two of them.

I brought it up to Bob today and he agreed. His dry socket seems to be healing. What a mess for him! He will be doing his walk for Alzheimers tomorrow afternoon early. After that he will pack a bag too. Lucky for us, Leslie wants to drive.

I will ask Cyndi to come by Saturday morning and feed my animals. They won't know how to deal with a late breakfast. They will have to adjust though. I can't stay home forever.

I will pack my bag tomorrow afternoon. I have to go to the bank tomorrow morning before work and get some money too.

Different Evening

The sheds at the church were broken into last night by burglars. After they found nothing of real value in the sheds, they went to the house next door and kicked in the door. Just as they were breaking in, the new owners came home from their church and interrupted them. They ran away and got into two pickups parked in our parking lot. One pickup was silver with a red stripe and the other one was brown.

Nothing was taken. The sheriff's department called me about 10:30 and asked me to come out to the church so they could file a report. They also had me open the church and they searched the church to be sure nothing was taken and no one was hiding there. There was nothing missing.

We will have to have new locks and hasps put on the doors of both sheds. We do have a small lawn mower in there and a nice tree saw. The Christmas tree and decorations are also stored in there and some old glass front shelving units. For some reason, they didn't see anything they could sell for drugs, I guess. They might have taken the tree saw and the mower but they didn't.

The sheriff's department is going to keep an eye on it tonight to be sure they don't come back and break into the church. We do have the sound system in the church and also the projector which belongs to Leslie. (I assume it's at the church). The church does have those good Selcho locks on all three doors but if they want in there, they'll simply kick in one of the doors. Bill is going to replace the hasps and locks on the sheds if it stops raining today. Otherwise, I guess it will be tomorrow.

The sheriff's deputy told me that many churches are being broken into in Independence. They take the sound systems and computers and the projectors. What a world. Nothing is sacred anymore.

Today, while I was at work, a friend of the church..not a member, came to the church and put new hasps and locks on the doors. Now that is a Christian!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Wednesday Again

Maybe I wasn't as well as I thought yesterday. I woke up at 4:00 and my pajama top was wet. My body must still be trying to get through whatever it was that "attacked" me day before yesterday.

Well, I work today and then have an eye appointment over at Caney at 1:00. I have worn contacts since I was 45 and never have a trouble with them but I am required to see my eye doctor every year just to be sure. I have new glasses that I got last year and I wear them in the evening after I take my bath. They wear a place on my nose though and I am glad I don't have to wear them all the time.

I was mostly finished with Leslie's house yesterday when Susie called me on my cell. The file that contained last months minutes on her computer had become corrupted and she needed me to come back home before the meeting and run off a copy from my computer. I had intended to just drive the eight miles into Independence when I finished but I had to go home to run off that copy so I mostly left the upstairs at 10:30 and came back home to get those minutes. Then I drove back to Independence..15 miles instead. Oh well.

That meant I skipped lunch. It was three thirty before I went up to Sonic and bought the child's chicken strip dinner and had that for lunch. The only thing I had in the house for lunch was peanut butter and sliced cheese. I had the grilled cheese sandwich on Monday.

I watched Antique Roadshow and Frontline on PBS last night on TV. The Frontline program was about a group of infantry soldiers who were suffering from battle fatigue (PTST) and all the trouble they got into after coming home from the Iraq war. Several went to prison after killing American civilians after they got home and several had killed Iraqi civilians because they considered them less them human. War teaches our young people to kill but it doesn't teach them how to stop killing after they get back home. That was hard to watch. My oldest son is over there right now on his second deployment and my youngest son has had two deployments in Iraq and two in Afghanistan. War is a terrible thing. We need to take more time working things out peaceably and forget about going to war. Look at the thousands of young lives that have been completely ruined. Old men make war and the young fight for them.

We need to see those terrible things though and stop glorifying war. I believe it is men who glorify war. Women would think twice before sending their sons into war. War solves nothing. It simply creates more problems. Look at the hundreds of thousands of Iraqi innocent civilians that have died since this horrible war began ten years ago. If we don't get our young people out of there during the Obama administration, I will not vote for Obama again. That was the one promise he made that made me decide to vote for him.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

A Better Day

After I cleaned house yesterday I went out job hunting and got all but one of my resumes' distributed before I came home.

As the afternoon progressed, I began to feel really drained. I sat down in the recliner and dozed off. When I awoke, I felt even worse..even hot. I got the thermometer and sure enough, I had 102 temperature. I didn't want to burn any more brain cells then possible so I took a couple of aspirin. I didn't feel much better so by 8:30, I took my bath and went to bed. I slept well all night and woke up feeling kind of drained but my fever was gone.

That's good. I clean Leslie's house today and then after that, I have an MC3 board meeting. I will just take my time with the cleaning. I usually have it finished by 11:00.

After that, I will come home and write my minutes and take it easy the rest of the day. I work tomorrow.

I am so seldom sick that I really am not sure what to do when I do get sick. I guess taking two aspirins and going to bed is not a bad decision though.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Stupid Action

I did a really stupid thing yesterday. There was dog hair all over the rugs I keep on my covered patio so I took my sweeper out to clean them up. Unbeknownst to me, they were wet too. After I got it all clean and brought my sweeper in the house, I noticed it dripping water. I opened the bag and the bag was soaked. I changed the bag out not realizing at the time that the sweeper itself was wet inside. I got ready to sweep my bedroom carpet this morning and noticed it was still dripping. I opened the sweeper and found a ton of wet dog hair stuck to every part of the sweeper. I got a couple of old rags and some Q-Tips and began to dry it all out and pull all that wet dog hair out of every nook and cranny. What a mess! I got it as clean as possible and even opened the inside and cleaned there too. It does work although it still smells like wet dog hair. I will have to use Fabreze on every room in the house when I finish and I may have to break down and replace my twenty five year old Hoover Concept Two sweeper.

I am still kicking myself.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Busy Sunday

What a Sunday! I went to church and had the sermon there. After church ten of us went to a restaurant in Independence and had dinner together. After that, I went out to Wal mart and bought the cartridges for my larger printer. The small one that I really like will no longer work. It's just very old. I also bought some book packages.

When I got home I printed off the invoice for Leslie's book that sold on Amazon. I will put it in the mail tomorrow.

Then I did my regular Sunday afternoon newsletters and got them sent off. All but five can go by e-mail. Those five have to go by snail mail.

Then I messed with the laptop to try to get it to use that printer. It's impossible, I guess. It just finally died.

My brother-in-law called this evening and visited with me for half an hour on the phone. He has been all over Europe this summer and just got home. He has bought into an assisted living home they are building up there where he lives. He will have his own place but have access to doctors, a bank, a dining room, whatever he needs. He is very wealthy and can afford whatever he wants. He is in his middle 80's now but in fairly good shape for his age. He is a great fisherman and has been all over the world fishing. He was one of the American flyers who flew for China before we got into the Second World War. Some years back, China invited all those flyers who were still alive back to China for a huge state dinner and recognition for their efforts. I think they called them the Flying Tigers. Anyhow he was an engineer for General Motors until he retired. He is very smart and made some very wise investments.