Saturday, September 26, 2020

Saturday and Another Boring Day

I woke up shortly before 5:00AM this morning and dressed and ate my breakfast and had my coffee and chai and watched the CBS news...such as it is....same old, same old..

Then I fed the cats/kittens and watched 20/20, which I had recorded. I had some lunch and then went by the post office and mailed off some cards. I had begun another list of things I needed from Dollar General  so I went out there and got a little over $25.00 worth of stuff. 

I got my cake made for Tuesday and iced and froze it since I don't take it up to Independence until Tuesday. I will need to pick up Bob's and Karan's and Phyllis' then too.

It's 2:00PM now and I guess I will read some more. Suzanne told me yesterday that the kids next door are moving the last of October. She wanted to know if I knew anyone that wanted to rent their apartment. I am hoping the next person she rents to will be a nice retired person I can visit with. I talked to Karen Rankin last evening. She had bought that house on Park that Jeromy, my grandson, had bought before he got married. She had bought it from the woman who bought it from him. She has rented it out as a "rent to buy" and moved into another larger rental in Independence. She was not interested in moving to Caney. She knows a lot of people in Independence since her business was there for years.

More later... 

It's 4:00PM now and I have been mowing. I am running low on money and the rent is due next Thursday. So I decided to try to mow my own yard. I made two runs across the front and side and then just the front to try to get it done. I got the front finished but will wait until later to try to get the side done. The back should be's small. The biggest part will be the west side. I will save some money if I can do it, it will be good exercise and, lord only knows, I can use the exercise.

It's 84 degrees out there and 4:15PM so I will wait until it cools down a bit to try to finish. It's supposed to rain tomorrow and I want to get it finished before then.

More later....

John, my son-in-law,had bought a self propelled mower at an auction and he sometimes reads my blog. He noticed I was mowing and he brought that self propelled mower in and showed me how to use it. He did 99% of the mowing and I did three passes on the west side with it. I had done the front.  That mower works fine and fills the bag up faster then the push mower he gave me last year. He dumped the grass into my black bags. After he finished we have two black bags full. He put them in the trash container for me too.  He thinks we could get away with mowing every other week instead of every week especially in cooler weather but I know Suzanne wants it mowed every week.

He thinks she needs to have Independence Yard and Garden Center spray weed killer on it. He says as the landlady. it is her responsibility to do that. He says they would charge me at least $150. to do it. I know I can't afford that so it won't get done. I sure appreciated his doing the mowing for me. He took the self propelled mower back home to do some more work on it.

It is 7:00PM and time for my bath. That will feel good tonight.

Derailed Commodity is putting in a new floor in the bathroom, utility area, kitchen and dining room area on October 14th. They will move the furniture and appliances out to do it.  I will need to take the stuff out of the small roll top desk and box it up and they will move the rest. Suzanne has to have the stool taken up in the bathroom by a plumber then too.

I plan to eat a banana and read until bedtime at 9:00PM or so.

Friday, September 25, 2020

Friday and a Birthday Dinner

I slept very well last night and didn't get up until 6:00AM. That's amazing!! I dressed and got ready for the day, had my breakfast and fed all the cats/kittens. 

I will leave at 8:30AM to leave for Chanute. It is Gay's birthday and I will meet the group at Opie's in Chanute and go with Adele and Gay to Iola to a restaurant for a birthday dinner for Gay Gay is 3 years younger then me so she may be 82....or 81...I am not sure which.

My Schwan's order came while Nancy and I were out to John and Leslie's yesterday. They left it packed in dry ice on my small porch area. I put it away when I got home. They did not have my chicken pot pies and I hate that because those are really good. However, my order was cheaper that way. They will bring them the next time they two weeks. I have enough frozen meals from Wal Mart to hold me for awhile.

I have enough time to mop my kitchen and bathroom floors before I leave for Chanute. That's all I missed when I cleaned yesterday. I usually start my cleaning with that.

More later in the day....

I got the floors mopped and left at 8:30AM just so I would have plenty of time. I don't ever like to be late anywhere.

