Saturday, January 14, 2023

Saturday and a Restless Night

I tossed and turned most of the night concerned about the coming car insurance payment. It's due next Wednesday and I am hoping I will have enough in the bank to cover it and my other utilities as well. The cost went up after my wreck last year and on top of that, the state of Kansas allowed a raise to all car insurance companies. Mine is now $333.53 a half and that is without collision. My car is 15 years old and a car that age doesn't need collision. Probably anything that would happen to it nowadays would be a total. That new bumper last year cost over $1,000 to replace and then the other woman was driving a rental car and they sued my insurance company for the lost income while the other woman had to wait to get theirs repaired. It's a mess..that's for sure. Anyhow, I stewed about that until 2:AM this morning when I got up and took three Melatonin tablets and then I slept until almost 7:00AM, very unusual for me. Oh well, it will work out somehow.

Enough of that! It's 7:31AM now and I am just now having my breakfast here in the den. The cats may be out there hungry. While I was working in the yard last evening Blondie came and went into the garage and jumped upon the roof of my car. I quickly grabbed my broom and nudged him off of it. Then I shut the garage door. Darn cat!

More later...I will go turn on the TV and watch for the weather forecast as well as the cats.

Both cats were out there waiting for me to open the door. It's 22 degrees out there. I am sure they are very cold. They ate very quickly and left.  

I went to Coffeyville and had lunch with my niece, Denise. This time she insisted on paying for my lunch. The last time we did that, I bought her lunch. We are going to do this more often.

I had a nice visit with her.

I took my walk at 3:49PM. It was a little chilly but not bad at 52 degrees. Just a brisk breeze. I had an entire sack of trash again. It had been several days since I took the walk what with the wind and chill.

It's 4:27PM now. I guess I will go read on my book. I got the Herald read this morning before I left.

I never did get to my book. I watched the news instead. It's after 6:00PM now and I will take my bath and put my pajamas on and my robe. I am tired. It's been a busy day...but pleasant.

More later..


Friday, January 13, 2023

Friday and Dusting

I slept well again last night and was up at 5:30AM, made my bed, dressed and got myself ready for the day. It's 6:05AM now and I am having my breakfast here in the den while I blog.

Soon I will go turn on the  TV and try to catch the weather report and check for the cats. 

Today I will dust the apartment and try to neaten it up too. Sometimes I get too much clutter laying around and I really can't handle clutter. I need to go though my storage closet this winter and toss stuff I will never use again. The only alternative would be to have a yard sale this spring but I don't know what I would do with whatever was leftover. It's a dilemma. If I don't do it while I am still able, the kids will be stuck with having to do it after I'm gone. I visited Marilyn this past week and she will be 90 this year.

Cox Complete Care put Windows 10 on this laptop computer yesterday. It seems to be working fine now. It took nearly all day for him to do it. It's a huge operating system and it had a lot of updates too. But, so far, so good. At least Windows 10 still has updates. Windows 7, the former operating system, had not had any for several years.

More Later. I will go turn on the TV now that I have finished my breakfast. 

Both cats were out there for their breakfast this morning at 6:49AM. I took their food out there for them. I just got seated again and the weather report for the week came on TV.

Today will be 43 degrees and mostly sunny,  Saturday will be 54 degrees and partly cloudy,  Sunday will be 59 degrees and cloudy and windy, Monday will be 56 degrees and mostly cloudy, Tuesday will be 56 degrees and mostly cloudy, Wednesday will be 53 degrees and rain, Thursday will be 51 degrees and mostly cloudy. At least there is one day where rain is forecast. I hope it develops on Wednesday even if that is Bunco day.

Both cats have eaten their fill and left now. It is 22 degrees out there. ...too cold for even animals.

More Later...

It's 10:42AM now and I have been reading my church's periodical, "The Herald". My daughter and I are planning to attend the Church's World Conference as  delegates this Spring. It will be held April 22nd through April 28th at Independence, Missouri.

I printed off the various resolutions we will be addressing at the conference so I can study them ahead of time.

I got the apartment dusted and then I went down to Copan Restaurant and had my small chef salad and iced tea for lunch. I chatted with Keith on the phone while there. He will leave for Brazil tomorrow. He will be gone a couple of weeks. 

It's 4:10PM  now. I haven't got a lot done today except dusting.

I take that back...

