Saturday, September 7, 2013

A Busy Saturday

Today will be busy. Bob and I just went to our regular Saturday morning breakfast at the new Eggberts. They are really busy!

I need to vacuum the house today and I have taken some stew meat out of the freezer to thaw for stew for lunch. If it thaws early enough, I will get it on and cook it in the slow cooker.

I got the second coat of stain and polyurethane on my window sills yesterday afternoon and they look really good now. It's amazing what a little paint or stain can do to improve the place. I would be very happy with it if it had laminated floors in the dining room and back hall and new self storing windows in the six windows. I would also like to have two full view storm doors. It's not going to happen though and I shouldn't spend my own money, what little I have..on an apartment someone else owns.

More later...

Bob and I went to Cherryvale this morning and attended the Cherry Blossom Festival. It had been postponed from May because of unusual snow. It wasn't nearly as large as usual either. We walked around for an hour or two and then came back home. I had put my stew on before we left. I finished it up and baked some biscuits to eat with it. Then Bob came over and we had lunch/dinner. I watched some TV after reading the newspaper.I took the paper over to Bob and then and took a short nap. I have some of my chicken left from yesterday. I may have that for supper.

Friday, September 6, 2013


It's Friday again. I will go up to Independence at 7:00 to get my hair done and then go out to John and Leslie's to get meat. I am down to one pound of ground meat and I also want to find some stew meat. Soon we will be ready for stew. Then I will come back home in time for exercise class. I discovered on Wednesday that I can bend over and touch my toes gain. The exercises must be working.

We ate lunch yesterday at the new Eggberts. We had their chicken fried steak dinner. It was really good! And it's a bargain at $4.99.

Today we are having something different. It is called Mexican Chili Roll Ups. It looks pretty simple. Here's the recipe:

1 (3 oz) package cream cheese

2 T milk

1T onion

2 T green chilis

2 cups cooked chicken (chopped) 1 (8 oz) package crescent rolls

2 T melted oleo

You mix the cream cheese with the milk until smooth. Stir in the onion, chilies and chicken. Mix well. Place 1/4 cup chicken mixture on each roll. Fold the edges of the roll around the filling, rolling up from widest end. Brush tops with melted oleo or butter and bake on ungreased cookie sheet for 20 to 25 minutes Serve with salsa and salad.

I put the first coat of stain and polyurethane on my window sills yesterday. They look better but need another coat. The east sun bearing down on the windows all these years has really bleached them out. They were simply raw wood. This afternoon I will add another coat.

I went to bed at 9:00 last night and had a problem getting to sleep but once asleep I only woke up once to go to the bathroom and went right back to sleep. So I got a good night's sleep again.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Thursday Again

Well it's Thursday again and Bob and I are going to eat lunch at the new Eggberts today. I tried to call Marilyn but she must be at the hospital with Jack. Her sister was to have left today for Colorado and Lori won't be there until Saturday. I may run up to the hospital and see if I can convince her to come with us. She is going to ruin herself trying to stay with Jack so much of the time. She weighs less then 90 pounds.

I cleaned out my fall/winter closet this morning and took two big sacks of older clothing I could no longer wear to the Presbyterian Church thrift shop. Now I will have room for some newer things if I should need them.

I did not sleep well last night. Both my arms hurt again. I woke up at 3:00AM and never did really get back to sleep. About 4:45 I just got up. Missy was being ornery. She chased up the hall and scratched on the skirt of the sofa. I clapped my hands at her and that settled her down some. I let her out when I went out to water my plants. Then she came back in without question.

More later....

I seldom agree with any stand Kansas legislators take but this time I fully agree. The last thing the American people need is another war of any kind. First of all, we are still involved with a tremendously expensive unfunded war. We have mostly left Iraq but terrible violence still occurs there nearly every day. Some of that violence also happens against our "peace keepers" who are there to train a mostly illiterate population of Iraqi soldiers who are supposed to be keeping the peace. That isn't happening. These men cannot even read the directions to the very sophisticated weapons we have left for them to use to keep that peace. Some of them have used those weapons on our soldiers who are there to help them train. I know this because my youngest son, age 52, who is regular army and has been deployed there four times, ran the Iraqi Police Academy. My older son, age 58, and an Air Force Reserve member also has been deployed there two times. The first time he was a member of the National Guard.

This violence is a civil war.

Syria is another civil war. Interference by America, acting almost entirely alone cannot settle their civil war. The violence of collateral damage (women and children) is terrible but this is not the first time saran gas has been used by a country. Saddam Hussein used it against the Kurds and we did nothing. Other countries have used it too but we have chosen to do nothing. I recall the terrible violence in Rwanda but we did nothing there either. We simply cannot use our limited resources to try to be the world's police force. We simply must learn the lessons from our past experience of Korea, Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan. If we choose to interfere again, we can expect some kind of domestic repercussion for our actions.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Wednesday Exercise Day

We didn't exercise Monday because of the holiday. Today we will take that up again. Afterward I will come home and fix that hamburger pie for Marilyn and Annie. I may try to fix a smaller one for Bob and me. I'll see how it goes together. I meant to go up to see Jack last night but never got around to it. I had a light supper of yogurt and a banana.

