Saturday, August 11, 2012

Saturday Breakfast Again

I went to breakfast again with Bob and this time Bobby was there too. Karan is in Kansas City but he didn't go. He has been helping his son out at the farm. Anyhow he sat with us for breakfast and visited.

Yesterday I raked leaves from my neighbor's tree into about 53 piles. This morning after breakfast I began bagging them. I bagged nine bags before running out of bags and also running out of steam. I am overheated. It is up to 80 degrees now and too hot to do that kind of work at my age. I am sweating and have come into have a glass of ice tea. I have a lot of piles left but won't get to them today.

I will cook dinner in a little while after I catch my breath. Then after dinner, I will go to Bartlesville. I have lost some more weight and most of my jeans and pants just hang on me. The sales are going on now and I want to see if I can find some that fit me. I asked Bob if he wanted to go but he may not want to. I'll check with him again after dinner.

More later....

We went to Bartleville after lunch and I bought two pair of sale capris and two new fall tops...all on sale. I hope I am fixed for awhile. Much of what I have now is size 10 and I am now a size 8 or 6 so I will just have to make do for awhile.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Friday At Last

I really enjoy my Fridays. I get my hair done very early...about 7:00 AM. Then, while it was still cooler this morning, I raked leaves. I still have to bag them but it got too hot to bag them today. Maybe tomorrow I can get some of it done.

Bob will be here in twenty minutes to pick me up to go to Just Us for lunch in Cherryvale.

I don't know what I will do this afternoon. I have most everything done here at home except that bagging the leaves. I can't do that right now. It's too hot.

I called Juanita this morning and she is doing better. She does need to go see Dr. Eslicker and I told her I would take her. She's supposed to call me tomorrow with the date and time of her appointment.

Maybe later...more later..

It was too hot to do anything outside after we returned from Cherryvale. We did stop at the church and cleaned. It is Bob's month. Mostly, though, I stayed home and watched TV and stayed in out of the heat. I fed both cats and read the newspaper and that was about all.

Tomorrow we will eat our leftovers. I will be happy to get my refrigerator cleaned out. I have leftover chicken, gravy, potatoes, tomatoes, some veggies. and strawberries too. It should make a good dinner.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Another Thursday

I got a really good night's sleep last night...for a change.

Today I will clean bathrooms and the house should be clean. I will cook lunch today too. We are having chicken tenders, potatoes and gravy and a veggie. Bob will bring a salad or perhaps we will just have the tomatoes he left yesterday. I'll call and suggest that in a little while.

Tomorrow we have decided to go over to Just Us at Cherryvale. They have a great buffet and tomorrow I will be off work. He says that will give me a break from cooking. I am going to look up some more recipes today for next week. We need something new. I have used most of my "usual" fare.

I was very busy at work yesterday...just the way I like it. I got paid for this two weeks today. I will have to be very careful if I'm going to make it on my reduced hours pay.

It rained a little last night and I mean very little. There was nothing recorded in my rain gauge at all. But when I got up to let Missy out, it was raining. It was just enough to wet down the driveway a little.

More later...

We had a good dinner today. Tomorrow we will go to Just us and eat out. Saturday I will warm up our leftovers and we will eat them. I have several things to warm up...the chicken strips, beans, potatoes (I will fry these in Canola) and some veggies and tomatoes. Then I have strawberries and shortcake left too.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Wednesday Workday

This will be a difficult day. I did not sleep well after about 2:30. I woke up and took my meds and went to the bathroom but then began thinking about my mower problems. I will probably need to call Carter's again this morning. I want them to come get the mower and put a new battery in it and check it over. It's pretty old. We bought it in 2003 used. It's very difficult to work on since it's a Dixon. To even get to the battery the chassis needs to be removed. I am not mechanically literate and so I had to call a shop to come pick it up. They didn't get back with me on Monday morning and I was gone almost all Tuesday morning so I am hoping I can get them to come this morning.

Then, I also stewed about my car. It turned over 161,000 miles yesterday and it might need some serious service. I need to run it by Gary's Automotive and see what is necessary to be taken care of. It hasn't had a timing belt since 90,000 miles. It's never had a brake job either. The last time I had those checked out Gary said they were fine. These newer cars (2001 Honda Civic) don't need as much service as older ones if you don't ride the brakes. I will be driving to Independence, Missouri in September and I sure don't want it to break down while I'm driving by myself.

Now it's the switch on my microwave. It's not working correctly. I bought the microwave oven when we moved into this house in 2003. In just a few years the switch went out on it. That was $160.00. Now it's acting up again. This switch has never protruded like it should have anyhow. It's always something.

Why I allow myself to stew about things I can't control is beyond me. I usually don't do that. Maybe it's because I'm not sure if I can get by with my 16 hours of work a week. I will know tomorrow, when I get my first full check for the 32 hour per pay period.

Now, about dinner today. We are going to have hamburgers and french fries with baked beans. (kind of unhealthy, I know). We'll have some more iced tea too. I have some water packed peaches and I'm going to make cookies this morning so we'll have our first dessert. I cleaned up my Fry Daddy and will put new Canola oil in it.

I also need to do some housework. I will run the sweeper. I did the bare floors on Monday. Tomorrow I will clean bathrooms again.

