Saturday, March 12, 2016

Saturday and the Rummage Sale

This morning is the rummage sale at 8:00 but first Bob will pick me up at 6:20 to go to breakfast at Eggberts.

I slept well last night.

I am watching the CBS news this morning and the news of the morning is the chaos at the Trump event after Trump cancelled it because of violence.  What a mess! A member of the CBS news team was knocked down and arrested by a violent policeman who handcuffed him and took him to jail. He was later released.  That's Chicago for you but primarily it's the Trump campaign culture. He violently orders people to be thrown out of his events and that encourages a mob action.

More later....

Bob and I both went to the rummage sale. I sold quite a bit and made $39.00 He sold most of his too.
We gave Keith B. our table at 10:20  and left.   I came home and put away everything I had left.
I gave the baking ware to Delores. She really wanted it. I was never going to use it anyhow.

Then I took Missy outside for awhile.

Bob suggested going up to Independence for Big Cheese lunch so we may do that if he was serious. He was and we did. As always, it was good. We came back by way of the Tyro road...just for a change. We got back home about 3:00.

More later..

The box I used to carry my stuff to the rummage sale was large enough to handle my CPU so I located the air bubbles and bubble wrap and packed it as well as I could.  I will call Fed X tomorrow and see if I can get it picked up and sent to Keith for reformatting and reinstalling the operating system.  There is no great rush. I am getting by with the two laptops so far.  I am so fortunate to have him able to do all that for me.

Bob didn't come back this evening. We were both very tired. I watched TV until 8:30 and then Missy and I went to bed.

Friday, March 11, 2016

Friday and Exercises Again

I slept really well last night and got up shortly after 5:00, made my bed and dressed and got my makeup on before I went in to feed Missy and eat my own breakfast.

She is wanting to go outside now but it's still dark out there and I never take her out in the dark.  I have convinced her that we will go out later. It's 57 degrees out there so I will need a sweater.  Surely she won't want to stay out in that cold weather.

I will pick Bob up for exercises this morning. We may go to Utopia for coffee afterward if Marilyn wants to do that. She mentioned it yesterday.

I went by to take chicken to Bobby and Karan yesterday afternoon and Bobby was sitting in a wheelchair watching TV. He looked much better. He still did not know me but I'm not surprised.  They will not be able to go to Living the Questions group Sunday evening. Bobby is not that much better.

We will have spaghetti and garlic bread for lunch. We will have green beans and salad with it. I have fruit for dessert with cookies.

More later....

I've been to exercises and back again.  Now I'm about ready to start lunch in about 15 minutes.

We had lunch and I took a bowl of spaghetti and some garlic toast to Bobby. He loves spaghetti.  Sheri, Karan's daughter is there this weekend to help her with Bobby so Karan can get away for awhile. She has a hair appointment at 1:15.

I will go through some more of my things and get another box of stuff out for the rummage sale.  I will take it to the senior center after 4:00 this afternoon. They will open tomorrow for the rummage sale.

Tonight I will take it easy.

I took three boxes of  "stuff" to the senior center this afternoon. We will eat our breakfast in the morning and then get up to the senior center for the sale. It will be interesting to see how much I have to box back up and bring back to the apartment. I covered three fourth of the table Bob and I share. I gave him $2 of his $5 back. He didn't have as much as he thought he did.

We came back to my apartment in time to watch the news. Bob went home a little early. He was very tired. He will pick me up at 7:20 for breakfast in the morning.

I took my bath and Missy and I watched TV until 9:00 and then we went to bed.

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Thursday and Company for Dinner

Today, I will have company for dinner/lunch. Marilyn L is coming and so is Bob. Of course Bob comes regularly. But Marilyn is a widow too and lonely too so we are asking her to come to lunch today too. I am having chicken tenders, potatoes and broccoli and jello salad.  Then I have cupcakes for dessert.

