Saturday, June 18, 2011

Saturday's Not The Day

Saturday was to have been the day they put my roof on over the patio if they didn't make it on Friday. Now I see they are next door doing the roof for my neighbor.

I wonder if they'll get to mine next. I get very tired of unfulfilled promises.

More later...after I learn the truth...

Sure enough...they had not even ordered the roofing. So now it will be Monday or Tuesday.

I ended up going to Bartlesville with my brother-in-law and we bought some supplies for the church at their Wal Mart Superstore.

Then we went to Garfield's and had a salad and raspberry tea. We then walked the mall and finally came on back home. It was something productive to do in this 98 degree weather.

When I got home, Slinky was badly overheated. I let him into the kitchen. He is panting something terrible. After he cools off, I will let him back out this evening.

I put his bedding back out in the shed. We have a 40% chance of rain this evening.

This evening it's been thundering. I took Slinky out to the shed and showed him where I had put his bedding. Again, he did not want to go in there. Finally, he went out in the yard and lay on the rock path. A few minutes later he moved three feet closer to the shed. A few more minutes later and he moved another three feet closer. Finally about 8:40, after the thunder increased, he finally slowly moved into the shed. He looks very woebegone lying out there on his bedding. He really wanted to come in the house but I am not up to his several trips outside in the night to use the bathroom. It's getting dark now and it's not raining yet but there's a 40% chance of rain tonight so I had to find a dry place for him to sleep. Poor guy! He's used to the chaise lounge on the covered patio.

The wind is picking up now and I imagine it will begin to rain soon. It's still thundering. I hope he can stay dry with the shed door wide open. He would never let me close that door. Even if I could, he would never want to go in there again. I don't know what his problem is with the shed since he has his familiar bedding.

Well, goodnight, Slinky.

Maybe not! We have golf ball sized hail now and Slinky has made a dash for the patio and barked to get in the kitchen. I have him in here now...soaking wet and scared. As long as I stay in here with him, he is fine. The golf ball sized hail is still coming down and probably has ruined my new roof. I'll know more in the morning. We are under tornado warnings until 2:30 Sunday morning.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Roof Friday

I hope the roofers get back today to put the roof over my patio. I really want to wash windows and power wash the patio floor tomorrow (Saturday) while I'm off work in preparation for painting the patio floor with the cement paint with grit in it.

Slinky slept in the shed with the door open last night. But he is back on the patio this morning. I hope it doesn't rain today. There's only a 20% chance of it.

I also hope Heather has some work for me to do today. I hate sitting...just sitting...the better part of the morning, especially when I have so much work I could be doing at home. I wish I could afford to quit this work program but I simply can't.

I have an entire list of things I need to get done this year.

More later....

There not not much of anything for me to do today. I stapled the check stubs to the time sheets and mailed off the checks and that was it. That probably took me 30 minutes tops.

Then when I came home I discovered that the roofers did not come. That ruined my plan to wash windows and power wash the patio tomorrow. I have the CRMC (hospital) ice cream social tonight or I could wash windows after the sun goes down. If they come tomorrow as they said they would, I can power wash the patio after they finish. I will just have to play it by ear.

I will have breakfast with Bob A. in the morning at 7:30.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Another Quiet Thursday

There was very little of anything for me to do today at work. Mostly, I just watched Heather work. I really hate that.

I came home after work and watched the roofer paint the top side of the framework of my patio. He took about an hour. Then he showed me the soffit where the roof had rested. Whoever put that up there did not paint it. They just primed it and then put the roof material against it. Slip Shod! After the roofer left, I got out some damp rags and washed the wood down, After it dried, I painted it and thirty minutes later I put another coat on it. They are supposed to be back tomorrow or Saturday to put the material for the roof on. He will caulk it first where I painted it today. In the meanwhile, Slinky has no place to get under shelter and it looks like it's going to rain. I may have to bring him in. I put his bedding in the shed and left the door open. I even took him out there and showed him where it was. He did not want to go in there...even with the door open. So now it's thundering.

I have the PINCH dinner at 5:00 this evening. I will start my dish about 3:30. I guess I'll have to put Slinky in the garage when I leave. What an inconvenience!

When the rain started, (and so far it's barely raining) Slinky gave up on getting to come in the house and went out to the shed with it's open door and went in and lay down on his bed. I think he'll be fine if the rain doesn't come in from the direct west and get the bed wet. Poor old dog! I hate to leave him out there like that.

I have my dish in the oven now and when it's done (about 4:00), I'll whip up the brownies and get them in next.

More later...

Well the PINCH dinner was a good success. We had a lot of very good food and some very interesting information about Juneteenth. I never knew what that was all about.

Bob A. went with me and we ate a lot of variety food for dinner. I cleaned up the dishes and we left about 7:30. We enjoyed it though. We even sang some old Negro spirituals.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

What A Day!

This has been another one alright! They kept me plenty busy at work and after I got off work, I left immediately for Independence to pick up Juanita for lunch. After lunch, I took her to Marvin's, the market. Then I took her home. I then went to my hair appointment. My hair was bleached out quite blond from all the sunshine I've had lately. And I desperately needed a haircut too. I look almost human now. Too bad it won't last. Then Leslie called me and said she could not get a van from Enterprise in Independence for our Branson trip. All the rentals are out at Joplin. She wanted me to call Bartlesville's Enterprise and see if I could get one there. They had a van but they are closed on weekends and I would have had to rented it for three days at the $168.00+ per day rate. That would have been counterproductive. I called Hertz and they do not have a van and even if they did, it also would be a three day rental. Then I called Doenges and they not longer rent vehicles. So, I guess we will probably cancel. Everything is closed now and I am just waiting for a call back from Leslie.