I met Gay and the other four gals at Opie's parking lot and we all went over to Iola in one vehicle. They had a really neat restaurant there and we enjoyed some really good food. We visited all the while. The restaurant had good separation of tables.

We had a good visit too. I got home about 2:00PM and read for most of the afternoon. I had my banana at 6:00PM and had my bath at 7:00PM and read until 9:30PM when I went on to bed.

Thursday, September 24, 2020

Thursday and Cleaning Day

I will clean the apartment during the TV commercials as I usually do.

I slept well last night and did what the PA said when I woke up at 5:00AM. I sat on the edge of the bed and rotated my feet to get the blood flowing through my legs. It appears to have worked. I wasn't dizzy this morning.

I have had my breakfast and even my coffee and Chai. I fed five cats  this morning  although I didn't see Scruffie.  All the others were here. I also took them out some more water.

Today, at least this morning, I will clean the apartment again and later after noon, about 1:30PM, I will go pick up Nancy and we will go see the puppies. Her hair appointment is at 100PM. It's supposed to be nice today. The only rain in the forecast is Sunday. So, if it needs it by then, I'd better have the yard mowed on Saturday.

More later.


I see the Montgomery County count is still going up. 

Scruffie finally came to eat. It is nearly 7:00AM so it is surprising that there was any food left.,,,but there was. I had put plenty out there. I found that kitten food they really like at Wal Mart yesterday. They don't keep it at Dollar General here. Scruffie's black kitten and the yellow one are still out there eating too. 

My Schwan's order will be coming today..sometime this afternoon. I left the freezer bag out there just in case we are out at John and Leslie's checking out the puppies when he comes. He has my card number so I don't have to be here to pay for it. He is supposed to come sometime between 3:00PM and 7:00PM.

More later....

I got the bedroom and hall vacuumed while commercials are on the TV.. When the next series come on, I will do the living room and possibly the den.

I went back in the living room to watch the CBS news and commercials were still on  so I vacuumed the living room and den too. That's a terrible indictment against the CBS network.

It's back on now and it's 9:00AM

Scruffie's two kittens came for lunch while I was eating mine at noon so I fed them. Now I see Scruffie is here and so I took her out some food.

For the first time since I can't remember when I didn't get any mail. I always get some kind of mail even if its just junk....but not today. 

In about 15 minutes, I will go to pick up Nancy to go out and see the puppies. Hopefully she got in and out of her hair appointment. John is leaving the gates open for us so we can get in to see them. Leslie is working and he is probably delivering his product too. But in another week or so, they will begin delivering them and we won't get to see them anymore. 

The are just darling! These are Cowboy Corgis. They are a cross between a Blue Heeler and a Corgi and have a little longer legs. Scott and Ginger have one of those for a previous litter. I believe Sarge is over a year old now.

More later....

I picked up Nancy at 1:30PM and we went out to John and Leslie's to see the puppies. I gave one to Nancy to hold and she fell in love with one of the little brown ones that snuggled up around her neck and she wanted to buy one. After John came and told her that one was sold she must have had second thoughts about it. She now wants to think about it, She has allergies and she was also concerned that it might aggravate her allergies. I think if the dog had been the one she cuddled, she might have given him a deposit. I got her back home at 4:30PM.

We will eat out Monday or Tuesday....probably at Eggberts.

Her cousin and his wife would have a fit, of course. They kind of look after her. At least they check in on her every day.

I am watching the 4:00PM news now and it's 4:45PM . Soon the 5:00PM news will be on.

More later...I am going to have a banana.

I had my banana and then read the rest of my book "Rage" about Trump. Keep in mind all the interviews on on tape...recorded....Trump fully allowed that. Woodward's book is a classic.... and it is classic Trump. At least every word is recorded.

I took my bath after that at... 7:30PM. I plan to go to bed at 9:00PM, as usual.

I downloaded another free book from Amazon. I will not start that until Saturday because tomorrow is Gay's birthday dinner and I am doing to drive to Chanute for that. I need to be at Opie's at I will leave fairly early.

Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Wednesday and a Busy Day

I slept well last night but once again I woke up dizzy. I will stop by the urgent care again while I am in Coffeyville this morning. I went through all the antibiotics a week ago and nothing has changed. When I got up this morning .and got out of bed I was very dizzy...again. I drank several bottles of water  and finally the dizziness went away. My mouth was very dry. I will go by the Urgent Care again after I get my hair done and my gasoline. I talked to Dr. Christensen's nurse Lori day before yesterday and she insisted I had a UTI. They had never called me back about my urine results and if I hadn't called the office and complained that nothing had changed, I wouldn't have  heard a word out of them. I told Lori that I still had the dizziness and she said she would tell the doctor. That's as far as it went. I never heard another word. I am very disappointed about their response.  If it is a UTI, it could be pretty dangerous if they just let it go.

I  will leave in ten minutes to go to Coffeyville and pick up Bob for breakfast. After I talk to the Urgent Care people I will get some lunch somewhere, pick up a treat for game day and go to game day.

I tried  to use Outlook this morning and also web mail but Cox's mail server was down. It finally went off the laptop but that was a fluke since Cox mail server is down. If it weren't for Cox Complete Care, I would find another internet provider.

More later in the day after I get back from Coffeyville after 4:30PM I will go to Walmart while I am there and get some more frozen meals and a couple of other things..

I had better leave now.

I had breakfast with Bob and after I took him home I went out to Woodshed and bought my gas. Then I had my hair done. After that I went back to the Urgent Care and took a urine specimen. It wasn't a UTI. They did an analysis of my urine and it was clear. 

It is when you are as old as I am when you have laid down for hours like I do each night. The blood pools in your feel and lower legs. So when you get up, that causes the dizziness. The Nurse PA took my blood pressure sitting up, lying down and standing. Each reading was at least ten points difference. She told me to sit on the side of the bed first and flex my feet before trying to walk, then stand by the bed and do the same thing. Then take a few steps and do it again. That lets the blood circulate through the legs from the feet and will stop the dizziness. I will try that in the morning. I was glad it was not a UTI  because I was afraid what would happen to my kidneys if that UTI continued another few weeks. They did an analysis of the urine and it was clear.

That made better sense.

I sat in the car and read Rudy's book until time for game day. After game day, I went back to the market to get my frozen meals and bananas. I took some bananas over to Nancy too.  I also gave her one of my green bags that preserves the bananas for week. Then I came back home and put away my groceries. I took the cats/kittens out some supper.  They were all ready.  Now I will watch the news.

After the news, I read my book until bath time and then  I got back to it until 9:00PM, when I went to bed.

Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Tuesday and a Change of Plans

 I slept well last night and didn't get up until 6:00AM and that is a record. Also, I wasn't near as light headed this morning. I have had my breakfast and am working n my coffee now.

When I opened the front door I had five cats/kittens waiting for their breakfast..rain or no rain.

I had an e-mail from Dean this morning and he has had a problem and wants me to reschedule his visit. I suggested next weekend but not knowing the nature of his problem I suggested he change the dates. He may have lost Rod's caregiver....he didn't say.

Now I will be able to go to Gay's birthday dinner on Friday. So, although Dean's visit is off, at least until his problem is resolved, I have another option for Friday anyhow. After awhile, I will contact Adele and tell her I will come after all. 

Adele was happy I was able to come and told me to meet them at Opie's at 10:45AM and we would ride over to Iola together to the restaurant. So Friday is on.

The cats appear to have eaten all they want so I should get the bowls back in the apartment. The rain has stopped at least for awhile.

I got the bowls back in and then three of the cats/kittens came back. So I put some of them back out there.They were evidently chased off by the larger yellow cats. And Scruffie hasn't showed up yet either. But if I leave those bowls out there, the ants or the slugs will get into them.

More later...

I have a leak in my drain pipe outside. I took a roll of duck tape out there and attempted to tape it shut. I don't know whether the duck tape will hold or not.

