Saturday, November 3, 2012

Saturday Again

This morning at 7:00 Bob and I will meet for breakfast at Eggberts here. Afterward we will leave (about 9:00) for Joplin. When we get there, we will eat at Olive Garden where we have soup and salad.

Bob came over last evening and we watched the old movie "Bridges of Madison County" which he had never seen. It's a tear jerker but also has a great message.

Today is sweater weather. It is cold again. I am wearing a sweater today. I have a cedar chest filled with many sweaters. It will be cold for several days.

I let Inky, my outdoor cat, stay in the garage last night. He uses the litter box out there and I have moved my yard swing cushion to the area of the hot water tank where the chill is taken out of the air. I put an old shag rug over it and he uses it for a nice bed. I just fed him and Missy, who is my "in the house" cat.

Tuesday, in three days, is the election. I will be so glad when this acrimonious election is over. It has been terrible and probably the worst ever.

More later...

Friday, November 2, 2012

Friday At Last

Bob came over last night and brought a video. We watched Ice Station Zebra, a movie I had missed years ago.

We will go to Independence this morning for my 7:00 hair appointment and then go out to Eggberts for biscuit and gravy.....comfort food. After that we will go out to John and Leslie's and get some ground beef. I want to make a meatloaf on Monday noon. I will ask Bobby to cut that 2 pound roll of meat into two. Then I will make up two small meatloafs and freeze one of them for later. I will have to start making smaller meals. We ate leftover roast beef yesterday noon.

I have quite a grocery list. I may go out to our Wal Mart when we get back from Chanute this afternoon. I'd rather go to Country Mart but they are so much more expensive.

Tomorrow we plan to go to Joplin and eat at Olive Garden. We may walk the mall afterward.

More later...

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Thursday At Last

I am so glad it's Thursday. I don't work on Fridays. Bob and I will meet Tony and Gay for lunch on Friday. On Saturday we plan to go to Joplin and eat at Olive Garden. Bob came over last night for leftover chili and stayed for the Nature show on PBS on TV. He kept dealing with sleepiness and finally went on home to get ready for bed and deal with his trick or treaters.

I had about a dozen Hispanic children with their mothers. I gave away a dozen small candy bars. They came right after Bob left.

I still have not heard from any of the businesses Aime said would be calling me for an interview. She needs to move me to another non profit.

I transferred money to Scott's account this morning after his savings hit the bank. I then transferred $39.99 to my checking account to repay myself for the insurance and postage I used to send his I-phone and mail on to Hawaii. He is probably there at his hotel by now. His package wont arrive until November 6th. Its the best UPS could do. He didn't trust the US postal service to get it there.

I blew off my patio and drive this morning and put the chair covers on my patio chairs and hung the folding ones in the garage. Hopefully those covers will protect the chairs through the winter. I ordered them last fall and used them through last winter. It's crisp this morning so Inky is in the garage. I made him a cushion out of the swing cushion covered with an old rag rug. He seems to have recovered from his recent illness and is comfortable there.

More later...

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Complicated Wednesday

Today I will have a busy morning. Already a complication has occurred. The money my son sent to my bank to his money market account is gone. It arrived and then was immediately transferred to a credit card from that bank that we had used for airline tickets. We owed nothing on that credit card. How it was transferred is beyond me. Then it disappeared from that site too.

Update: It turned out that that was the deposit for October that I had used to pay off his last plane fare. The November deposit has not arrived yet.

His I-phone arrived late last night and I have it packaged and ready to be sent by UPS to Hawaii to a hotel where he will be later tonight. He is in route right now from Georgia. Lots of complications already today.

Update: I got the I-phone and his mail sent off by UPS and insured against loss. It should arrive November 6th.

Also, after my review on Monday, Aime said she had been scolded for not moving me to a new site last time she reviewed me. So she will move me this time. Where, I don't know yet. She said I would have four sites call me for an interview. So far none have called. I am just taking that day by day.

