Saturday, January 16, 2016

Saturday Morning Breakfast

Bob and I go to breakfast at Sirloin Stockade every Saturday. The young man who does omelets does a very good job and most of the time, that's what I have anymore.

I slept well again last night. I did wake up twice but got right back to sleep afterward.

My granddaughter's dog is very sick. She has a fell time job and also goes to school full time. She is in her last year of college but will be going on for a master's in hospital administration. The dog ran a very high temp for a couple of days and has been in the vet's animal hospital for a couple of days. She doesn't have the money to pay for all of it so she has a site on  a facebook site that allows people to ask for financial help. It's called  So far kind many people have donated over $700 to help with the bills. Some pet lovers are so generous. She is asking for just $10.00 each but some have given her much more. Poor Ashley! She just can't bear to part with the dog. I hope it can recover.

More later...

Well, we had a good breakfast at Sirloin Stockade this morning.  We decided after such a big breakfast we would just eat late for lunch and Bob wants to go up to Arby's and have a roast beef sandwich for lunch.  So I guess we will do that.  I was going to fix potato soup but he'd rather just have a sandwich.

I will read today, It's terribly cold. I sold another book on Amazon but couldn't get it sent off. I forgot the post office is closed on Saturday now. So, it will be Tuesday before I can get it in the mail now. I will receive a little over five dollars for it. Amazon will deposit every two weeks.

More even later...

Bob came over this afternoon and did some laundry and then I called him when I began to watch the playoffs and asked him over to watch them here. the Chiefs lost..I was sorry to see. 20 to the Patriots. Bob then went home and I took my bath. Missy is patiently waiting for me to come sit in the recliner so I guess I will. 

Friday, January 15, 2016

Friday and Bob's Appointment

Today I will go with Bob to see his doctor at 8:30.  His blood work yesterday was not where it ought to be and he thinks the doctor will address that. Also, Bob's cold has hung on for three weeks now and there may be something else going on there.

I slept well last night again. I did get up at 4:45 when I just couldn't get back to sleep that time. I must have got my sleep out by then. I did go to bed at 9:00PM.

We are going to have chicken for lunch/dinner.  I'll fix some more potatoes to go with it and a veggie. I may make gravy. Bob will bring a salad. I need to get something for dessert too today. I am out of pudding and also out of fruit. I do have cookies.  I'll go to the market this morning after we get back from the doctor.

Bob's son, Dennis, came over yesterday afternoon and we worked on working up a resume' for him. Everywhere he has gone to apply for a job they have wanted a resume'.  He is not computer savvy and doesn't know how to work up a resume' so we worked on reconstructing his work record and I printed off a dozen resume's for him. If he needs more, I have saved that on the computer. I will print off more.

I have been following the progress of the building of a new home for my younger son and his wife. I have posted the photos of that progress on this blog.


I have also followed the progress of my daughter's puppies. They have a bunch! Their Corgi, Mini, had five registered Corgis and John's little rat terrier/Jack Russell  mix, Speck, had six from the same Corgi male, Hoover. Hoover gets around!  They are selling the Corgis and giving away the mixes.

More later....

I did go with Bob to his doctor's appointment.  Afterward we went to Utopia for cinnamon rolls and visiting with the exercise group.

I came home and read until time to start lunch/dinner. We ate at 12:30 since we had just had a cinnamon roll.

I also ran out to Walmart to get business card stock. They were no longer carrying it. So that was a wasted trip. Six and a half miles out there and six and a half miles back.

We had our chicken dinner and I sent the leftover chicken home with Bob.  I read my Kindle most of the afternoon. I did take Missy out in the sunshine for a little while. She spent about ten minutes out there before wanting to come back in.

Bob came over at 6:00 to watch Brooks and Shields commentary on the political situation on PBS.

He left at 7:00 and I took my bath and settled down in the recliner with Missy to watch a special for Willie Nelson. It was very good.

After that, Missy and I went to bed. It was 9:30

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Thursday and The Breakfast Club

I will meet the girls and Bobby for breakfast this morning. Marilyn can no longer come. She will be volunteering Thursday mornings at the gift shop at the hospital. She would like to change the Breakfast Club day to Tuesday but my hair appointment is Tuesdays and I also deliver the cakes to the First Christian Church there on Tuesdays. So I don't know how this will work out.