Bob came over this morning to tell me about his Lion's Club meeting. They had a lawyer from the hospital come and tell them why they needed to extend the 1/2 cent sales tax that will expire in August to help the hospital with their expenses.  This is one of only 8 city owned hospitals in Kansas and it has been inundated with business since Independence's Mercy Hospital closed.  We are the closest hospital to Independence and are getting an awful lot of additional business from that direction.   Unfortunately Medicare is not paying near as much as in the past and since our governor refused additional Medicaid assistance for the poor and also gave big business a  huge tax break in eliminating their tax, he hoped that would draw business to Kansas. Unfortunately that has not worked. and Kansas has been struggling.   Many of the uninsured poor cannot pay their hospital bills so they are having  to write off a lot. The governor and the legislature have even cut education to the bone here in Kansas. What a mess!

It's time to start my dinner so I will get back to this later in the day. ....

The dinner was a success. I took the rest of the chicken over to Bobby and Karan and they will have it for their lunch.

In the afternoon, I drove by to see the house Howard and Judy are looking at buying. It has been completely redone. It only has a one car garage and they need two.  Howard called here for Richard's telephone number and we found he is doing with just a cell phone.  I  called Karan and got his number and called Howard back and gave it to him. I don't think Richard is doing big projects like a garage anymore but maybe he can get Jeff to do it.

Howard and Judy want to move back to Coffeyville. They found they could not afford to live in California. It will be cheaper for them to just fly out from time to time to visit their daughter and granddaughter.  We tried to tell them that before they sold their beautiful home here and moved to California. They had to find out for themselves.

We are planning to have our Living the Questions group Sunday evening at Marilyn's at 6:00. She has fixed chicken chili and we will all take something to add to the dinner.  I will take cheese and crackers.

Bob came over this evening to watch the news and he went home shortly before 7:00. I took my bath and Missy and I watched PBS until 9:00. Then we went to bed.

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Wednesday Exercises and Bingo

This will be  a busy day.  I will first go to exercise class then on to Lenten Luncheon at the First baptist church and the after that, on to Bingo at the senior center.  It will be over at 3:00. I enjoy the fellowship...and the prizes. I have won two oven gloves and two dish towels in the past.

I slept well last night. I finally got up at 5:00 AM, my usual time.  I make my bed, dress, make up my face and check the e-mail.  All of this before I come in to give Missy her treats and fill her bowl with food. Then I eat my oatmeal and drink my coffee and my Chai Latte. Finally I sit down in the recliner and finish the crossword puzzle in the newspaper.  This is my regular morning routine.

As you may have noticed, I have a regular morning routine and a regular evening routine.  I am pretty structured. :)

When it gets light outside, I will take Missy out for awhile if she still wants to go. Right now she is happy lying up in the recliner. She spent quite a bit of time outside yesterday even though it rained. We sit on the carport where we have shelter. This summer on nice days, we may sit out on the east side where I have a patio and flowerbeds.  I gave away my old patio chairs last fall to one of the neighbors who later moved away.  I had to keep them covered because of the weather and seldom used them after I moved here. I bought some at the dollar store after I moved here and they are just easily wiped off.  They are much easier to care for.

I have raked and bagged leaves several days this past week and have the leaf situation under control again for now.  Sometime Sunday or Monday this next week, I will take the ones out of my flowerbed...again.  I have done that three times but there are so many trees in this neighborhood that it's a constant job until spring.

Sometime after the end of April I will buy my flowers and plant my flowerbeds and the planters that sit in front of my apartment.  Then I will take some photos to put here on the blog.

I have a plant flowering right now. I don't know what it is. It is a plant one of my neighbors brought me over on Catalina after Bob died. It became root bound and never bloomed. Cyndi gave me some large flowerpots and I re-potted both my plants.  Leslie gave me a Christmas cactus a couple of years ago and I re-potted it too. Now both are thriving.

I will take a photo of the plant I am not familiar with and maybe some of my blog readers can identify it for me.

