Saturday, August 17, 2019

Saturday and a Great Night's Sleep

I slept like a log last night! When I got up this morning I fed the cats and watched the weather until the CBS news came on and then I came in the den to read the e-mail.

Now I have the laptop and am watching CBS news with one eye while I blog on it.

I don't have a plan for today. I have had my coffee and Chai and my oatmeal. I want to contact the mother of my mower and be sure she can mow on Monday evening. After yesterday's rain, the grass has really grown. And it looks like rain this morning too.

Something strange happened while Dean was here.  I ate a lot more food while he was here and we ate every meal out. Yet, I lost three pounds. How that happened is beyond me!

On Monday, I will need to contact my dentist and go over the Cherryvale and have him make a slight adjustment on my partial. It is a little long on the buccal side and is causing a blister under my tongue. He will need to take a little of that acrylic off and polish it smooth.

More later...

I had tomato basil soup with cheese and crackers for my lunch. That was an hour ago. Now I have been working on my blog on my computer and on the TV arranging recording of TV shows for the next week. I now have that done.

I did contact Krystal and ask if her daughter could mow for me on Monday evening..if it's not raining.  She said she could. Now I hope it doesn't rain all weekend.

More later...

I puttered around all day and about 4:00PM, I went over to Nancy's. I took her three of the Porter peaches Vic gave me. I had given three to Marilyn too. I have three left and will take them to church this morning and see if anyone wants them. I hated to tell Vic I don't care for peaches.  I figured I could give them to folks who do.

Nancy wanted me to stay and visit so I did. I came home about 8:30PM...quite a visit.  It was longer then I ever stay but I had not been over all week and she kept asking me not to go.

When I got home again, I took my bath and at 9:30PM, I went on to bed. 

Friday, August 16, 2019

Friday and Thunderstorms

I had a good night's sleep. Got up at 5:00AM as usual and dressed by flashlight and then sneaked into the bedroom and went into the bathroom to make up my face. Dean sleeps hard and well so I didn't disturb him. He uses one of those C packs to keep him from having sleep apnea. It makes just enough noise to lull him to sleep and keep him sleeping.

We are having thunderstorms this morning. He will have to wait until later in the morning to leave. Northern Montgomery county is under a severe thunderstorm watch...perhaps a warning later. It is supposed to clear up and just be cloudy by noon.

I want to go to Coffeyville this afternoon if the weather clears up like it is supposed to do. I want to make a bank deposit and meet Vic at Eggberts after this storm passes to pick up the Porter peaches he has bought for me. Also I need to get some more contact multi purpose solution. I may also go over to Cherryvale to the dentist this afternoon and have him smooth off a part of the acrylic on the partial that rubs against an area under my tongue. I will see how that goes today. It is comfortable to wear but if I eat with it, it makes that little part under my tongue where it rubs sore. He told me I might have to have an adjustment or two before it works like I want it to.

It is really pouring down rain now. Luckily the cat and her kittens came early before the hard rain started and ate their food.

More later...

Dean is up now and he will probably go ahead and leave soon.  He thinks he will drive out of the storm and it has cleared up here pretty much. I hope he does. He has a very nice Toyota convertible.

He decided we should have breakfast first before he leaves.  I had a small bowl of oatmeal earlier so I had room for breakfast. After that, we came back to the apartment and I helped him load up his luggage and he left.

Then I went over to Coffeyville to the bank and made a deposit. Afterward I called Vic and told him I was in town. He brought the Porter peaches he had brought me to the parking lot at V & S Variety. Then I went over to Marilyn's and gave her some of them. I certainly couldn't use ten peaches.

I gave her three and if Nancy wants some, I will give her some too. I tried to call Nancy to see if she wanted to go up to Independence with me to the Dairy Queen to get a blizzard but she must have gone to Bartlesville to eat out with her group of old friends. She wasn't home.

So I went up by myself.  Each Friday evening lately, I have gone up to Independence to get a blizzard.

It is 6:00PM now and I will soon take my bath. Now I will watch the news and later one of the programs I have recorded. At 7:00PM, I will take my bath and at 9:00PM, I will go on to bed.

Thursday, August 15, 2019

Thursday and Woolaroc

I didn't sleep all that well last night. I finally got up at 4:45AM and put my contacts in and dressed and fixed myself some coffee. Then I sat down in here in the den to go over the blog and copy it to The Bloggers Spot too. Dean sleeps much later. I just try not to wake him as I quietly go through the bedroom to the bathroom to put my face on.