I slept well again last night and only woke up 11:20 PM.  I got up at 5:15 AM.

I won four times at Bingo yesterday afternoon and got two oven mitts and a dish towel as prizes, along with a crosswords puzzle book.

I don't have a plan for today. Bob wants to drive up to Cherryvale for lunch at Just Us. We don't know whether they are open again now or not. Jim had pneumonia the last time we went up there and the restaurant was closed. He says if it's closed, we will go on to Independence to Great China.  So that's the plan so far.

I will take the rest of my sloppy joe meat and the cabbage to Bobby and Karan this morning. I gave some to Marilyn R and also Bob last evening. It was good but we won't want to eat it again tomorrow.  I will probably fix chicken tomorrow. I need to get it into the frig and out of the freezer. I will have potatoes and a veggie with it. I will have Bob bring a salad for that.

The Journal messed up my article about the Martin Luther King service and I'm not surprised.  I sent it in four different times since I couldn't get the committee members to get all the information together earlier that evening and I improvised with the information I had in my notes from the meeting. The Good News got it right and the Chronicle also got it right. The Reporter did just what the Journal did and used the first draft I sent....which was not altogether correct.  The Journal will use another revision again on Saturday.  My committee members did not get all my their information that Friday evening that I composed it and sent it off.  I knew if I wanted it in the Sunday Reporter, they had to get that information on Friday evening. I should have just skipped the Sunday Reporter and had it put in later in the week. My mistake!

More later...

I went to the breakfast Club and it looks like the others don't want to change days either. So I won't ask Kathy to change my hair day. We will just have to get along without Marilyn.  Mona must have had a class to teach early too because she wasn't there. It was just Bobby and Karan and Joyce and me. The group is shrinking.

Bob will be by in about thirty minutes. We will go over to Cherryvale to see if Just Us is open again. If they aren't, we will drive on to Independence to Great China! I'm doing a lot of eating today.  This had better be the food for the rest of the day. :)

We did eat at great China! Just Us is not open yet. Jim is at home but still recuperating.

Bob just dropped me off so I guess I will read this afternoon. I bought David McCullough's new book on the Wright Brothers and am reading it on my Kindle.

More later...

They have started the second story of my younger son's new home.

Here's another scene of it.

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Wednesday and Bingo

I slept really well again last night. I woke up twice but right back to sleep.

Today we will have sloppy joe sandwiches with tater tots for lunch/dinner. I know that's not a healthy meal but I wanted to make something easy and easy to clean up after.  I want to go to the senior center and play Bingo this afternoon. Tomorrow we will go to Just Us in Cherryvale and eat out.  We hope they are open now. The last time we checked Jim was in the hospital with pneumonia. If they are not open, we will drive on over to Independence and eat at Great China.  We try to eat out at least once a week...not counting Sunday when we eat out with a group of church members.

My social security came in last night. Thank goodness! Mine comes in the second Wednesday of the month and sometimes that is as late as the 14th. Meanwhile all my bills are due before that date....especially my rent. It's tight. I have some savings but not enough. When Bob and I saved for our retirement, we thought we had enough.  Of course, he retired at 55, when Phillips Petroleum had a big layoff.  He took a package instead of wondering if he was going to be one of those laid off.  I continued to work until my age 62. Bob was 5 years older than me.

I had a good paying job selling advertising at a radio station and was their top salesperson. I got crosswise of the station manager, who wanted me to turn all my accounts over to him so he could give a part of them to his wife, whom he had hired as as a salesperson too.  She didn't have an account list. I had worked 12 years to build mine up and objected to giving him my list to share with his wife. I had given her all the ones I hadn't been able to sell so she could give it a try. But he wanted more.

So, he got rid of me.

Then I worked for another small signal radio station 40 miles away. I stayed with them for three years. Then I went to work for one of my accounts, a car dealer.  I only stayed there one year before I got  another offer that didn't require me to be out until 9:00 at night. ..again selling advertising for a weekly shopper. I retired from that job.

