Saturday, July 11, 2020

Saturday and A Good Night's Sleep

I got up this morning about 4:45AM  after a pretty good night's sleep. I slept without the brace last night and the arm did not hurt. It doesn't hurt this morning either. That's a wonderful change. I think wearing that brace all that time gave the arm a chance to heal.

I opened the front door  to find six cats and kitties waiting to be fed, Scruffie led the way as usual.three of her kittens were there and two yellow cats. So I took out the double dish and the two blue bowls and they all ate. Scruffie's little mottled gray kitten is the only one still out there eating. This is beginning to be a major endeavor...... It is gone now so I had better get those bowls in before the ants find them. No,  a yellow adolescent kitten is now eating from the double dish so I will wait until it finishes.

The only thing I have to do today is dust the apartment and put the filters back in the vacuum sweeper. They dried overnight.

The yard needs to be mowed but it's too wet and we are forecast for some more rain today according the the weather on the8's.  The plants are outside. I need to water them for the morning watering. The rain should come in this afternoon so the rain will handle the afternoon watering.

More later....

It's 11:20AM and I just finished the book "The Room Where it Happened". It was a tough read....lots of detail.  Lots of foul language by Trump and everything seemed to be  a "" something or the other. Completely uncalled my opinion. The man has a sewer mouth.

I have a chicken pot pie in the microwave and will eat it after it has set for five minutes.  After I eat, I will do my dusting.

More later...

I had my chicken pot pie and an ice cream bar afterward. Then I played some card game on the laptop after that. Now I am watching the PGA golf tournament. The CBS news doesn't come on until  5:30PM.  It's 4:45PM now.

More later...

I watched some of the PGA golf, then watched the CBS news and took my bath at 7:00PM and then the storm broke.  It thundered, poured down rain and I brought the plants in because of the 60 mile per hour wind,

The wind finally stopped at bedtime but the rain was very violent and I took the plants back in and went on to bed at 9:00PM.

Friday, July 10, 2020

Friday and Lunch Out

I slept fairly well last night. I did wake up two or three times and went to the bathroom. I got finally got up shortly before 5:00AM and made the bed and dressed and had my breakfast of oatmeal and a breakfast bar. I am working on my coffee now. I have come into the den to use the desktop computer instead of turning on the TV and checking to see if Scruffie is out there with her kittens waiting to be fed.  I guess I am just not quite ready for that drama yet this morning.

I am 2/3 through the book I am reading. It is slow reading as Bolton wants to recount all of Trumps nonsense. There is plenty of that!

I finally went in the living room and opened the front door and Scruffie and her crew were all there waiting for their breakfast. Even Big Yellow Tom Cat was there. I took out another extra bowl for him. It looks like  a zoo out there with all those cats and kittens.

It will be interesting to learn if Nancy still wants to go in the restaurant for our lunch or do a carry out..or even if she will be up for lunch at all. That's always a toss up. I am supposed to pick her up at 11:30AM.

More later..

I have been reading in the book again while waiting for the CBS news. 

Well, it's 10:00AM and the CBS news just went off. I have time to vacuum the dining room before I go check on Nancy and see if she still wants to go to lunch. I will take stainless ware just in case she wants to go to the park and eat instead of going in the restaurant. Dale and Gina will have a fit if they find out we have eaten inside the restaurant.

More later....

Sure enough. They  wanted me to pick up something at Sonic and bring it back to Nancy's home to eat it. I did it this time but I will think of some way to get her out of her house next week. She is going to be crazy staying home all the time.

I stayed all afternoon and visited with her. I got home about least that is when I left her house. I got home and checked my mail and then read my AARP magazine. I will take it to Bob when I see him next.

I did get the dining room vacuumed and cleaned up the sweeper. I will put the filters back in it in the morning when they dry. Tomorrow I want to to dust.

I am watching the Channel 6 news right now. It is 4:45PM. CBS News comes on at 5:30PM. When it comes on I will watch it.

The dad of the black kitten is out there eating now. It is just as pitch black as that kitten. Scruffie was here when I got home and I have already fed her. This guy is really enjoying the cat food she left.

More later...

