Saturday, June 11, 2011

Framework Painted!

It rained last night and cooled everything off. When I got up at 5:30 it was not raining though so I grabbed a few bites of the oatmeal I fixed for Slinky and put on my old painting clothes and got out there while it was still in the 60's. I started at 6:00 AM and worked until 11:00 AM but I got it all finished! It looks real nice. My next project is to wash windows inside and out. Bob A. dropped by after he visited my sister (his wife) at the nursing home. We went to Dearing and had lunch at the little Dearing cafe. Dearing is about four miles west of here. We had a pork tender sandwich and a drink. I didn't realize how hungry and thirsty I was until I began eating and drinking my drink.

Next I'll power wash the patio and paint it with cement paint with some grit in it. Maybe I'll get to it on next Saturday. I will do it with a roller. That's how my Bob used to do it.

Then I want to paint the trim on my house. I have shutters and some kind of decorative shelf under the front windows. There is also some trim on the garage door and some just under the roof of the patio...all to be done in that neat green Keith W. used to paint my swing. He said he would give me the rest of the paint.

Then this fall I will paint my privacy fence. It's the same paint as my house. That's a fall job. I will do it with both a roller and a brush.

This afternoon Bob A. and I are going out to church to set up the puppet house for tomorrow's services. Cyndi and my son-in-law, John, have agreed to do the puppets. They do such a neat job. They did it last week and it was very well done. They are very talented!

We have a guest minister coming this evening at 7:00. Karen T. is our Mission Center president and she is our guest speaker. She will come tonight about 7:00 PM and stay overnight with me. Then in the morning I will fix my chicken and rice casserole and brownies for the basket dinner tomorrow noon. I have the bulletin all printed off already. I did that earlier in the week. I preside tomorrow.

More later...

Well I did break down and mow this afternoon. It's supposed to rain tonight and tomorrow morning and I knew it would really need it after that. I even went out to church with Bob A. to set up the puppet house. I am all ready now. Karen should be here in an hour or so.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Lost Post

I wrote my Friday post here and it didn't "save" for some reason. I'll try again.

I am so disgusted. I've waited weeks to paint the patio framework and now it appears it's going to rain. It started to "scattered showers" awhile ago when I was sitting on the patio with the animals. Keith W. was supposed to come take down the old corrugated roofing this morning so I could paint all sides of the boards but I doubt he will do that now. And we're forecast for "scattered showers" tomorrow too....which was to have been my painting day.

Yesterday was a total waste of time at work. I don't know what I'm going to do about this job training job. I also have to get in five more job applications before next Wednesday when that form goes in to Aime.

I have the cable people coming Monday afternoon to re-program their remote. The power outage on Tuesday undoubtedly erased the programming. I was going to play a DVD yesterday afternoon and all I got was an "error" message. I sent the DVD back before I realized it was the programming on the remote that was the problem. Perhaps the company will send me another.

Trouble, trouble, trouble...." I love that Traveler's Insurance commercial with the little dog and his bone. I never mute it. Whomever Travelers has for their ad agency is a genius. They better keep them. Their commercials are so cute that I never "mute" them. I "mute" all others. Does anyone here see those cute commercials with the dog and his bone?

More later...

I started painting when I got home from work but by then it was too hot. I only worked about thirty minutes.

I am wiping down the wood as I go and doing a little scraping. I decided against power washing it. I will power wash the concrete floor though. My brother-in-law dropped by while I was painting and took the power washer out of my car trunk. He brought a yard cart over with a piece of wood in it to set it in. It is not on rollers so I was going to find it hard to move around. He suggested I come to lunch with him instead of painting. He didn't have to ask twice. I changed into clam diggers and we went for a chicken fried steak at Eggbert's.

I will start my painting again at 6:00 AM tomorrow if it doesn't rain. Keep your fingers crossed. I need to get this project finished.

Keith W. did not come take the roof off this morning. It rained about 9:00 AM. Perhaps that's why he didn't. I will just have to paint it anyhow without the roof off......if at all possible.

A Rainy Day

I must not be living right. I've waited weeks to paint the framework of my patio cover and now it appears it may rain. In fact, we have scattered showers right now. Keith W. was supposed to come remove the corrugated roof material this morning so I could power wash it after I get off work. Now that schedule is all messed up.

I hope they have something for me to do at work. This job training has become a terrible waste of my time. I didn't job search yesterday either. I worked in my back yard trimming my Rose of Sharon bushes. I will have to get five more applications done before next Wednesday when that sheet goes in.

I did get a nice rejection letter from the library yesterday. At least they notified me.

The cable people are coming out Monday afternoon to fix my remote. I tried to play a DVD movie yesterday and all I got was an "error" message. I sent the DVD back. Then I thought about the power outage on Tuesday. That undoubtedly messed up the remote. Now I don't have the DVD I wanted. Perhaps they will send me another.

Like the commercial says: "trouble, trouble, trouble". I love that cute commercial with the little dog and his precious bone. Has anyone seen it? I think it's another of those "Travelers Insurance" commercials. Whomever their ad agency is, they need to keep them. Those folks know what works. I never "mute" their commercials.

More later...

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Another Thursday

Today I had too much work to do to get it all finished. Yesterday's work was cancelled due to the power outage so the work just piled up.

Then today one of my supervisors gave me some special filing to do. I had done it only once a couple of months ago and forget how it had to be assembled. She did not want to run through it with me again so that project was returned for her to do herself. That's what she wanted. Half the morning she had her door closed and locked. She had some sort of personal phone conversation to do and the file cabinet I need to look through to do my filing was in her office so that stalled me for the rest of the morning. Most of the morning I searched over spread sheets for errors in the end of the month reports. I found three.