Sometime today, whenever he is ready, we will go back to Bartlesville and take 123 highway out to Woolaroc. We plan to have lunch out there at the sandwich shop on the grounds. When we get back to the apartment, we will go out to the Copan Truck Stop for dinner. He plans to leave tomorrow morning early to get back to Rod, his disabled son.

More later...

We were so late getting started that we decided to skip breakfast. We are just going to eat lunch at the concession stand at Woolaroc. We will go through the museum and then come back to Caney...driving through Bartlesville.

Dean wants to eat supper at the Copan Truck Stop and that is fine with me. He will be leaving sometime in the morning.

We went to the Copan Truck Stop. He had an excellent chicken fried sandwich and I had a cup of veggie beef soup. Both were excellent. He brought half his  sandwich back to the apartment and put it in the frig for tomorrow.

We read until bedtime and then both turned in.

Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Wednesday and Another Big Day Planned

I slept very well last night and only woke up once and went right back to sleep after sneaking into the bedroom where Dean was sleeping peacefully with his breathing machine. I forget what he called that. I know my son, Keith, uses one.  They prevent sleep apnea, an interruption in the breathing while sleeping.  I needed to get into the bathroom and after I got that done, I went back to the den daybed trundle and went right back to sleep. That daybed trundle is very comfortable!

I sneaked back in there this morning at 5:00AM, when I awoke again, to brush my teeth and put a new face on. I don't believe I even disturbed him at all. The machine makes a gentle purring noise.

So far the new partial is working out just fine. I had it in when we ate supper last last night and it was just fine. After it's been in awhile, I forget it's even there. Which is the way I like it.

It's only 6:00AM right now and Dean is still sleeping away. He wants me to wake him at 8:00AM so he can get ready for the day and we can go over to Coffeyville and have breakfast at Eggbert's there. Then afterwards, at 10:00AM, he will take me to Paradise Beauty Salon so Toni can get my hair done. Then after that is finished, he will go out to check on his farm in South Coffeyville. We will maybe go to El Pueblo in Coffeyville for lunch if he likes Mexican food. Then the rest of the afternoon is up for grabs. It's up to him. We will not go to Woolaroc until tomorrow. That was the primary reason for his trip..besides the visit.

So far, that's the plan for the day.

After Dean got up and dressed, we went over to Coffeyville to Eggberts and had breakfast. Afterward he took me to the beauty shop and then he went  out to check on the farm and later came back to get me.

We drove around Coffeyville after that  to see the improvements on 9th street then we came back to Caney.

We stopped at that place where I bought my hanging basket on Mother's Day and looked around at all the interesting stuff there. He bought two BB guns and some barrel extensions for them. They were like new but had just been carefully cared for.  Then we came back to the house.

Nancy dropped over to visit briefly in the afternoon. She was supposed to meet Sandy so she finally left to go do that.

More later..he is ready to go to dinner.

We went to Tinker's Glass House in Bartlesville for dinner. We had a fine meal but much too much food. We had the other half boxed up and brought half of it back to Coffeyville to eat tomorrow evening after we get back from Woolaroc.

After dinner he drove out west of Bartlesville toward Pawhuska just to see the fine scenery out there but was really getting tired. So he finally turned around and we came back to Caney. By then, he was exhausted and after a short visit while I downloaded an upgrade for my Netgear wireless adapter,  he went on to bed. After I finished the download, I read the online Chronicle and around 9:00PM I took my bath and then went on to bed. I was very tired too. It had been a big day.

Tuesday, August 13, 2019

A Very Busy Tuesday

I slept great last night. Only woke up once and then went right back to sleep. I slept until 5:00AM, my regular wake up time, dressed, ate, and stripped the bed. The bedding is now in the dryer. I will re-make the bed when it is dry. My extra set of towels are in there too and my underwear.

My allergies are going crazy today. I have sneezed my head off ever since I got up.

I just heard from Bob. He is up and getting around now. He has a busy day. He has a board meeting at 10:00AM and then Joanne's daughter's family from Wichita are here and he will help her with them. Joanne is Bob's girlfriend.

My dental appointment this morning is at 10:30AM. I am hoping that partial will fit well and will restore my bite or at least keep the upper teeth from above those I lost with the loss of the bridge from extruding any further into the bite. I have never had a partial before. I had that bridge for at least  thirty years before the root canal in the abutment tooth blew up and later the tooth split.

