Friday, March 28, 2014

Reteat Thursday

I leave for the retreat this morning around !0:00. Leslie will pick me up after she picks up Karan.  I hope I have a good time. I almost backed out. I have so much to do about staffing the camp.  I still do not have a teacher for the 3 and 4 year old children, a music leader or someone to do morning devotions. I have asked half a dozen people to teach that class and everyone wants to come to the camp but no one wants to teach or even take responsibility for anything else. I am taking my camp notebook to the retreat in hopes of recruiting someone to do one of the three jobs I have left to staff. . 

Next year I will volunteer again to do the morning devotions if I go. I know how it feels to try to staff a camp.

Yesterday the wind blew incessantly. It was terrible. Bob and I went to Independence to eat lunch at Great China.  They had been closed for a month to go back to China and visit relatives. It's the best Chinese food around.

Afterward, I came home and got an afghan and sat in the recliner with the TV on. In a little while Missy Kitty climbed up in my lap and then soon we were both asleep.  I hope to get some rest today at the camp. I awoke at 3:15 and really never got back to sleep. I had too much on my mind. I should have got up and taken some melatonin but I didn't. It was too late in the morning to do that.

I came into the kitchen about 5:00 after I got my makeup on, dressed and finished packing.  I gave Missy her treats and filled her little bowl with food.  Then I made coffee and some oatmeal for myself.  I put a Kenny Rogers CD in the Bose and watched the weather forecast on TV (on mute).  This early morning time is the best time of the day. It's just Missy and me.

I have an appointment April 2 with Dr. Burch, my optometrist. He is going to do a visual field test on my right eye. My eyelid is drooping badly enough that it interferes somewhat with my vision. I see a shadow of it to the right of my upper visual field.  If the test comes out showing that, I will have another eyelid surgery in early May sometime. This time I will go to a doctor Shagets in Joplin. I was not happy with that Wichita doctor who said I should give up my contacts.  I see much better with my contacts then with my glasses.  So that's nonsense.

I will not be posting again until I get home on Sunday sometime. So, all readers, have a good weekend.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

A Brisk Thursday

Today the wind is blowing 45 miles an hour and we are under a wind advisory.  Semis can be blown over off the highway.  They often are. It may rain some today too. I will not cook today since I will be leaving for the retreat tomorrow. Leslie wants to eat at Olive Garden for lunch. The registration is to be after 3:30. She wants to go to the mall before then too.

I am doing a small load of white laundry this morning. Bob just came home from his Lion's Club meeting and came by to tell me about it. He went home a minute ago to do some laundry himself.  We willl go to Independence for lunch at Great China. That way I will not have leftovers to deal with.  On the way back, we will stop and run the bulletin for Sunday. He is presiding on Sunday since I will be gone. He will feed and water Missy while I am gone and clean up after her at her litter box.

I will not go to the market until I get back.  I am low on money and don't get my social security until the second Wednesday of the month.

I may change my bed in the morning. It's time. I usually do that every other Saturday.

More later....

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Another Cold Wednesday

It's 30 degrees this morning. Brrr.

It's supposed to rain today and tomorrow and perhaps on Friday.  We leave for the retreat on Friday sometime.

I slept pretty well last night. I woke up at 1:00 and went to the bathroom and then took a melatonin pill and went right back to sleep. I didn't wake up until 5:15. The house was cold so I got up to turn up the thermostat. It's warm now.

We have exercise class this morning. It's so cold I hate to get out.

I see it's supposed to rain this afternoon and tomorrow and even Friday.

More later...

We had our exercises this morning and afterward went to Utopia and had coffee and a scone and visited with friends. Then we came home and I warmed up lunch from Monday. It was good. Then Missy and I took a nap and afterward I got my mail.  My electric bill was $188.99. Unbelievable! Yet it was less then last month's which was $210.00.  How anyone can afford these bills is beyond me. I allow $100.  Groceries have gone through the ceiling too.

More later...

Bob came over this evening for an hour or so. I watched Nature on PBS and he said it was like watching paint dry and went home to watch something more interesting to him.  I am going to watch Nova next.