Last night while I was putting together a bulletin for Sunday's service, Johnna called. She has to work on Sunday and cannot bring the Sunday sermon. I was going to have the sermon too. I was also presiding. Then I e-mailed Melissa last night and this morning she got back with me and will take the sermon so that's a big relief.

I will put a roast on for Bob and my lunch today. I will put potatoes and carrots in with it and, of course, onions. He will bring cottage cheese. I will fix pudding and we have cookies to go with that.

Tonight the TV will be better with Nature on PBS and after that.. Nova.

More later....

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

A Really Busy Tuesday

This has really been a busy day. I went to the market early and bought a few groceries. Then I went by the Medicine Shoppe and picked up my prescription. After that, I picked up Bob and we went to Independence and he got his hair cut and I got mine done. Then we went to Big Cheese and had a mini pizza. After that we went to the new True Value hardware and gift shop. It was really nice. Then we came back home and I took him home and went to work myself.

I really had a lot of work today. In fact, I didn't get finished so I will have a lot to do tomorrow. And tomorrow night there is good TV too. So I will stay home and watch it.

This evening UPS brought Scott's I Phone...finally. Now tomorrow I will send it off to Hawaii to him.

Friday Bob and I will drive up to Chanute to have lunch with Tony and Gay. Saturday we will go to Joplin and eat at Olive Garden.

Monday, October 29, 2012

A Busy Monday

I worked all day today and before work I made chili. I put it in the slow cooker and let it simmer all morning. I sliced some good cheese and we had crackers with the cheese and also Fretos. We ate and then I had to get back to work.

I had lots of filing and filed most of the day. I also had a huge pile of scanning. Then Aime came and did my review. She told me she needed to move me to another office. She had been scolded for not moving me last time. So I will be interviewed by four offices and will need to choose one. That will probably be in the next couple of weeks.

When I got home from work, the first thing I did was mow. I didn't even change my clothes. Then I came in the house and baked my two cakes. I will ice them in the morning. They are still warm now.

First Phyllis brought her cake by. Then Bob brought his over and then Karan brought hers by. So I have the five I will deliver now. Bob stayed awhile but was tired so he left and I will pick him up in the morning since we both have hair appointments in Independence in the morning. We will then eat at Big Cheese. I will go to work when we get back home.

In a little while I will take my bath and then watch TV.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Sunday Evening

It has been a very busy week. We left Wednesday afternoon for Independence, Mo. We got some Christmas shopping done Wednesday afternoon and Thursday and ate some great food. We so enjoyed Sally's Bed and Breakfast stay which she signed over to us as a gift. We stayed Wednesday, Thursday and Friday night. We were served a great breakfast each day and had a lovely Victorian room in an old mansion. Thursday evening we met friends and attended a dinner theater in Overland Park.

Friday afternoon we took a bus tour of a plant in Kansas City that makes replacement parts for nuclear weapons. We picketed the plant and sang songs of protest. The old plant is still there on Bannister Road and they are building a brand new one south and west of the old one. Several hundred people have died from the berinium that pollutes the plant and several other hundreds of people are sick from the effects. Still the citizens of Kansas city continue to support it with their tax breaks. We sang protest songs while we were there and all the way back on the bus.

That evening we heard the keynote speaker, the mayor of Hiroshima, has worked to get hundreds of mayors world wide to sign a petition to eliminate nuclear weapons altogether.

The next morning we heard another keynote speaker and then attended several workshops to learn more about the effects of the bombs and the work done to try to get countries to eliminate any stockpiles of them.

Finally after another day of workshops, Saturday night we heard from a survivor of the Hiroshima blast. We drove home after that and got back home slightly after midnight.

I went to church this morning, did my letters this afternoon and went to the Living the Questions group this evening with Bob. We watched the last of our present DVD series and will start the new one next time.

I had a couple of men trim the tree in my front yard this afternoon. It is a Maple and every time the wind blows hard, some limbs fall out of it....usually in my neighbor's yard. I hope this fixes it.