I am having a problem fitting into this job training. Several of my co-workers do a lot of gossiping and visiting instead of getting their work done. I have to stay with it though. I need the work. It's too hot today to job search. At least right now.

I finally got my trimming done last evening after I got back from Bartlesville. The yard looks pretty nice. I am hoping tomorrow that Keith W. will come by and take the roof off my patio so I can paint all sides of the framework on Saturday. If he doesn't, I will just do the best I can with the old roof on and then redo what gets scratched up in the roofing project. I hope it doesn't rain. We need the rain but I need to get that painting finished.

Bob A. is coming over tomorrow afternoon to help me get that power washer out of my trunk. I can't lift it alone. I will need to power wash the framework before I paint it. I will try to get that done tomorrow evening.

I can't seem to shake this depression. I feel overwhelmed.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Lost Wednesday

Today at 4:50 AM, the entire city lost it's electrical power. I was posting on the internet at one of the blogs I visit at the time. It was black as coal at the time but soon after that the sun came up. I fed the animals and watered the flowers but that's about all I could do. I reported the outage to the city as soon as the outage occurred.

I called Bob A. at 5:50 and sure enough, his power was off too. I could not figure out how to open my garage door without electricity. I figured they would cancel my work but was thinking of driving to Independence to buy some breakfast. Bob A. came over and showed me how the release worked and then we decided to drive on to Independence to have breakfast. When we returned, the power was back on. I went in to the office but they had cancelled all services and sent everyone home.

The main power line coming into the city of Coffeyville from Tulsa had been down and it took awhile for the Grand River Dam Authority to get it restored. I went to mail a package to Scott in Germany and to wash my dirty car.

Now I am trying to catch up on my work here at home. If I had known this would happen, I could have power washed my framework of my patio cover and had it ready to paint. John sent their power washer home with me last night.

More later...

I went to Bartlesviile this afternoon for something to do. I had plenty to do here at home but just couldn't get into it.

Tomorrow is another day, thank goodness! Maybe it will be a better day.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Another Slow Tuesday

I spent most of the morning sitting around waiting for my supervisor to give me something to do. She did that about 10:30 and, of course, I leave at 11:00 so I didn't get finished. I hate that. I wish I had taken a different position. This site is too unorganized.

Then I went to the bank. I had sent my son some money from our joint account. It left my bank yesterday but his has not accepted it yet.

I also stopped two different places and left an application and resume for a job. Neither are hiring and even if they were they would not be likely to hire someone my age. It's a waste of time. It is 83 degrees here already and is supposed to get up to 101 later this afternoon. I just came on home. It's too hot to be out there pounding the pavement.

More later...

I just dinged around most of the day inside. It was terribly hot outside. Later, after 6:00 I picked up Cyndi, Karan and Marilyn and we went to Leslie's to the Pampered Chef party. We had a very good time. Marilyn wanted to see John and Leslie's house and was very impressed with all the flower beds and gardens as well as the lovely house. We got home about 9:30. I took my bath, put Missy Kitty outside and went to bed. I had fed the animals before I left. Leslie had made homemade ice cream and put a candy bar in it. It was delicious!

I really enjoyed the evening.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Another Dull Monday

This was another of those days when I mostly sat and looked at the four walls in the office. For my three hours, I worked about 45 minutes. I looked for things to do to occupy my time. It drug...the morning drug on forever.

I will stay in this afternoon because of the heat. Later on this evening I must mow..or bale later in the week.

I didn't sleep well last night. I awoke about 2:00 or so and lay awake for hours. Finally about 4:00 AM I got up and heated up some milk and drank it. That helped. The next time I woke up it was after 5:00.

I got up and fed the animals and watered all the plants. With this heat wave and our humidity, they would all die if I didn't water them.

More later....

I waited until a little after 4:00 PM to mow and I really got hot toward the last. But now all I have to do is trim and I can do that later....probably Wednesday evening. Tomorrow I have that party at Leslie's house. I will pick up both Marilyn and Karan for that.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Sunday Morning

Well, I just heard from Scott. He's in Kansas at Fort Scott, his girlfriend's home. They have a full day today and will not be coming to see me. He called on the house phone where there is no caller ID and didn't leave me a phone number so I can't call him back. Drat!

I've been out in the yard on the patio pulling weeds out of the flowerbeds. I have fed the animals and watered the flowers. It will be 95 today...not quite as hot as yesterday.

Bob A. will be by to pick me up at 9:00 and we will go to church school and church. Afterward we will probably eat out somewhere with the group.

I have washed the front and back glass doors this morning and swept off the patio. How on earth they get so dirty so easily is beyond me. I am dreading painting the framework for the patio roof if it doesn't cool down. Of course, I want to start very early. That will be helpful as far as the weather is concerned. As hot as it's been the first week in June, I can only imagine what the rest of the summer will be like. HOT!

More later....

Church was really good this morning. There was a puppet show illustrating "Being a Witness for God". That was very good. The sermon was also very good. In fact, it was a very well planned service. John B. and Cyndi C. did an excellent job as the voices of the puppets.

Afterward six of us ate out together. Then I came home and watched an old movie "The Goodbye Girl". Very good movie.

This evening I am waiting for 60 Minutes. Slinky is in the kitchen. He is very hot. It is almost 100 degrees out there. I could not leave him out to suffer. I don't know what he will do tomorrow while I work. Poor dog.

The lilies are in bloom in the back yard now. I took some photos of them. The new Clematis is also in bloom. This is it's first real year. It was planted last year before Bob died and didn't do much last year.

Keith W. scraped and painted my yard swing and it looks very nice now.

Scott called this evening. He may come see me some day this week before Thursday. He leaves on Thursday. We will see.