Dean won't be here until around 4:00PM. He will leave Topeka at 1:00PM.  He plans to stay until Friday.  He left a day early last spring when he was here because he was uneasy about leaving Rod for so long.  Rod is a paraplegic. When he was a teen he dove into the shallow end of a swimming pool and broke his neck. He must be in his 50's now. They have a man who comes in in the morning and gets him ready for the day and then comes back in the evening to bathe him and get him ready for bed. Several decades ago, Dean lost his wife. So it's just him and Rod.

Dean is the one who started our class newsletter after we graduated from high school. He later passed it on to a classmate from Oklahoma City who later passed it on to one from Arkansas. She passed it on the me 21 years ago. I have had it ever since. We have all tried to keep track of our classmates over the years.

More later...

I got the bed re-made and the towels and underwear put away.

I have run out of cat food so the cat and her kittens will have to wait for more until I get back from Cherryvale and can get to a Dollar General store to buy more. I also need to pick up a prescription at Walgreens in Independence after my dental appointment. It will be a busy day!

I stopped on the way to Cherryvale to pick up my prescription at Walgreens.  Then I went on to Cherryvale and got my new partial. It fits fine and I have very little to complain about. It does trap food  under it on the lingual  side but I just take it out ad rinse it off.  Most of the time I will be wearing it, I will not be eating.

I stopped at the Independence Walmart and bought the few things I needed there.  Then I came on home.

Steve, my landlord, was here securing the guttering.  That is good. Every time it rained it got a little looser. He secured it well. I told him about the web worms in the tree in my neighbor's back yard. He said he will spray it.

I also told him that the neighbor doesn't seem to realize that he has to put his trash container to the curb if he wants the trash picked up. When I was trying to find out for the city guys which trash container had been Alice's a week or so ago, I checked for the empty one and found it. The other one was completely full of trash.

I heard the trash people coming around this morning and checked to see if theirs was empty now. It was still completely full so I drug it out to the curb in time for the trash people to empty it. I left it at the curb so those kids would get the message.

It's 1:40PM now. I ate my last chicken pot pie at 1:15PM this afternoon.

Dean is not supposed to be here until 4:00PM so I don't expect him any sooner. I hope I am hungry for supper this evening.  I am used to just my yogurt. He will want supper. He wants to eat out and wants me to choose a restaurant.

More even later..

I watched a Dateline program I had recorded and afterward took my clippers out and trimmed the hedge. It looks a lot better now.  It is 3:45PM now and it shouldn't be long until Dean is here.

Perhaps more later if  I don't get too busy...

Dean came promptly at 4:00PM and this time he was driving a 2007 Toyota convertible! It is a real neat car that they quit making in 2008.  It is white with a black top.He came in and we began visiting and telling one another our life stories again. Soon Nancy find out where I had been all weekend. She had been by several times and, of course, I had been out to John and Leslie's.. dog sitting.  I invited her in to meet Dean and she stayed awhile. They were both KU alumnus so they had something in common right away. They really hit it off. She stayed the better part of an hour and then Dean brought in his luggage and before we knew it, it was 7:00PM and he was starving. We just went out to Eggberts for summer.

When we were finished, we visited some more until 9:30PM, when we finally went our separate ways, he to the bedroom, and me to the den to the daybed. We were both exhausted. He had driven from Topeka and I was almost an hour past my usual bedtime. But it had been a good day.

Monday, August 12, 2019

Monday and Mowing

I slept very well last night. I got up shortly before 5:00AM but am very rested. I had my oatmeal and coffee already and am working on my Chai now.

The mama cat and three of her kittens came last evening and ate everything in the bowls I had filled. They were back this morning for some more. I bet they thought they were going to starve when I wasn't here over the weekend. The ittle yellow one I seldom see is here eating now.

I just texted my brother in law. He says he was up at 5:00AM, as usual.

My dental appointment is tomorrow at 10:30AM. I will get my partial then that will replace the two teeth I am missing on the right lower side.  I hope it fits comfortably. Dean will be coming in the afternoon tomorrow.  I will change my bed tomorrow morning so it will be clean for him. I will be sleeping on the daybed in the den and it is already clean.

Dean will take me over to Coffeyville for my hair appointment at 10:00AM tomorrow and perhaps we will eat at the glass house after that and go on out to Woolaroc after that is it isn't raining. I don't know how long he is staying this time. Probably only two or three days......he worries about leaving Rod too long there by himself.

More later..

My friend, Gay, called me to say she and her sister Adele are coming to Coffeyville to shop at Brown Shoe Fit store. They wanted me to meet them there at Eggberts for lunch. I decided to do that. I wanted to get gas at Woodshed and also get my pedicure while I was there. We had a nice lunch and Gay had found the shoes she wanted at Coffeyville's Brown Shoe Fit store but Adele wanted to go on to Bartlesville to look for a specific shoe color she was wanted in their store there.