Oh well, if I manage carefully and don't live as long as my great aunt Margie, I can get by.  Staying in my own home for three years after Bob died set me back. I paid taxes on my house each year and did upkeep and that took a chunk out of my savings. I finally decided paying rent would be easier. I now let someone else pay the taxes and do the upkeep.

More later....

I played Bingo this afternoon and won four times. I brought home two hot pad mitts, a towel and a  book of crossword puzzles.    

Then I came home and visited with Marilyn R awhile. I gave her some of the sloppy joe meat.  She will have that for lunch tomorrow.  She is going to the VFW for hamburgers tonight.

Bob is to come over tonight to watch Nature and Nova on PBS.  He will probably be here soon. He never is ever to make it through Nature, He finds it boring. He usually goes home by 7:00.

But Missy loves it. She lies on my lap and watches those animals. 

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Tuesday and Cakes

This morning I am leaving in about thirty minutes to deliver the cakes I have in my trunk to the First Christian Church in Independence.  I will then go to get my hair shampooed.

I slept really well last night. I got up about 5:20 so I slept later then usual. I just had a bowl of cereal for my breakfast. I needed something in the stomach to take my meds. When I get home from Independence, I will fix lunch. We will have tuna cakes and potatoes with a veggie and the rest of Bob's coleslaw. I still have fruit and a few cookies for dessert. I will need to bake cookies some day this week though...maybe this afternoon.

Tomorrow afternoon, I am going to the senior center to play bingo. It's something different to do and I am pretty bored with staying this close to home. I would love to go to Owasso to the Olive Garden...if Bob EVER gets over his cold.  It's nearly three weeks now.

I have a 9:00 doctor's appointment on Wednesday the 20th. It's just so I get my meds refilled.  The only new thing I have to report is the indigestion I get when I eat something after 4:00. I think that's just the mileage. Yogurt doesn't cause it and yogurt is what I usually eat about 5:00. That appointment is a ways off though so I won't sweat it.

Miss Kitty has come up with something different. She tore up a Good News newspaper I had laying on the daybed and she is napping on it. She tore that up a couple of days ago but has continued to lie on it.


Here she is!

More later....

Well, lunch is finished and cleaned up. I also baked some chocolate chip cookies this afternoon. Now I am going to rest awhile.  It's a little after 2:00 and the mailman hasn't come yet. It's a pretty day and Missy wanted to go out. First both other cats were out too...the stray and David's cat too. So she came back in. Then I took her out again and Robert came over to visit. She doesn't know him so she wanted back inside again.

Darn cat!

This is Esther's daughter's puppy. They named him Herbie.

Darling, isn't he? He's purebred Corgi. And is from Hoover and Mini.

This is Kelly's daughter's Corgi. His name is Batman. He's cute too! He's checking out his dad, Hoover.

Monday, January 11, 2016

Monday and Housecleaning Day

This is the day I clean house and strip my bed. I also turned the foam pad on my bed. It was beginning to show a depression where I sleep. I prefer the side of the bed where the nightstand is so I can turn on the lamp by my bedside when I am ready to get up. So I didn't want to change to the other side of the bed.

I have decided to go to the market when it is open this morning. I want to see if I can find some pork cutlets. If they have them, I will get some for lunch/dinner today.  I will fix boiled potatoes and gravy and a veggie and another coleslaw salad. I think this will finish off Bob's cabbage.  I have fruit now again and I still have cookies for dessert.

Bob came over for awhile last evening and while he was here, I opened the butter brickle ice cream and we had a small bowl.  Later, I paid for mine with indigestion.  I have never been troubled with indigestion before. This is something new. Probably, it's due to the mileage. I got up in the middle of the night and took two Tums and that took care of it. I slept well and when I got up and dressed I started the laundry. It's in the dryer now.

Today, as I said earlier, I will clean the apartment and also remake the bed. Sometime this morning I need to take a PSA to the radio station about the Martin Luther King service next Sunday afternoon. I have already sent it to all the newspapers.  The Reporter used it yesterday. The Journal doesn't print until Wednesday. The Good News comes out Wednesday too. The Chronicle comes out on Thursday. So, hopefully, I have covered it.