At 7:00PM. I took my bath and at 7:45PM, Keith, my oldest son, called and visited with me quite  awhile. That was nice!  My boys are really good about keeping in touch...about as good as my daughter, Leslie.

I will go to bed at 9:00PM

Thursday, July 9, 2020

Thursday and Apartment Cleaning

I slept fitfully last night again. The right arm has begun to hurt again. I adjusted the brace but for some reason in the early morning I woke up with it hurting again. It does best when I put it under my spare pillow. But I have to lie on my back or the weight of my body makes the shoulder hurt. I sure thought that brace was the answer to my problem.

I woke up at 4:00AM and couldn't get back to sleep so I just got up and dressed and got myself ready for the day.

When I clean today, I will just do the bare floors, and vacuum the bedroom, halls and living room. Then tomorrow I will do the dining room and den.

I want to get my breakfast so I will get back to this later.

I have had my breakfast and fed six cats/kittens. The straight line winds are terrific this morning. I went out and watered both pots of flowers well. The wind will dry them out. I may have to bring them in to keep them from being damaged. I have nursed these flowers for several months.  We're supposed to have a severe storm watch and rain today and Saturday also .

More later...

Well, we had some 60 mile per hour winds and a hard rain. It has calmed down some now. I looked out in my front yard and my neighbor's trash container had rolled and blown into my yard. I went out through the garage with my umbrella and took it back to their garage door. It's still raining but nothing like it was and the wind is much calmer.

Scruffie braved the storm to come over for some drinkable clean water and a few bites of food.  She was wet. I think she went back across the street and into their utility room which has no outside door. Her kittens stay there during cold/hot or stormy weather. I see their large camping cooler has blown over and is laying on the ground now.

Yesterday while watching the update on the virus  it was mentioned that the acid reducer Omeprazole that my doctor put me on makes the virus easier to get.  I need to call and ask him about that.

More even later...It's 8:30AM now and soon I want to start my cleaning when the CBS news is over..

I read in my new book a while before I fixed my lunch. For desert, I had an ice cream bar.

I got the bedroom, den, hall and living room vacuumed. Now all I lack is the dining room. Tomorrow, I will pull the chairs out of there and vacuum it. I also need to dust.

I went up to Sam's restaurant this afternoon and bought a gift certificate for Bob Avery for his birthday. He loves to eat there. His birthday is Sunday. I told the manager that I wanted the gift certificate for my brother-in-law and she asked, "Is your brother-in-law named John Brooks?" I said, "No, that is my son-in-law.....the artist" I told her in September I would be coming back in for another gift certificate for him. He loves that restaurant too. I thought that was an unlikely guess. I am over twenty years older then John. :)

It started raining again this afternoon.  I had to use my windshield wipers coming back from Independence.

I read most of the afternoon and about 4:30PM, I ate my last banana at 105 calories but lots of fiber.

If Nancy and I go to Independence for lunch tomorrow I may buy some more at Walmart there.

Her cousin, Dale, called me today to try to get me to instead get take out and eat it either in the car of here at home. I will run that by Nancy tomorrow and see what she wants to do. Sam's, where we planned to go, cleans constantly after each booth is emptied.  They wear masks and so do we until we are ready to eat. They have separation between each booth too.

Nancy does not like to feel "controlled" but it is up to her what we do.

It will be interesting how that comes out.

I read until 7:00PM when I took my bath and got ready for bed. Then after that I logged onto Amazon Prime and watched a couple of episodes of forensic Files. I went to bed shortly after 9:00PM 

Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Wednesday and Hair Day

I slept fitfully last night. Again I slept on my right side and eventually the arm began to hurt so I turned over on my other side and worked the arm under my pillow. That helped. I need to do some adjustments on the brace. I will do that before I go to bed tonight.

And I went to bed way too early. It was 8:30PM. I had read all afternoon and my eyes were tired.

It's nearly 5:00AM now and I am up and dressed. I will go over to Coffeyville about 6:30AM and pick Bob up for breakfast. We missed last week. I think that was when he was sick with the diarrhea. I like having breakfast with him on Wednesday mornings. It gives us a chance to catch up on our news.

I will have some coffee and perhaps my chai. I will also watch the "Weather on the 8's" on the weather channel and feed any cats that have come for breakfast before I leave.