It appears the duck tape is holding out there. The water is no longer leaking at the junction of the drain pipes. It is coming out at the bottom of the drain as it is supposed to. So far, that has worked out.

More later...

It's almost 11:00AM and I need to go figure out what to have for lunch. I think it will be a chicken pot pie. When I go to Coffeyville tomorrow I will need to go to the bank and get some money. I don't know whether Bob will want to go to breakfast or not. I will ask some time today. Then at 9:30AM, I will get my hair done, get gas, and last of all go to get a treat for game day at Country Mart. Then I will go to game day. After that, around 3:30PM, I will go to Walmart and some get some more frozen meals and bananas, oatmeal, a cake mix and perhaps milk. I only have one banana left and that will be for this evening. We have cakes for the First Christian Church in Independence next Tuesday. 

Then I will come on back home.

I see on the news just now that 200,000 people have died from the virus by today. That is just pitiful!

I had better get my lunch.More later...

Monday, September 21, 2020

Monday and Laundry

I slept poorly until the last half of the night. I woke up in the night once to go to the bathroom and once more I was lightheaded and dizzy. When I woke up at five to get up I was still lightheaded and dizzy. I took my temperature and it was normal 98.6. I will take my blood pressure after awhile. I did that and my blood pressure was fine. It's a mystery. My blood pressure was fine too so it wasn't my blood pressure either.

I got my bed changed and remade with clean sheets. I also had my breakfast and coffee and will soon have my chai.

I opened the front door to five cats/kittens and fed them.  They appear to be gone now so I had better get the bowls in. Well, I went out to bring in the bowls and they came back. So I left all but the blue bowls out there.

I need  to get the washer going so I will get back to this later.

It's almost 7:00AM and I have the washer going.

Adele, Gay's sister, called me last night to ask me to come to a birthday dinner for Gay tomorrow. I don't have anything planned for Tuesday so I will go. She was going to check with Gay's other friends and get back to me but she thinks it will be Tuesday. I told her that would be my only free day since Wednesday is game day at the senior center and perhaps my hairdo day if Toni didn't get the virus this week, I will call her later this morning to see if my appointment is still on.  If not, I will wash it in the shower. She is still working and does not have the virus so I will let her do it. It always looks better when she does it.

Of course, Dean will be coming on Thursday and stay until Saturday so those days are out. So, it was either today or tomorrow.  I want to get a birthday card for her today.

I also want to see what Dean usually has for breakfast and supper. I may need to get some more groceries. I have eggs but no bacon or even toast since I don't have a toaster.  I could just scramble some eggs and make my coffeecake while he is here since I don't have a toaster.. For supper, I could get some shaved ham and another loaf of bread and cheese for sandwiches.

I see that Oklahoma had 1003 new cases of the virus overnight. They just aren't good at isolating themselves or wearing face masks  down there.That's why I stay out of Oklahoma.

I went to the Dollar General store and bought $33.00 worth of groceries.  I bought bread and shaved ham and also crackers and cheese and cat food, water and and a cake pan (we will have cakes for the First Christian Church in Independence next week,). I figure if we eat here at home for breakfast and supper we will have our largest meal at noon and probably eat out somewhere then. 

Caney's water is undrinkable so everyone buys water to drink.  I have two filter pitchers but I just changed the filters in both of them and the first two pitchers after that are supposed to water flowers. After that, I will use it for coffee and drinking. I will just refill the bottles from the pitchers. Also I did buy a birthday card for Gay.

More later...

I got the laundry dried and put away and put the groceries away too. It is 9:50AM now and I think I am caught up. I may read awhile in my Kindle. 

One of Krystal's girls is coming to mow tonight. We have a 40% chance of rain tomorrow. I want to get the yard mowed before that happens.

Two little boys came by last evening walking their dog. The dog was huge so I asked them what kind it was and they said it was an English Mastiff. I had not seen one of those except in photos. They came over and the dog was very friendly and very pretty. They had given it a bath the day before and brushed it and it was a very good looking and friendly dog. It was a female. A neat dog and nice friendly and polite young boys.