Bob has a doctor's appointment this afternoon at 3:30 with Dr. Merlie, his heart doctor.  He wants me to go along and help him with his paperwork. He has essential tremor and has problems trying to fill out paperwork.

More later....

I found this photo of my "great" granddaughter, Maia, with one of Speck's pups. These are a cross between a Corgi and a rat terrier crossed with a Jack Russell. They are also so cute.

Then next there's Cheyenne and Maia with  Mini's pups.

Now's who's the cutest? This is Cheyenne.

I took the PSA up to the radio station just now and stopped by the market to buy the pork cutlets.  So..for sure..that's what we'll have for lunch/dinner. At the radio station, I met one of Leslie's friends from the Relay for Life.  Her name was Janice and she was one of the salespeople there at KGGF where I used to work. She seemed nice!

So it's not quite 9:00 AM and I've cleaned the apartment, changed my bed, done two loads of laundry, been to the market and taken the PSA up to the radio station.,  I'm ready to rest now.  In a couple of hours, I will start lunch/dinner.

More even later...

We had lunch/dinner and it was fine. I sent the remaining meat home with Bob and also the remaining coffee cake.

He will meet Dennis at 1:00 and take him to check out car insurance. Dennis' has expired.  He's still looking for a job and so Bob will pay for it. He may just sign up for three month..hoping Dennis will have a job by then. 

He will come by about 3:00 to pick me up and I will go to the doctor with him to help fill out the paperwork they always want.

I have my cake in the oven right now. It will come out in a little while and then I will let it cool so I can frost it later.  Phyllis brought me hers this morning and I don't know whether Karan has remembered of not. Marilyn R., my neighbor, was also going to bring me one. Bob will frost his in the morning. I will take them up myself. Bob is still fighting his cold.  I will then stop and get my hair shampooed before coming on home.

More later...

I went to the doctor with Bob this afternoon and everything seemed to be fine. They did an EKG and it was fine. His blood pressure was 175/72 in both arms. It may have been white coat syndrome. It is usually much lower.

He will come over later to watch the news here. He will probably go home at 7:00. He usually does.

He did come over to watch the news. He left at 6:30 and I took my bath and sat with Missy for a couple of hours. 

Then I went to bed.

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Sunday and Church

Today I will pick up Bob at 8:55 to go to church. His car will probably have frost on the windshield and he does not need to be out in the cold scraping his windows. He is still fighting a cold. I have baked my coffeecake and I take it for the church school classes. My little great granddaughters look forward to it. I still have to glaze it after it cools.

I slept really well last night. The apartment was chilly and that always helps.

Missy wanted to go out this morning but it is very cold out there and I refused to let her out. It's 9 degrees out there. She would freeze in no time. Now she's in on the daybed pouting.

I don't know where we will eat lunch today after church. I always have to ask my daughter or her husband, John. About eight to ten of us eat together somewhere most of the time.  Last Sunday they wanted to got to Hong Kong Delight and I refuse to go there. They add 18% to each ticket because there are more then eight of us. Around here, that's unheard of.

Keith called again last night. We had a nice visit. He is so good about checking in with me. What great kids I have.

I'd better get that coffeecake iced. It's nearly eight now.

More later...

I took the spaghetti over to Karan and Bobby. Bobby is the guy with an inoperable brain tumor from church. He is feeling bad today and had a headache and I didn't think Karan needed to think about dinner so I just thought I'd share. I also took over the garlic toast. 

The coffeecake worked out well.  Church school did too.  The worship service was neat.

We ate at El least three of us did. My daughter and her husband and the great grandchildren went to McDonald's.

I came home and did my letters and then went to Wal Mart to get coffee and another basket for the church. The basket is for the groceries we take to church for distribution to some elderly folks who are raising their grandchildren. The coffee is for the church kitchen. We fix coffee every Sunday morning and Bob and I take turns making a fancy bread or coffeecake to eat with it. The "greats" really look forward to that.

More later....

I got my newsletters done after I got home from lunch. Then I read all afternoon.  I went to the Dollar General store and bought a couple of birthday cards.

Bob came over until 7:00  and then went home to watch TV at his apartment.  I took my bath and sat with Missy awhile in the recliner. I went to bed about 9:00.  I was very tired.