Saturday, August 22, 2020

Saturday and Another Boring Day

I slept poorly last night. I was awake at least four or five times and then each time I had trouble getting back to sleep. I had foot cramps at first and I got up and took a med for that and finally got back to sleep. But it was up and down the rest of the night.

I had my breakfast and then fed the cats/kittens. There were five waiting for me to come out with their dishes. Scruffie was one of them and her two kittens and the yellow adolescent cat. The only ones still out there are the kittens and then a large dog came by to eat their food and I went out and chased it away but Scruffie's kittens are long gone. She is being very cautious now and trying to finish her breakfast, Yellow adolescent is back now too...very cautious. Big Yellow Tom is now eating too.

I am watching the CBS Saturday news now. Maybe I will call Nancy later and see if she would like to go to Independence and have lunch. She doesn't wake up until half the morning is gone.

So more later....

I heard from Krystal and she says one of her girls wil come mow for me today. Good! It really needs it today. It's too wet now but later in the day it will be fine.

Also, I notice Scruffie is getting rounder and I think she is pregnant again.

I was going to visit Nancy but when I called she said she was still sick to her stomach. So I will stay home.

I had a frozen meal for dinner and an ice cream bar for desert.  I watched two episodes of Forensic Files on Amazon Prime.

More later...

I spent the rest of the afternoon reading and playing a computer game.

Bob Avery called me in the afternoon and asked me if I was watching CNN. It seems they were playing a tape of a conversation between Trump's niece and his older sister. His older sister was simply castigating him for all his lies.  I told him I don't get CNN at all but I will read the book written by her.

A book by that sister, who was a retired judge, will be out on Tuesday of this week and I will have a copy of it on September 2nd.

I took my bath at 7:00PM and went to bed at 9:0PM

Friday, August 21, 2020

Friday and No Plan for the Day

I slept pretty well last night and got up about 5:00AM. I got myself ready for the day. I had my breakfast and coffee and am working on my chai now.

Yesterday evening I went ahead and did the rest of the dusting so everything is done now.

I opened the door to Scruffie and her two kittens and the yellow adolescent cat. I took their food out through the garage so I wouldn't have to be careful about them getting into the apartment. I see the little yellow kitten is peering in the front door to me. It does that quite often.

I am out of the flavored oatmeal that Suzanne gave me. When I next go to Dollar General I will see if they carry it. I enjoy the cinnamon flavor.

I finished my book last evening so I am back to reading one on the Kindle.

More later...

I went out to Dollar General before lunch and bought the four things on my grocery list. Then I came back home and ate my lunch.,,one of my frozen meals. Then I had my ice cream bar too.

I played FreeCell for awhile and also watched some Prime TV ("Dr. G"). I also watched some Dateline programs I had recorded.

Then I trimmed the hedge and fed Big Yellow Tom cat, who came for a late lunch, He laid down on the sidewalk and enjoyed the sunshine.

I am trying to see if  Krystal or one of her girls can mow for me tomorrow evening. I am afraid it will rain if I don't get it done by tomorrow evening.

1100 new cases and six new deaths of the virus in Oklahoma overnight. They are in the red zone. I have not been down to Bartlesville since February except last week to have the oil changed in my car. Oklahoma is scary. They do not generally wear face masks or keep their spacing distance. No one at the dealership  wore a face mask. They just acted like it was just another day. I will not get my oil changed there next time. I will get it done in Coffeyville.

More later....

I guess I will go take my bath.  Channel 6 news is back on and they are just repeating the same news they gave at 4:00PM. It is 6:10PM now.

More even later...

Thursday, August 20, 2020

Thursday and Cleaning Day

I slept well last night again. I did get up once in the night to go to the bathroom but that's just par for the course at my age.

I fed at least four cats/kittens this morning and they are all finished now and gone. I left the double dish out there just in case I missed someone.

I have had my oatmeal and coffee and even a breakfast bar. In a little while I will start my cleaning. I will vacuum the den first this time. I will vacuum while commercials are going. That gives me 6 minutes each time they break for commercial. Eventually it will get done and I won't miss the news either.