What a bummer!

Then I went to Wal Mart and got the hamburger patties for our cook out at Karan and Bobby's on Sunday for Father's Day.

I came home and fed the animals and had a yogurt. I am trying to relax now.

The roofer called this evening. They are going to take the old roof off over the patio tomorrow, paint the tops of the boards for me and put the new roof on Friday. I am so glad to finally get that all finished. After the new roof is on, I want to wash the windows and power wash the patio so I can paint it next with the cement paint with grit in it.

Maybe I will get finished after all.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Better Tuesday

My brother-in-law came met me at the garage and took me to work today so the garage could work on my fender. When he came to pick me up after work and took me back to the garage, we discovered that they had done a very good job of repairing the fender and it didn't cost me an arm and a leg either. I was very happy about that.

I then went out to see my sister, and for the first time in a long time, she actually seemed to know I was there. When I walked in she said "Well, hello, Margie". Needless to say, I was delighted. She said several entire sentences too. She asked me where I lived. I told her about my car and she said, "And they didn't even stop?" I stayed about thirty minutes. I told her I would be back soon and she seemed very happy that I was there. That's the best visit I've had with her in weeks.

This afternoon, I have to clean up the branches I lopped off the weeping willow tree. Every time I mow, those branches hit me in the face so I decided to take them off. I will have to cut them into smaller pieces though or the trash men will not pick them up. I will also have to bind them together.

More later....I'll do that in the morning when it's cooler.

I Skyped with Keith this evening before bed. It was good to see and talk to him again.

Monday, June 13, 2011

What a Day!

This has been a wild day. I was on my way to work this morning and heard a cracking and popping noise on my car. I figured it was a window breaking cause that's what it sounded like. When I got to the parking lot, I looked it over. It turned out someone had hit the back panel on the car and had left the scene without notifying me. It just popped out my back rider's side panel. I went by the collision repair place and they told me I would need a new panel. I told the man that I had just been out a lot of money on my house and asked him if he could just pop it back in. He thinks he can. I can then use some rubbing compound that Bob had in the garage and try to rub out the paint scratches. If he can just pop it back in, it will cost me only $50.00. I think I can afford that. A new panel would be close to $700 and I have $1,000 deductible so it would be out of my savings.

Bob A. is going to meet me there in the morning and take me on to work and then come back at 11:00 and pick me up.

After I got off work, I walked around downtown and finished up my job search. Now I can send that sheet in Wednesday with my time sheet.

When I got home, the cable man came and fixed my remote and VCR player. He set the VCR player on number four so I can play my VCR movies. He showed me how to run the DVD player with my remote again. I have to first touch "TV" on the remote and then touch "imput" to get to the DVD player setting. So I got that fixed too.

Then Davis Home Improvement came by this afternoon and brought my new downspout to drain the water that is standing in my guttering in the back of the house. They had only put one in when they installed it in 2003. He did a nice neat job at that. I don't have the bill for it yet.

I needed some new guttering drains...those cement things that lay at the bottom of the guttering drains that drains the water away from the foundation. I did not want any more plastic ones. Those fall apart after a few years. I finally found the cement ones at Thompson Lumber Yard. They are the only place in town that had them and they were 10.71 apiece. I bought for each of the drain pipes. When I got home, I discovered they were too heavy for me to lift out of the trunk. I got the wheelbarrow and called Bobby M. and he came over and helped me lift them out of the trunk. Together, we carried them to the house in the wheelbarrow and placed them under the drain pipes. Then he helped me put the wheelbarrow up where it belongs on the side of the shed.

I got one more then I needed. I will return it later. I will have to have help getting it back into the trunk. When we finished, I was soaking wet and I imagine Bobby was too. I took a shower and washed my hair.

I talked to Davis Home Improvement about new gutter guard screens to keep the leaves and seeds out of my guttering this fall. Those I have have fallen apart. They want $250. to put those on. I can't afford those yet. That will have to wait. I will be paid Thursday for work but I am going to need that money to make it until the second Wednesday in July which is my payday for my social security.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Busy Sunday

Today was a very busy day. I had my house guest, Karen, and I had my casserole dish and dessert to make too for the basket dinner. I got it all done. We had some guests today and they stayed for the dinner. They were the Lewis'. It was good to have guests. We hope they will return.

The puppet show was real good again. John and Cyndi do such a good job. There will be another one next week.

This afternoon I will go with Bob A. to the Alzheimer's support group at 2:30. Later this evening I will go to Independence, Kansas, for a film on Islam at the First Christian Church. That should be interesting. That should be a late evening. I will feed the animals before I leave.

I heard from my son, Scott today. He wanted me to put him back on our prayer list at church. He is struggling.

I haven't heard from son, Keith, in several days. I know he is busy and his daylight is my night and visa versa. It will be hard to catch up with him. My daughter, Leslie was on call today. They called her out at least twice...once before our church school and once after the dinner following the worship service. She got to have lunch with us at church and then was called out again.

More later...

I went to the Alzheimer's support group with my brother-in-law this afternoon,. My sister is sleeping a good deal of the time nowadays and according to Eloise, that's one of the signs of moving toward the end.

I will go see Phyllis on Tuesday because I missed going yesterday when I painted.

Tonight I will go to see the film of Islam with the Living the Questions group. It starts at 7:00 so we will meet at 6:20. It is being held at the First Christian Church in Independence.