I started raking the front yard this evening about4:00PM. It's 5:53PM now. I only got two bags of leaves done though. It was cold and I started late. And it got cold. It's 35 degrees now but I will work on it some more when we have  a warmer day next week. It will take me awhile and I don't know how I will do the west side. I would like to mow those leaves and bag them with the mower bag. If I could even get the mower started, I would need to run it out of gas so it wouldn't have any gas in it all winter. I will mull that over. I have awhile since I have a big job with the front too. I do that with the rake as usual. I just make piles of leaves and put my plastic gloves on and fill the bags that way. I have my trash container full and also Stephen's too. He had one bag of kitchen trash in it but I filled it the rest of the way with two big bags of leaves. He told me I could do that.

More later...I am going to take my warm bath and warm up.

Back Later...


Thursday, January 12, 2023

Thursday and Apartment Cleaning

I slept very well last night and slept until 5:30AM..which is late for me. I made my bed, dressed and got myself ready for the day. I don't know if it rained or snowed last's too dark to tell. It's 6:13AM now and still dark out there. I am eating my breakfast here in the den now. Soon I will go check on the cats and see if they are out there. I will also turn on the TV to try to catch "the weather on the 8's".

I also balanced my check book. I have been busy!

I opened the front door to check on the cats and sure enough, it had been raining...probably all night. They were definitely not there. I thought I had heard it raining in the night. At least it's not been snowing...yet! 

I stepped outside to clean the leaves  off the front door area and it is COLD out there. My phone says it is 33 degrees but there is a very cold wind too.

I still didn't see the cats but I did catch the weather forecast. Today is to be 42 degrees43 and 43 and AM snow and wind, tomorrow is to be 43 degrees and  sunny, Saturday is to be 54 degrees and partly cloudy, Sunday is to be 60 degrees and mostly cloudy and windy Monday is to be 64 degrees and mostly sunny, Tuesday is to be 61 degrees and mostly cloudy, Wednesday is to be 58 degrees and rain....that's much needed rain!

That's the forecast...for the week.

Soon I will begin mopping my bare floors and then vacuum the carpets....

It's 7:53AM and light now and I looked out back and saw that we had had some snow...not much, but it shows on the ground. I don't know whether we will get more or not. I will just have to wait and see. 

The cats never came. I kept checking but they are somewhere warmer I would guess..maybe under the house across the street on the corner. They used to be able to get under there..out of the wind and snow.

I need to start mopping the bare floors.I have been reading and watching the CBS news. I may be wasting all morning. I can read this afternoon...I doubt I will be going anywhere.

I got all the bare floors mopped and all the carpet vacuumed except the living room and I am resting now before I do that. It's 8:37AM and way too cold to take a walk. It's 33 degrees now and there's a brisk breeze which would make it even colder. So far, we just got a light snow. I believe it's finished.

More Even Later..

Leslie  and John gave me the cordless vacuum for Christmas and it's much lighter to use than either of my others.

I am finished with the cleaning except for the dusting and I do that on Fridays. I am very tired and I have the sweeper charging now. I hope I got that filter back in correctly after I cleaned it. I got out the booklet and read it so I am hoping so. I see it's 20% charged now.  It will take a long time to fully charge. It's 9:16AM now.

More Later..

The laptop computer is struggling to work. It is running Windows 7 and there are no updates for that any more.  I am having to use the desktop computer to do my blog and probably my e-mail too..It's just one of those things with an old computer. This one was once Scott's and he got an Apple and gave this one to me years ago.

The laptop is trying to work now. I rebooted and that may have helped.

In fact, I contacted Cox Complete Care and downloaded an IT rep who fixed my e-mail and then downloaded Windows 10 on the laptop where I had Windows 7. It took hours to do that since there were so many updates for Windows 10 but the laptop runs smoothly now with an updated operating system. 

I went out to Eggbert's about 3:30PM and had lunch. Then I went to the market and bought a few things I needed.

More later...I need to put away my groceries ....I put away my groceries and then went up to Mr.G's and had my small butter pecan flurry.

It is getting cooler and I want to watch the CBS evening news so I will get back to this later...

I watched the CBS evening news and read awhile too until time to take my bath at 7:00PM. I just finished that and put body lotion on my feet and hands. That helps with the roughness.

I will read until 9:00PM when I usually go to bed.