Here it is....

Now, does anyone know what this is?

I was reading one of the blogs I follow and she had traced her ancestry quite a ways back. My aunt Flossie and cousin Sue traced my dad's back to the 1600's in England but I know very little about my mom's side of the family except that my great great grandmother was a Cherokee Indian who married an English man and they were rejected by both cultures. I would like to trace that side of the family but I imagine it's quite expensive.

More later...

I went out to Walmart and bought the little dab of groceries I couldn't get at the Dollar General store yesterday afternoon.  I also went out to Woodshed and bought gas at $172.9 per gallon.   It took $17.00 to fill up my car.

The dinner at the First Baptist Church was good at noon and the bingo afterward at the senior center was fun. I won three times. Then I came home and worked on the crossword puzzle after I read the newspaper.  In a little while I will make myself a cup of Chai Latte and probably have a cookie. In about an hour Missy will want her treats.  She is so spoiled. She wants to go outside but it's a little chilly out there and I never let her out by herself.

Bob came over to watch the news and some old Big Bang Theory programs. He left at 7:00 and Missy and I followed our regular routine.

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Tuesday and Cake and Hair Day

I slept pretty well last evening.  I actually fell asleep in the recliner.  So about 9:00, after I woke up, Missy and I just gave up and went to bed.

At 5:00 last evening I went to look at an apartment. It was $400 a month with a two year lease...a hundred dollars less then the one I have now....but it was small and only one bedroom.  But it was slick! If I could have used one bedroom, I would have been tempted. But I have too much furniture and I'm not ready to give it up just now. It would cost a small fortune to move too. And when I moved here I brought my own frig and range. I also bought a cabinet to hang on the bathroom wall above the stool for additional storage and all the Roman shades for the windows.  I just can't afford to move again I guess.

This morning I made my cake and I have yet to ice it so this will be short. I will get back to it  this afternoon. After I deliver the cakes and have my hair done, Bob and I will go to Great China and eat there in Independence.  When I get home I need to go to the Wal Mart and buy a bunch of groceries.

More later....

I got the cake iced and put them all in the trunk of my car. I picked up Bob and we delivered the cakes.  Then I went to my hair appointment. He went to see his sister, Betty.  He picked me up after my hair was finished. Then we ran our errands.

It rained all morning so all I could get there at Wal Mart was the book I wanted for Maia's birthday. That, with the coin purse she wanted, will be her gift. I had her card.

We ate at Great China and bought a birthday card for Cyndi at Sayers Ace Hardware. They have some great ones! Then I came on home and took Bob home and came home myself. I did get the rest of my apartment vacuumed and bought some groceries at the Dollar General store nearby.

This is the beginning of the stucco on Ginger and Scott's new home. Scott says it will be white when finished.

Here another view'

More even later....

Bob came over at 5:00 to read the paper and watch the news here.

When he left at 7:00, I took my bath and the cat and I watched TV until 9:00.  Then we went to bed.

Monday, March 7, 2016

Monday and Exercises Again

Today I have stripped my bed and am washing the sheets. They are in the dryer now.

I slept well last night. My backache went away so I feel good. I have had my breakfast and am now drinking my Chai.  I wasn't sure I was going to exercise class today. It sure cuts into my house cleaning day. I never did get finished last Monday and the rest of the week was so busy, I just never did get the dining room and half of the living room vacuumed. I can't vacuum too early because Jeannie, whose apartment backs up to mine in the fourplex, sleeps much later than I do. When I get home from exercises, it's nearly time to start lunch. I will see how much I can get done after I finish the morning part of the blog.

Bob went home last night and forgot to take his piece of the coffeecake. I have put it in a baggie and will take it to him when I go to exercises.

For lunch today, we will have chicken fried steaks, mashed potatoes and gravy and a veggie. Bob will bring his mandarin orange salad. I have fruit and cookies for dessert.