More later...

Well, Carter's came to pick up the mower. I hope it won't cost me an arm and a leg but it has to be repaired. I need to mow soon. I am a little worried that the man who picked it up was not all that familiar with a Dixon mower but I did not want to call Sprague who is a dealer. I have not had a great experience with him. He is also a sign painter and I asked him for a quote on our church's sign a couple of years ago and after a month he still had not got back with me. I called to remind him but it did no good. So I hired another sign painter from Independence who did a great job on the sign. That did it for the local guy for me. So I called Carter's instead.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Another Tuesday

Today will be wild. At 7:00 I will go to vote. Then I will stop at the market and see if I can get some green onions for my tuna salad. We are having tuna salad stuffed into a tomato and crackers and cheese with ice tea.

About 9:15, I will leave for Independence. I want to deliver the cakes before my hair appointment at 10:00. This morning I am doing it alone. Bob has an appointment for service on his car. I will have five cakes to deliver.

Then close to 10:00, I will get my hair done. That will take an hour today. I will then come home and put dinner together. Bob should be over before 11:30. I go to work at 12:45.

Yesterday I had plenty to do. I filed for two hours and then began scanning. I finished about 4:30, put some labels on a few new folders and did a little filing before 5:00. Then I dropped one of my co-workers off at his home and went to the pharmacy to pick up my prescription. When I got home I baked my two cakes and after they were cooled, I iced them, made my tuna salad. and went online and paid some bills. Then I kicked off my shoes and watched "A Few Good Men" for the galizzion time. There was really nothing else to watch. TV is such a waste of time most of he time.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Problems...Always problems.

I was going to mow this morning while it is fairly cool (comparative anyhow). The mower tried to start a couple of times so I let it set for a minute and then tried again. It tried again. But then nothing. It sounded like the battery. I called Bobby but he was in his therapy (I temporarily forgot about that) and could not do anything to help.

I decided I would get that battery out myself and found a few tools to help me after I located where it was located. I got the bolts out but it had a large metal brace holding it in. I found Bob's manual and learned that the chassis has to come off before you can loosen that brace and take out the battery. I seem to remember Bob turning that mower up on end somehow but couldn't figure out how I could do that even if I could lift it without damaging the spark plug.

So I just broke down and called Carter's. They will call me back when they can come get it. I will just have to bite the bullet and have them do it. It needs a good going over anyhow. It's filthy and if I had more time this morning, I would clean it up. And I must quit calling on Bobby for everything anyhow.


A Little Cooler Monday

Today is to be a little cooler...if you can call the high 90's cooler. It's certainly better then Saturday's 112. Any relief at all is welcome.

About 9:00, I will go to the Dearing post office and return some shoes. I bought these shoes from QVC a couple of weeks ago and wore them once. They wore a blister on my left foot. I gave them to Leslie and she wore them at the mall on Saturday and they hurt her feet too. That's strange because they were made by Birkenstock and those are usually superior sandals. I called QVC and told them about it and they sent me a paid return label and gave me permission to return them. That's another good reason to buy from QVC. A local shoe store (and we only have one) would undoubtedly not let me return them after they had been worn.

Yesterday afternoon I got the Sunday church newsletters out and last night I watched Sixty Minutes on TV and saw an interesting story about a group of scientists who say all this sugar we are ingesting is causing all these health problems we have in America. They say not only obesity but also heart disease and cancer are likely caused by the huge amount of sugar and high fructose corn syrup we ingest. That's fairly new news and very interesting. I will watch the amount of sugar I ingest now and see what that will do for my health. I eat a lot of ice cream and I certainly don't need it. They said almost all the food we buy already prepared, including frozen dinners and restaurant food is loaded with sugar to enhance the flavor. I am cooking again now and not adding any sugar to anything I prepare so perhaps that will be a lot healthier.

Around 11:00, I will begin dinner for Bob and myself. We will eat around 11:30. We will have chicken fried steaks, mashed potatoes, gravy, veggies and some kind of salad that Bob will bring. He does not require a dessert so hopefully we will not gain weight.

This evening I will bake my two cakes for the dinner at the First Christian Church in Independence. I will work this afternoon.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Ah Sunday!

Today Bob will pick me up for church school and church at 9:00. I awoke last night to the sound of thunder and lightning at 2:15 and went to the bathroom. Afterward I lay there listening to the comforting sound of rain on the window. That was the first substantial rain in seven weeks. I measured it this morning in my gauge and there was two inches. That's not near enough but it's a start.

I got up the second time to let Missy into the house. She's frightened of thunder and lightning. She finally settled down as the sound receded. Then about thirty minutes later she scratched on the bed skirt of my bed and that's her signal that she wants out. So I got up the second time and put her out. It took me awhile to get back to sleep this time but I did sleep until 6:30. That's unusual because I usually get up at 5:00 AM.

I speak at church this morning. Afterward we will all go somewhere for dinner. I won't cook today. I put the chicken fried steaks down in the frig to thaw this morning. Those will be for tomorrow noon. This afternoon I will do my letters and tonight I will just stay home and watch TV.

After work tomorrow afternoon, I will bake my two cakes for the meal at Independence on Tuesday.