I am still having a few problems with the laptop. I tried to get my blog on it and it refused to find it. In fact Mozilla Firefox, shut down altogether. It came back up but I don't trust it now. 

I can't depend on it. Luckily I have the desktop computer and have been able to get the blog on it. I will probably have to get Keith's blog on the desktop computer too. Who knows until I try. It's only 7:21PM right now and I usually don't go to bed until 9:00PM.

Wednesday, January 11, 2023

Wednesday and An Eye Appointment

I slept well last night but was up earlier then usual. I was interested in seeing how much my social security increased. I was disappointed that it was no more then it was. They take some out so I guess that was the explanation. I was able to put some back in my savings account though and that was important to me.

I have an eye appointment at 11:00AM this morning with Dr. Dobbins as well as well as my regular hair appointment at 9:00AM with Toni. Then I have to go buy gas at the Woodshed too. Then I will come back home.

Depending on the weather, I may finish my raking and cleaning up the back yard. 

It's 5:48AM now and I will go turn on the TV to see what the forecast is for this week. I wonder if the cats will come this morning or if someone has taken them to a farm to control mice, That has happened in the past a couple of times. I haven't seen them for several days.

It's 6:00AM but there were no cats out there yet. I checked! I have the weather channel on so I can catch "the weather on the 8's" when it comes on. 

Well, no cats yet but the weather did come on. Today will be 63 degrees and mostly cloudy, Thursday will be 45 degrees and mostly sunny,  Friday will also be 45 degrees and mostly sunny too, Saturday is to be 54 degrees and partly cloudy, Sunday is to be 62 degrees and mostly cloudy and windy, Monday is to be  64 degrees and partly cloudy,Tuesday is to be 60 degrees and mostly cloudy. Earlier they said there would be rain and snow in the forecast for Thursday. The week's forecast doesn't show that though..strange. I guess we will just have and wait to see if that earlier forecast was valid.

How about that !! I opened the door at 6:30AM and Blondie was there waiting for his breakfast. When I took it out, Scruff was also there with him. They are eating now. I don't know where they have been the past three days but they're here now and eating hungrily.

Both cats ate their fill and have left now. I will take the food in the garage and cover it.

I read until 8:30AM when I left for Coffeyville to my hair appointment and eye appointment. Dr. Dobbins gave me a new contact for my right eye. I don't wear one in my left eye anymore. When I left she only charged me $35.00 and will run the rest of the bill by Medicare and my supplement. They will bill me any difference...if there is any.

I stopped out to the Coffeyville Brahms and had their chicken strips and fries and a coke for my lunch.

I have been working on my computer most of the afternoon. It's 3:04PM now and 57 degrees out there. 

More even Later..

I went out back while it was pleasant and raked the rest of the leaves in the back yard, put some plastic gloves on and filled three bags of leaves and put them in the trash. That's just the back yard. I'd like to mow the west side yard and get the leaves picked up that way but I can't get the mower started, I will rake and bag the front yard next and then I may get some new gas and add to the little bit still in the mower and see if that will help me start it a little later...the next nice day after I get the front raked.

I need to see if Stephen will help me by cleaning out the guttering this year. John did it last year but it's just a big job and I hate to ask him to do it again this year but I can tell the guttering is full of leaves. I scooped out what I could get out at the bottom of the guttering after I raked this afternoon. I wish Stephen would put some of those gutter guards on the guttering so the leaves would just wash off and only the water would get into the guttering. We had some of those on the guttering out on our second street home in Coffeyville. It eliminates the mess and makes keeping everything neat so much easier. I could climb a ladder and do it myself but I probably have no business on a ladder anymore.

I did order the face powder I needed and took a check up to the post office and got it sent off to the Merle Norman store in Chanute. She will put the powder in the mail in the morning.

I am going to take my bath and put my pajamas and robe on and watch the CBS news that I had recorded.

More later...

Tuesday, January 10, 2023

Tuesday and Cookies to Independence

I slept like a log last night and didn't wake up once. I was up at my usual 5:00AM, fully rested, dressed, made my bed and got myself ready for the day. I will be taking the cookies to Independence, Kansas to the First Christian Church for their lunch today. John, my son in law, told me Sunday that the chamber up there announced they would all be doing "take out" lunches since the pandemic has brought out more variants and it may be too dangerous for a crowd to be inside while those are spreading.  What a mess! Anyhow after I deliver the cookies, I will meet Joanne at Big Cheese for a lunch of pizza and visiting.

