Saturday, May 5, 2018

Saturday and a Warm Day

I slept very well last night and even though I woke up twice. I ended up getting up at almost 6:00 AM. I feel very rested.

I am not sure what I will do today. I don't have a plan. I have fed Missy and myself and am just now watching the news.  I lost my signal on CBS awhile ago but finally got it back. I kind of wiggled the Tivo plug and that may have fixed it. I was ready to pull the plug and re-plug it when that happened.

Missy has been trying t get the den closet door open and I had to scold her to get her to stop that. I sure don't want her to damage that  door. She is living here because she is grandfathered in since Wayne let me rent this apartment regardless that I had her.

I would like to plant my flowerbeds and flower boxes.  I usually plant them the last week in April  but the weather was uncertain the last week in April so I am already a week late. We will see....

Well, I went out to Hain's Nursery about 9:30 and bought some plants. I bought geraniums and petunias and some other plants to put with the red for contrast..mostly white stuff and greenery. I got the pots filled and then went out to Walmart and bought two medium sized bags of Miracle Grow. I also bought some bedding plants there. I spread the Miracle Grow around in the bed I made up on the east side and planted some of the petunias in it along the border.

There is lots of gravel in that bed because once upon a time that area and even the area where the four -plex is built  was a graveled parking lot. I will be surprised if the petunias make it. I gathered up a lot of gravel but I know there is still lots more of it under that dirt and the Miracle Grow. If anything can grow there, it will be the petunias though. I still have a full flat to plant in there. I only got the border in this afternoon.  I know I have overdone it but I was already a week late getting the flowers in. I will go out in a little while...after I recuperate...and take some photos of what I have done already and perhaps post them here. I will try to finish this project tomorrow after church.

I started this project at 10:00 this morning and worked until noon and then came in and ate the rest of my vegetable soup. After I recuperated for an hour or so, I went over to Orchelen's and bought a large bag of Miracle Grow for that east flower bed.and the service man loaded it for me. I rolled it out of the trunk of my car and scooted it over to where I was working.  I emptied that bag with a trowel  and planted the border.  I still may have to get another small bag of Miracle Grow or at least a bag or two of mulch for both the beds for tomorrow afternoon. I finished what I got done at 4:00 and cleaned my hands and nails and came in to rest for the rest of the day. I really should take Missy out for awhile if she wants to go. It is a lovely day.

If I don't sleep well tonight it will be because every bone in my body is sore from getting up and down.

These are the geranium pots. They are finished.

 These are of the east side bed...the one with all the gravel in it. It is unfinished.
 Then below here is the above ground flowerbed John, my son-in-law, built for me right after I moved into this apartment. That was a potted "miniature"  rose bush Leslie gave me one Mother's Day several years ago. Needless to say, it is no longer a "miniature". It must be four feet tall. The buds were all nipped with the last freeze we had but I was looking at it yesterday and it is covered with new perhaps I will have roses after all one of these days.
I want to get a tomato plant to plant in this container on the patio. Leslie and John gave that to me three years ago. The first year it did well but last year it didn't do much of anything. I don't know why.

So far I have over $80. in this year's flowerbeds and pots.  I still need to mulch everything so some more will be bought tomorrow. I enjoy trying to pretty up my side of the yard.

More later.....

At 7:00, as usual, I took my bath, soaked awhile, and got myself ready for bed. Then Missy and I watched a movie on Amazon about the author of  "Murder on the Orient Express", Agatha Christy, until 9:00 when we went to bed 

Friday, May 4, 2018

Friday and Exercises and Utopia

I slept pretty well last night. I would sleep even better if my right arm didn't hurt when I lay on my right side.

I did go on to exercise class and also to Utopia. After that I came on home. One of my old friends from Caney called while I was working online and we talked for an hour. Then I went to the market and bought some bananas for my banana nut bread tomorrow and cheddar cheese for my lunch soup today. I haven't eaten yet. But I should. Otherwise I will be very hungry by this evening.

Tomorrow, Bob will have breakfast out with Joanne again. So I will eat here at home. That's fine. I will save some money.

More later....

I had some more of my veggie/beef soup for lunch about 2:00. It was very good again and healthy.

Then I took Missy out in the back and she really enjoyed the sunshine. I finally brought her back in by promising her some more" treats". She loves those treats.

I did go up to Country Mart and bought cheese and some pans to make banana nut bread for Sunday.

I swept off the patio and when I finished Steve came and mowed, The lawn looks good now..thank goodness. 

Then at 7:00, I took my bath and got myself ready for bed. Missy and I watched Frost Nixon.  I think I had seen it years ago...but I enjoyed it a second time. After that, about 9:30, we went to bed.

Thursday, May 3, 2018

Thursday and Apartment Cleaning Day

Although Missy and I went to bed at 9:00 PM, I woke up at 11:00 PM to the sounds of a raging storm. I didn't know it until morning but we were under a severe thunderstorm warning.  I went right back to sleep. I slept until 4:00 AM when I just got up and got ready for the day and then I fixed breakfast for myself and fed and watered Missy.

