Saturday, January 20, 2018

Saturday and Breakfast Out and a Movie

I slept well last night although only until 4:00 AM. I could not get back to sleep so I just got up and got ready for the day. Bob and Joanne and Marilyn L and I are going to Bartlesville to shop for a new bathmat for Bob and eat at McCalister's. Then this afternoon, we are going to see "The Post" with Tom Hanks and Meryl Streep. My son, Scott, and Ginger, his wife, went to see it and and raved about how good it was.  So we are going to see.  First Bob and I are going to eat breakfast at Eggberts.  I will pick him up about 15 minutes till 7:00. I don't think either Marilyn or Joanne are up to breakfast at 7:00 AM.

Missy will spend another day alone. She will probably sleep on my bed all day.

I had to wash two old bathmats and a towel yesterday. Missy just misses getting completely in the litter box and wets on the mat under it. Seems like I wash those mats about three times a week. There's nothing I can do about it though. She is just old. She will be 15 in March.

More later....

Well, I picked up Bob for breakfast and we left about 7:40. Neither Marilyn nor Joanne showed up. Of course, Joanne said she would not be around that early.  But we wondered if Marilyn would make the effort. Evidently not.

Bob will be by to pick me up after he picks up Joanne and Marilyn for our trip. So I imagine it will be about 9:20 or so before he gets here.

Missy is in on my bed...back to sleep.

I'll get back to this after we get back to Coffeyville late this afternoon.

Bob picked me up around 9:20. He had Marilyn and Joanne already.  He drove us to Bartlesville and we went to the mall first. The women shopped around and Bob went to Penney's and bought a new bathmat.  Marilyn and I walked up to the theater to check on the time the movie started. It was not listed on the marquee. I was very disappointed. After that, we went to McCalisters and had lunch. Then we went back to the north side of the mall and I checked that marquee and found that it was on that marquee. I went inside to find out what time the movie actually started. After that we went out to the new strip mall and looked around. Then Marilyn treated us to an ice cream cone at Brahms. Afterward we went back to the movie theater and watched the movie.  It was very good!  I hope it gets the Academy Award.

Bob will probably not be over this evening. I imagine he is exhausted.

I will wait until 7:00 to take my bath and get ready for bed. More later...

Sure enough! He went to get gas and then just went home. I went ahead and took my bath and got ready for bed!

Missy and I went to bed at 9:00.

Friday, January 19, 2018

Friday and Exercise Class

This has been a busy day! I awoke at 4:00, and having had my nine hours sleep. I just got up and got ready for the day. I fed Missy and myself and got ready to pick up Bob for exercise class. After the class, we went to Utopia and had one of their cinnamon rolls and a Utopiachina. That was good. I bought the second one home and put it in the freezer for later.

Bob and Joanne and I went out to church to meet the man who is installing our new window. He called Bob during exercise class. Afterward, we went on to Big Cheese to have a pizza for lunch.

Then we came back home and Bob went up to the senior center to sign some checks. Then he went to US Cellular and got the mess he got into with them straightened out.

Tomorrow we will eat breakfast out and then pick up Marilyn L. and Joanne and go to Bartlesville to shop for a new bathmat for Bob.  Then we will all eat at McCalister's and then in the afternoon we will see the movie The Post, about the events leading up to the Watergate scandal. It stars Tom Hanks and Merrell Streep.   It should be quite good!

The pizza today was good, as usual.

Bob came over a little while ago to tell me about his experience with US Cellular. They had not billed him so he did not pay the bill. They insisted he had to pay a nearly $30 penalty but he refused since he had never received a bill. The manager finally just wrote it off.

He went home to read the paper. My paper came and I started to read it.  He will be back shortly so I will finish this later..

He came back after 5:00 and watched the news. After he left shortly after 6:00, I turned on an old Big Bang Theory episode and took my bath and got ready for bed. Then I laid down with Missy on the sofa and watched a good movie on Amazon Prime.   At 9:30, Missy and I went on to bed.

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Thursday and the CPU

I slept well last night and got my bare floors done early this morning since I was going to go to Bob's and wait for Casey who was going to come clean his kitchen and bathroom floors.

The maintenance people did not clean the dirt off those floors before they waxed them and Bob did not see how bad it looked until he cleaned them and they didn't look clean. Later he asked Rhonda , the manager, to have them redone and she would not. So he hired Casey to strip them and  clean them before he re-waxed them.  Casey came about 10:00 and Bob was at his senior center board meeting and so I went over to let Casey in the south door with all his equipment.

