Saturday, April 25, 2015

Saturday and Breakfast at the Baptist Church

The Lion's Club Bob belongs to is having a pancake breakfast this morning at the Baptist Church here and I bought a ticket from him yesterday. So in twenty minutes or so, I will go up town and have breakfast there.

I got up at usual. After I got myself ready for the day, I let Missy out for awhile. To get her back in I had to pick her up and carry her. She never wants to come back in. I understand that and yet I cannot stay out indefinitely.  And I cannot let her stay out by herself when the neighborhood has some territorial cats.

Now she's in the bedroom or den...pouting.

I'm anticipating hearing from Elnora this morning.  I don't know what to expect for the day and tomorrow until I do.

More later....

I finally heard from Elnora this morning. She can't come after all....maybe in June when her life settles down.

I decided not to cook today so Bob and I went up to Sirloin Stockade and had lunch. 

Then I just read most of the afternoon and later went over to the Country Time Antique Mall and just looked around.  Then I came back here and worked on my computer. I saved some files on a thumb drive.

Bob will be over later for wine and to watch the news.

Friday, April 24, 2015

Friday Again and Thank Goodness

I am so glad it's Friday again. Much happened last evening.  For one thing Elnora called from Tulsa. She had decided to come here Saturday afternoon and stay overnight with me and then ride up to the services in Independence, Missouri, on the van with the rest of us if there was room. I needed to talk to Leslie about that possibility and also with Billie Jo about whether she even intended to go. Billie Jo had the first option. I finally reached Billie Jo and she had decided not to go. She has to pick up a couple of her grandchildren and take them to work on Monday morning and her life is just too complicated to work that out. Then I called Elnora back and she was delighted to get to go with the rest of us.  She will come here Saturday afternoon around 3:00 in the afternoon and stay overnight with me.  We plan to leave the church at 6:00 so we will have to get up about 4:30 to get ready to leave to pick up Phyllis at 5:45 and get out to the church by 6:00 AM.  When we get back home Sunday evening, she will stay overnight again and leave for Denver Monday morning early. She lives in Denver but has been visiting her brother in Tulsa for awhile.

Today at work I will begin scanning again. This aisle should be quite a bit shorter to do. It usually just takes me two hours to do a full row.

This morning I will dust the apartment. That's the one thing I didn't get done yesterday when I cleaned the apartment.

I let Missy out for awhile this morning after I made my coffee. She ate some grass and enjoyed lying in the grass. Finally, I was ready to come in but she wasn't. When I called her she ignored me so I finally just went over and picked her up and brought her in. She was not a happy kitty. :) She has disappeared down the hall....probably pouting.

More later....

My daughter called me at work this afternoon.  They went to the Enterprise in Independence, Kansas to pick up the van for tomorrow and found they had a Tahoe instead and it doesn't hold eight people. It holds only seven. They couldn't find an eight passenger van. Too bad they waited until the last moment to inform the kids. Now Elnora will not be able to ride up with us.  I called Elnora to tell her she needed to go back to plan A and she said she would call me back last evening to tell me what she was going to do. She never called. So I don't know whether  to expect her this afternoon or not.

Later in the morning if she doesn't call, I will call her back.

I spent a  couple of hours this afternoon scanning an entire aisle. Then I learned that Paula hadn't come to work so I had my work to do and also hers.  Luckily, I had the DVDs organized my alphabet and also by type so it took me just a half hour to get them filed.  Then Katie came in and said she had found 15 books I had scanned yesterday that were not in the system and I needed to go pull them. I spent the next twenty minutes trying to find those books They filled two baskets. Then just as I was finished, she came back with five more. It took me a few minutes to find those five too. I had 15 minutes left to put away the last twenty DVDs and file the cases. I got out of there  at 5:00.  What a day!

Bob came over and had wine and we watched Brooks and Shields commentary on PBS and then he went home.

It appears they rented the apartment two doors over in the fourplex. A couple went in there with Martha and then they parked their car in the carport over there.