I am having my breakfast here in the den as usual. I have had the last of my breakfast bars and am eating my oatmeal now. I will need to get some more breakfast bars today. I am also drinking my coffee and Chai.

It's almost 6:00AM now and I should go check on the cats. They never made it yesterday. I hope someone else fed them. I will take the laptop in the living room so I can watch for "the weather on the 8's" too.

Neither cat was out there. Of course it's only 6:10AM right now. They may come yet. 

 So More Later.... 

The cats are not out there yet but the weather did come on. Today will be 65 degrees and partly cloudy, Wednesday is to be 58 degrees and mostly cloudy, Thursday is to be  46 degrees and AM rain and snow showers. Friday is to be 45 degrees and mostly sunny, Saturday is to be 56 degrees and partly cloudy, Sunday is to be 56 degrees and mostly cloudy and windy, Monday is to be 65 degrees and mostly cloudy. Well, Thursday may bring us some moisture..let's hope ....

It's 6:30AM and still no cats... 

I read until time to leave for Independence and then at 9:00AM I left for Independence to deliver the cookies to the First Christian Church up there. I stopped by the Sonic and bought a cherry limeade slush and after driving around a bit, I went on to Big Cheese at 11:00.  Joanne soon showed up and we ordered a pizza  lunch and visited for two hours. We enjoyed the occasion to catch up.

After we finished, I came on back home.

I read again until Leslie called me and told me Keith had tried to get hold of me and I didn't answer the phone. The phone just buzzes and when it's in my purse I don't hear it. So as soon as I got off the phone with her, I called him back. He downloaded Teamviewer on the desktop computer first and fixed that by putting a new password in it and checking "remember me", That way I won't have to put my username  and password in every time I want to use it. I caught up Saturday, Sunday and Monday and will put Tuesday in this evening.

I did some raking in the back yard awhile ago but didn't get finished. I got two yard bags full done but still have half the back yard to finish but I played out first.

More Later...

I read most of the evening and then checked my bank account to put the charges I used today into my checkbook. By then it was 8:30PM ..past my bath time. I usually have my bath at 7:00PM.

I will go take it now since I will probably go to bed at 9:00PM or thereabouts.

I have my hair appointment in Coffeyville tomorrow morning at 9:00AM. I will also go out to Woodshed afterward and fill my gas tank.

So good night all!

Monday, January 9, 2023

Monday and Laundry

I slept very well last night and almost until 6:00AM. I changed my sheets and did the laundry of sheets, towels and underwear. It's been a long time since I have slept that well. I checked on the cats since it's as late as it is but neither one of them was out there

The laundry is in the dryer now. I have fixed my breakfast and am eating it here in the den. 

I just checked on the cats again and they still are not out there. Of course it's 33 degrees out there this morning. That cold could make a big difference.

Well, at least I could turn on the TV and wait for "the weather on the 8's". I will take the laptop computer in there and wait for that.

No cats yet...and it's 7:00AM. They may have come earlier and not been able to wait out there in the cold. 

I got the laundry all dry, folded and put away. Changing the bed is one job I always dread. I hate trying to fold sheets that are fitted.  But it's done for another time! 

Still no cats or even the weather forecast..."the weather on the 8's". It's only 7:25AM and at least that laundry job is done!

I finally got the weather forecast. Today will be 61 degrees and partly cloudy, Tuesday is to be 64 degrees and partly cloudy, Wednesday is to be 59 degrees and mostly cloudy, Thursday is to be 44 degrees and partly cloudy, Friday is to be 45 degrees and mostly sunny, Saturday is to be 56 degrees and mostly sunny and Sunday is to be 63 degrees and mostly cloudy and windy. That's the next rain...that's too bad ...we need the rain.

More later ...

I went to the Dollar General store to get a few things I need and later left to go see Nancy. We were hoping to see Sally at the Tuxedo Cafe but she never showed up. Nancy and I had a sandwich and french fries but neither of us could eat it all so we got the waitress to get us boxes and we took our boxes to the car. We drove around Bartlesville for awhile so Nancy could see what all was going on there and get out of assisted living for awhile. I took her back to her apartment at 2:00PM and told her I would see her next Monday. I loaned her a couple of books to read. I will pick them up on next Monday. 