After Bob came back from his meeting, I went home and loaded up the CPU and all the bubble wrap and peanuts and a box and went to V & S Variety to see if they would have a box that that CPU would fit into with enough room around it to properly pack it. They did. It cost a lot more to ship it but I am determined to get it to Keith in one piece. Hopefully I will get this one back in one piece. I sent it UPS like I did with the laptop and when I got the laptop back from him last fall, it had been shipped USPS and the screen was broken and several keys were too. It was well packed with bubble wrap and peanuts but they managed to break it anyhow.  I am hoping for the best. I insured this package for $400.

I will probably wait for Bob's floors to be finished before I heat up the chili.  I don't know how long that will take. It could be all afternoon. Casey was going to put three coats of wax on those floors. I will see.

More later...

I heated up the chili and had a bowl of it. I texted Bob and he came over and ate one too and then I sent the rest of it home with him.

This afternoon, I went out to Walmart and bought some groceries. I was getting low on a lot of stuff. I also washed my car to get the bulk of the grime off of it. That salt, etc, is so rough on the paint. After I washed it, I ran it through the dryer too.  I bought a bunch of groceries and have them all put away now. The Reporter is due now.  It should be coming at any time.

So..more later...

The Reporter was late. It finally came but Bob did not. He stayed at his apartment building for a soup supper. That was fine. I was exhausted anyhow. In fact, I took my bath and went in and laid with Missy  on the sofa and watched TV until 8:00 and then I simply could not keep my eyes open any longer so Missy and I went on to bed.

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Wednesday and Exercise Class

I slept well last night although the alarm clock went off at midnight and woke me up. I had had  to reset all my clocks after the power outage yesterday and I evidently accidentally turned on the alarm.
It took me awhile to get back to sleep after that. When I got back to sleep, Missy moved over and cuddled up next to me. She might have been cold or maybe she was just lonely.

I got up at nearly 5:00 as usual and got dressed and ready for exercise class. I fed Missy and myself and sat down to read the e-mail and work on this blog. Bob will come by and pick me up for the exercise class. I didn't go on Monday. It was just too cold and we had all that fresh snow and ice on the ground.

When I get home I will fix our casserole dish.  So, more later....

Bob and Joanne came by to pick me up for exercises  and they were not open. It's 0 degrees out there. We should have known.

Bob dropped by the Journal office and I paid for another year of the Coffeyville Journal. So I got that done anyhow. It's a twice weekly newspaper so I don't get a lot of new news from it.  But it's hometown.

I'm not sure what I will do today. I had intended to go to Gay's class meeting with her but they cancelled it too.

More later....

I got the casserole finished and Bob came over with his salad. It was all good. He and Joanne had been to Utopia and he just came here straight from there and he had stopped by the grocery store briefly to get a salad. I took a dish of the casserole to Marilyn R. She was pleased.  We will have the rest of our chili tomorrow and then perhaps eat out on Friday. I don't have enough casserole left for another meal. I will send that remainder home with Bob for a supper meal.

I have read the Reader's Digest this afternoon and will send it home with Bob this evening.

More later....

Bob came over around 6;00  and stayed for the news. He was very tired and went home after that. I took my bath and got myself ready for bed and then laid down with Missy on the sofa and we watched a movie until 9:00 when we went to bed.

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Tuesday and Very Cold Weather

I slept well until 4:00 and then got up to go to the bathroom and take my thyroid med. After I got back to bed Missy got down and went to the bathroom. Sure enough, she missed the litter box again and peed on the bathmat under it. I was cleaning that up when I heard her coughing. I looked in the hall and she had vomited there. I got my carpet cleaning product out and cleaned that up. Then I saw another place. I cleaned that up too. She has been eating again so I am watching her carefully. She is acting strange.

I will go up to Independence to get my hair done. That tenth street road is clear. They have sanded it and it gets  lots of traffic to help keep it clear. It's 3 degrees out there this morning. I just took my trash over to the barrel and it is very cold out there.

More later...

 Image may contain: dog
This is one of John and Leslie's Corgi pups. Growing up fast. I took this photo off of facebook.

More even later...

The electricity went off all over the west side of Coffeyville this morning. I decided I would be warmer going on up to Independence in my car and getting my hair done. It was 2 degrees outside. 