After I left them, they went on to Bartlesville. I got my pedicure and gas and washed my car and then stopped at Sonic to get a cherry limeade frozen drink then came on back home after doing what I wanted to get done.

Suzanne had been by and left the payment for the mowing of my neighbor's yard in my box. They will mow for me tonight and then mow for the kids next door too. I want them to use my mower for mine so the grass will be bagged but I imagine they will use her dad's riding mower to do the neighbor's yard again. Suzanne begged off going to Cherryvale with me in the morning. She is so busy right now. That was fine. I was needing to get back to be here when Dean comes anyhow.

It is after 5:00PM now but I imagine it will be 7:00PM or so before they come to mow.

More later...

Well, it is 6:20PM and the mowers are here. John brought a smaller mower for the one next door and is trimming over there now.  He has his rider somewhere else tonight. His daughter is using my bagged mower to mow for me. She is pretty surly this afternoon. Can't say I blame her since it's 97 degrees out there. John trims over there but I don't think he trims for me. He didn't last week at least. Of course, Suzanne pays him $35.00 for Fleming's and we just pay her $25.00 which is what the mother quoted for us. I will have to do my trimming in the morning before it gets too hot...if it doesn't rain tonight.

More later tonight.

Well, what do you know! John is trimming for me!  That's really neat! He has a heavy duty gas powered trimmer too.

I offered to let them use my mower and they took me up on it. John's was just a 19 inch push mower. Nalonny mowed mine and most of Fleming's and John did the back yard over there. Those little white worms have infested that tree in their back yard and Nalonny didn't want to be near them. I took water out to her several times. It was 97 degrees out there. The heat index was 110. When they finished and left, I blew off the drive and swept off the patio. That was plenty hot. When I finally came in, my hair was wet. I took my bath and got ready for bed. I also had two mosquito bites...big ones. But I am cooled down now.

It is 8:25PM now. There really isn't anything on TV tonight and I am not in the mood for "Murder She Wrote" tonight. In about 30 minutes, at 9:00PM, I will go on to bed.

In the morning, I want to strip the bed and do the laundry again. I will wash the sheets and towels and my underwear.  I hope to get the laundry finished and re-make the bed and put everything away before I go to Cherryvale to the dentist. I will have to leave about 9:30AM to get to Cherryvale by 10:30AM. I will bring my clothes into the den with my makeup and dress in here in the mornings while Dean is here. 


Sunday, August 11, 2019

Sunday and Church and Home

I slept fairly well last night but woke up to a warm house. The air conditioning was not working and neither was the ceiling fan. Also the dining room light was not working.

Leslie and I figured it was a breaker so I went out and flipped the switches that were marked "Air" but nothing happened. I turned on the switch for the ceiling fan in the living room and pushed the button on the face of it. That didn't work either. Leslie thought it might be the battery in the temperature control thermostat for the air conditioner. She planned to change it when they got back home.

She called me a bit ago with a mystery. They got home and the air was working fine and the house was cool. The fan also worked. She thought I had neglected to push the button on the front of the fan control but she had told me to be sure to do that,  and I had. When I left, at 8:00AM the air conditioning was not working Neither was the dining room light. When they got home the dining room light also worked fine. I can't figure out what had happened. It's a mystery. I am sure there is a logical answer to all of that, but I sure don't know what that would be.

I went on to church after I packed and loaded my car. I left the animals outside so they could do their thing before the kids came home. There was a light breeze and they had a dog door in the garden shed and two of them were in there. They seemed to be doing fine. They had plenty of water and shade.

When I got home after church, I unpacked and filled the cat's dishes. They haven't been back to check them out yet but it is still very hot out there and they may come back this evening..when they usually check it out.

I got all my stuff put away.

I have watched one of my regular Saturday morning programs "Lucky Dog" and I will watch the other one later. "Dr. Chris Pet Vet".  I also watched a "Dateline" program I had recorded. I schedule recordings of the programs I want to watch every Monday I schedule recordings for an entire week.

It's almost time for "60 Minutes" so I will get back to this later...after "60 Minutes" is over and I take my bath at 7:00PM........

I watched 60 Minutes and then  took my bath and worked awhile trying to figure out how to get the Forensic Reports on my Tivo deleted. They are on U Tube and not good quality. I never did get it figured out. Finally at  9:00PM I turned off the TV and went to bed. I was very tired.

Tomorrow evening John V and his daughter will be here to mow. I filled the gas tank again on my mower to get ready for them.