In a little bit, I will clean the bathroom and kitchen floors.  Then I will vacuum. Carol Henson will be coming sometime this morning to return my dish. I had taken her a casserole the day she notified me about Bill's passing. Later, at noon, I will go to the Alliance meeting.

When I get a break in the weather, I will plant my flower pots and flower box. Then later, I will plant my two flowerbeds. I will take some photos when I get that all finished and post them here.

I got the apartment cleaned and Carol came and brought by my casserole dish. I showed her my apartment. She wants to sell her house and  move into an apartment in Independence. That's probably a wise move. She won't be able to keep up with the upkeep without Bill.

I went to the Ministerial Alliance meeting at noon but it was not well attended.That was a shame since it was the election of new officers. I was elected secretary/treasurer.

Then I played solitaire for awhile before turning on the news. At 7:00, I took my bath and put my PJs on and Missy and I watched another of those documentaries on Amazon TV. Then at 9:00 Missy and I went to bed.

I copied these today from a blogger friend's comments.

I. WE BELIEVE each human being is made in God’s image and likeness (Genesis 1:26). . . . The global community of Christ absolutely prevents any toleration of racial bigotry. . . .

THEREFORE, WE REJECT the white resurgence of white nationalism and . . . doctrines or political strategies that use racist resentments, fears, or language. . . .

II. WE BELIEVE we are one body. . . . There is to be no oppression based on race, gender, identity, or class (Galatians 3:28). . . .

THEREFORE, WE REJECT misogyny, the mistreatment, violent abuse, sexual harassment, and assault of women. . . . We lament when such practices seem publicly ignored, and thus privately condoned, by those in high positions of leadership. . . . We support the courageous truth-telling voices of women. . . .

III. WE BELIEVE how we treat the hungry, the thirsty, the naked, the stranger, the sick, and the prisoner is how we treat Christ himself (Matthew 25:31–46). . . . God calls us to protect and seek justice for those who are poor and vulnerable, and our treatment of people who are “oppressed,” “strangers,” “outsiders,” or otherwise considered “marginal” is a test of our relationship with God. . . .
THEREFORE, WE REJECT the language and policies of political leaders who would debase and abandon the most vulnerable. . . . We strongly deplore the growing attacks on immigrants and refugees. . . . We won’t accept the neglect of the well-being of low-income families and children, and we will resist the repeated attempts to deny healthcare to those who most need it. . . .
IV. WE BELIEVE that truth is morally central to our personal and public lives. . . .
THEREFORE, WE REJECT the practice and pattern of lying that is invading our political and civil life. . . . The normalization of lying presents a profound moral danger. . . .

V. WE BELIEVE that Christ’s way of leadership is servanthood, not domination. . . .

THEREFORE, WE REJECT any moves toward autocratic political leadership and authoritarian rule. . . .

VI. WE BELIEVE. . . . Our churches and our nations are part of an international community whose interests always surpass national boundaries. . . .

THEREFORE, WE REJECT “America first” as a theological heresy. . . . We reject xenophobic or ethnic nationalism. . . . We reject domination rather than stewardship of the earth’s resources. . . . Global poverty, environmental damage, violent conflict, weapons of mass destruction, and deadly diseases in some places ultimately affect all places, and we need wise political leadership to deal with each of these.”

These affirmations are great food for thought and study. My big question is this: Will mainstream Christian churches do anything more than just study them? Up to now, the mainstream churches’ silence has been deafening! What do you think?

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Wednesday and Exercises Again.

I awoke at midnight and went to the bathroom and took my med and I was not able to get back to sleep. Finally at 1:00 I got up and took a Benadryl. Then I slept well until almost 6:00 AM. I wish there wasn't such a problem with those ingredients that cause memory problems. It works so well to put me back to sleep.

Missy had peed on another clean mat again so I put my bathmat under her litter box and started the laundry again to wash all those mats she had spoiled. Then I dressed and got myself ready for the day. I intend to go to exercise class again today and after lunch, to Bunco.  I may have to bake cookies after or before lunch. I will need to take a treat.

I better check the dryer and see if those mats are dry. I also want to have a cup of Cappuccino.  I have the beef veggie soup in my slow cooker now and will leave it warming on "low" all morning. I browned the beef and added the broth earlier and let it boil for 30 minutes.  I will have the first bowl with crackers and cheese for lunch.

So, more later...

I did go to exercise class and everyone made a fuss over my coming back to the class.  I got a chuckle over that.

I had my soup for lunch. It was very good and I have enough for Friday too. I even gave Marilyn a bowl for her supper.

I went to Bunco this afternoon too after lunch and had a good time..

I took Missy outside a couple of times. It was pretty windy out there. She didn't stay out long.

I am watching the 5:00 news right now. We are forecast for some rainy and perhaps stormy weather this evening.  I finally turned on the air conditioning this evening and set it on 72.

So more even later...

This is Scott and Ginger's future home. They will build it on 5 acres. This is just one view.


 Missy and I watched a documentary on the movie star, Alan Ladd, this evening after I had my bath. After that was over, about 9:00, we went to bed.