I tried to stay up to watch the Democrat convention last night but just couldn't do it.

More later....

I got the bare floors, kitchen and bathroom and front foyer,  mopped while the commercials were on. I also got the den vacuumed. At the next group of commercials I will vacuum the hall and bedroom. Then I will get to the living room. I usually leave the dining room until last since I have to pull those four heavy chairs into the living room to do that one. I might even leave the dining room until tomorrow. I have done that before.

More later...

I got the rest of the apartment vacuumed  during the next two commercial breaks. All I need to do now is dust. I may get that done today or maybe save it for tomorrow. I vacuum every Thursday and yet there is always a lot of dirt in the tank when I empty it. I can't figure where that comes from. Suzanne had the carpet cleaned before I moved in. Yet every time I vacuum there is a wad of dirt in the tank. I leave my shoes at the door so I can't figure it out.

More later....

I went into settings on my phone and finally found why I hadn't been getting notifications from my brother-in-law on my phone.  I finally found how to  fix it and had him test it. It worked! I did finally get his notifications!

I did dust the den this afternoon. I will do the other rooms tomorrow. I would like to get a small can of stain and stain the window sill in the bathroom.

More later...

I ate one of my new frozen meals of meatloaf and potatoes and had an ice cream bar for dessert.

I read some of the afternoon and played a game or two of  FreeCell. Suzanne came and brought me papers and I read them too.

I fed one of the yellow cats awhile ago too. He has been the only one here this afternoon. It is 4:55PM now. At 5:30PM, I will watch the CBS news.

I called Nancy this afternoon to see how she was doing and she was doing well. She had her hair done this afternoon and had taken a nap after that.

More later....

I got the living room dusted well this evening. I will do the bedroom and dining room tomorrow.  I have wiped down the kitchen cabinets and bathroom cabinets.

It's after 6:00PM now and I will play FreeCell until time to take my bath. And I plan to go to bed at 9:00PM.

Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Wednesday and Hair Day

I slept well last night but was up earlier then usual. I had my sleep out though.

When I opened the door there were five cats/kittens out there waiting for their breakfast. I took the bowls out through the garage as usual. Scruffie and her two kittens and the yellow adolescent cat and Big Yellow Tom were all out there, So far there are no fights over the food. They seem to be able to share. Scruffie and her two kittens all share one bowl. The two yellow cats take the other bowls.

I will leave to go to Coffeyville at 6:30AM and will pick up Bob at 7:00AM and we will go to Eggberts for breakfast. Before I leave though I want to get the bowls back in the apartment. Big Tom is still out there eating. I think the others have eaten and left. I will need to open the new bag of cat food before evening. Every couple of days they go through an entire bag.

After we finish breakfast I will take Bob back home and I will go out to Woodshed and fill my car's tank with gas. Then I will get my hair done and last of all go out to Walmart and get my weekly groceries. Then I will come on back home.

I called Marilyn last night to find out about game day. She said it is next Wednesday..the fourth Wednesday of the month ...not this Wednesday.  So when I get back to Caney, I will stop at Sonic and get the kid's Wacky Pack chicken dinner for $2.18,,,including tax.

Scruffie and her  two kittens came back for more breakfast so I took the double dish back out for them. I may leave it out there if they are still eating when I am ready to leave. I have ten minutes until I usually leave.

More later....

I picked up Bob at around 7:00AM and we went to Eggberts for breakfast. After about an hour and a half, I took him home and then went out to Woodshed  and I filled my tank up with gas. Then I went to the post office and bought stamps. I stopped at Family Dollar and bought cat food and then went on to get my hair done. After that, I went out to Walmart and bought some frozen meals and coffee and bananas.

Then I went on back home and watched some Amazon Prime TV. I got my mail and there wasn't much except junk.

I also played some Free Cell. Then watch some "Dr. G" on Amazon TV.

Bob had received a mail in ballet for mail voting. I was hoping to get mine. I intend to vote by mail. I intend to not get around any crowds.

I went out to Sonic at noon and bought their kids Wacky Pack  which is two large chicken strips and tater tots and a small drink for $1.99...actually $2.18 with the tax. It's a large enough meal for me. I later ate a part of a banana too,

Big Yellow Ton cat came here for supper. I took the double bowl out for him and he ate quite a bit of it.