 I will start my cleaning this morning by doing the bathroom and kitchen floors. I can get that done before exercises. Then, when I get home, I will remake my bed and start the vacuuming. I will start with the part I didn't get to last week.  I will dust after that..perhaps this afternoon. Tomorrow we take cakes to Independence and I will get my color and haircut after that. Then we will go out to Great China for lunch.

I am still looking for  box large enough to pack the CPU in to send to my son, Keith. He will reformat the hard drive and install Windows 10 on it. Finding a box anymore is difficult because everyone anymore breaks them down and recycles them.  Luckily, I still have Esther's old HP laptop and my really old 2007 Dell laptop so I am not without internet and only miss everything I had in My Documents. I have quite a bit backed up but I don't quite know how to access it from that exterior drive Keith gave me.  I have quite a bit saved on the two laptops. If something was really important I sent it to myself and saved it on one of the other computers too.

More later...I'd better get busy!...

I got my cleaning finished and my bed stripped and bedding washed and dried and back on the bed, I also vacuumed everything except the hall and the bedrooms.

I picked up Bob for exercises and then took him by the bank to try to get his password reset. He had to do it at my place online. So we messed with that for awhile. Then I fixed dinner. It was real good. This afternoon I will pick up Marilyn to house hunt for Howard and Judy. Then at 5:00 I will go look at that apartment on 8th and Cline. It probably isn't anything I would want.. but for $100 less a month, I am going to look at it.

When I get home I will finish my vacuuming and bake my cake for tomorrow.

More later...

Well I didn't get either done this afternoon. I went house hunting with Marilyn instead.  The house is for Howard and Judy. They want something "move in" ready.  I don't think there is such a thing anymore.  When I put mine on the market, I spiffed it up so that it shined.  It sold in two weeks and three days. It shined!

We saw three that were large enough for Howard and Judy's needs. The first one was the best bet but it was on an acre of ground. Howard wants to mow himself and not hire it done. He would have to have a riding mower to do that yard. The house was pretty nice and it had a lovely kitchen and dining area but the outside, the yard, needed some help. It also had a formal dining room. It was three bedrooms and two and a half baths.

The second one had an enormous family room..much too large for their needs and five bedrooms and three baths....more then they need.  There are only two of them.  The third one was not open so we were only able to walk around the yards. But it had ten acres so we ruled that out. We will continue looking.
This is the latest photo of my daughter-in-law and son's new house in the process of being built.


Here's another.

and a third.


This is my daughter-in-law looking out the window.

Sunday, March 6, 2016

A Busy Sunday

This is a busy day. I made my coffeecake and iced it for the Church School class this morning before I picked Bob up for Church.

After church Bob and Phyllis F. and I went over to Cherryvale to the Just Us buffet restaurant and had lunch.  It was good, as always.

Now I will do my newsletters and get them ready for the mail.

Afterward I will read. The wind is blowing 35 miles per hour out there so I am very glad I got all the leaves bagged up last evening.

Missy was very glad to see me back home from church. She gets lonely, I'm sure.

This evening Bob will be over to read the newspaper and watch 60 Minutes...if it's on.  Sometimes there is a basketball game on Sunday evening.  Then 60 Minutes runs late.

More later...

I got the newsletters finished and printed off just about the time Bob came to read the Sunday paper. It's 4:30 now and I might have time to make my peanut butter cookies. We are completely out of cookies. Life doesn't go on without cookies.

I will give it a try. More later....

I developed a backache on the way home from Cherryvale and I took an Aleve to aleve it. That worked!

Bob came over about 5:00 and we watched the rest of the old movie,  ET, while waiting for the 60 Minutes show to come on.  I baked peanut butter cookies during the commercials. We watched the movie while there was a basketball game going at 5:00.  We watched 60 minutes and then he went home at 7:00.

Missy and I tried to stay up to watch a special but I was just too tired. We went to bed at 8:30.