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Tuesday and Hair and Cake Day

I slept pretty well last night. I woke up at 2:00 and went to the bathroom and took my thyroid med but then I got back to sleep pretty quickly. I woke up at 4:00 again and this time, I just got up.

I made the bed and got myself ready for the day. I will leave about 8:20 for Independence to, first, deliver the cakes and then get my hair done. I want to get some bubble bath at Walmart and I will need to get some milk from Braum's.

More later....

I got my hair done and delivered the cakes and looked around some at Goody's for a purse small enough for me yet with a place for my phone and dividers. I didn't find one. So far the Gorilla glue I used on the phone holder on my dash is holding.  I also went out to the Dairy Queen area and used the vacuum there to clean out my car. When it warms up some, I will shampoo my carpet in the car. I usually have to do that every spring after a messy winter.  

In a little bit I will warm up the lunch I brought home from Kansas City yesterday.  It's almost 11:00 now.  I still have to go over to Braum's and get milk for my breakfast oatmeal.

I did call Juanita with the results of my appointment yesterday. I didn't get that done yesterday. She was happy to find out my surgery was successful.

More even later...

I warmed up yesterday's lunch and it was fine. Soon the Schwan's man will come with my tomato basil soup and chicken noodle soup.  I got my milk finally. Now I need to cut up my meat for the veggie beef soup I want to make for tomorrow and  Friday.

That's done now and I will  make one soup for tomorrow and have it again on Friday. I am attending Ministerial Alliance on Thursday.

After I had my bath and got myself ready for bed, Missy and I watched another of those documentaries and this time it was  about Gregory Peck. That was interesting. We finally went to bed shortly after 9:00.

Monday, April 30, 2018

Monday and the Kansas City Doctor's Appointment

I didn't sleep all that well last night again.

I woke up at 2:00 and went to the bathroom and took my thyroid pill. I went back to bed but Missy came in and softly meowed. That always means a problem. So I got up again to check it out. Sure enough...she had peed on the mat under her litter box. I put that  one in the washer with the other two and my towels and wash cloths and started the washer. Then I went back to bed.

Missy cuddled up against me and eventually, I got back to sleep and woke up at 4:45 again. I just got up at 5:00 and dressed and made the bed and got ready for the day.  Then I fed Missy and myself. I then sat down to watch the news and drink my Chai Latte.

Leslie will be by sometime around 7:00 for our trip to Kansas City.  I am supposed to be there at 10:30. My appointment is at 11:00.  I hope this is the last time we have to make that trip.

More later....

Well I have a clean bill of health. I don't have to go back to see Dr. P. She has released me unless I lift too much and rupture my surgery.  I am not supposed to do any heavy lifting the rest of my life.

Leslie and I got home at 3:40. Karan sent her cake by my neighbor, Marilyn, and Phyllis brought hers over  as soon as she learned I was home..  Bob is working on his now. He will not be going with me to Independence tomorrow. He is taking Joanne for a test at the hospital.

I checked and Missy had peed on the clean mat I put under her litter box this morning. So I put that one in the washer and put another clean one under her litter box. We will see how long that one stays clean.

I am very tired. I had a large lunch with Leslie before we came home. In fact, I brought some of it home for tomorrow.

I went ahead and paid my May rent at the bank this afternoon.  Now I am watching the news..

More later...

Later, I took my bath...the first bath since my surgery...and got ready for bed. Then Missy and I watched a documentary on General George Marshall. He was a great man. I am sure he has a star in his crown for his service to the country. He was the only soldier to ever receive the Nobel Peace Prize.

At 9:00, Missy and I went to bed.

Sunday, April 29, 2018

Sunday and Church

I slept somewhat better last night but really nothing to write home about. I took a melatonin tablet when I woke up in the night at 2:00 to go to the bathroom. That helped some.

I got up about 4:00 and got myself ready for the day, fed Missy and myself and got my coffeecake in the oven. I just finished icing it. Actually I put a glaze on it.  I have also read the newspaper and done the crossword puzzle. I took the paper over to Marilyn's mailbox. She will read it and  recycle the papers. I also put my usual note on Rick's windshield inviting them and Ramon to church.

I will call Phyllis about my driving today.

Well, that was futile! She says she is driving! Phyllis insists on taking a turn with driving. I don't argue with her. Whatever... :)

She will be over in about an hour.

When we get home from lunch I will do my newsletters and then bake my cake for Tuesday' dinner at the First Christian Church in Independence,. I will be gone to Kansas City tomorrow to get my release from the doctor that did my surgery.

More later....

Karan did a nice job with the sermon today. Afterward three of us went to "Just Us" for lunch. Then we came home and I baked my cake for Tuesday. I took the last piece of coffee cake over to Rick to give to Alan. Alan is still asleep. He was up half the night on the internet.

I got the newsletters finished and in the mail. The postman will pick up the two that have to go out in snail mail. The others went to those that are online.

It's now 3:30 and at 6:00 I will want to watch 60 Minutes.  That is there isn't a golf tournament. I get very tired of sports preempting regular programming. Not everyone in the world is a sports nut.

More later...

I did watch 60 Minutes and looked for something to watch on Amazon. I just couldn't get interested. At 9:00, Missy and I finally went to bed.