I drove slowly going to Independence and had no problems getting around although the streets were solid ice.  If you drive defensively and are careful you can get around in snowy and icy weather.

I called Marilyn R.  on my way home and she told me the electricity was back on in our area. It was a transformer.

 I went over to Country Mart and bought more soup and some peas and my coffee cake mix. Then I came home and fixed the chili we were to have for lunch.

A little later a little after 11:15, Bob came over for lunch.

Tomorrow we will have the tuna noodle casserole and salad.  I have mixed fruit and cookies for dessert.

Bob came back over around 5:00 to see the news and after he left, I took my bath and got ready for bed and then Missy and I laid down on the sofa and watched an Amazon movie.  At 9:00 we went on to bed.

Missy just eats too fast sometimes and that's why she sometimes, though rarely, coughs up her food.
It has happened about three or four times over the years.

Monday, January 15, 2018

Monday and Light Snow

I slept well and got up at my usual 5:00 AM. I have made the bed, dressed and fed Missy and myself.
Now I am going to do this blog and then try to print off a newsletter for my member, Billie Jo.

The big problem is that the old XP computer has to convert the 2016 Word  into 2006 Word before the printer will print it. Then it takes me awhile to locate the thumb drive where I have saved the newsletter.

So, more later...

 Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, indoor
This is my daughter at church yesterday. The theme for church was Racial Justice Day because of Martin Luther King Day today. She had a lot of native American artifacts on display for the worship center. She was presiding at the service.

I got the newsletter done and in the mail for the one person who was not there who doesn't have e-mail. The others got it as e-mail.

We will not have lunch today. We will each just stay in and have soup. We each have soup on hand. I had planned to have chili but I didn't make it. It snowed and there is ice under the snow. Where there is no snow, there is just plain ice.

More later ...

You were all aware of the false alarm Hawaiians endured over the weekend.

I borrowed this from the newspaper off one of my blogging friends. Oops is hardly enough!

I would be very unhappy if something like that happened here. More even later....

I made up a couple of new church directories while I was housebound with the snow and ice. I also made up a few church brochures while I had all this "in home" time. Then I ran out of ink cartridge. Walmart is so far east and we have all this terrible weather I won't be going anywhere.

So more later..

But I did go somewhere. I picked up Bob and took him over to Joanne's for a couple of hours and then I went out to Walmart and bought ink cartridges and paper for my old printer. It has been working since the desktop computer is not available. At 4:00 I went back and picked up Bob and visited awhile with Joanne.  Then I took him home and came back myself.

Later, Bob called to ask if I knew if someone had locked up, turned the thermostat up and left the church in good shape. I called Leslie to ask and she assured me that she had checked the doors and seen that they were locked. Also, she had turned the sanctuary thermostat up to 65 because we were expecting sub zero weather overnight. Still I was unsettled. I called Bob and asked him to go out to church with me to check everything over. He agreed. So went drove out there. Sure enough everything was secure and we opened the cabinet doors under the sink   but then I noticed the coffeepot was still on. There was a quarter of an inch of coffee still in the pot. But that pot had been on since Sunday morning. I turned off the pot and washed the carafe and Bob pulled the plug.  Then we drove back to Coffeyville.   The roads were not bad. They had been sanded and I drove slowly.

I felt a lot more secure then.

When I got Bob back home and came home myself, I took my bath, got ready for bed and lay down with Missy and watched a movie I had started the night before and not finished.

At 9:00 Missy and I went to bed.

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Sunday and Church

I slept later than usual. I guess all that lost sleep finally just caught up with me. I made my coffeecake and fed Missy and myself. Bob was going to be in the hospital until Dr. Christensen came in to release him. Denise came in to take him home. I had already gone to pick up Phyllis for church.

We did go on up to "Just Us" for lunch and there was Bob and Denise for lunch.

Then after I got home I started transcribing my notes for the business meeting. I then stopped and went on to the Martin Luther King service.  When I got home from that, I finished the minutes and put them on a flash drive and later after Bob came, I used my old printer to print them off.  I am amazed it will still work. It has to translate the 2018 Word to 2006 Word before it will print.

More later...

I was still working on the minutes when Bob came to watch 60 Minutes. He stayed until 7:30 and was so tired he went home early. He has sleep to catch up on too. 

I will probably take my bath and get myself ready for bed and lay down with Missy and watch some TV or perhaps a movie like I did last night before Missy and I went on to bed.