Saturday, July 16, 2011

Photos From Camp

The first photo is Jody Wilson with a group of kids. Jody and her husband, Woody, were camp directors. Second on the right is Robert and Kathy Clark. She is our cluster group leader. Robert is pastor at Fort Scott.On the left second is Woody Wilson with Wen van Klinken. Wen was our guest minister from Independence, Missouri. He is from the Netherlands.Third on the right is Larry Reynolds with Chuck Nesbitt.Third on the left is the tabernacle where we worship on the reunion grounds.On the lower left is the dining hall. These are some photos from the camp I attended this past week. We had some wonderful services and great fellowship. I have been attending this camp each year for the past 50 years. It is a week full or worship and comradeship as well as fun and games. The campgrounds is located just south of Joplin, Missouri. They had not had rain in weeks and the grass had all turned brown.

These grounds were hit by a tornado three years ago and nearly destroyed. It took the insurance company and the adjusters a full year to build it back. We had to cancel camp that year.

That's the place where I scattered Bob's ashes last year.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Home At Last!

Well, I am home at last. I got home after noon. I called Bob A. to thank him for all the help with my animals and plants. Then I began the laundry.

Slinky was very hot and I let him into the kitchen. Missy was in terrible distress. She cried and cried. She was hiding under the sofa and would not come out. Finally I turned the sofa over so she could see me and she came out and followed me around the house crying pitifully. I gave her a treat. She used the litter box. She really did not want to go out but I felt she needed to get out of the house. I made her go out. She came home for supper though and Inky finally showed up too.

I had tons of mail. My new cover for the glider had come. I ordered it with my credit points from Amazon. I also got some clearance shoes from HSN. They were $17.00.

Cox cable came right after I opened all the mail. They had left me a new test modem and they wanted to check it out.

I went to the bank to get a signature on an insurance check for the roofer and the manager was not there. Since I have a meeting in Independence shortly after work on Monday, I drove over to Caney to get it signed and deposited.

I called Leslie on my way home. She seemed annoyed. I won't call her again right away. I wasn't trying to annoy her. I just wanted to check in and see how her vacation went. She didn't want to talk.

I got the laundry done and sent off the report for the Temple School class. I also mowed the yard about 8:00. It was about 90 degrees but the yard had gone to seed. Maybe I can get it trimmed tomorrow sometime.

I never did make it to get milk. I imagine my milk is sour. Maybe I can use coffee creamer in Slinky's oatmeal in the morning. I am going to have breakfast with Bob A.

After mowing, I showered and washed my hair. What a mess it was!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

The Last Full Day

This is the last full day of camp. I am ready to go home but only about a dozen people stay for Friday morning to clean. I want to be one of those dozen. When we leave this campgrounds, I want them to be slick for the next camp. We need to clean all the restrooms and disinfect them. The floor in the lodge will need to be cleaned and mopped and all the trash emptied.

More later....

I will go clean my cabin as soon as I finish here. That will be done as I finish cleaning the campgrounds tomorrow morning.

We had a class this morning. It was a video of a sermon by the president of our church about the mission of our church.

Then we had lunch. I have helped serve every meal but one since I have been here. The food has been very good. Afterward I was on the schedule to help clean the dining room. That took an hour but we left it clean.

I had my last Temple School class today. It turned out very well. It is now 4:00 and I am attempting to get all my loose ends finished.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Wednesday at Camp

Today is the next to last day of camp. There are just two Temple School classes left to do. It is going very well.

It rained some last night in the night and cooled things down a bit. I wonder if it will get real steamy after that rain.

I got us this morning at 5:00 after sleeping well all night. I didn't even have to wake up and go to the restroom.

More later....

It has been much cooler today and we had more rain this morning. That helped a lot.

We had a prayer meeting this morning and later a class before dinner. This afternoon we had my fourth Living the Questions group. It was very successful again with lots of comments.

Tonight we will have another worship service and then tomorrow will be the last full day of services. We will clean on Friday morning, have breakfast and then leave.

I will be glad to get home.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

A Better Day

This has been a better day. I haven't been out in the heat so much. We had our morning devotion and prayer meeting while the weather was cooler and we had it down at the tabernacle. Then we came up to the lodge for snacks (I didn't take any) and our adult class, which we had in the lodge where we had air conditioning.

After that, we had lunch. My brother-in-law didn't come today after all. He thought it was too hot to get out.

This afternoon I had my Temple School class. It was well attended again and had lots of interesting comments.

They are cooking hamburgers outside for supper. I probably won't have any. I've had enough food today.

Tonight our speaker is the missionary from Netherlands, Win van Klinkle. He is very nice and he had a very good and interesting adult class this morning.

The service this evening was very good! The sermon was wonderful and the music was fantastic.

I am very tired so will shower and go to bed at 9:30.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Monday Morning at Camp

Well, I slept better last night. I got up at 6:00 this morning and went to the dining hall to have coffee with the group that meets there each morning for coffee. I have just finished a breakfast of fruit, juice and oatmeal so I feel pretty good.

Today is going to be another hot day. I don't know how hot at this point. I'm hoping it won't reach 108 again. I am worried about Slinky back home in this heat.

I have five of us in the Temple School class and I need to go over the material again before 2:00 when the class begins. There is an adult class this morning. There may be a prayer meeting first. I haven't checked the schedule. It is called "Sharing in Community".

Sure enough there was a prayer meeting. And it was good...followed by a class.

Now I've just finished lunch and am waiting for time for my class to come. That will be at 2:00.

The class went well, again.

Now though I am really worried about Slinky. He is not eating and the heat is really bothering him. He is drinking water. It's 102 in Coffeyville right now and it's 5:30 PM. I don't think I could get him in the car if I went home to get him to a vet. I'm in a dilemma. Bob A. will let me know if he continues to suffer and I may go home to let him in for awhile. The trouble is...I don't know what I would do. He's too old and feeble and big and deaf for me get him in the car to take to a vet or a kennel.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

First Day at Camp

I got here yesterday about 2:00, got checked in and assigned a cabin. I had a surprise in that I got a small cabin just south of the lodge. I got all moved in and settled in and attended orientation that evening.

I took a shower in the lodge last night but it was ice cold. So I got up this morning and went over to Founders Hall and took a hot shower and washed my hair.

I didn't sleep well last night. The cabins are air conditioned but it was being away from my familiar bed, I think. I didn't take my melatonin and so I woke up at 2:00. I went to the bathroom and then took one of my sleeping pills and slept until 7:00. Tonight I will take my melatonin.

Today we had breakfast and then Bob A. came about 10:00 and we took the short tour of the campgrounds. A tornado hit it three years ago and it is still recovering from the loss of hundreds of trees. It took a year for the insurance company to rebuild all the destroyed cabins but the trees take awhile to regrow.

I have taken some photos and when I get a moment, I will post them.

The worship service was very nice and dinner was good too. I showed Bob A. around the rest of the campgrounds before he left to go home.

At 2:00, I waited to see if I had a Temple School class made. I had four who signed up for it. We had a good session. Now I am waiting for supper to be served. I don't want to eat a lot since I had a good dinner.

Tonight Outreach International will have a program. Our congregation supports a school in Dominican Republic so I will be interested in seeing what they have to offer.

Tomorrow evening they are going to have an ice cream social. I am looking forward to that. You know how I love ice cream.

More later...

It 108 today and we had a service an hour and a half long in that heat. That's almost too much for many of us. I was dripping sweat.

Hopefully tomorrow will be better.