I fed six or seven cats this morning. As usual, I had Scruffie here first and then three of her kittens came and one of the yellow adolescent cats. Then just as I was settling down to relax and watch the news, Big Yellow Tom came for his breakfast.

I got both computers that had trouble with Outlook, my mail program, to work last evening. I rebooted the desktop and that fixed that one. Then I rebooted the notebook but that didn't fix that one. Later I rebooted it again and that time it fixed it. So far as I know this morning the mail on all three computers are working now.

After breakfast with Bob I will go to my hair appointment at 9:00AM, get gas at Woodshed and  then come on back home. We have no games today. This would have been Asbury Village's Bunco day but because they are an Assisted Living home and are at great risk for the virus and their people are those at extra risk because of their health problems and age, they have cancelled their day until all this passes...if it ever does. The scientists are expecting a second surge this fall. Because of people who refuse to take proper precautions and gather in large groups, the virus just gets worse.

More later...

We had our breakfast and I took Bob back home and then I went to the Woodshed and bought gas. After that, I went to the beauty shop and got my hair washed and done. Then I got my car washed and drove over to the car wash on 8th street and dried it in their dryer  Then I came on back home. There were no additional game days this week at the senior center. When I got home I went out to Sonic and got their Wacky Pack kids dinner for $2.18. (including tax). That filled me up but still l had an ice cream bar when I got home. That really filled me up. This evening, I will just have a banana for supper.

My new small purse came in the mail today. The inside of the one I was using was all torn up. It was pretty old. This one will not be so bulky either. It was a $40.00 purse I got for $25.00.

After my lunch Scruffie came for a lunch meal and I fed her. Then one of the yellow cats came and I fed her too. So far that's all that came for lunch. None of them came for supper last night. They were probably thinking there would be fireworks.

I have been playing Freecell on the computer Scott gave me a couple of years ago after he got his Apple computer. It needs a battery but I just leave it plugged in all the time. It's a hassle to put a new battery in one. I did it years ago but it's been awhile.

I'm going to get back to my book now. I am plugging away at it and am about half way through it.

More later....

Scruffie came for supper and also drank some water. After I watered the two hanging plants, I washed her water bowl and put fresh water in it. After she finished I took in the cat food bowl so the ants wouldn't get into it.

I read until 4:00PM and then came in here to watch the 4:00PM news. I will stay with it until the CBS news comes on. Sometime before 7:00PM, I will take my bath and try to stay up until 9:00PM. Maybe I can get back to the book.

Tuesday, July 7, 2020

Tuesday and Grocery Shopping

I slept well again and got up about 5:00AM. I dressed and had my breakfast and fed the cats. I had a crowd of cats come for breakfast. Scruffie is always there and she brought her kittens with her and the yellow adolescent cat was here too and Big Yellow Tom.  It was a crowd.

I  will get around and go to Independence today to buy groceries. I am out of frozen meals as well Chai latte and some other stuff that isn't food.

I need to trim my yard today too.

I texted Bob and we are having breakfast in the morning at 7:00AM when I pick him up.

So more later....

I went to Independence and bought my groceries and came home and put everything away. I had my frozen meal for lunch and afterward an ice cream bar. I swept off the walks after I did the trimming.

I got hold of Cox Complete Care about the Outlook problem on the notebook and the desktop computers. Both will not tolerate Outlook. They suggested I just wait for the program to fix itself. They said Cox had a time with Outlook. Everyone who has Outlook has this problem That is not true I never had any problems with it when I lived in Coffeyville.  I rebooted the desktop and that fixed that mail program. Then I tried that on this notebook but that did not help it.  Luckily the old laptop that Scott gave me still works fine.

I read all afternoon in my new book. "The Room Where it Happened" by John Bolton. So far it hasn't told me anything I hadn't already known from the CBS news over the past three years. I am about a quarter of the way through the book.

More later....

I rebooted this notebook computer again and  when it came up the second time, the mail program, Outlook, worked fine.

About 5:00PM Scruffie came for dinner so I fed her. Soon one of the yellow adolescent cats came so I fed her too.