I took my bath and sat with Missy in the recliner until 9:00 and then went on to bed.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Another Cleaning Day

I have stripped my bed this morning and am washing sheets and underwear.  Later this morning I will vacuum and dust. It has been two weeks and I always clean every Thursday. I missed last week.

I slept well last night.  I awoke once but got right back to sleep.  I got up at 5:00, as usual. Today Bob and I plan to go to "Just Us" for lunch. I am really tired of cooking. A break in the week sure helps.

I scanned bar codes yesterday and my elbow is all swollen and sore this morning. The thumb is connected to the elbow too and all that pushing the button on the scanner has affected my elbow. That happened when I was doing all that daily scanning on the fiction area too. Also some of the books I have to pull out of the shelf to open and find the bar code were huge. It's a huge job. It will take weeks to finish it.

More later....

Well, I got the apartment vacuumed and also the bare floors wiped and washed. All I lack is the dusting and I will do that tomorrow. I am really tired and I still have to work all afternoon. Thank goodness I don't have to cook today. Bob is dropping me off after work so he will pick me up after work at 5:00.

More even later....

Today was huge at work.  For the first thirty minutes, I put away DVDs in the storing machines. Then I stuffed some envelopes with late reminders. Finally I began scanning the north and east side of the library where they have the bulk of the non fiction. That was huge. Some of those tomes are a foot square and I had to lift them out of the shelf and find the bar code...invariably inside the cover or on the first page inside. I spent the entire remainder of the afternoon on that aisle. Some of the beginnings of the non fiction, the 300's and more were on the north wall so I began there.  I finished that first full aisle at 4:45. My hands were just paralyzed and sore.  The getting up and down off the stool was bad enough but the worst was sitting on the floor to do the bottom shelves.  I don't think they realize how difficult that is even for someone no larger then I am but I can't imagine some of the larger people being able to find anything on that bottom shelf. Even if they could get down there, they wouldn't be able to get back up.

When he brought me home, Bob just stayed to read the paper and watch the news. He was suffering from a sore leg though and he didn't even stay for The Big Bang Theory. He just went on home. I imagine some of my problem was that I had spent the morning cleaning the apartment.

Missy and I stayed up to watch The Mentalist and then went on to bed at 9:00. I am exhausted.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Wednesday and Exercises Again

This morning I will pick Bob up for exercises. I have that tuna noodle casserole for our lunch. I will reheat it in the microwave.  He will bring a fresh coleslaw for our salad. I have cup cakes for our dessert.

I slept pretty well again last night but woke up aching all over.  But by the time I was dressed and had my makeup on, I was feeling better. I let Missy out for awhile this morning and had some trouble getting her back in. It rained last night and was still cool and dripping from the drain pipes.  I was going to have to pick her up to get her to come back in but that little cat that looks a lot like her came racing across the street and she saw him and when I opened the door, she raced right in.  I feel sorry for her. She is stuck in the house while I am gone. She loves the outdoors. When I lived over on Catalina she had the run of the neighborhood. She was much younger then and could hold her own with all the neighborhood cats.

I did some laundry last night and finished drying it this morning . This old dryer has an automatic setting that is supposed to dry until the load is dry but it seldom gets everything dry without setting it again for awhile.

I spent some time yesterday going through my thumb drives looking for photos from his deployment to Germany for Scott.  Then I e-mailed them to him.  He puts them on his Facebook page.

More later....

I spent most of the afternoon today scanning bar codes.  It was a huge day. Some of the books I had to lift to turn a page to find the bar code were tomes.  I finished  another aisle.

Bob and I will go over to Cherryvale tomorrow to have lunch at "Just Us" .  He went to Bartlesville today to get ground beef patties.  We have been out for a couple of weeks.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Tuesday and Cakes

I will go to Independence this morning to take our cakes up to the First Christian Church. Then I will go get my hair done. I washed it Saturday evening but it always looks plain until Kathy does it. She knows how to use the curling iron. :)

I iced Bob's cake before I went to bed last night. This morning I loaded the Coffeyville cakes into my trunk. I will leave at 8:20 to take them up.