I was watching the Channel 6 news just now and they reported that someone in Tulsa had taken a family pet cat, cut it in two and gutted it and then left in in front of the owners home like that. That terrible animal cruelty is a felony. Whoever did that should be cut in two, gutted and left in front of their home. I can't understand anyone doing a terrible thing like that to an innocent family pet. That person is just a sicko...that's all.

It's 6:20PM now and at 7:00PM, I will take my bath and put my pjs on. I will try to read in my book until 9:00PM and then go on to bed

Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Tuesday and Check on Nancy

Nancy's cousin, Dale, and his wife, Gina, will be gone today to Wichita to visit grandchildren and they asked me to check in on Nancy mid-morning. I don't really think that is necessary but I told them I would. I told Nancy we would go somewhere today and eat out. She had her cousin sell her car so she is stuck at home unless someone takes her somewhere. We may go to Sam's in Independence.  I will check with her.

I slept well last night and woke up twice in the night to go to the bathroom but got right back to sleep.

I don't have a plan for today except to take Nancy somewhere to eat. I would like to stop at the kids' and see the puppies but will need to check with John before we do that.

I need to check and see if there are cats and kittens out front that want to have breakfast. So, more later...

The entire crew were out there for their breakfasts. Scruffie and both her kittens and two yellow cats too. I took the double dish out and also both blue dishes and one square one. That may eliminate them fighting over the food.

More later...

All the cats/kittens have eaten and are gone now. I brought in the dishes and I got my outside plants watered and deadheaded and took my kitchen trash out to the curb..... just some little chores I needed to get finished.

I have been watching the CBS news this morning. In about 30 Minutes I will try to raise Nancy to see if she wants to go out of town for lunch.  We won't go until 11:30AM but I need to see if she is up to going before that.

Well, I called Nancy  to see if she wanted to go to Ane Maes in Independence for lunch and she is sick to her stomach again and can't get away from the I guess it will be another day....perhaps Thursday.... if she is alright by then. She has a time with her stomach.

Tomorrow is game day at the senior center. I would take her to that if she was well by then.

More later...

Gina called me to see if I was going to check on Nancy again. I thought maybe later in the morning she might be feeling better. I know she needs to get out of the house. It's tragic that she had Dale sell her car because now she really is stuck at home. She was going to have to get her driver's license renewed, get her registration and taxes on it paid and her tag sticker. Also she was going to have to renew her insurance and pay it. I think that was just too much for her to even consider. So she decided to get rid of the car and now she regrets it since she is stuck at home.

I will check with Nancy and see if  she got to feeling better and might want to go to lunch.

She was feeling fine so we decided to go to Independence and eat at Ane Mae"s.  Then we will see if John will let us come out and see the puppies.

When I started to drive over to Nancy's, I couldn't find my car key.  I always leave it on the desk top by the back door. It was not there. Luckily I had an extra. I will look for the original key when I get back home.

That worked out. We had a nice lunch and then looked around the mall and then went out to John and Leslie's to see the puppies. We had a  chance to hold the little critters. They are only four days old. There are four males and only one female.

Then he took us over to Fisherman John's building to see all his art work. Then after that we went up to the house and Leslie gave Nancy a tour of their house.

I then took Nancy home. Leslie had an appointment in Bartlesville that she needed to get to.

When I got home I started looking for the lost key. I figured it was in the pants I wore yesterday. I looked there and it was not there. I went through the last two pair I had worn. Not there at all. I looked through all the drawers in the apartment. Didn't find the key. Then I emptied my purse...not here either. I sat down to watch some TV (Amazon Prime "Dr. G" programs) Suddenly I thought of the recliner I was sitting in. I turned it over and there on the carpet was the lost key! It must have been in my right front pocket and sitting in the recliner had made it slip out of the pocket into the crack next to the cushion onto the floor under the recliner..

I was so glad I found it!

More later...

I watched the CBS news and it's 6:30PM now so I will take my bath and then watch some more Amazon Prime TV.