I don't think I'm even going to miss all those extra channels.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

A Very Cold Tuesday

I thought spring was here but winter weather seems to be hanging on through March. It's 26 degrees out there this morning. I leave for the women's retreat on Friday and I hope it warms up some by then.

I slept well until 4:00 AM but from there on it was spotty until 4:45 AM, when I finally just got up. I wish I could just go back to sleeping well. I get so tired of this on-again off-again sleep pattern.

This morning around 9:00, Bob and I will go to Independence so I can get my hair done and Bob will get a haircut. Afterward we will eat at Big Cheese.

I don't know what I will do with the rest of the day. It's so cold.  I could clean house but I haven't been in the mood lately. I spent most of the days lately trying to get staff for this summer's camp.

More later....

I spent the afternoon visiting with my neighbors about the possible raise in rent . Then I went over to Bobby and Karan's to take the poster board and themes for the posters for the camp this summer.  Karan is going to make them for me.

Bob came over this evening to have our glass of wince, some cookies and watch TV.  I went to bed at 9:00.

Monday, March 24, 2014

A Cold Spring Monday

This morning it is 30 degrees. The house was cold last night. I had turned the heat down to 60. I slept through the night without waking up until 4:00. Nothing hurt for a change.  The wind is going to change today to a north west wind. That will be cold.

We have exercise class today at 9:00. Then I will come home and fix hamburger pie for lunch. I will fix a veggie and Bob will bring a salad of some kind. We will have hot tea with butterscotch pudding and cookies for dessert.

Scott called last night and we had a nice visit. He is looking forward to a trip to Savannah in May for his daughter's birthday and to look around for an area that he will want to live when he gets out of the army in  December.   

I watched Cosmos last night after Bob left. At least I caught the last twenty minutes of it. Neil deGrasse Tyson narrated it. It was interesting. I will try to catch it on Sunday evenings at 7:00 PM on channel 4. At least it is educational and not just stupid reality shows or terrible violence.  There is so little on TV that I am interested in anymore. I will not miss all those channels Mr. Bishop provided us. A week from today will be the last of the TV he has provided.  My starter package of 16 channels starts on Tuesday next week.

More later...

We went to exercise class this morning and I came home to work on staffing for the reunion.  I got one more staff member.  Now I need a campfire director, a teacher for the 3s and 4s. and a music director. I could also use a person to do the devotions at the flag pole in the mornings.  Little by little we're getting there.

Bob came over this evening for wine and cookies. He left at 7:30 when he got very sleepy. I took my bath and put my pjs on and put lotion on my feet. After about 9:00, I went to bed.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Another Cold Sunday

I wish the weather would make up it's mind. It's cold again this morning.  It's 29 degrees. The high will be only around 50 degrees.

I slept fairly well last night. I woke up at 12:30 but got right back to sleep. I got up at 4:45. My right arm hurt and my back hurt.  It's better now that I've been up awhile. But my right arm still hurts. Getting old is not for sissies...that's for sure.

Bob and I will go to church this morning and afterward eat out with some of the members.  I will take Bill's church school class. He has to work all day today.

Today we will decide if we are going to continue providing cakes for the Independence First Christian Church.  The last time I took them up I only had four. I think the other five were forgotten.  The announcement was not on the bulletin.  We've done this for several years and I think some of the members are tired of the project. Too bad! It's been a really appreciated project. They serve around 200 people every Tuesday evening.

Marilyn called last night. She and Karan have decided to postpone our Living the Questions group meeting until next Sunday evening at 7:00 PM. Marilyn has company  this weekend.  That will give me a quiet Sunday evening here at home. I will watch 60 Minutes tonight. Next weekend is the annual Women's Retreat at the campgrounds of our church. We will be back Sunday afternoon in time for the group meeting that night. Bob will take care of Missy but she will not be happy being left alone.

I forgot to run the dishwasher yesterday so I am running it this morning.  Monday I will fix Cheesy Hamburger Pie for lunch. We will have a veggie with it and a salad of some sort and hot tea. Maybe I will fix some butterscotch pudding for dessert and I may bake cookies. 

More later...

I took a short nap and then made cookies.

Bob came over this evening to watch TV and have wine and cookies.  He stayed until 8:00. Then I took my bath and came in to work on the staffing of camp this summer.