I'm in a quandary about what to have for lunch today. I made the tuna noodle casserole  yesterday and it was good but I hate to fix another casserole because we will have the rest of the tuna noodle casserole tomorrow. I'll check in the freezer and see what I might have in frozen meat.

I slept well last night again. I have been drinking one cup of Chai Latte after I get home from work. That may help me sleep.

More later.....

I got my hair done after delivering the cakes. Then I went to Juanita's to balance her checkbook. After that I went to Big Cheese and got a pizza for our lunch.  After lunch and Bob had left, I went on to work. 

The day I have been dreading has come. Katie started me on scanning the non fiction books. That's the entire north side of the library. There are two aisles on the south side and I got one aisle finished this afternoon.  When I got home I was really tired. Bob came over for wine and we watched the news on PBS. At 7:00 he went home and I took my bath and watched the History Channel until 9:00 when Missy and I went to bed.

Monday, April 20, 2015

Monday and Back to Work

I will be back to work this afternoon but first there is exercise class and lunch. I am fixing tuna noodle casserole for today. It has peas in it so we will just have coleslaw salad with it and lemon pudding for dessert.

Missy went out for a short time this morning but since I didn't go out with her, she came back in in about ten minutes. I always make my two cups of coffee and take my meds after I come into the kitchen. I gave her her treats and filled her food bowl right after we came into the kitchen.  I turn on the TV for the weather and at 6:00 I watch six in the morning on the CBS station out of Tulsa.

At 8:30, I will pick up Bob for exercises. When I get home, I will mix up my cake for tomorrow. I will ice it after work this afternoon. Then I will fix lunch.

Today at work there will be dozens and dozens of DVDs returned. Every weekend folks come in and let their children check out five DVDs each. In my day, we checked out books. Things have certainly changed. Putting away those DVD returns will take some time. Paula, the teen that helps, will be back today, I imagine.  She was gone on Thursday but back on Friday.

More later....

Paula worked this afternoon but didn't get much done. She just dinged around and did one basket of DVDs. I did the other two after she was gone. I also put away the new titles and did some shelf reading.  I found several DVDs that were to have the green stickers removed because they are dated older then 7/14.  I removed those stickers and filed the DVD's with the older ones.  I also had newspapers to put away. I stayed busy.

I had bought The Imitation Game DVD at Wal Mart Sunday afternoon and when Bob came over at 6:00 we watched it. I know why it received so many Oscar nominations.  It was very good and the actor  who won best actor, was very good.

He left at shortly after 8:00 and I took my bath and watched TV with Missy on my lap. She loves that. I went to bed at 9:00.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

A Busy Sunday

I got up fairly early today and dressed for church before I got around to bake my coffeecake for church. I took Missy outside for a little while but it was chilly so she came back in. I watched the morning news and then turned on the music to listen to as I went over the service. I presided at church today and needed to review the bulletin.  I got my offering ready and printed off the scriptures I was going to use and a sign for the door out there. We will all be gone to Independence Missouri to a special worship service at our church's Temple there next Sunday and we are dismissing services locally.  I wanted to be sure to put that sign on the door.

One of our Independence. Kansas members that came Easter Sunday when his mother was in town came back this morning and brought two of his sons with him. We were so happy to see him again. His wife is a member of the Church of the Nazarene so she attends there with the other two boys.

Then I got the Sunday paper and read it. After awhile Bob came over to read the paper and we then went on out to church. I printed off the bulletins there and arranged the worship center. Then I cut the coffeecake and Bob made coffee for the Church School class. I hung the sign about next week's services on the door.

After the services seven of us went out to El Pueblito  for lunch. My daughter was on call and was called out just as she finished her lunch. So they left so John, her husband, could take their grandchildren home. They have them nearly every Sunday. They like to bring them to church with them. Their parents don't attend Sunday School or church.

Cheyenne, the three year old, likes to take up the offering with Bob Avery. We get a lot of change in the change jar she carries  that way. :)

When Bob brought me home, I sent out the congregational newsletter.  I send it to those with e-mail by e-mail and to those who do not, by snail mail. That way we keep in touch with the entire membership, whether they attend or not.

Tonight Bob will come over for wine and 60 Minutes.