So more later...

I took my bath at 7:00PM and watched a couple of "Dr. G" TV shows on Amazon Prime. I plan to go to bed at 9:00PM. Bob and I are going to breakfast in the morning at 7:00AM. 

Monday, August 17, 2020

Monday and Laundry

I slept well last night and although I woke up twice in the night to go to the bathroom, I slept until 6:00AM, something very rare.

I got myself and everything ready for the day. I had my and fed four cats. Scruffie and her two kittens had breakfast and the yellow adolescent cat came too. They are gone now but I left the double dish out there just in case more cats come. Ants can't get into that dish. The other two bowls are in the sink soaking. I try to wash them every day.

I will do some laundry this morning. Basically it will be my towels and underwear. Everything else is basically done until Thursday, which is cleaning day.

Right now I am waiting for the 8:00AM CBS news. I will start the laundry right now.

I have the laundry in now and will continue watching the CBS  news while it dries.

So more later....

I got the laundry dried and folded and put away. Then after the CBS news is over I water my outside plants deadhead them and sweep off the grass on the little patio out there.

I fixed myself a few glasses  of sugarless punch and turned on my Amazon Prime on TV. I watch an episode or two of  "Dr. G" . I find that program very interesting.

I want to stay home today. Fed X has contacted me twice trying to deliver a package. He has texted about not finding me home to deliver it. His text says his name is Ted. This time I told him by return text that I would be home all day. This could be spam but it could be legit too. I will just have to stay around and see.

More later....

I watched some Amazon Prime ("Dr. G Medical Examiner") for awhile and then played some FreeCell for awhile and finally read some more in my new book about Trump. I am staying home so the package from Red X can be delivered  (if that is not a scam) So far I haven't heard a word out of him. I tried to trace the package with my phone but that didn't work. I also tried to call the number he used and that went to a voicemail that had not been set up. I would almost bet money it is a scam.

Anyhow I have piddled around all day waiting.  More later...

I was gone 15 minutes to the Dollar General store for four things in groceries.  Evidently Fed X didn't come while I was gone.

Big Yellow Tom was waiting for me to come home. He was hungry and wanted some food. Little Yellow kitty was here too so I took another bowl out for it. Big Yellow Tom does not share like the the kitten's mother does.

I am watching the Channel 6 news now and will stay on TV to catch the CBS evening news at 5:00PM.

I watched TV until the CBS news went off and then took my bath and later played some FreeCell and then watched Amazon Prime until bedtime at 9:00PM or shortly after.

Sunday, August 16, 2020

Sunday and Online Church Again

I got up at at 5:00AM after resting well. I made up my bed and also myself. Then I had my breakfast and when I opened the front door I found five very hungry cats/kittens. I took their food out through the garage. One of them had been sick just next to the hedge by the front door so I took a jar of water and the broom out and washed it up and cleaned it up. Then I put their food down for them. Most of them have eaten quickly and left but a couple of the yellow cats are still eating.

I will watch church at Ontario Canada at 11:00AM this morning and I imagine they will have the Springfield service this evening too at 7:00PM If so, I will watch that too. I always sing along with the hymns.

I went out to bring in the food bowls and the little yellow kitten was waiting by the hedge for her/his food and so was Scruffie. Three of them, Scruffie, the yellow kitten and even the black kitten are still eating out of that one bowl.....that is the kittens are... and Scruffie is drinking water. I guess I will leave that bowl out there awhile longer. I may take the double dish out there since the ants can't get into it. And the little yellow kitten always stands by the door after eating and stares in at me.

More later...

I got the outside flowers all watered and deadheaded and have been reading in my new book most of the morning. The name of it is "Donald Trump and His Assault on Truth" It is written by the Fact Checker Staff at the Washington Post. According to the subtitle  It examines "The President's Falsehoods, Misleading Claims and Flat-Out Lies". It's amazing.

I came into the den after my eyes got tired and played some games of FreeCell on the laptop computer.

At 11:00AM I will watch the church services at Toronto Canada. Their address is

The service begins at 11:00AM

They are taking a break from live services online and have pre recorded some to give their staff a break.

More later...