It's just a little after 6:00PM now and when it gets closer to 7:00PM I will take my bath and try to get to bed at 9:00PM or so.

Monday, July 6, 2020

Monday and Laundry

I woke up at 5:00AM and got up to strip my bed and do laundry. I got that started and also started my breakfast I saw all kinds of cats waiting for their breakfast so I filled the dishes and set them out front. Three kittens, Scruffie and one of the yellow adolescent cats came to eat. When they finished, I brought in the food and used their water to water my hanging plant and then gave them more clean water. They finished and went back across the street.

I finished mine too and put the laundry in the dryer. The apartment is clean and the bed has been remade and I even mended the old top sheet which had developed a tear where Missy had scratched that area. It is still usable and I have three sets of sheets...two rather old. And Leslie bought me the third set when she bought me the new mattress and box spring.

More later....

About 8:15AM, Big Yellow Tom came to eat. I had taken the food in after Scruffie finished her meal.  I started o bring the food out but he was determined to come in the door. I finally closed the door and went out through the garage with his food. He met me at the garage door. I could see he had lost some weight. It had been at least a week since he had come here to eat..what with all the noise of the fireworks...speaking of didn't stop last night until way after 11:00PM...on July 5th. I don't know where enforcement in Caney is but it sure wasn't on State street. Both north and south on State Street continued to fire off noisy fireworks. I think it's disgusting how careless of other's rights many of this generation is. And I think it's just as bad that their parents don't seem to care either.

I had a frozen meal for lunch and about 1:00PM the mail came and my John Bolton book, "The Room Where it Happened" finally came. I spent some of the afternoon reading in it. So far, it sounds like just what the Trump behavior was at the beginning of his administration. I got about 50 pages of it read. I will probably read in it this evening and tomorrow too.

Scruffie came over three or four times to eat and I had to continually put the food out and take it back in to keep ants out of it. I don't know if any of them will come for supper. They didn't come for the past week as all the noise from the fireworks scared them away.

We were forecast for rain at 50% for this afternoon, but as usual, the forecast has produced nothing. I did go across the street with a grocery sack and cleaned up the mess the young son left just across the street after the 4th of July. He just left that mess in the street.

More later...

I read my new book all afternoon and into the evening. I took my bath  at 7:00PM and then went to bed  shortly after 9:00PM.

Sunday, July 5, 2020

Sunday and Online Church

I finally got to sleep last night. The dozen or so boys in my neighborhood were still shooting them off at 11:00PM. It has been that way for a week now. I think it's ridiculous  to do that for an entire week. In Coffeyville it was two days. That's reasonable.

I am having the yard mowed this afternoon. It had been only six days but it looks bad. Krystal says they will be over around 3:00PM.

I only have the dusting to do today. It didn't rain last night after all.  The weather people miss it as more then they get it right.

I have had my breakfast and texted Bob. He is just now getting his coffee too.

And I opened my door to six cats looking for breakfast. None of them came for supper last night...way too much noise for them. They were very hungry. It has been weeks since I have seen the other gray kitten. She brings three of them with her usually but she had four originally.  And I haven't seen the original gray cat that started me feeding her last year after I moved here. She was chased off several months ago by Big Yellow Tom. He might had caught her and killed her. Scruffie is gray but she is mottled...not pure gray like that mama cat. that came into my apartment that time.

More later....

Leslie texted me midmorning and asked me to come to lunch following the morning online worship service and I accepted. I dropped by "The Shed" and bought an Amish baked apple take, When I got to John and Leslie's she had just been called in....she was on call. She texted her partner, Mary Beth, and asked her to wait until 1:30PM for her to come in since she had just started lunch and wanted to eat before she came in. That was alright with Mary Beth who had just got out of the shower herself.  John cooked the hamburgers and corn on the cob and Leslie fixed onion rings and french fries. She and I had iced tea and John had Dr Pepper. We all had apple pie. I left the rest for them and took one piece for myself.

I had to come home at 3:30PM because Krystal called and was ready to mow my yard. She did a nice job.

I downloaded another free book from Amazon and read all evening until 9:00PM when I took my bath and got ready to go to bed at 10:00PM. It's July 5th and they are still shooting off fireworks here on my block..

Darn Kids!!