Then I came back home.

Now I will go read my book on Kindle. More later...

I got an appointment to get my hearing tested again. This time at Midwest in Independence.

To get all the information they were going to need, I had to get my social security amount for last year and this year.

Leslie walked me through trying to get into the social security website. I know it was a trial for her because I didn't have everything they wanted. I finally found my one credit card although it was after I logged out. I seldom use it because I only use it for Amazon and I don't need it then because they have it on file. But bless her heart she was thoroughly disgusted with my ineptitude at that site.  I can't blame her... I was too. To me it was a hassle. That's they way they keep folks from getting their information stolen but still it was a hassle to me.  If I was exhausted from it, just imagine how exhausted she was from the entire hassle of trying to deal with me and my frustration with the entire thing. If I had known what all they needed to get into that site, I could have been better prepared.  Since I don't need that credit card, I didn't have a clue where it was. After I hung up, I opened a zipper in my purse that I never get into, and what do you know, that's where it was.

I took my bath awhile ago at 8:00PM and put my pajamas on and got my kindle and started again reading on my book. I read until 9:00PM and then I was ready for bed.

I thought I would try one more time to put my blog on Keith's site. He may have got it fixed while I have been busy all evening. I will try it and see.

No, it still does not give me a blank page to put my blog on. Last Friday is still on the only page that comes up.

I guess I will go on to bed. It's 9:08PM now.

And the cats never came today at all.


Sunday, January 8, 2023

Sunday and Church Breakfast

I slept very well last night because I started to have that pesky sinus drainage so I got back up and took an allergy pill. Then I slept like a baby! In fact, I slept until 6:00AM. Then I made my bed and got myself dressed for church, and I put together my coffeecake and it is in the oven now.

Both cats were waiting for me to open the door and get their food to them. Then they ate quickly and left. It is 23 degrees out there this morning. I will wait a little bit before going out to get it and put it back in the garage.

I brought the laptop in the living room and am waiting for the "weather on the 8's" to come on. 

I caught the weather finally. And 52 degrees today and sunny, 60 degrees and partly cloudy tomorrow,  and  Tuesday 63 degrees and partly cloudy, Wednesday is to be 61 degrees and partly cloudy, Thursday should be 46 degrees and partly cloudy, Friday is to be 48 degrees and sunny, Saturday is to be 56 degrees and mostly sunny.  I guess they took the rain out of the forecast now.

I will need to get the glaze on my coffeecake as soon as it is cool enough. We won't be eating until ten o'clock so there really no great rush. It's only 7:51AM now.

I got the glaze on the coffeecake and took it out to church at 9:30AM or so. The rest of the group, came at closer to 10:00 and we ate breakfast pizza that Karan had brought and the coffee cake that I had brought. We had plenty for all.

It was a very good service even though Melissa was sick and couldn't come and she had been scheduled. So Kelly didn't come either. Leslie had found a very good service from Beyond the Walls in Canada and recorded it. She presided over the service and was great. Charlie Carter was the speaker and his sermon was very appropriate. Of course the music from Beyond the Walls was also very good. 

More even later... 

After the service Phyllis and I went to Eggbert's in Coffeyville for our free lunch. A couple of weeks ago we ate there and had ordered a small chef salad. Instead, we got a side salad but we were charged for the small chef salad. We could not get the attention of the new waitress that waited on us to tell her so we went ahead and ate what she had served us. I complained to the manager about it and she gave us a card for a free small Chef Salad. We redeemed those cards today after church. Afterward, I went back to the church to pick up my coffeecake. I will take some of it to Nancy tomorrow when I go visit her.

Then I came on back home to do my letters. 

I got six letters written and all in the mail.  Hopefully there will be some response.

More Later.. 

I drove around Caney for awhile this afternoon. I wanted to see just how many run down homes there would be here. It's tragic. 

It's 3:59PM and 47 degrees out there now. Still not warm enough to rake. 

I will get back to this later...

I read for awhile and then watched the 60Minutes program I had recorded about Prince Harry and his experience with the royalty of  England. It wasn't pleasant and still isn't..I doubt it ever will be.

Stephen and Dee Anna brought me over some cookies and cake. That was very good of them to think of sharing with me. But that's the way they are. They are very good people.

It's 8:18PM

I took my bath about 8:00PM and will read now until 9:00PM when I will go on to bed.