More later... 

Saturday I raked the leaves out from along the curb. The leaves come form the neighbor across the street's trees. They make quite a mess. It took me the better part of an hour to scoop them up and put them in the trash. Since Krystal's daughter is coming to mow this evening I raked the ones near the curb this time back onto the yard so she will pick them up in the mower bag. I am so glad I have that mower bag. It cleans up a lot of "stuff"...mostly mowed grass and leaves.

I went to the post office for stamps again today. Their credit machine was down so I wrote them a check.

Well, back to the book...

The mower came and did her job. My yard looks nice again.  I cleaned up the drive after she left but she does a nice job on the yard.

This morning when I was going to put my contacts in, I noticed the left one was torn.  I didn't have any more left ones left but I remembered that I had saved one of each in a case in the medicine cabinet. I got that case open and luckily I had closed it tightly and that contact was fine. I put it in and threw the torn one away. What a stroke of luck. I have an appointment with Dr. Dobbins here the last week of this month. It will be interesting to see what her charges will be. Roger was so reasonable, I am spoiled. My last dentist spoiled me too. I had my teeth cleaned and examined last month and they did bite wing e-rays and the bill was $250. I nearly fainted. I took some money out of my savings to pay that. Luckily I only have that done twice a year, I may go to once a year at that rate.

Gay's sister,Adele called again to say they are having Gay's birthday dinner on Friday so that left me out. Dean will be here on Friday and we have planned his trip for weeks.. I had planned to go to Chanute tomorrow for that dinner. Oh well.

It's time for my bath so I will do that, read some more and then go to bed at 9:00PM. I am tired.

Sunday, September 20, 2020

Sunday and Dizzy Again

 I woke up before 6:00AM and when I got out of bed I realized I was lightheaded and dizzy again. I don't know what is going on. After I have my coffee it usually clears up. Again, I took my blood pressure and it was fine. So it isn't blood high or low pressure. I slept well last night and woke up only to go to the bathroom. That's a nightly occurrence anymore.

I have had my breakfast and am drinking my coffee now and it is slowly clearing up. 

I opened the front door and there were five cats/kittens waiting for their breakfast. I took out the double dish and three others. They should have plenty of food. I will tune into the church services at Ontario Canada at 11:00AM on Facebook. Then this evening at 7:00PM there is one on Zoom from Springfield Missouri. I will do the oblation remarks and prayer there.

I want to get my Chai so I will get back to this after that.

I got my breakfast bar and my Chai and have brought in the empty cat bowls and have them soaking in the sink.  It appears the cats have finished and are gone now.

I contacted Bob by text and he slept well and is up and around.

The US is approaching 200,000 cases of the virus this morning. I have turned my TV to Good Morning America  on Channel 8 instead of watching the Tulsa news on channel 6.

More later...

I came into the den to watch the Toronto church service on Facebook on the large monitor. 

They lost their sound for awhile but when they got it back, they had another fine service and a very good and interesting sermon. Then John had the woman, who was giving the Prayer for Peace and remarks about peace... and had  her comments silenced when they lost their sound, ,,,come back on and do that part of the service again..

Now it is shortly after noon and I want to find something for my lunch.

So more even later...

I had one of my frozen meals for lunch. I fixed a pitcher of punch to drink with it. Afterward I read most of the afternoon and am up to chapter 21 of the book.

At 6:40, I logged on to Zoom for the evening worship service at Springfield and did my oblation remarks. This time was it was more seamless then ever before. 

After that was over I came into the living room to watch 60 Minutes, which I had recorded. Unfortunately the football game had gone into overtime so I didn't get the entire program.  Disgusting! They need to plan those games for earlier so it won't interfere with the best news program on TV. 

After that, I took my bath and went to bed at 9:30PM.  I couldn't sleep so I got up and took two melatonin tablets. I hadn't taken one of those for a month. I finally did get to sleep after that.