I searched my kitchen several times for the cord to my french fryer yesterday afternoon. Finally I picked up a black spatula and there it was! It was hidden under that spatula. It was too late by then to fix the french fries so we just had our baked beans and sloppy joes.

I don't have anything on the agenda for today. I did discover my electric grater in the search and grated up an onion for today's meal. That simplifies my chopping onions a lot. I hate to chop onions. It's so tedious.

We had a shooting here Sunday evening at our Sonic. A man shot two other men and they are in the in serious condition. It was a drug related shooting....a drug deal gone bad. I often frequent that Sonic and in fact, my friend, Marilyn, had just been in there getting a milk shake for Jack. Jack is in the hospital after a fall last week. She had just left when the shooting occurred. Amazing!

You know..if one actually reads the second amendment it is apparent that it is talking about manning a militia. It was written before we as Americans had a standing army or even a police force. It was back in the day when most towns had their own militia and were concerned about bandits and Indians. The NRA has brainwashed the American people to believe it is for personal protection.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Tuesday Hair Day

This is the day I go to Independence to get my hair done at 10:00. I will also go to their Wal Mart store and buy a few groceries before I come back home. I want to have sloppy joes for lunch. I will also fix french fries in my Fry Daddy and fix some baked beans. I'm going to buy some small cans of Coke too. I don't drink much pop but with something like that I enjoy it.

Scott is back from Korea...thank goodness. He said he hated his Korean weeks. They asked him if he'd like to come back for the rest of his enlistment and he said "NO!". He was happy to get back to Hawaii and his apartment and car. I wish he'd come home to see me but he says he can't.

Bob just popped over for a few minutes to visit. I borrowed his Works trimmer last evening and trimmed my patio and entire area. It looks so much better. His trimmer is newer then the one I had out on Catalina. I left it for that woman that bought my house. We only need one between us and his had the new lithium battery that lasts so much longer.

More later....

I fixed the sloppy joes and we had them for lunch/dinner. I sent some of it home with Bob. Then I took a nap. This evening I will just watch TV.

Monday, September 2, 2013

Labor Day Monday

I don't know what the plan for today will be. I will be cooking again. It's been since Friday that I have cooked. We have been eating out.

I slept well last night. I finally got up at 5:30. Missy slept on the foot of the bed all night. She is climbing up on the storm door right now trying to get the door opened for her. It's only 6:15 and I am not going out yet. The mosquitoes are bad out there at this time of day. When it gets lighter, I will let her out for awhile. I always go out with her. I don't trust her to stay out of trouble after that last episode.

We were forecast for rain last night but we missed it. We really needed it too. It's been terribly hot and humid.

The president has decided to consult with congress about attacking Syria. That's wise. If anything goes terribly wrong, they can share the blame. I am quite sure most of the opposition to everything he has planned in his political program is racism. It's politically incorrect for any politician to admit that but I am quite sure that is 85% of the problem. I used to live in the south and I know their mindset. And it's not just the's everywhere.

The black youth have brought much of the lingering prejudice on themselves with their rap "music", hanging down clothing, strange language, and out of wedlock birthrates. When I worked at the district courthouse I was amazed at the amount of crime committed by black men. And that's not all. They often get several woman pregnant and there were cases everywhere of the state of Kansas trying to recover their aid to dependent children.

Bill Cosby has it right. To win their rightful place in society, they must clean up their acts, stay in school, get an education and become productive members of society. I know it's an uphill battle but they will never do it by rebelling against society. The oriental citizens and even the Hispanic Americans are generally hard working and productive members of society. I know many blacks are too but the black youth give them all a bad name.

The black folks I know from the PINCH organization are productive, hard working members of society so it definitely is not all of them. One of them even has a PHD and has taught in a university back east.

Back to my day. I did have lunch as planned and then Bob and I went to Bartlesville. We just wanted to get out of town over the holiday weekend.

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Sunday Church Today

Leslie is speaking today and Melissa is presiding so I wonder who will do junior church? The last time that happened we had no junior church. The children sat in the congregation. But of course, they were the better behaved ones too. That one little 12/13 year old that ran wild last week wasn't there. I wonder if he will be there today? He was climbing all over the pews last week and I asked him politely to turn around and be seated. He completely ignored me. One of our friends of the church brought him and she could not get him to behave either. It will be interesting today.

I imagine John and Leslie will want to eat alone again today. Especially if they have Maia and Cheyenne. They say they have no opportunity to visit with the group when they have the girls so they chose last week to just go to Braums. The rest of us will probably go to Sirloin Stockade.

I will do my letters after that and then watch 60 minutes this evening.

More later....

Bob came over at 5:00 and brought me more ice then he stayed for the news and 60 Minutes. After he went home I discovered that Big Bang Theory was on channel 10 in continuous episodes. I called him and he said he would change channels. He and Karan and Bobby have got me watching that program now. It's pretty funny if you can ignore the canned laughter. I hate canned laughter.

I went to bed at 9:00.